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Intrarea într-o Nouă Platformă Universală, partea 3 din 4

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And they control their own body from the higher level, understand this? So do not think that you live here. So do not think that you live here. You are not here anymore. Just your body is here, your minds are here, but your soul is already in the Third Level or Fourth Level or Fifth Level, this group, for example.

My time, my work on Earth is almost finished. I was supposed to go in a few years. But even if I go in a few years, the way I was doing, I would not be able to go back. You can go to the Fifth World, but I have a longer way to go. The Fifth Plane is nothing! It’s for you! It’s not my Home, understand?

I had a lot of work to do to go back Home, with all the baggage that I carried for you and myself and whatever, and extra from outside, from the non-initiates. So, it was a very difficult climb, but I made it. Now it’s easy. Before, you know, I had to do a lot of things, even go clean toilets and go hungry for weeks in order to get a few points at that time. Because I was carrying too much, too much burden of the karma of the people - of the initiates and the non-initiates. But then I got to a certain point and then it’s easier. And now it’s easier, much easier, much easier! More and more all the time! And now, even if I don’t sit and meditate, I got millions, millions of points per day. For example, understand that? But that’s nothing for me because I need a lot to go Home. It’s a far, far, far place.

Because my mission here is finished. The world is elevated already. Of course, there is some cleaning going on, but these are just small things. The people who have been shocked in the disasters, so to pay off the karma, I helped them already. You understand? Even that! So whatever little left over, anybody else can do.

I don’t have to stay on this planet anymore. Well, I’ll continue to stay, but I don’t have to work like before and I don’t have to come back, understand? Because, it’s already gone to where it should be. No, I mean it’s still going, but what I mean is I already lifted it up on the platform, and now it’s going. Like over the border. Like I drive somebody over the border, and check out with the police and difficult bureaucracy, and passport, and everything! And now they can drive alone. They can drive, and they drive a little bit slow or fast to the destination, but I don’t need to drive them anymore. I don’t need to help too much. They can even go separate directions.

So, I could stay a little longer, so to finish the job, so I don’t have to come back. And also, it’s good for the world too, to join the whole universe, to the more elevated planets, to become like confederation of elevated beings. Like the moon, it’s only Third Level people live there. You understand me? For example, the planet moon. So, if we are here and just low, you know, hell, astral, and that kind of level, it’s bugging, it’s bugging to the whole system of the galaxy here.

So we have to lift it up, so everybody is happy. Now it’s done. The worst is over. So you guys can enjoy. You can spread the teaching, or not spread the teaching, it’s fine. But you meditate, it’s better, because it’s for the universe as well, not just the planet. And for all the beings, like animals and all that. It’s cool. What you are doing is cool!

I don’t know, I just like to meditate now. I don’t care points or not points, you know, or anything... But it’s still useful for the universe, if we meditate, if I meditate. That’s why I do it. I still have to!

All right, do you want to ask me any questions? No? Then you meditate. Here, you just eat, go to the bathroom, meditate. Or work a little bit, wherever. If you want to exercise, you go help out. But it’s not like timing. You can meditate when you want, and you eat when you want, but do not try to do it to disturb other people because you will be out of here in no time. You understand that?

I want you to be free and enjoy. If you really meditate well at that time, you don’t get up and eat, it’s fine. Nobody should push him out to eat or to clean up, or to work, or anything, do you understand? (Yes!) So, it’s like a free style. Like you are on your own retreat, and nobody around - so you eat when you’re hungry, you drink when you’re thirsty, you go to the bathroom when you need, you meditate as long as you want, anytime, day and night. Understand this? Continuation! (Yes, Master!)

So, there is no need, like, OK, twelve o’clock we have to go out and eat, or anything like that. But the people who go out during the sitting should be quiet, yeah? Very quiet, don’t try to walk, Very quiet, don’t try to walk, or elbow the next person: “Come with me! Let’s go to the bathroom together. It’s more fun!” OK? Just try to be like you are alone, but not disturbing the next person, because he also wants to be alone. Understand?

All right, good! Meditate then. Meditate as much as you want, and repeat the (Holy) Names, OK? If you don’t remember, just repeat one phrase, it’s also fine. And later, you will learn it again.

These are all new, new? These, new people? I believe you, I am trying to believe you. Yesterday already hugged, don’t hug again, no? New? OK. Good boy, good girl. Right, come over here.

It turns out very good that we have a good meditation place and plenty of room. Wonderful! There’s still some extra room in here, OK? Don’t go to the bathroom in there. It’s a toilet section, but I blocked it all off so that you can have extra place, in case we have more people. Because they told me that there is not enough place, and everything, but they built a toilet and bathroom here, the only place that is safe, secure and warm. So I knocked it all off and blocked it. But if you use over there, it’s enough, hey? And you don’t need to take a shower here. Just use a kitchen towel and wipe it wherever you feel dusty or sweaty. Use time for meditation, OK? Even if you don’t eat, don’t drink, doesn’t matter! It’s just the body. OK, I’ll see you later.

Anyway, I want to tell you something. I want to tell you something important. That is, don’t call home! OK? Don’t tell anybody, all right? This is just for Hungarians actually, this center, you know? Because they’re generous, they share it with you.

You say everybody is here already? Hey, new? How are you? (Fine, thank You, Master!) Any new people? Raise hands, new people. I saw you already! New here today? Just now, new? You didn’t see me today? Where are you from? (From Belgium.) OK, Belgium. (France.) France! Whoever didn’t see me, just have a look at me, then. You can see me now. It’s no problem. Everybody is here? (Yes.) Are you sure? Good? Everybody meditates well? (Yes.) Yeah, OK. It’s good. Anyway... You didn’t have any candy, there. Energy! (Thank You.) You are welcome. It’s cold. You eat a little sweet, it’s good. But not too much, not always eat. Today, OK! Everybody here, OK! It’s cold. You eat good, yeah? (Yes.) Enough food? (Igen.) Tikh hai? (Yes.) Is that Hungarian? Tikh hai? (Igen!) That’s Indian! “Tikh hai” means good in Indian, in Hindi.

And do you feel... Yeah! Do you feel the wind coming in? (Yes, I do.) I told somebody to put a cloth here. I told somebody to put a cloth here. (The material came just now.) Just now? OK. (Sorry.) No, no, not sorry about me, no, for everybody. Plug it in somewhere...

God, I have to take care of everything! I thought I’d come here just to sing and dance. Yeah, I thought you wanted to treat a cave woman for a night, you know, something? Now I have to do everything. It’s not fair, is it? No! But you don’t feel cold? Not too cold? Just nice? (Yes.) And you have enough to... Brought enough clothes? (Yes.)

Because of the situation, of our situation here, and winter and all that, so I’ll let you sleep where you meditate, OK? Also, to maximize your meditation hours. You sleep... Oh, OK! Oh, Five Names! At least, you know, you wake up sometimes. Maximize your meditation hours. Also, to keep you warm and comfortable. So you don’t have to keep wearing and running to the tents and come back - it’s too inconvenient. Like this, more comfortable, no? (Yes!) Is it good? (Yes, yes.)

But we had to work, you know? Knock out the bathroom and everything. I even sacrificed my bathroom for you. Never mind, I am alone. It doesn’t matter. Whatever happens, it doesn’t matter. I can save it until Christmas. You done? There’s no extension in there, Master. I’m sorry. No extension? (Yes, we have to get another one.) Go out and get one. Go and get one, it’s in the kitchen. There must be one. If you really have to ask, then do it.

(I’m just happy to bring You a little small thing from Paris.) What is it? Chanel, No. 5? Maybe You like it. If You don’t like it, then You give it back to me. And it smells very good? This is American, no? (I bought it in Paris.) It’s French! OK, it’s French. “Aromatic elixir, body smoother.” You mean my body is not smooth enough? You should tell me straight in the face! Not beat around! It’s very nice. Very beautiful, no? Let me have a look. Let’s see. Watch out, watch out! I’m watching! It smells good. I like it very much. It’s good, it’s good, it’s nice. Wow! I feel romantic already. It’s true. It’s good, it’s good. Thank you. It’s very nice. The rest is for you. I already have a lot. (So, this would be very special then.) My trailer is very small. Not enough room for everything. But thank you. I bring only one set of clothes each, only for seven days. Like, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... Seven, that’s it. And just basic, basic.

Yesterday, they took me out for a little lipstick. But don’t tell anybody. So that they have a good picture, you know, the video. Yeah, I’m fine. OK, thanks. Merci. Come here. (Thank You! I missed You so much.) OK, no... no buying anymore for me! If anybody else buys later on, you hug yourself. All right? Thank you. Thank you very much! Thank you ever so much!

That is good boy, good boy. Sit! Stay! Yes, sit down please. Don’t make people nervous. You sit and meditate. Not in front of the heater; you block all the heat over there. Sit, sit there, yeah. Comfy? You can lean on here if you feel tired. He looks like a teddy bear. A lot of people want to hug you! (They want to hug You more.) I’m special, but this is on sale. Special price! Anyway, it’s all right. It’s OK.

We were talking about sincere people, eh? But it doesn’t mean you come here and prostrate full length to me, that is sincerity - that’s just theater. You are sincere, I know it. All right? Don’t need theater, OK? Don’t make trouble. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Don’t be greedy like that. Don’t play theater to me. I don’t need all that. I need you to meditate and to do good things, and to be good for the sake of everybody and yourself. I don’t need you to make theater around here, like, “I’m the most sincere person in the whole universe.” All that stuff! Appearance really does cheat people, does fool people, but doesn’t fool me. It’s very easy to fool anybody, and you can fool me too, but I’ll find out. I will find out. Don’t make too much attention to yourself, because if you do, suppose you are low level, I will, “Ah, this person, ah... only Second or Astral, go, go, go!” Because this, we only want for the saints, OK? So that we have a little smooth operation.

It’s nice to be among people who I can talk to, who understand what I’m talking about. Not that I discriminate, but I don’t feed pearls to swine. You understand? (Yes, Master.) Because all these years I wasted my time enough already, and whoever has a chance to see me, and whoever has a chance to see me, it’s good enough.

Right now, I want to have some higher level of teaching - not talking, but from here, from inside. Give it to the more deserved people. But do not be proud, OK? Everything is God’s grace. The moment you are proud or you think you are special, you go down, very quick this time. You can have a lot of blessings, but you can go down very quick at this time, because you’re supposed to know already. The one who knows, and still commits, the punishment is even stronger. Do not care for appearance. Do not care what people tell you about yourself. Do not care how people think about you, because the whole world is illusion. It doesn’t matter who is there to think who is who. Understand this? (Yes, Master.)

So, everybody who lives in this world, they are just corpses. Is it corpse? Yeah, bodies - just walk around, walk around. Corpse, corpse! Either they are on the Second Level, or they are Third Level, or even Astral Level, it’s just bodies, walking around. And they control their own body from the higher level, understand this? So do not think that you live here. So do not think that you live here. You are not here anymore. Just your body is here, your minds are here, but your soul is already in the Third Level or Fourth Level or Fifth Level, this group, for example.

And so the appearance sometimes deceives people. And we do not try to do that kind of thing. For example, sometimes in Miaoli, they want to ask me who is going to be the president of the Association, and they suggest a lot of people. And some of the people, I know, are always smiling, and looks very friendly, but he’s not even in the Second, but he’s not even in the Second, full Second Level. He is still in between Astral and the Second. But he always looks very pleasant and smiling, and they think he is cool. So I told them no, not this guy, he’s not even on the Second Level. He’s still going back and forth, between the Astral and the Second. That’s too low, for now even! It’s lucky I don’t throw him out of the ashram, or out of our group.

I don’t throw people out, of course. How can I throw anybody out of my heart? They are already in there. Maybe if I throw somebody out physically, and say, “You go home, and have more meditation, more concentration on the inside work instead.” But in my heart, they are still there, you understand? I still take care of them. If I can take care of people outside, I take care of the initiates also. I cannot throw anybody out. But physically, they should not be in the highly developed group and messing it up.

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