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Countries with Least Karma: Lead a Compassionate Life to Attract More Benevolence, Feb. 6, 2023

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On Monday, February 6, 2023, while still in Her intensive meditation retreat for the world, our Most Caring Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) lovingly made time to answer questions on various topics during a work-related conversation with a Supreme Master Television team member. Among the subjects Master shared Her insights on, was some good news coming from Iran, further revelations from Heavens regarding the countries with the least karma, and more.

(Iran is to pardon many who have been detained in anti-government protests.) Oh, that’s a very big improvement. (Yes.) Yeah, I heard that it’s the leader of Iran who ordered that. (Yes, that’s right.) This will earn him some merit toward Heaven. Oh, it’s good for him. (Oh, wow.) I just saw it now, 60 points. […] he or somebody has repented in their heart. (Right.) The intention is what counts. […]

Government – that means you must govern the people according to the people’s wish as long as they don’t wish for anything bad. (Yes, exactly.) They just want to voice their opinion, to want their freedom and dignity as a human. (Yes, Master.) And any government, any police unit or system, should never ever harm any citizens because they are the ones who pay you. They are your boss actually. (Yes, exactly.) […]

This guy (p. Francis), he’s good for nothing. He’s harmful to the world, harmful to the children of the world, harmful to all the women and men who have been bullied, misled, harassed, raped and robbed by the Catholic Church’s clergy system. They are devils incarnated. They’re following the devil. They don’t have God in their hearts. It’s so obvious already. […] So, I don’t know why people still follow them. Maybe they don’t know about these things? […]

If the Taiwanese (Formosan) people go vegan – all of them – the war will never, ever happen. (Wow.) Never. (Yes.) I tell you that from all my honor, because Heaven told me that also. Because I also worry about Taiwan (Formosa). (Yes, Master.) I keep asking, “What can I do for them? How can I sacrifice, if I can?” They said, “They (people) have to do it.” That, “This time, You cannot. Nobody can help them, except themselves. This is a time of pure cleansing. There’s nothing else.” […] Just vegan, that’s it, a very simple solution.

You want to know the list of the least karma countries. (Yes, please, Master.) I also have the top 10 for you. I also have the top 10 for you. […] Listen here. Take a deep breath, because you’ll be in for a big surprise like me. (OK.) […] Are you ready? (Yes. Yes, please.) Hold on. Hold on to your chair. (I am, literally.) The least karmic carrier country in the whole world is in Asia. […]

To learn how one can find a really good spiritual Master, and to hear details about the lifestyle Master misses the most, please tune in on Thursday, February 16, 2023, on Between Master and Disciples, for the full broadcast of this phone call.
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