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Heaven Is Aiding Ukraine in the War Between Good and Evil, Part 4 of 6, Mar. 12, 2022

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I saw many times, they say, “Oh, a lot of Russian tanks destroyed” and all that. Even though the Ukraine soldiers didn’t do much. (Yes.) It is because of the thunder god. (Yes. Wow.) The thunder god, they have this so-called Vajra. When they are empowered, when they are ordered to do it, they can. (Wow. Amazing.) That is Heaven’s order. (Wow.) It’s true like that. And I’m glad the Ukrainians have faith. And I want them to continue to have faith in Heaven.

What was I saying? So, it is also a fight between good and evil. (Yes. Right, Master.)

It’s just like the story I told you about how Buddha was once a Heavenly king. And the astral evil, they often go up and try to seize some more territory. Making war with the Heavenly beings above. (Yes, Master. Yes.) So, this often happens like that, between the lower Astral world and the higher Heaven, Higher than that one. They always go and fight. Make war. So, the Buddha, even though He was a Buddha, I mean a long time ago before that time, He’s a Heavenly king, He has to protect His people, so He had to fight. (Yes, Master.) Heavenly king. Not just us, the normal people.

So, if somebody comes and tries to kill your family or beat your country up, beat your family up, you just have to defend them. That is normal. (Yes, Master.) And I feel Ukraine is also my family. (Yes.) Even though I don’t have muscle, but I have the mouthpiece, which is our Supreme Master Television. I have to use it. (Yes, Master.) And your question inspired me to tell my part. To do my part. We do our part. We are citizens of the world. We owe it to the world. (Yes, Master.) (Yes, we have to.)

And you can see well, this is really a war between evil and good. (That’s right. Exactly.) So, you cannot just say, “Oh, I am on the good side and the positive side of power,” but then when you see part of the good side in trouble, you just pretend you don’t know? (No. Cannot do that.) It’s not in your conscience’s DNA, is it? (No, it’s not, Master.) No.

So we have got to do something, say something, at least. Yeah, whatever we can. We pray for them too. (Yes, Master.) We use our peaceful means. I saw many times, they say, “Oh, a lot of Russian tanks destroyed” and all that. Even though the Ukraine soldiers didn’t do much. (Yes.) It is because of the thunder god. (Yes. Wow.) The thunder god, they have this so-called Vajra. (Oh.) It’s like a hammer. They can use it when necessary, (Wow.) to destroy anything. (Wow. It’s so interesting.) They call it Vajra. It means diamond. Very powerful. (Yes.) They call it Vajra, meaning diamond one, indestructible. When they are empowered, when they are ordered to do it, they can. (Wow. Amazing.) That is Heaven’s order. (Wow.) It’s true like that.

And I’m glad the Ukrainians have faith. And I want them to continue to have faith in Heaven. (Yes.) And I want President Zelenskyy to know that the world is with him. (Yes, Master.) And we are with him, I’m with him. I don’t know about you, but I’m with him. (We are, Master.) (Very good man.) Such a good man. (Yes, Master. He is. He really is.) My God.

And NATO, EU, and America, my God, such despicable attitudes. He was crying for help. (Yes. Right.) Begging for help, for his people, for his nation. They all turned a blind eye. All kinds of excuses, whatever. The free world, my foot. They are just maybe too free, too comfortable. (Yes. Right, Master.) It’s not their house, it’s not their country, it's not their people, it’s not their family – so they couldn’t care less. (Yes.) They couldn’t care less. That’s what it is. I feel so sickened. So sickened with all this low attitude. Very, very cowardly attitude.

Anything else you want to ask me? (Yes, Master. Why do 58% of Russians support invading Ukraine, and only 23% are against?)

Don’t believe all these commercials. (Oh.) You know already. He doesn’t let anybody report anything! (Oh. Right.) Only listen to the state radio and TV, and media. (Yes.) Only state-backed. And only the fake news. (Oh.) Just like “a special operation,” and Lavrov, the foreign minister, even dared to talk in front of everybody: “We are not attacking Ukraine.” (That’s right.) You read that or not? (Yes, he did.) “We are not attacking Ukraine.” Because he said, “We will not attack any other country. We are not attacking any country. We are not attacking Ukraine.” While their troops are bombing everybody. (Yes, right.) (Yes, Master.) Imagine, such a lie! (Right.)

And even if 58% of the… oh, I don’t care what percent of Russians support Putin, it’s all lies. (Yes. Right, Master.) If I go and ask all of you right now, how many of you support me; “Hundred percent, Master. (Yes. That’s right.) All of us.” (Yes, Master.) So, they can only go and ask his party how many support him. Why not a hundred percent? Why only 58%, that is quite modest. Don’t believe in all that commercial. (Yes, Master.) Man, everybody knows that, but nobody does anything. That’s what ticks me off.

(Master, can NATO find any excuse at all to help Ukraine?)

Of course, they can. Their parties are supposed to be preserving peace and freedom and democracy, and all those beautiful words. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) So, anything to do with peace between nations; peace security, freedom, democracy – anything to do with that, they can just, protect. (Yes, Master.) Also the war, it’s near their countries already. (Yes, that’s right. Right.) Ukraine is a neighbor of their country, at the border. (Yes.) Just step across the street, and maybe then you are in another country. Other NATO allies are there. (Yes.)

I don’t need any excuse. If I see my neighbors are harassed and brutally beaten up or children and women killed, I would do what I can. (Yes, Master.) I don’t ask for any excuse; I don’t need anything. I don’t need any loophole in any of the laws to protect my neighbors and to defend them. (Yes, Master.) Especially when they are crying for help (That’s right. Exactly, Master.) pitifully like that and they can see that their family members are dying, beaten up and wounded, and can’t get out of their house to escape even. (Yes, Master.) So, what more excuses do you want NATO to have? What do you think? (They have no excuse.)

There is a cartoon. A cartoon is normally difficult to tell by words, but I will try. During the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees’ time, when they all were using small rickety boats to get out, to escape and to go out to another country for safety and freedom, that they thought they might find there. And there is a cartoon about a Chinese drowning in the sea. And there’s some Chinese words spoken, just like we say, “Help me” in English. (Yes.)

Some boats are passing by, and the man says to the other, “I don’t understand what he’s saying.” (Gosh.) “It doesn’t matter. We don’t understand what he’s talking about.” (Yes, Master.) The man is desperately waving and splashing with his hands and calling for help in Chinese. (Yes.) And they look at each other with champagne in their hands, (Oh, gosh.) something like that. “I don’t understand what he’s saying. Do you?” (Oh, goodness.) Like nothing happened.

This is the excuse that NATO and the world are having right now. (Right, Master.) Similar. (Yes, Master.) So disgusting. And I’m not sorry to say that. I really feel disgusted with the whole, so-called, free world. These strong “biggies.” (Yes, Master.) Big muscle for nothing. I told you already. Just taking, but not giving. (Yes.)

Then what for do they give donations or aid to any other country? (Yes, Master.) That has nothing to do with NATO. It’s not even their countrymen. Why did they go out and help? (Right. Yes.) Why do they give rice and bread and whatever donations they give to other countries? (Yes, Master.)

Similarly, you’ve got to help in whatever way they need. (Right.) Not wait until they’ve lost everything and go to another country to be like a beggar, begging for food, security, and a roof over their heads for their children in makeshift tents and whatever. Then, come in there like a big, big, big charitable country or organization just to give a handout, just for the camera. (Right. Yes, Master.)

I don’t mean that it’s not good, but it’s better to not make them become beggars. (Right, Master. Yes.) Better prevent it, that they can keep their dignity; they mind their own business, they do their job at home, and take care of themselves. (Yes, Master.) And who knows? Maybe one day you’ll need them! (Right. You never know.) Because we all depend on each other. Who knows? (Yes, Master.) The tides sometimes turn. (Yes.) As I told you before, whatever you do, you do it for yourself. (Right. Yes, Master.) But the fatty world doesn’t capiche that. (Yes, Master.)

Any other questions? (Well, just a comment, Master. Even though Ukraine is not in NATO, they have supported NATO-led peace support operations, like in the Balkans, Bosnia, and Kosovo. So, even though they’re not part of NATO, they’ve been helping all this time.)

I know. So, it’s a shame that NATO refused them when they need help. (Yes, that’s right.) It’s a shame and actually, I read that NATO accepted them, it’s just they didn’t say when. So why not now, (Yes, right.) when they need it? People are drowning and you promised them they could go into your boat and when they’re drowning you say, “Oh, no.” (Yes.)

First, you promised they can go into the boat, and then when they’re drowning, when they really need it, you turn your boat away. (Right.) Isn’t that lowlife? (Yes, very.) I’m sorry. (Yes, Master.) Well, I’m not sorry. It is really low level, lowlife. (Yes, Master. Right.) Lowlife attitude. Not worthy of their position. Not worthy of anything.

Even animal-people, they defend each other. (Yes, Master.) We have so many clips or many photos on our Supreme Master Television showing that different species, they help each other. (Yes. Right. They do.) They protect each other. (Yes.) Even the dog-person went right into the middle of the highway to rescue that monkey-person, who had been hit by the car and could not move. (Yes.) He went into the middle of that highway traffic and brought him to safety. (Yes, Master.) Just one of the examples. I can’t remember everything, but we have so many of them like that, and animal-people also try to help humans, even strangers. (Yes.) Yeah, many instances. Of course, some we know, some we don’t know. (Yes, Master.) But, if it happened once, it would happen many times, when there is no witness. (Right. Yes.) Yeah, or no camera.

And also Russia is bad. The thing is… Any more questions first? (No, no more questions, Master.)

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