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أخبار جديرة بالاهتمام

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In today’s news, European Union supports internally displaced children in Iraq, US state first in nation to adopt climate change curriculum for all public schools, Japan gets its first electric-powered ambulance, scientists develop island rebuilding method to counter sea level rise, detained persons help train service dogs for children in Australia, not-for-profit vegan investment fund launches in United Kingdom, and hatchlings raise hope for critically endangered Cambodian turtle.


European Union (EU) supports vulnerable Iraqi children in emergency camps.

The EU contributed US$2.8 million to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to continue truck deliveries of urgently needed, safe drinking water to 90,000 internally displaced Iraqis – half of whom are children – in emergency camps located in Iraq’s Ninawa governorate. In addition, the funds are being used to maintain sanitation facilities and hygienic surroundings at the sites. These measures are expected to help protect the youngsters and their families from developing serious diseases like cholera. The EU is a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace recipient and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Unconditional World Care and True Caring laureate. Our gratitude for your loving assistance, the European Union and UNICEF. May the precious Iraqi young ones and families be able to return home soon and be kept safe in Allah’s benevolence.


US state first in nation to adopt climate change curriculum for primary and secondary schools.

Starting in 2021, New Jersey will incorporate interdisciplinary climate change education for kindergarten through 12th grade pupils at all of the state’s public schools. This was championed by First Lady Tammy Murphy, wife of New Jersey’s governor, the Honorable Phil Murphy, who worked with instructors state-wide on the new educational standards. Governor Murphy too has promised to be a leader in preserving a stable climate. Former US Vice President, His Excellency Al Gore, a Shining World Leadership Award for Earth Protection recipient, praised the move in a statement, saying, “This initiative is vitally important to our students as they are the leaders of tomorrow.” Our appreciation, First Lady Tammy Murphy and Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey. In God’s wisdom, may we do more, especially adopting the climate-cooling vegan diet, to ensure that the next generation will inherit a livable planet.


Up next, Japan gets its first electric-powered ambulance. We’ll just give thanks to the biochemists, who study the natural processes and principles of living things to develop products that improve our lives. When we return, more foresighted news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Good day, gentle viewers, I’m Mateo the vegan Common Green Magpie. Wherever I go, others just can't keep their eyes off me, because I became so adorable after turning vegan. Ah, don't envy me, just get the same tool as I did – that's right, the vegan diet. Then you'll have the same result. Here are simple steps to effortlessly cut a pomegranate. You will need a paring knife and a cutting board. Using the knife, slice off the top part of the fruit, which doesn’t have seeds. Then, using the ridges of the pomegranate as your guide, make shallow vertical cuts along the skin. If you take a look, you’ll notice that the pomegranate is composed of 5 to 6 even areas. When you’re done cutting lightly, put your thumbs into the top and carefully push open the pieces, allowing the fruit to unfold naturally. The pomegranate is now ready to be enjoyed! Thank you for tuning in, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now, the worldwide weather.


Japan’s first electric-powered ambulance launched in Tokyo.

Nissan, the Tokyo Fire Department, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government have partnered to create an electric, zero-emissions ambulance for the capital city, called the NV400 Zero Emission (EV) Ambulance. The vehicle is the first of its kind in the nation and will have lower running costs than traditional gasoline-based models. It contains an electric stretcher, accommodates up to seven passengers, and provides a smoother, quieter ride, which will benefit patients. The ambulance can also serve as a mobile power source in times of outages or natural disaster. What a commendable project, Nissan, Tokyo Fire Department, and Tokyo Metropolitan Government, creating eco-friendly, high-tech transport for saving lives. May improvements like these be seen more and more worldwide, in the blessings of the Providence.


Researchers in the United States study how to “grow” islands naturally.

Founder and co-director of the Self-Assembly Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, Professor Skylar Tibbits, and his colleagues have been investigating how to create sandbars simply by placing bags of sand underwater in certain positions and allowing the ocean waves to move the sand so that it accumulates. Conducting a field experiment in the Maldives with Invena, an eco-organization based in the island nation, the team began a multi-year study of the developing sand formations through satellite imagery and ocean depth measurements. This could prove to be an effective strategy to preserve coastal settlements and at-risk island nations from rising sea levels due to climate change. Great work, Professor Skylar Tibbits, Self-Assembly Lab team, as well as Invena. We wish you continued success with your beneficial research. May the Divine bless such constructive solutions that work in harmony with nature.


Incarcerated individuals train assistance dogs in Australia.

Smart Pups, a Queensland, Australia non-profit that provides assistance dogs to youngsters with special needs, has joined the Palen Creek Correctional Centre (PCCC) in a program where inmates help to train the puppies. Training begins with basic obedience skills and tricks, then to advanced behaviors such as retrieving items and opening doors. After graduating, each dog will be placed with a child in need living either in Australia or New Zealand. Speaking of the program, which has proven successful at two other correctional institutes, PCCC Acting Superintendent David Gordon shared, “It provides [inmates] with valuable skills, self-worth, confidence and the clear evidence of what can be achieved by investing in others less fortunate.” Our applause, Smart Pups, Palen Creek Correctional Centre, dedicated trainers and sweet dogs for working together to make this service available. May your efforts bring lasting positive changes for all involved, in Heaven’s joy.


Coming up, not-for-profit vegan investment fund launched in United Kingdom. We pause to thank God for the sense of upliftment and belonging we feel around like-minded people who share the same ideals of a loving vegan world. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Helping News for a Cooperative World.


Co-founder of Veganuary creates vegan investment company.

Veg Capital is the new investment fund launched by Matthew Glover of the United Kingdom, who with his wife Jane Land previously founded Veganuary, the successful global movement urging people to go vegan for a month. Veg Capital will help start-up companies develop new plant-based or cell-based replacements to today’s harmful and inefficiently produced animal products. Meanwhile, all profits will go to UK and European charities that are promoting vegan awareness, including animal protection, the environment, and plant-based eating. The firm will also provide companies with business advice, and invest in distribution systems that will expand consumer access to vegan products. Thank you, Matthew Glover and Veg Capital, for supporting the world’s much-needed transition to a vegan diet this way. In Celestial bliss, may compassionate ventures continue rising up around the globe as we enter a new vegan era.


Hatchlings raise hope for critically endangered Cambodian turtle.

Twenty-three rare Royal Turtles hatched this year on the sandy banks of the Sre Ambel River in Cambodia’s Koh Kong Province – more than the total number of hatchlings in the past three years. A halt on sand-dredging has helped preserve the habitat of the turtles, who were once thought to be extinct. Conservationists have also been working with community members, who formed teams to protect the turtle nests. The adorable babies will continue to be looked after at a conservation center until they are ready to be released to the wild. The caring efforts are being funded by the European Union, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, United States Forest Service, and US-based non-profits Rainforest Trust and Turtle Survival Alliance. Many thanks, Cambodia and all involved in safeguarding these rare beings. May they, along with all the unique fauna of Cambodia, flourish peacefully in Heaven’s radiance.


Nothing diffuses a situation faster than a good laugh. Get happy with the joke of the day entitled “Empty Envelope.”

Jessica received an empty-looking envelope delivered by a postal worker.

“This empty envelope must be from my sister Charlotte!”

“Now, why would she send you, an empty envelope, miss?”

“We had an argument, and now she's not talking to me...”



And now we have a heartline from Bagus in Indonesia:

After watching Supreme Master TV, I realized that all this time I have not cared enough about the environment around me. I have gained a lot of new knowledge, such as that being vegan is not only better for ourselves but also for the survival of this world. Bagus from Indonesia


Perceptive Bagus, Thank you for informing us about your newly found insights. We have many shows on veganism and the environment. Please do pass on any Supreme Master Television programs you have found useful or informative to your friends and family by sending them a link to the show using the share button found below each program on the SupremeMasterTV.com website. May you and the smiling Indonesian people experience peace-filled days and continuous spiritual growth under Allah’s infinite protection. With affection, Supreme Master TV team


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