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Because animals are connected with humans, if they continue to kill animals, then their karma will be heavier and heavier and the planet will be destroyed. People do not understand that animals are connected with us.

(Hallo, Master.) Hallo! (Hallo!) Perfect. How are you guys? How are you? (Good. Thank You, Master.) It’s good. I just want to say hallo actually. It’s not much that we can talk about. (Thank You so much.) You are welcome. In case you have any important international questions or something, or intergalactic questions, then please tell me now. I thought you came from very far away. And then I cannot see you. So, this is better than nothing, right? (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) You can hear me? (Loud and clear.) (Yes, Master.) Very good. Excellent! I have some good people here, that’s why.

Very, very busy I have been these days because my dogs are not well. He [Good Love] took the full blow [negative force], and now He can hardly walk, and He cannot eat. We have to run Him to the vet, consecutively, many times. And at night I cannot sleep, worrying about Him. And in His situation, so painful and… But we now have some medicine that helps Him a little bit. But still, that doesn’t mean that He is well. I am not sure if He can make it. And my heart is not very light at the moment, as I am talking to you. (Sorry to hear, Master.) Me too. I am very sorry about my dog. He is such a Hero. This is the second dog ever that laid down their lives for me. I don’t know if I deserve it. I am not glad that they did. I don’t know how to feel anymore at this time. I’ve just been sleepless, and tasteless for food, because of worrying about Him, and sitting with Him and comforting Him, massaging Him, and singing Him songs. And He was bearing it all very, very bravely, and very, very heroically, and that makes me even feel worse. And I know why He suffers. That’s why I feel even worse. I did not ask Him to do anything for me. But dogs, they do that, especially my dogs. They are there just for me.

So many things I cannot reveal to you. I’m just here in case you need to see me, like this. It’s better than nothing. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome, my love. You're welcome. I just want to tell you that I’m not sitting pretty and doing nothing and not seeing you. I’m just really so overwhelmed these days. I have to protect myself and protect my dogs and take care of my dogs. There are two dogs in trouble. One is already better, but I don’t know, this big one; I don’t know if He can make it. He’s already pretty old. When you’re old, your joints and your internal organs are not the same as when you were younger, right? (Yes, Master.) Same with us. And dogs, they don’t live as long. You want to say something, love? (I’m just very sad about Your dogs and their suffering, Master.) I know. (And You, too.)

I’m so sad, so sad. But even in His condition, He comforts me. He said, “You will be free from sorrow soon.” So I’m scared of that word “soon.” He said, “Don’t be more sorry for me. Soon.” And I’m scared of that word very much. I don’t want to tell you how soon either. I know we all have to go some day, all of us; even us humans. But still, to know that somebody sacrificed their wellness, their life for you, this is too much. (Yes, Master.) And yet, I could not say, “Let me die.” Because I still have work to do. And it’s not arranged that way either. I cannot say that I want to die in His place, and I cannot say that I don’t want to die in His place. He just did it already. I’m just in the ready-made situation.

And now, all I do is just, whenever I have time, I sit with Him and caress Him, massage Him, and recite something to help Him, and use my energy to ease His suffering and pain. He doesn’t complain at all. He says, “It will be over soon, don’t worry.” He says He’s sorry, sorry to let me worry so much. He really said He’s sorry. He always addresses Himself not as “Good Love,” unless when He said to me, when I asked Him, “Who are you? Who am I talking to?” And He said, “Your protector.” Normally, He just says, “Dog.” “Dog wants to protect You.” Oh, so cute. And “Dog feels sorry to make You worry. Dog loves You.” I say, “Why do you keep saying yourself to me as dog? Why don’t you say something else?” But I think He’s just humble, that’s why.

And whenever we don’t let Him come up to my area or office, He pulls His face like a horse. And I asked Him, “Why is that?” When He came up, He didn’t talk to me and turned His head around, away, and I said, “Why is that? What now?” He said, “Dog supposed to protect Master, no? And they forbid.” He meant he blamed the attendants, the assistants; something like that. He’s so endearing. I said, “Never mind. They just meant well. And sometimes I’m busy; that’s why you cannot come. They did not mean to forbid you. You cannot forbid love, so don’t worry about that. I always love you.” He's so strong, so big, and you think He would never leave, He would never go. But one day I’ll just have to reckon with that. And it could be soon. I’m trying my best. But I’m also at the same time thinking, “If you have to go, just go in comfort. I let you go. I don’t want you to suffer anymore.”

(Do You want us to pray for Him, Master?) Just pray whatever God and Heavens arrange, and that He doesn’t suffer too long. If He has to go, He should go. Not suffering, not prolong His suffering. (Yes, Master.) I cannot be that selfish. I try my best. I give Him my energy and I did many things that I can and it comforts Him somehow, and the medicine also. But then, when the time is up… You have dogs, you know, right? (Yes, Master.)

Many other things He told me, a lot of things. Truly, animals can be your teachers. He told me many, many things, more than you can find in any other human being or even Master, because Masters don’t always take care of some small little details, but He knows so many things. He could be your teacher even. He told things that are out of this world. And even in His condition, His soul came and told me things to make me comforted. I have written what He told me. There are two pages in my diary, and still more, but I haven’t got the time to continue. I really wish I had time.

(What sort of things do dogs tell?) Not like general things, but things about us, like why He is with me, and how many lifetimes He has been with me, and what were His lifetimes with me, for example like that. These are confidential things. And I know He tells the truth. I have proof, and I know all these things that nobody else knows. That’s the thing. So, that means that He tells the truth. What He told is real, and many other things about Heaven stuff. He even knows about Ihôs Kư stuff. I asked Him if He came from… Originally, before, He was from the Fourth Level, I said. And then, after He died, He came to Ihôs Kư. And I said, “How did You come down from Ihôs Kư?” He said, “Difficult.” I can only leak out a little bit, OK? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Other things are not for the public. Maybe one day, but I don’t think so.

Many things, too fast to write, so I wrote it very short, just for me to know. And He said, “Your love. Your love formed a tube of protection for me to come down quick.” And that I know. But the dog cannot know this, unless He really knew. (Yes, Master.) And many other times, like when He had to be in quarantine and all that, when He first came to some area because they don’t let dogs run free so quickly. Like in Taiwan (Formosa) also, and He kept telling me and comforting me, “Don’t worry, we’re not separated, because Your love makes me feel very, very comfortable here, and peaceful, peaceful. Don’t worry.” Things like that. He’s such a gentleman. And I told Him, “Don’t come back again, no matter from where.” But He’s threatened to come back. And I don’t want to tell you anything yet. I don’t want to, and maybe I cannot.

He told many things that not only a high-level being would know, about spiritual things, about peace, about how He understands that I work day and night for the animals, for humans. Because animals are connected with humans, if they continue to kill animals, then their karma will be heavier and heavier and the planet will be destroyed. People do not understand that animals are connected with us. Not only do they bless us and protect us with their lives even, but they also know so many things. And if we keep killing them, then we’re killing our own blessings, like shooting your own foot. Many people don’t understand that.

You’d be surprised how much the dog knows. And my other dogs as well. They told me things that are so amazing. Yeah, they told me so many things that protect me as well. I also protect them in times of trouble. Because if the negative cannot hit me, it hits them. It happened, two dogs. So, I had to put protection around them and around the people who work closer to the dogs, and around myself also. It hasn’t been released yet because we are not yet out of danger and that also cost me something. And I need to continue on retreat in order to maintain this balance, so that we can still continue my work. He says that if He dies, He’s just a dog. If I die, it’s catastrophic for the universe. That’s what He said. Imagine, a dog saying that. (Yes.)

But He always addresses Himself as a dog. Last time, some days ago, or maybe last week, the negative was so strong, because they used some connections with me, disciple connections, who are some close connections to hit us. And all the dogs jumped out and barked at nothing and so frantic, and He was the one who did nothing, just lying there. And then later, after all the frantic commotion was gone, I asked Him, “Did You feel anything? Why didn’t You react to anything like all the dogs?” He said, “Dog did not feel anything.” He didn’t say, “Good Love didn’t feel anything.” He said, “Dog didn’t feel anything.” He always says “dog” like that. If I ask Him something, He says, “Dog this, dog that.” Unless when it’s something to do with security or something, then He says He’s my protector.

(We have been praying for You (Oh, thank you.) since the last teleconference (Oh, thank you.) that this troubling time for You comes to a quick close.) Thank you, thank you. It will come soon. There are some great things also happening. I just don't dare tell you now. (Yes, Master.) I just wrote it in my diary. And maybe one day, if we have a chance, maybe I can disclose to you. Don’t worry. (Sounds wonderful.) Yeah, I’m fine. (Thank You.) Yes, I’m glad that I’m still OK. I just feel very sorry for my dogs. One day I will tell you the whole thing. It’s a long story and right now, I don’t have the heart to say anything more, except just relating to you the outer appearances of things, of events. The thing is, whenever He gets up, He yells so painfully. Normally, He never makes noise. Even when the negative attacked like that, He said, “Don’t worry, Dog doesn’t feel anything, Dog didn’t feel anything.” He just didn’t want me to worry. I knew He felt something. That’s why He got worse and worse, and every time He got up, He cried. I had to be with Him, massage Him, give Him some energy, and pray for Him. And then He calms down, but that doesn’t mean He’s getting better. I don’t think He’s getting better. We went to so many doctors, specialists and stuff. And one of your brothers, who has a very good remedy that has no side effects, and it worked on me, any time. It’s just that I don’t know if it works on my dog. It does work on one leg, and it went to another one. It was better on the left and then it went to the right. He cannot avoid that.

The negative is so mean, so mean, using my low-level disciple and then hitting my dogs instead like that. He’s so mean and so despicable. I told the maya I’m going to destroy him. And that’s what I will do. But right now I have to take care of my dogs first. I have told you before, that if they touch my dogs, I’m going to destroy him. I have a good excuse. And I was just crying. I said, “Oh my God, please give all the pain to me. Don’t punish my dog. Don’t make my dog suffer. He’s only a dog.” He’s only a dog. And the little one also. She’s only a dog but she fights for me. She fought the negative for me. Both of them, and both of them got hit. One got hit too big and one a little. But even a little bit, if they touch my dogs, I already told in front of the assembly, two or three times I repeated. I said to the maya, “If you touch my dogs, I am going to destroy you and I will keep my promise. You mark my words.” I will not tolerate any longer, to let him run around making excuse and torturing people and animals and whatever he does. That entity or that power.

I will tell you one day. (Yes, Master.) It’s not just affecting my dogs, it’s affecting my workers, my assistants. And when I need the people, they play games instead of helping me. They’re moody or do the wrong thing. Instead of knowing the right, just do the wrong, for example. There are many things, I don’t want to talk about it, but I know it’s all the maya. I won’t let it go too long. I’m just too busy right now, too busy right now. (That sounds very promising that You are going to destroy maya, Master, for all of us.) I will. (Wonderful.) Nobody ever did that before. Even if I die, I will do it.

I just tell you all this, actually, also to let you know that your dogs, your pets, your cats, they really lay down their lives for you. Truly like that. I’m not sure how many humans would lay down their lives for their best friends or their family members. Not to talk about just an adopted one, like my dogs. But dogs do. This is the second dog that did that and the third one also. Three dogs at least that obviously got hurt. Anyway, there’s other things, I’m just telling you short stuff.

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