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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 229 - Prophecies by the Great Italian Artist Leonardo da Vinci (vegetarian)

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(Of Hemispheres, which are infinite; and which are divided by an infinite number of Lines, so that every Man always has one of these Lines between his Feet.) “Men shall speak with and touch and embrace each other while standing each in different hemispheres, and shall understand each other's language.”

As a leading creative force of the Renaissance movement, the beloved artist and polymath Leonardo da Vinci (vegetarian) is known for his abundant sketches and notes that contained invention ideas that were way ahead of his time.

One of his most focused areas seemed to be aviation. He apparently observed flying animals such as bats and birds and tried to replicate them. His “Flying Machine” drawings clearly show his source of inspiration. He also described an image of a helicopter, which he called an “aerial screw.” His sketches also depict a parachute.

Another of his ideas that have come to life is the refrigerator. He invented the idea of this ‘Cooling Machine’ in 1492. That is about 400 years before we had electric refrigerators in our homes in 1913.

Among Da Vinci’s other inventions were diving suits, and he also suggested the use of solar power – which our world is just starting to use in our current times.

Other conceptual inventions of his diverse machinery include a water lifting device, an automobile, designs for a boat, designs for a parabolic compass and even designs that made clocks more accurate in keeping time, the mechanisms of which are still used today. His ideas still provide inspiration and influence many to this day. A majority of his ideas were known to be too advanced, thus could not be realized during his time, and sadly many are thought to be lost.

Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) once described that some souls come from advanced planets, and bring with them the technologies of those higher planets.

“My! It's so exciting. So, we are catching up with the advanced technology of the higher planetary systems. And right now, we're using lasers and all that to heal the patients. You know that already, right? (Yes.) They use light to heal patients. Remember one of my earliest lectures in Taiwan (Formosa)? We mentioned about the light therapy on other more advanced planets. Those scientists, they have been born in this planet now, and they are bringing their treasured memory with them. So, they are making our planet a better place to live as far as physical comfort is concerned. And also maybe soon, not very far future – we're talking about years only – we'll probably have flying cars and all that stuff and it's probably easier to see each other, and less traffic congestion. We will have faster commuting service and all this is very exciting for me too, apart from seeing your picture right here, thousands of miles apart.

This is really good, because we are also practicing very well. Thanks to you, all the beautiful lovely yogis, happy yogis. (Thank you, Master.) You see, all this has to do with us also. You see? So, as much as I am excited about all this news, I also want to thank you and many other groups of practitioners. They are trying their best to contact God, and that's how we lift the ambience of this planet. And so, because the planet’s vibration frequencies have been lifted up into a higher level, so those highly developed scientists from a higher planet, they'll be able to reincarnate into our world without their suffering, without losing much of their memories from where they came from, and hence, we have such a wonderful advance of technology nowadays.

In addition to his futuristic ideas and conceptual inventions, Da Vinci also had prophetic visions on future technologies which were included in his notes under “prophecies.”

(Of Dreaming.) “Men will walk and not stir, they will talk to those who are not present, and hear those who do not speak.”

This note starts with the title “Of Dreaming.” It is interesting to note here that Leonardo da Vinci was known to sleep on a polyphasic sleep schedule, also known as Uberman’s sleep schedule. That is, unlike the majority of people, he slept 20 minutes every 4 hours which sums up to about 2 hours a day.

Regarding this prophecy, what could Da Vinci have been describing? As the title hints, it is possible that he had these visions during his dreams. “Walk without stir” seems to signify movement without much physical effort or adjustment. This does sound like the current moving walkways and escalators which allow people to walk without stepping. And “talking to those who are not present” may be describing our daily life with our phones and internet devices that allows us to talk with people around the globe. “Hearing those who do not speak” may explain the use of audio devices that allow us to listen to music or others’ voices that were recorded in the past, including those who are deceased and hence not physically present.

Similar foretelling is found in another of his notes. (Of Hemispheres, which are infinite; and which are divided by an infinite number of Lines, so that every Man always has one of these Lines between his Feet.) “Men shall speak with and touch and embrace each other while standing each in different hemispheres, and shall understand each other's language.”

Nowadays, people from the opposite sides of the globe are connected through the internet which utilizes undersea cables that connect the whole world.

“I love you. I love you, hug, hug.”

“I love you so much. (Thank You Master, we love You also.)”

“Hi there, every beautiful people in that audience. I love you, hug, hug, hug, kiss, kiss.”

Thus, through phones, web-conferences, and other internet devices and apps, people are able to communicate with each other in real time. Sometimes there is simultaneous interpretation, and internet webpages that provide translation too, which allows people to understand each other even though they speak different languages.

(Of writing Letters from one Country to another.) “Men will speak with each other from the most remote countries, and reply.”

He also foresaw the progress of the mail system. The global mail system started to become feasible throughout the world by the 19th century, hundreds of years after his notes were written. As this prophecy foretells, our current advanced technology allows us to enjoy and respond to instant emails and messages in seconds.

Aside from the foretelling of various technologies that we currently use, Leonardo da Vinci also recorded visions that made him concerned for later generations. We will find out what caused him to lament for the future in our later episodes.

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