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Between Master and Disciples

Real Love Is Always There and With Wisdom, Part 3 of 3, Jan 12, 2020

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Copying is not good for you. Mostly not. You have to have your own initiative, your own inventiveness, your own renewal: renewal wisdom, renewal knowledge, renewal type of doing things. You always have to improve. You learn with me, but you don’t copy me in my doing, because sometimes you copy differently.

Copying is not good for you. Mostly not. You have to have your own initiative, your own inventiveness, your own renewal: renewal wisdom, renewal knowledge, renewal type of doing things. You always have to improve. You learn with me, but you don’t copy me in my doing, because sometimes you copy differently. You don’t understand the meaning behind it, and you just copy blindly. That’s no good. You have to know logic and reason, not to talk about wisdom yet.

All of you should be my friends. I guess I got the worst kind, as already predicted. I mean, it’s my own vow. Even Shakyamuni Buddha, He also had former enemies, of course. And because of that, for three months long He had to eat horse feed, for example like that. But these things are mentioned very little, so we only see that one. And somebody tried to assassinate Him and cut off His toe. We only see that. Two. And another one is that He ate some mushrooms which were poisonous, and then He died. That’s three. But He must have suffered more than that. Instead of dying young, at least He lived until a ripe old age. So, at least it wasn’t too bad. Many Masters don’t fare that well. Like, for example, our Lord Jesus Christ, He didn’t fare well. Three and a half years He preached and then He was crucified like that.

But there is a difference between enemies and people who have harmed you before but with your permission. Like Shakyamuni Buddha, He had five, the first five disciples who had been long, long, long, I don’t know how long ago, had been living off His blood, off Shakyamuni Buddha’s blood, but He gave it voluntarily, to ease their pangs of hunger, so that in the future He could also give them His blood lineage of enlightenment and wisdom. That is different. Therefore, the Buddha stayed with these five disciples, for example. There were more than just these five.

He stayed with them every day, but they didn’t harm Him. It’s just the enemies who deliberately harm you by jealousy, by wickedness, by all kinds of other mentalities, then would harm you again and again. Like Devadatta, for example. He was life after life His enemy, an archenemy of the Buddha, so he harmed Him all the time. Even when the Buddha was already a Buddha, he still harmed Him in different ways. So luckily, the Buddha lived long, so He could give us many, many sermons, and now the whole world still can benefit. Well, not the complete whole world. When we say the whole world, it’s just some big number of people, the Buddhist followers.

We often say the whole world, for example like that, but it’s not like 100%. But that’s very good already because we only need some percentage of the critical mass in order to save the world, or to move some action forward that benefits the multitude. So it is like that. Just like when the Buddha was alive, they say He saved the world. Or Jesus saved the world. So, all the Masters, etc., saved the world. It’s like that. And other people, even though not followers, also benefit, of course. So, in a way, the world is saved. As long as the Messiah is still alive. So, Jesus said the same, “As long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.”

That’s another thing that I told you about not having wisdom. Just follow your habitual thinking and your narrow knowledge and very unintelligent mind, brain.

I do what I can to earn my upkeep. Not just designing, but modeling. So that I’m worthy to be a citizen of the world, that I’m taking care of my own needs, that I don’t bother anyone. You are already burdened with your tax, your families, your own expenses to exist in this world. I don’t want to bother you at all. And if you want to do anything with your money, that’s your problem. I don’t want to burden you. Because if I ask one word, you’ll give everything to me. I know that. Is that not so? Yes? (Yes.) I know that. Yes. But I don’t ever ask because I know you will give.

Even if you give, I refuse, not to talk about asking you, because I know this life is so difficult for normal people to earn money and to save it. Even to come here, it costs them something. That’s why I appreciate the Westerners when they come all the way from their countries, from Brazil, from wherever. It takes sometimes two, three days with changing planes and everything. And they don’t have that much money. You don’t think the Westerners are all very rich. No. All the rich people, you already know them in “Forbes” magazine, or on TV, or in the newspaper. Other people are ordinary. Ninety-nine percent, right? That’s what they say, right? Ninety-nine percent are normal, average, or just barely survive, just enough to survive.

So I cannot, as a Master, use my power, my position to ask for more. I am capable. Unless I’m not capable, then I will maybe need that, just for clothing. Then I would wear simple clothes, just like this. One or two pairs are enough already, just like in the Himalayas. But I want to help also.

Not just not to burden you, my so-called disciples, but I want to help others who are more in need, more incapable than myself. Like the disabled people, the elderly who nobody takes care of, the orphans, the disaster victims, I help as much as I can.

Not just money, but their happiness, feelings, “Oh, some Master, all the way from Taiwan (Formosa), or Spain, from England, thinks of us, the victims, and gives us something!” That comforts their souls. They’ve just lost everything. They’ve lost their loved ones also. So it’s not just the money or packs of rice, or just packs of (vegan) candies for the kids, but it’s the comfort of the soul, the heart, in their time of need. Most people, they have dignity; they don’t want to accept things from other people. It’s just they’re truly desperate in that situation, and we go help them. That makes them happy, feeling the world still has love, the world’s people still have love. So they’re comforted, and they feel more encouraged to go on, to restart anew.

Because once they feel comforted and happy, ideas will come. Good energy will flow through them, around them, into them, and they can think better, they can be more happy. They can live on and are not so depressed, or wanting to die with their relatives or friends, or whoever’s lost. Because they’ve lost everything, and they feel very depressed, so they might not be able to think straight. So this is why I help them. Not because of the money. Not because of the things only, which they maybe need for a few days, until they get better help somewhere or bigger help from the government. Because in some remote areas, sometimes we go, the government’s help might not be able to reach it so quickly yet, or other charities might not organize so quickly. We do what we can. I cannot help the whole world, but I help wherever I can, wherever I know I can. That is just about it.

I think it’s time… You Taiwanese (Formosan) have to go anyway, right? Why have you not left, Taiwanese (Formosans)? Aren’t the buses waiting? Oh, I forgot. Also, the people who sell things outside, right? Oh, man. I cannot do like the clock. Like every hour “Ding!” I cannot. I have other things to do, and my body doesn’t always listen to me. So, never mind. We will stop now, otherwise, everybody will not like me anymore. Your stomach will not like me. The Taiwanese (Formosan) people won’t like me, the bus drivers won’t like me, the merchants outside selling vegetables, the vegetables will go dry, don’t like me. OK, you go. Next time. Thank you. Thank you for everything. See you next time.

You know, the light can make your face look different. And the camera’s angle can make you look different, too. I know that. I take photos myself. Because sometimes, you take a photo of flowers or something, it depends on the angle, if they will look good or not. And they will like burst out like alive, or just be flat, or look like nothing.

I’m asking you, every time, if you do something, do it unconditionally. And if not, don’t do it. And I’m just thinking maybe we won’t make anything special anymore, because then other people will be envious and don’t understand my intention, and then thinking I treat the Westerners better, or I don’t know. I don’t know if we should continue making special food for special people or not. Maybe not. When I was in India, often I didn’t even have food, not to talk about any special food. They came and ate everything. And left me with mountains of dishes to wash. I don’t remember how I survived all these kinds of situations. That was in the ashram.

Thank you. And I love you. That’s important, more than anything else. God bless you all. Thank you. Love you guys. (Thank You, Master. Love You, Master. Thank You.) Really, really love you. I’m going now. Thank you, all of you. (Thank You, Master.) Whoever loves me, thank you for your love.

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