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Between Master and Disciples

World Freedom Day (Part 1 of 4) Oct. 8, 2017

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“We all have patience, but we all have a limit. In this world, nobody has no limit. We all have something, but it’s all limited because the physical body is programmed like that. It’s not your fault that sometimes you lose it or you lose your temper. It’s not your fault that sometimes you get irritated, get angry because people are projecting some bad energy onto you. And then after a time, it explodes! Either physically or invisibly, some people do harm you in some way. The Feng Shui people call this ‘evil human’. Evil people, they don’t do anything obviously on the surface, but they harm you in different ways that you don’t even know. Sometimes you see them, and you just get mad, and you don’t know why and then you feel bad, you feel guilty.” “So if you notice this, and it’s repeatedly like that, then you should know. You know these persons are not good for you. And if you can, try to escape and avoid as much as you can, instead of harming yourself or feeling guilty or just trying to swallow it. It’s not always good for your health and your spiritual progress. This is even more important because if your body is not well, your mind is not stable, your psyche is not in sync, your emotions are chaotic, and then there is no way you can sit and calm down and meditate. Is that true? (True.)” “You shouldn’t think anything bad, and then you don’t have to bother me when I want to meditate or want to sleep, and ask me for forgiveness. Of course I forgive you, any, any of you. It’s just not good for you and not good for me. So try to check your inside. Then outside you can radiate this kind of beneficial, beautiful energy that benefits first yourself and everyone that’s around you and comes in contact with you or has anything in connection with you.”
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