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Real Love Is Always There and With Wisdom, Part 1 of 3, Jan 12, 2020

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And even then, Astral Level, Second Level, Third Level, nobody wants to go back to this world. So, there is another trap waiting for us up there if we don’t practice well. Or if we don’t have a Master, then it’s easy to be trapped, not just in this world, but even in the higher world.

(Hallo, Master.) From China? (Taiwan [Formosa].) Taiwan (Formosa)? I thought Taiwanese (Formosan) would not come. (Yes, we came.) It’s Election Day today, and you still came here? (We came here after casting our votes.) Where are those from China? Up there? (Up there.) Are all of them up there? (Yes.) Today we don’t have so many from China here. Didn’t you go vote? (Yes, we did.) (We came here after casting our votes.) You came here right after voting. You are in such a hurry. The voting took place yesterday? (Yes, it was yesterday.) (The voting ended yesterday.) I know. But yesterday I also told them that you could come a little bit late. It’s all right. You could come afterwards. (Yes.) (There was a big traffic jam.) What? (Master, the traffic jam was terrible.) It was the traffic jam that made you come late. Of course. So, you’ve all finished voting, haven’t you? (Yes, we have.) Be a good citizen, OK? (Yes.) Congrats.

Whether the leader of a nation is good or not depends on its citizens, right? (Yes.) It depends on the karma of the majority of citizens. Whether good or bad, we cannot blame him or her. I’m also late. I also had to cast my vote. I’ll tell you later how I cast my vote. Thank you.

You are back already? (Yes.) Did you go home to take care of things? (Yes, we did.) Have they been all taken care of? (Yes.) Are your cats and dogs safe and sound? (Yes, they’re fine.) Very good. Sometimes they do better when the caretakers are not there. Yes.

I hate moving houses. Everybody does. Except when you move to something much better, and more comfortable, or just the way you wanted or the house that you would want to, or the place that you would want to be, then you’re looking forward or excited to pack things. But I’m not excited anymore. I would be more excited if I moved to India, for example, Rishikesh, in the mud house. Yes! That’s the place I would like to be. I would be excited if I was free to move. Or go to maybe Thailand, that little $3,000 house, or maybe Hong Kong. Or maybe the Spanish cave. Wow! Those are good, good, good places that I would like to move to. Feel so free. Feel free, free, free. The best is the freedom in the world. Not to talk about inside freedom but outside freedom.

I’ll tell you why I’m late. Yesterday was Taiwan’s (Formosa’s) day of election. People had to go and vote. Pro, con, this and that. I don’t know ‒ for me, it’s all the same. I look at them all the same. Because their souls are all pure, all good, all wonderful, so they are all the same to me. It’s just their karma is maybe not the same. And their promises should be all the same, similar: “Will serve the world, serve the country, serve the people above all, beyond myself and everything.” So, it sounds similar, looks similar to me, anyway, inside or outside. Inside, the soul is pure and clean and wonderful. Outside is similar promises. So, whatever you vote is OK. And I just told the Taiwanese (Formosan) that the president is good or not good, it depends on you. The leader of the country, good or not good, depends on you. I mean depends on the people of Taiwan (Formosa), on the karma of the country, and then also the collective karma of the world.

I have a lot of collective karma myself. If you just take care of a few people, the karma is less, of course. If you take care of a lot of people, and you take care of the world, the Universe, it’s a different collective kind of bin.

Today, I was told [by Heavens] not to come see you at all because I will lose more Worth again. Losing Worth is a terrible thing. People will not listen to you; people will not respect you; people will do the opposite thing, your own people. And worse than that, if you’re not strong enough, you’ll be persecuted like many of the Masters in the past. Or you have to run for safety, or you have to bear many degrading humiliations, and all kinds of wrongly accused, all kinds of things that will happen to you. And Heavens cannot help you at that time because you are nobody. You’re worse than the criminal in hell. They do what they want with you, if you lose too much of this Worth or you lost all of it, it depends. To die because of losing Worth is not the worst case scenario. The worst is that you can’t live, you can’t die. There are so many things.

I’m warned again and again. I should take a rest. But I was remembering how, whenever I walk through here, all of the faces so lit up, and smiling and saying, “Master, I love You, we love You.” And I cannot bear not to come. I cannot. I just remember all this. So beautiful faces. I don’t mean because you’re beautiful as you are also, but when you’re lit up, your smiles and your eyes are sparkling like diamonds when you see me coming in. I cannot just forget it like that. I just forget everything else. I just remember your faces when you’re so happy to see me. And I see your heartfelt sincerity.

You’re not doing that because I’m a movie star, or because your party tells you, you have to clap because your leader’s coming. Or because your boss is telling a good joke, so you have to laugh. It’s not like that. You came here from thousands of miles away. From different situations, different difficulties, with bureaucracy, with business, with family, with health, whatever issues that you have. You just throw them out of the window for the moment, so you just come, just because you want to see me.

Some people, like in China, some places, they don’t always have good transportation. They have to walk, or they have to go with the horse, or the... I don’t know, an ox cart. Like an ox cart or something. Just to get to the more urban area to get a bus or taxi or whatever. Some areas are still difficult. So, even like in Mongolia, you stay with a herd of your horses or your cattle, then there is no bus over there. You have to stay in the wilderness with the vast fields of grass, and with the little Mongolian ger and then you stay there. You’re happy, of course. But if you need to go somewhere, you have to go on the horse, or you walk miles long, until you find something else which is faster and then you have to… Maybe over there you don’t have the internet; you can’t book a ticket. You have to go first to the airport and wait in a queue, something like that.

For example, today, if you want to go back to Hong Kong, if you didn’t book your ticket, then you can’t rebook it because a lot of people go back to Hong Kong for some reason today. One of your brothers told me.

And Heavens, they do not consider us, of course. They do not consider these things. They don’t need to. They just think, then everything happens. They think they want to go to Taiwan (Formosa), they just go. Like they’re around here now, they don’t have to go on a bus or horse cart, or on the back of a buffalo, whatever. Thus, people who happen to go to Heaven, lower Heaven, or even higher Heaven, they don’t really care much about us. And they cannot progress very well spiritually, unless they already have a Master on Earth and that Master is also present everywhere, so He or She teaches them continuously, and then they can escape from this kind of higher bondage, golden bondage. Because when you are in Heaven, you are too happy, too comfortable. You don’t think of anything else. You think that’s it! That’s eternity, that’s the final destination.

So, you see many people from near-death experiences, they came back, they did not want to come back. Even they just go to maybe Astral Level or Second Level, maximum Third Level. It’s mostly like that. Ninety-nine percent is like that. Only practitioners of the (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound Method, maybe they can go a little higher. But it’s rarely like that, rarely. And even then, Astral Level, Second Level, Third Level, nobody wants to go back to this world. So, there is another trap waiting for us up there if we don’t practice well. Or if we don’t have a Master, then it’s easy to be trapped, not just in this world, but even in the higher world.

You see the (inner Heavenly) Light in this world, like the moth, you like it. But in the Astral World, the (inner Heavenly) Light is brighter, and the Second Level even brighter, Third Level brighter and everything is better, better all the time. Nothing in this world will make you want to come back. Nothing! Nothing at all! Absolutely nothing! Even your lover, your wife, your kids, your parents, your possessions of billions of dollars, you’ll never want any of them! You don’t want any of that, anything to do with those things. You just want to stay there forever. And so, your life will be like that forever in there. All kinds of happiness, bliss, and carefree. And anywhere you want to go, you just go, like that. You don’t need to wait. No need visa, no need so much trouble like here.

And even in this world, sometimes you go through the trouble to get visas, you still may not get it! In some countries you don’t just get a visa like this. This is the problem. That’s another reason why I always try to come to see you despite my wellness or warning, even from the Ultimate Master, because I am here with you. I know all the problems you have. They don’t know. Come sit here, guys. Up here, there are some places.

And sometimes even Chinese people, sometimes they don’t get visas just like that. Just like you English or Americans, you go anywhere, just “whoof,” even online. You don’t even have to go anywhere. Stay in your home, “tuk, tuk, tuk, tuk,” online, get a visa, for example. I also have to go online for my passport because I can’t just travel all the time. I just hope my passport is intact and comes back a new one, not lost on the way, then I will be… I don’t know what I would do. I have only one passport. I hold it dear, as if it’s my life because it symbolizes also my freedom. At least I can go anywhere. Without that passport, I don’t know what would happen then.

In some countries, you don’t just get a visa like that. For any different reasons: religious reasons, political reasons, and whatever reasons. I don’t know what kind of reasons. But whatever reason, there is no reason to be like that in our world.

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