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Between Master and Disciples

The Phoenix, Part 4 of 13, Mar 26, 2021

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Because the Lord said, “I am the Light of the world as long I am in the world.” Of course, the Lord still blesses us in any way He can. Through a Master, or through any holy person, any pure person, He can do that. But doesn’t mean we can go ahead and keep sinning ourselves and expect that the Lord’s death will wash away our sins. No way.

So, just like Jesus. Because He is born to be a Master, so He’d be enlightened very fast and become a Master in no time. But not all His disciples became a Master like His spiritual status. They can be successors but it’s not necessarily that Saint Paul or Saint Peter are as highly spiritual as the Lord Jesus. (Yes, Master.)

In the physical, it’s different. Maybe a student can bypass a teacher. But in the spiritual domain, it’s different. You have to be born like that. You’re born to be a Master. (Yes, Master.) Just like in some kingdom, a crown prince will be king – born to be king. (Yes, Master.) From birth already, he is a prince, and he is a future king. He is afforded with all kinds of royal treatment as a prince and future king. So, it’s like that with Masters. They are born. They’re born to do that. They did that before, or maybe it’s Their mission to do it this time. (Yes, Master.)

Even though we are all equal, we need to put a lot of effort in order to be chosen to be a Master. We have to reach that height. We can. All of us can, but we must do it first. (Yes.) All of us can become a professor in university, but we must learn. We must reach that height in order to be a professor. Got it now? (Yes, Master.) All right. I don’t know why I talked so much. What was it, the question? OK.

So, in my own observation, I think the Buddhist monks, even the Tibetan monks, they eat meat also, but they have so many teachings to learn. They have no time for their mind to be used by any of the devious influences of the world. They have to learn by heart many sutras. They have to do many mudras, meaning the special gesture of the fingers and the hands. (Yes.) So many things to learn, so that so busy, busy. So they all have to concentrate on that, all day long. And it was a strong tradition, national religion.

So, even the Tibetan people, they eat meat, but they don’t eat as much. I don’t think they drink wine. They’re not allowed to drink alcohol. It’s very clearly stated. In even the normal five percepts, you don’t use any intoxicants, including alcohol. (Yes, Master.)

But the Christians, they are more liberal, they can drink wine. And they eat meat and all kinds of things, anything, anything. And there are not enough teachings for them – just one Bible. (Yes.) Jesus did not live long enough to leave them a lot of guidance. And they’re not allowed to study any other’s doctrine. (Right.) It’s like heresy to them.

So the young, idealistic priest, with his able, strong, beautiful body; and the hormones surging inside with not a lot to do; (Yes.) and freedom to experience this and that and others; and the false belief that Jesus will rescue them, even if they sin. (Yes, Master.) This is a very false concept. Because the Lord said, “I am the Light of the world as long I am in the world.” Of course, the Lord still blesses us in any way He can. Through a Master, or through any holy person, any pure person, He can do that. But doesn’t mean we can go ahead and keep sinning ourselves and expect that the Lord’s death will wash away our sins. No way. (Yes, Master.) No way.

Even to eat one apple only, God will not receive you back again. Because that’s disobedience, disrespect to God’s commandments and authority. It’s not just an apple. (Yes, Master.) Yes. (Yes, Master.) But God already said, “You don’t even have an intimate relationship with another man, as if you do it with a woman.” Then that is very clear, or no? (Yes, Master. It’s clear.) You don’t have to always be in the Catholic denomination. There are also other branches of Christianity, they also marry, have children and still be a missionary or minister. (Yes, Master.) And nowadays women can also, some. (Yes.)

So, if you really cannot hold onto that, then be honest. Because God is watching. Heaven is watching. God is forgiving, but you cannot continue mocking Hiers rules and teachings like that. (Yes, Master.) Maybe one time Hes forgives, but you have to be really humbly repentant. You have to repent knowing that it’s really sinful and don’t just do it like normal, like watching a movie, or like you are a normal person outside, you can marry. You can also marry as a gay, nowadays. So, why don’t just be honest? Defrock yourself. Go out, find a lover or something. (Yes, Master.) Even the law nowadays protects you.

As a gay person, or as a lesbian person. It’s all open now. Even celebrities, they openly married same sex. (Yes, Master.) Nobody says anything. People support and understand their love, and understand their need to be with each other – as company, as friend – the trusted friend in life. (Yes, Master.)

Because in this life, it’s lonely, lonely. You grow up, and then you have to have so much responsibility. And nobody really understands you, and you cannot talk to anybody. You can talk to your parents, but different things. (Yes, Master.) You come home from work, you want some people there with you to share your hard day, (Yes.) and just to laugh with each other, to talk about nonsense things, just to ease your mind, you know, (Yes.) so that you can survive on this planet. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s really darn hard to survive here. (Right. True. Yes, Master.) For anybody. (Yes, Master. True.)

So on top of that, if somebody also condemns you, says you are a sinner, sinful like that, my God, I don’t know how they live. (Right.) It’s really very harsh on them, on their mental, on their psyche, on their heart, on their emotions. (Yes.) They will feel terrible. They already feel, like, some complex. (Yes, Master.)

Only recently that the same-sex marriages or same-sex relationships are recognized. (Yes.) But still people don’t accept it all completely, like a man marries a woman. (Yes, Master.) So, they’re already burdened with all these complexities, or that guilty or abnormal feeling. (Yes, Master.) And very sad, very lonely already. If I’m a priest, for example, if I have the right to bless anyone, even if God tells me, “Don’t bless them, they are sinners,” I would say, “Then please, You also don’t bless me, because I’m also a sinner.” In this world, I cannot not sin. I eat even vegetables, I feel sinful already.

In the old times and now even, the Jain people, in Jainism, (Yes, Master.) the Lord Mahavira teaches them they have to wear the mask just like you are doing now. (Yes.) The whole world becomes Jain. Because the Lord [Mahavira], He sees that when we breathe in and out, we kill many insects, invisible germs and all that. (Yes.) So, He tells you to wear a mask, it’s also very good. (Yes, Master.) It’s very hygienic, so in case you have sickness, you don’t transmit it to others. (Yes, Master.) Because sometimes you’re sick but you don’t even know yet. (True, yes.) It’s also good like that and it’s less attractive, so maybe the priest will be less tempted to sin. (Yes.)

And that is really a sin because when you are a man of the cloth, you wear that holy garment, meaning you are dedicated to God completely, all your life, with all your heart, all your soul, you forget the whole world already, and you know that and you vow celibacy, and if you did this kind of thing, especially to the minor boys, same sex… Because mostly they have altar boys, and the priests are mostly men up to now. (Yes.) Now they allow some women, but I can count on my fingers, only a few women. That is really a sin. If we talk about sin, let’s talk about that. (Yes, Master.)

Not the gay people, because they cannot help it. They are too lonely and feel burdened and feel sad already by the society’s judgment, by their own complexity, that they don’t understand why they are like this. They feel not normal already, they feel burdened already. So if we cannot do anything to make them feel more confident, happy and normal, then don’t hurt them, (Yes, Master.) don’t hurt their feelings. If we cannot help, then don’t harm, that’s what I say. (Yes, Master.) You don’t have to bless their marriage, you just refuse them quietly. (Yes, Master.)

Don’t have to make a norm in the society and condemn one-sixth of the population. One in six humans are trans, gay or lesbian or others, or bisexual. So, we don’t condemn one-sixth of the planet. One-sixth is official, maybe more because some people, they don’t recognize their own sexual orientation until later on. (Yes, Master.) Even past their maturity, they don’t know.

And I just feel very, very sorry for them. My heart feels very aching for their situation, because it’s not their fault to be born like that. I told you many times already, between being a man and a woman, you go through this stage if you have not completely been doing all the manly stuff when you were a man. Then you are going stage-wise to be a woman. So you come in between as a lesbian or a gay. But if you are completely well and have a lot of merit, then you just jump from being a man last life to be a woman in this lifetime, (Right.) (Yes, Master.) and no need to go through that transitional station. (Yes, Master.) They are just in a transitional station.

So, if God wants to accuse gay people – I mean the same-sex people – that love each other, and like if I’m a priest and Hes forbid me to bless them because they sin, then I would say to God, “I would still do it and You put the sin on me.” Because how can you as a human, have a human heart and knowing the emotion and knowing the hardship in this life, put another yoke on another human being, make them feel more miserable, more destitute, (Yes, Master.) more desperate, more lonely?! My God!

Isn’t God the one who made them this way! Or who made them? You think the devil made them? (No, Master.) No! So God will forgive me if I forgive the gay people’s sin. But I don’t think they sin more than anyone else − even less.

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