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The more vegan people, the more benevolent our planet’s atmosphere, the more comfortable our physical life will be. And the more comfortable the physical life, the more we can have relaxation, peaceful heart to practice meditation, if we are wise.


Hallo, everyone. (Hallo, Master.) (I love You, Master.) (We love You, Master.) Thank you. How’s everybody? (Good.) Are you all very comfortable? (Yes.) Everything OK? (OK.) Sorry, I was too busy, so I did not stay long. I came and then I had to leave. I came back again, had to leave again. I cannot always report to you everything in my life. Takes too long, many books. But I have not been lazy or neglecting you. I wish I could have stayed all that time. I went from Sunday; I wanted to stay until Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, but I could not. Things are not always the way we want it, so please don’t mind. Forgive me. There’re so many westerners and foreigners who came; 400 something. But I wanted to spend more time with them, truly I did. I just could not. And the reasons, I cannot tell you either. Be sure I feel very sorry. Be sure that I did not want that. If I could have come, I would have. If I could have stayed, I would have. Be sure to know that. It’s just sometimes things are not always working out the way we want it. It’s just karma, also. Karma that it happened that way.


If anybody treats me bad or did something bad to me, it’s only karma. The world’s karma. So, I don’t really blame anyone or feel too disturbed of any kind. It’s just everything is karma and we just have to live with that. We just have to. There’s no other way. We can’t escape right now. We’re still in prison. I mean the body is still in prison. Our soul could be free, just our body is not yet. And while we are having this body, we will have to bear all kinds of subsequent elements, or conditions or situations that we sometimes did not expect. And even if we expect, we cannot avoid. We can only do more meditation. Pray for the situation to go by, fast! As fast as possible. For you it’s easy: Pray to Master and She takes care of everything. Master cannot pray. I can only pray for you, for the world. I cannot pray for myself.

I can also pray for my dogs. Sometimes, because my dogs worry so much. They all worry about me a lot. Sometimes they cannot keep quiet; they come crying in the middle of the night. Like two nights ago, one of my dogs came crying. They sleep with me; it’s just the next room. I need the inside to meditate. I do sit outside with them for some time, and then sometimes, I go inside another room. Normally, I don’t have these rooms. They built it for me, but I never used it for decades or something, because I did not like. I did not need such a big house. But the dogs came, and I have to live there, so that they can be with me when I’m working and when I’m sleeping. They’re happier that way, of course. I’m like their pack leader. They like to be around. And two nights ago, I was sitting meditating or something and she came crying to me, one of the dogs. The one who always warns me of something. I told you one of the dogs always warns me of something. Other dogs gave up. Sometimes they still do, but this one, constantly. She’s never afraid. They have no other way to do it, so sometimes they pee in the house. Pee in the middle of the house, so that I have to step on it. And I know that she wants to tell me something. Because, sometimes they talk but I don’t listen. I have other things to listen to. I went up and I went down, so I did not hear what she was saying. She has to do it that way, finally. Then I go and ask her, “What is it?” And then she told me, this, that, warning me of some foreboding danger or trouble that I can minimize or try to avoid. Actually, you cannot always avoid, but if you can, you do.


I still need to keep this instrument going well. Otherwise, I think to go up is the best situation, best solution, then you don’t have to deal with anything anymore, except the good ones. Like Yogananda’s Master, He went up to only the Astral Level to teach there and He’s happy already because He said that the beings over there are easier to teach. They are more peaceful, more intelligent, more co-operative. They have a different nature. They don’t have to deal with this physical problem like what we do here. We need to work. This weekend, working, working. And we need to work to earn money, and then have to pay for house, for car, for insurance, for whatever, sickness, hospital. And then we have to pay tax and then… Astral people don’t need to do that. They think and they get what they want. But they don’t want much, except those in lower level astral, then they want things. The Astral people, they have better lives than we have. But the lower Astral Level or the hell level of the Astral plane of existence, they do have desires, almost like we do here. And sometimes they fight with the higher Heaven or higher Astral just to get something more. And for them, it’s easier than for us, because we only have the physical instrument. But nevertheless, nowadays we have many super new inventions, which are very, very convenient for our life. Still, these are nothing. These are still like first-class garbage, compared to what we have in Heaven. But we are getting there.


Remember long time ago, when I first came out, with my bald head, exotic bald head and exotic monk’s robe. I have told you; I don’t mean you, maybe the older generation, I have told you that in Heaven, in some parts of Heaven, they use light to heal. Remember? They don’t use medicine or cut the body to heal like we do here. Remember that? Some of you remember? (Yes.) Or if you have researched into my older lectures. And now, we do it here. We use laser to heal the wounds, and to heal some cancers inside even, heal some diseases. And they even use lasers in cosmetics, to make you look more beautiful. Just by laser, not cutting and then use lasers to heal. All kinds of awesome things. For a couple of years now, they have lasers to get rid of some impurities on your face or something like that. Make you look bright and beautiful. So, actually, we are catching up. The more vegan people, the more benevolent our planet’s atmosphere, the more comfortable our physical life will be. And the more comfortable the physical life, the more we can have relaxation, peaceful heart to practice meditation, if we are wise. Some people, the more high-tech instrument they have, the more they just enjoy material comfort and they forgot. But we are getting better. The whole human race is getting better. I feel that way. Don’t you? (Yes.) So we have more vegetarian people now. I just saw in the news, 32% of people don’t eat animals anymore and 22% are getting rid of meat and others are getting there. I’m very happy. It’s just too slow for me but better than nothing. That means billions of animals’ lives have been saved and a lot of carbon dioxide and methane gas has been minimized. That’s better already. And I hope your children’s generation will inherit a better planet than we are having now. We all try to be diligent and that will be done.


I’m reading you something that I have written here during my three weeks’ retreat. It’s so nice to be alone for three weeks; absolutely alone. No dogs, no boyfriend, no girlfriend, no wife, no kids, just me and myself and the trees and the stream and the sound of the stream water, 24/7. Oh, I love that kind of life. And the food delivered to my door. But I don’t look to see who is who. They deliver far away. I’m inside and then I go out and get it when I feel I need some. But I ate very little during the retreat. You can see my face is a little bit going down. Before it used to be a little bit fat. Not really fat, just more round everywhere and now kind of… You recognize me? I like it both ways. I don’t care. If you knew many things that I know, you would immediately just want to leave the world, become monks and nuns like this. And I sometimes really wish that I could take all of you to a mountain, remote mountain somewhere, or even Siberia, where nobody wants to see us. There, we can buy thousands of hectares for maybe US$50,000. Or go to the Gobi Desert, where nobody wants to be and just stay there. Become breatharian or something and just continue to stay there, to be together with God and with each other, like-minded people.


Here in the world, it’s good and comfortable, it’s just that it makes us so complicated, so greedy, so desirous of things, that we forgot what our purpose in life is. We forgot to be more noble, more gentle and kinder to others. Very difficult, because the karma and the influence of others’ karma, or some not benevolent people’s projections of their bad energy to harm you, because of jealousy or because of some material gain and competition. They make you feel very uncomfortable, then you sometimes don’t know why suddenly you feel very agitated, very zealous. You have no idea where this attitude came from, and you could not even control it. It’s just burning inside, outside, makes you feel very, very bad, because we are together with the whole race of humans. If we are alone somewhere, we feel better. Truly like that, except for the Master. Master is never alone. Karma can catch Her anywhere. No escape. For example, I did not meditate or go on retreat for myself, just for others. Therefore, you cannot escape the karma and the bad energy that comes from nowhere and everywhere.


This is number three, but this is number one, because after this, I said, “See X.” X is this one. OK then. Remind me to see X. Because when I wrote, I had to write very fast. I originally wanted to read you the story, but the story won’t go away. I read this first. Because maybe this will go away, who knows. When I go out… Thank you, but why is that? Why so suddenly and spontaneously? Why? You like this, right? You never know, my dogs sometimes they like to taste it, play with it. They did, sometimes with my other documents. They eat them, for fun. “What for Master has to read them day and night? We’ll just get rid of them. We have the power. We can help Her in this way. Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha. Here, you, ten pieces, you twenty, you thirty. Let’s all do it! We are seven powers, together we’re strong. We’ll get rid of all this trouble that makes Master frown and pacing up and down and doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat, doesn’t drink. These things must be bad stuff. Whatever paper, they’re bad, because every time Master reads some papers, She changes. She doesn’t look so happy. We’ll take them off Her.” Or maybe sometimes I drive my golf cart and they just fly away into the pond or to the water. So, I read this first. This one is not easy to fly away, and I mostly put it in my bag, so the dogs don’t get it, or on the table. They can sometimes. They go up, get their paws and scratch them down; it’s all over. One time, I told you, Good Love saved the day. He gathered them somehow and put it all under His stomach and laid on it. When I came back, I thanked Him no end, because many corners already changed shape. They make flowers out of my documents and my stuff. If I’m at home, not too bad; but if I’m abroad and I brought these documents with me, and if they’re eaten, then it’s very difficult for me to get them back. Because I don’t know who sent it, and I don’t have people around me to help me to retrace them or reprint them. OK, now I’m reading the one that you’re clapping at. But I want to know why you clapped. (Thank You for sharing.) For sharing. That was spontaneous, my God, all together. If I tell you to do stuff, and you are together like that, with me, I’ll be very, very happy.

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