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There Are No Excuses for Invading a Country, Part 1 of 8

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I’m telling you. This evil with no frontier, no limit. (Yes.) And many other things they do, people try to ignore it up to now. And that’s how he keeps doing it. It becomes like a pattern, a habit. (Yes, Master.) And whoever’s against him or he suspects that are against him, he’ll poison them, or kill them, imprison them, or just get rid of them in some way.

(Hallo, Master.) Hey, hey, hey. How are you? (We are very good, Master. We’re good Master.) Must be good, right? (Yes.) Life is good, right? (Yes, Master.) We make it as good as possible. (Yes.)

I still laugh sometimes, when I remember the comical comedy drama of the IQ guy. I remember the thing that’s put on his head? The salad sieve? (Yes.) Salad strainer, with a timer plugged onto it. (Yes.) The timer that you use to control the light at night. The light comes out, in the morning, it turns off by itself. (Yes, Master.) I remember. I still laugh at it.

You know what? Maybe we should change our job. What do you think? We make comedies. Comedies or drama. And then we can sell, we make money. (Yes, Master. Sounds good. Good idea.) How about that? Then we have fun and we also have money at the same time. (So nice.) Like this, we don’t even have fun. And don’t even have money. Not good business.

(We’re natural comedians.) I know, I know. They should give you “Oddcar”. O-d-d c-a-r. Oddcar, not Oscars, but Oddcar. I’ll give you some, if I have a chance to see you, ever.

(How come Master doesn’t show up with beautiful clothes and lipstick anymore?) I know you wanted to ask that question, (Yes.) some of you, in your hearts. We don’t have a lot of time anymore. (Yes, Master.) You know, women, when they put on makeup, lipstick, and dress up, it takes some time. (Yes, Master.) For me, it’s the fastest, but still half an hour. (Yes, Master.) With the anti-shine and all that. The girls, they demand a lot. Anti-shine powder, put on the face. (Yes.) The [show host] coordinators. (Yes.) Well, thank God, I don’t have to do it anymore.

I still look similar, I told you. The same, same. (Oh, good.) Just maybe a few more gray hairs. And a couple more wrinkles, perhaps. I don’t even look into the mirror. But I guess, it’s like that. You don’t get younger every day. (Right, Master.) But I still look good for my age. (Yes.) I trust you. You believe everything I say.

I don’t think I look that good, but you make me look good. Your camera. Good camera. The good camera. Truly, a good camera can make a difference. Otherwise, before when they used those walkie-talkie cameras, pocket-cameras, sometimes I looked very awful. (Oh.) Looked worse than how I looked outside. Alright, never mind. That was a long time ago. When anybody just recorded at random and then just put it up for sale.

Somebody has questions. I know. (Yes.) Tell me. (Yes, we do, Master. There is a report that the Russian oligarch Abramovich was poisoned at peace talks between Ukraine and Russia. Was it true poisoning? As some reports mentioned that it was due to “environmental” factors.)

Not even a five-year-old would buy that. “Environmental.” Why nobody else has it? Only these key people have. (Oh, right. Yes, Master.) Only Abramovich and the other couple of important Ukraine peace-talkers. (Yes, Master.) Environmental, my foot. What kind of environmental effect, in the peace talk table? (That’s right. Yes, Master.)

Anyway, all the scientists and the doctors say that it’s poison, nerve agent poison again, like chemical weapons. (Yes.) Russia, they use it all the time. And then Putin, he even used it on his friend. This man, Abramovich, is supposed to be his close friend, supporter. (Yes, Master.) It looks like. He’s never against him anyway. (Yes, Master. Right, Master.) And he was even sanctioned by the West. (Yes.)

So he just poisoned anybody who doesn’t please him, for any reason. And then I read some news that they do that. The Russians said it’s good, like it’s good PR, good public relations, so people will feel more sympathy with them. (Oh.) Imagine that. Sacrifice anyone, just for their evil purpose. Even your friend. (Oh, gosh.) Who’s going to dare to be friends with Putin now? (Yes, Master. That’s right.) I wouldn’t. (No.) Would you? (No, Master. Not at all.) Anything at all, just to kill, to murder people.

And maybe he and these two people already recovered, I heard, because maybe it was quickly treated. (Yes, Master.) If leave it longer or if just some ignoramus people, they would not know, then they will die. (Right. Yes, Master.) It’s immediate symptoms and they treated them immediately. They found the reason and they treated them. (Yes.) These key people. (Yes, Master.) One was an important Ukrainian peace negotiator. (Yes.)

(Why would they do that, Master?) That’s what they say, they want to have more sympathy, with their side, the Russian side. (Yes.) And number two, because Abramovich, he passed a note of desire for peace from President Zelenskyy to Putin. And maybe he didn’t like that. (I see.) He said, reportedly, “I will thrash him,” meaning he will kill Zelenskyy. (Wow.) But still, probably this Mr. Roman Abramovich was having a soft attitude or something, too peaceful. (Yes, Master.) Too much wanting peace. (Oh.) Truly, maybe genuinely wants peace. So, Putin doesn’t like that because that’s not their purpose. They don’t really want peace. (Right, Master. Yes, Master.)

If they did, they wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine, (Right. That’s true, Master.) or messed up any other regions before. (Yes.) Always Russia behind it. (Yes, Master.) They don’t point fingers at America or England or anybody. (Right. Yes, Master. True.) Just Russia. (Right.) There’s always an excuse to invade somebody. If they cannot invade the whole country, they invade some part of it, so that they can have some connection. (Yes, Master.) And come in and out at will and mess up other regions, just like now in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) They use the other two or three regions to come in, like a connection road. (Yes, Master.) Just like that. So that they can invade people’s countries, killing children, raping women and even children – even rape children. (Yes, Master.) These are worse than beasts. (Yes.) Worse than devils. (That’s right.)

I’m sure that it was Russians who poisoned them. (Yes, Master.) And he’s supposed to be good, he tried hard to negotiate to make peace. But this man, even though he’s super-rich, he’s too naive. His boss doesn’t want peace. (Right, Master.) So, any sign of wanting peace, will kill him, kill this friend. (Gosh.) And also, Zelenskyy has asked the West not to sanction Abramovich because he could be a peacemaker for Ukraine. (Right.) That ticked Putin off even more. (Oh.)

Now, you see that so clearly. (Yes, Master. That makes sense.) Otherwise, there are other Russians, why does nobody else have the same symptoms of this poisoning? (Right. That’s right.) Like pain in the eyes, swollen red eyes, and the skin peeling off and all that stuff. (Yes. Right.) If they’re not treated quickly enough, they would die already. (Yes, Master.) A lucky guy still. (Yes.)

Just like Navalny. If the German military hospital didn’t treat him… because they would know more than an ordinary, small hospital, so they treated him well. Otherwise, he would have died already also. (Yes, Master.) He didn’t do anything, even. Just one guy came from nowhere, talked to him, and maybe touched the mineral water bottle, which Navalny brought with him later on. (Oh.) And then they tested, afterward. Some special investigative agent or something went back and took the bottle. (Oh.) And there are traces of this chemical poison on it, still. (Oh. I see.) And his clothes. (Yes.)

I’m telling you. This evil with no frontier, no limit. (Yes.) And many other things they do, people try to ignore it up to now. And that’s how he keeps doing it. It becomes like a pattern, a habit. (Yes, Master.) And whoever’s against him or he suspects that are against him, he’ll poison them, or kill them, imprison them, or just get rid of them in some way.

The news says that some weeks ago, he got rid of a thousand employees for suspecting that they’re against him or something. (Yes, Master.) And jailed thousands of protestors because they say “no war.” That’s all. That’s all they did. (Yes. Wow.) Just “no war” and then imprison them. And also same with some journalist reporters and all those people. (Yes, Master.)

I’m telling you, this guy. How can he even have any friends or supporters? I’m surprised. But the PR is too strong. (Yes. That’s true.) He shut up all the balanced news media and just keeps whoever supports him, whoever sings his song. (Yes.) The rest are imprisoned, up to 15 years, even. He just jailed one of the American (newspaper) journalists, I think. And his own people, just jails them. And it’s lucky that it’s jail only. You never know when he wants to poison you, kill you, or shut you up. Oh, my God. What kind of evil is this?

Anything else, before I rant on because I can’t bear all this evil. (Yes, Master.)

(A Russian general has announced that they plan to invade Moldova next, citing the reason as creating a land corridor to connect Russia to Transnistria. Is that a good excuse for invasion, Master?)

What for excuse? I wonder why they need excuses. Did they have a good excuse to go invade and kill people in Ukraine? (No, they didn’t. No.) No! Kill children and rape them even. Not just woman, and elderly. 83-year-old woman, even. (Oh, my gosh. Unbelievable.)

“Media Report from CBS Evening News Apr. 12, 2022 Holly (f): Vera is 83 years old. A retired school teacher, who told us when her village was occupied by Russian forces last month, she was raped. ‘He grabbed me by the back of the neck,’ she said. ‘I started to choke. I couldn't breathe. I told the one who raped me, I'm old enough to be your mother. Would you let this happen to your mother?’ Vera told us. ‘He made me shut up.’ She said her disabled husband was in the house when she was attacked, and she was also beaten. ‘Everything hurts,’ Vera told us. ‘I'm in a state where I'm neither dead nor alive. Before I felt joy with the spring. Now I don't feel anything. I have nothing.’”

This is hell. Disgusting. (Yes.) Evil. Excuse. What for excuse? They don’t need any excuse. What for they waste their time saying excuse? There will be Russian people living everywhere, even in America. (Yes.) Even in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), maybe. (Yes, Master.) China.

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