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Just practice the Quan Yin Method, which connects you to your own Self Nature. No harm comes out of it, no side effects, because it is you.


That is the note. I have to see which one’s next. The more harmful effect is spiritual. Every time you have sex with your opposite or same sex, and if you do not control… I mean, the control only you know. It may look the same, like the normal action, but the thing you control. But if it's a sacrifice, then you cannot control. You have to let it be, like a normal couple. But every time you do that, it will take you five weeks, minimum, to recover your diluted power. Did you hear that? (Yes.) Every time. Five weeks long to recover whatever you had before. Because it’s diluted your power. Don’t think it’s a small thing. For example, if a Master has power to save two people from some accident, for example, save their lives. Unless it is their time to go, the Master can save both of them with very minimal injury. But if that Master had sex with somebody during that time, just before that – if it’s still within the five weeks, then He/She can save only one. That’s why many Masters, monks and nuns tell you to break it, stop it. Try to train yourselves not to indulge in these activities you cannot control. That’s why you see how many people practice even the Quan Yin Method, how many people get up to the Fifth Level. Last time I told you how many. Tell me, if you remember. (One thousand two hundred, around.) Something, yeah. Even if it’s 100,000, compared to the world’s billions, how much is that? Not even 000000…%, because it’s all dissipated through this activity, sexual activities. Monks and nuns, they know better. And that’s why I told you also to protect them. Don’t go too near them, don’t try. Don’t try to contaminate them. Help them with what you can, but unconditionally only. Don’t try to go too near and get the blessing or try even to take them home or stuff like that.


I’m telling you, this world is a big trap. Very difficult to get out. When I left you on the 1st of October, night, after leaving everyone, even the dinner with the guests, I went to a small house over there to talk to the Supreme Master Television (people) from outside, from other countries, talked to them. Nobody remembered to record. At last, I used my iPhone to record, but only some jokes remained. The rest of the talk is gone. First of all, it’s gone because we didn’t record; second, because no more battery. We used three iPhones, not enough batteries to record everything. But I’ll tell you – one of the sisters, your sister from America, she’s American, she was crying because something happened in her life and also in general. She said, “It’s not fair.” Because we were talking about the maya who tricks and traps people. And she said it’s not fair that the maya did all that and then made us fall into the trap and then punishes us. I said, of course it’s not fair. That’s why I want to take you out; just go out, that’s it. There’s no use arguing with this guy. He lies, he cheats, like you’re breathing. He has no moral bar, no standard of what we call “virtues.” The best is to just go out, go out of this realm. So, I said, “Now I have showed you how to go out already, so all you do is just eat, sleep, or work, and go, go out, until you’re gone.” That’s all you do right now. If you have to work, you work. Otherwise, just eat, sleep, meaning meditate, and then go out, until you are out. That’s all you have to do right now. There’s nothing else you should think of to do with your life. Sleep, eat, do what you have to and go, keep going, going.


So now you know all the secrets, well, not all but some. Actually, I had to do a retreat to check out all of this. Because if I’m busy, too busy every day – I also meditate every day, of course, but not long enough to go deeper into higher archives to dig out some of the information, like this one, for example. Not even the Tantric masters knew this. Only you, now. Don’t tell anybody else. A secret, only between us. Just kidding. How can I keep any secrets anymore, from you or from anybody? So, this is very terrible. Anything you say enjoyable in this world, it comes with a price. Five weeks long! That is if you don’t do anymore of this sexual activity during the five weeks. Otherwise, you even sink further, sinking, sinking, sinking. Can never make up for it. So much power that you acquired through meditation, through Master’s blessing, through Heaven’s protective grace, going, going, going, down the drain. Do you understand why many Masters don’t do this sacrifice? (Yes.) For peace even. Cannot use Peace Power for peace even. It costs too much, and the Master might not be able to regain it. Actually, sex is another gift from God, but mostly humanity abuses it for different lowly purposes. So, you see animals, most animals, they don’t always have intercourse, only in season. And then when they have babies, they take care of the babies only, until next season when their babies are grown up and independent. You know that, right? If you do not know, search on the internet. In Heaven, it’s labelled as “Peace Power.” I told you already, before I read this. The power that can bring peace to individuals or larger bodies of beings. That’s if someone knows how to use it. I don’t want to elaborate here now, for rarely can anyone master and/or practice for that reason, for that goal, but rather, could be misused again and could be also overwhelmed by it, because it is very powerful, very powerful. It creates humanity and the whole animal kingdom and plant kingdom on the whole planet here. Whatever you see on this planet came from this power. That’s how powerful it is – the power of the Creator. So, we could create peace and we could create disaster even.

It’s not the release of this powerful urge that makes any being feel peace or contentment after the sexual act, but it is the undivided attention that brings about this result. But because of its short-lived nature, most humans take it for granted and crave it again and again, as convenience or as the mood leads them. So, we have long lost our mind power and willpower to control and direct this Peace Power to a noble application. You see, when you are having sexual acts with your partner, you concentrate on that so much; that’s why afterward you feel contentment. It’s just like any concentration when you do meditation. But this is a short-lived thing. You see the (inner Heavenly) Light sometimes even, if both are very loving and caring. You can feel the Earth moving. You can see the Light even; but short, of course. Afterwards, nothing more. Not like the Quan Yin Method, you can always have it without having to exercise too hard. And it’s always there for you. If no (inner Heavenly) Light, at least the (inner Heavenly) Sound, 24/7, even when you are unconscious for any reason. Even when you are clinically dead, still have that surrounding you, within you, without you. That’s a very secure, guaranteed method of enlightenment and liberation. This theme I have been explaining for two, three times because this is the most misunderstood, the most abused element in our human life. So, I hope now it’s all clear to you why in our practice I advise you to taper off, slow down, control. Now you got it? (Yes.) Otherwise, you lose too much, you lose too much power; it’s a pity. And you can only keep your head above water, and that’s a pity because you could go higher. Seeing bigger things, learning better wisdom, than you have, to even take it from me. And you can help the world, you can help many people, whomever you want to help. I mean directly, consciously even, or unconsciously.

That is why life after life, many Masters come and go and many people practice different methods, but we are still somewhere here. Very rarely do people come up high, except with the grace of the Master. Very difficult for you, even practicing Quan Yin Method, to go up anywhere. I’m telling you this, so you can avoid the trap. Just practice the Quan Yin Method, which connects you to your own Self Nature. No harm comes out of it, no side effects, because it is you. And also, if you adhere to the Master’s instructions and follow through those easy steps, then even children from six years old can get enlightenment, implemented. And get enlightenment and liberation already, even if they die at a young age. They’ll go high and be liberated.


This does not continue with that. This is something to do with pets. I’ll tell you anyway, even though it’s not in the subject. Pets, the animals that you welcome into your house and treat them like your own family members, they are your benefactors. No matter if those animals are born because of their previous karma, or they’re born willingly to come down to this planet to help you, or they’re ex-family members and friends. Sometimes your family members have gone to Heaven and then when they see you having trouble down here or having danger somewhere along the journey, they’ll come down as animals to help you, to protect you, to heal you, to teach you silently.

My dogs are very noisy. There’s nothing silent about them. Just your dogs are more silent. If I don’t listen, they go pee and poo right in front of the house, in the middle. Or in front of my mat, in the middle of it, so that I cannot avoid their conversation. Mostly they meant well, they didn’t mean to soil, because they’re very, very good. They’re very clean and they’re very intelligent. They just do that only when it’s like a desperate measure to talk to me, to warn me. And they saved my life so many times. Truly like that. And still did, a couple of days ago; otherwise, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you. Just like a hair’s difference between my life and my demise. Just that difference; a few seconds and it’s avoided. I checked and it was all true. Not like they made up the story. What for would they make up that kind of story? They keep telling me things.

A few days ago, that girl came crying to me. The girl, sometimes she keeps warning me and she came crying to me in the middle of the night when I sat meditating. Normally never did. What for just come crying like that? So, I asked her, “What is it? What’s wrong? Are you in pain or in trouble?” Don’t think that I always know everything. When I’m in meditation, I know something else. I don’t always know about my dogs or your thinking. I have different departments to work on. So, she came crying. And then I asked her, “What is it?” She said to me, because maya told her… And then she was crying, crying, she couldn’t finish. I said, “Tell me, what did the maya bother you with?” She said to me that maya told her not to keep telling me all the secrets, like warning me, stuff like that, otherwise I will die. And I misunderstood, because she said, “Otherwise You will die.” I thought the maya told her that, “Then you will die,” meaning the dog, so I thought, “No, you cannot die. Don’t worry. I’m here.” So, I hugged her and caressed her and held her and sang for her. I said, “We are here. Nobody can touch you, unless it’s your time to go. Don’t worry about it and don’t take my karma. If you don’t want to, don’t tell me anymore. Don’t tell me anything. I’ll take care of myself.” And then she said, no, it’s not her who will die, it’s me who will die. That’s why she came crying. She was checking whether I’m still alive, crying, crying like that. I said, “Maya told you not to tell me anything and you still told me.” And she was crying her heart out. The dogs they cry different. They don’t woah, woah, woah. No, they cry, cry with real tears also. Like that. Just like a child crying. So that was that. And then I had to use some power to calm her and then to talk to her and say, “It’s going to be OK.” And then I had to have her immediately after she went out and had to come back again. Normally, they take turns. There are two groups: white group and black group. So, that day, I had to continue having whatever group that was. But then I will continue to have that group, just to comfort her. She was heartbroken. She was so worried, worried, worried. They all worry, but she’s the most expressive of all.  

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