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Between Master and Disciples

Lord Jesus Christ's Glorious Sacrifice for Humankind, Part 3 of 6, Dec. 24 & 25, 2021

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Anyone who harms the innocent will go to hell. (Yes, Master.) These evil priests, they also harm the innocent, so they will go to hell according to hell’s law. That’s how hell brings the people down there, because they harm the innocent. Violation of the law, that’s what hell is made for.

So, for that evil Francis to open his foul mouth, his cannibalistic mouth, to say such things, to degrade the Lord like that, you don’t have to believe me, he will be in hell forever. Do you hear the logic? (Yes, Master. We do. Understand.) You don’t have to believe me. You just calculate it, and you know it. OK, Huh? (Yes, Master.) A person dies in such agony like that, and still some so-called His representative on Earth, opens his bloody mouth and dares say such things. Not one time, but more than one time, in different ways to blemish a loving, kind human like Jesus, not to talk about if He’s a Saint or He’s an enlightened Master or whether or not He is the Son of God. Do you hear what I am saying? (Yes, Master.)

So I hope that all the Catholic people understand this and judge for themselves and don’t follow this evil. He (Francis) has nothing in him but devil and low-grade of existence, not just low-life. Anybody who follows him will go to hell with him. That’s what I’m worried about. So, that’s why I spare no effort, I mince no words to keep telling people all this time, recently. (Yes, Master.) Because I am worried that people might believe him and then be connected with him, I mean astrally, in the spirit, and then will go to hell with him too.

That’s what Satan wants, to spread all darkness, all the sinful activities to influence other people to follow them and do the same. And also to smear the name of Christianity, to smear the honor of other virtuous priests, monks and nuns in Christendom. (Yes, Master.) As well as doing all these sinful acts to flame up more dark energy, all this more evil energy to bring down the world, to get more people to be more sinful like them, influence them with all this dark and sinful energy so that they will also go to hell with them. They will have no more population. Just multiply this dark energy to bring down the world, to destroy humanity. (Yes, Master.) That’s what they’re doing. That’s why he doesn’t condemn those pedo-priests and all other abortion methods and ways.

Not in the strongest terms. Just speaks a few times, or one or two times just because he has to, so that people still have some doubt about whether or not he’s good. So, he’s not all out yet. Sometimes he says evil things and sometimes sounds like nice things. (Yes.) Like a virtuous person. On one hand says that abortion is murder, on the other hand he shakes the hand that murders the children and the babies in the womb, the hand that signed it, signed the death sentence to all these fetuses and babies in the womb. So, it is not real. It’s fake, it’s evil, it’s hypocrisy. (Yes, Master. Yes.) I don’t have any stronger terms that I can use for this kind of evil-minded and working-for-Satan priests or pope or whatever they call them. They’re all evil, they’re all working for the devils to bring down humanity, to make this world more dark and more gruesome, more cruel, more inhumane.

It’s very difficult for humans to wake up if they have been brainwashed since childhood already to obey these so-called priests and representatives of Christianity or whatever. It’s very difficult for them to turn around. I hope they will. At least for their own sake, so that they don’t follow them to hell. Or they don’t do bad things and sinful things for themselves so that they have to go to jail, and go to hell later.

And I hope the government will really give them the strongest possible sentence in jail, these pedo-priests, because they are also the citizens of their country, no matter who they are. (Yes.) If they are in the world, they are citizens of the world. (Yes, Master.) Even Jesus did not do anything wrong, and they crucified Him. How would they not punish these pedo-priests and Pope Francis? (Yes, Master.) It is utterly illogical to just let the children be molested, raped by them and say nothing, do nothing. (Yes.) And spend a lot of money, a lot of time, a fortune testing DNA and all that, and even chase many decades to find a criminal who killed one person or raped one person, or raped one child. (Yes, Master.) It’s illogical, no? (Yes.)

What kind of governments are in this world? I told you, that’s why I condemn them all. If they don’t change, they will all go to hell too. Because they know the right thing and they do the wrong; they don’t protect their children, their citizens. (Yes, Master.) They don’t do their duty well. Anyone who doesn’t do their duty well and gets paid for it, will go to hell. It is like that. It’s not my law, it’s the universal law. Nobody can escape. (Yes, Master.)

Just like in a country. Like just now, I saw the news that the South Koreans pardoned the lady ex-president (Park Geun-hye). They say it was corruption. (Yes.) She was a president, but she did wrong so she still went to jail. (Yes, Master.) Many presidents in the world or prime ministers or ministers or some big shots in different fields, also went to jail if they did something wrong, if it’s found that that they did something wrong, violated the law; they all went to jail. So, why is it that these priests never go to jail? Maybe one or two of them in some of the, good jurisdictions, some good judges. Just one or two of them. Just a couple or several. Not all the pedo-priests are judged, are charged and go to jail.

Consider how many children they harm, not just one. (Yes, Master.) In the whole lifetime, we don’t know how many children, these priests have been crushing their lives. And no government did anything. This is ridiculous, disgusting. And if they don’t go to hell, I will be surprised. If these people and these governments who did not bring justice or did not protect their own little, young children or adults, they will all go to hell. I swear to you, I tell the truth. If not, I go to hell myself. Do you hear me? (Yes, Master.) All these pedo-priests and whatever, they’ll all go to hell, and get punishment, even if they worship Satan, they will be punished also. Because in hell, there is a rule like that also.

Anyone who harms the innocent will go to hell. (Yes, Master.) These evil priests, they also harm the innocent, so they will go to hell according to hell’s law. That’s how hell brings the people down there, because they harm the innocent. They kill others. So, these priests, they do the same, then, they also fall into this category of hell violation. Violation of the law, that’s what hell is made for. (Yes, Master.)

So even if they think they’re doing the devil’s work, they will be free. No. They will be locked in hell, burned there forever and all their power will be stripped and maybe their existence will be also nullified. They won’t ever exist anymore. At least they go to hell and take punishment. And all the governments who ignored all this suffering of their human citizens under their care, no matter how old or how young, they will all go to hell. Oh, my God.

See, I don’t celebrate Christmas today. I’m just alone and still trying to finish my work. But all of you, please enjoy and remember the Lord. (Yes, Master. Thank You. Thanks God.) Bless Him. Whatever He tried to help humankind, may He be successful. May the Lord be successful, because He still continues to help humankind. (Yes, Master.) They just continue to reject Him or rebuff Him or even slander Him like that. You saw it all on the news.

I would for thousands of years, never imagine a Christian… even Roman Catholic is also Christian. (Yes, Master.) In their Church hangs Jesus’ cross, and Him and Mary and child there. (Yes, Master.) It’s all Christian – Evangelist or Catholic or Protestant, they’re all Christian. They all worship Jesus and God. (Yes, Master.) So, in one million years or thousands of millions of years, I would never imagine a priest of that order would say such things about Jesus. Even says that in Jesus’ blood is pagan blood. How does he (Francis) know? Did he have Jesus’ blood test? He wasn’t there, how does he know where Jesus came from?

Nevertheless, whoever doesn’t know God yet, directly, they’re all pagans. Before we know God, we are all pagans. Understand me? (Yes, Master.) Because we worship something that we don’t even know. How can you love somebody when you never see him or her? (Yes.) Or have nothing to do with each other.

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