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The Real Signs of Heavens’ Warning for Humans to Change, Part 1 of 8

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At least some children will be saved. Not 70 million every year like that. It’s terrible. America’s population is already dwindling, like many of the well-to-do countries. Nowadays people don’t feel like this cumbersome work, taking care of babies and children anymore. (Yes, Master.) It’s not just about enlarging the population, but it’s very good karma for America. So, it will balance out some of the disasters that might befall this country if people don’t continue killing innocent babies the way they did before. So, it’s a good news. (Yes, Master.)

Hallo. (Hallo, Master. Hi, Master.) Are the girls also there? (Yes, Master. We are here.) Good, sorry. Oh, dear. I think ah karma just wants to show off, that’s all. I’m OK.

Listen, girls, I forgot to tell you that the black vegan cheese that you got, that little, small cheese, with the black color outside. (Yes.) It came all the way from America. (Wow.) It’s black but it’s actually blue cheese. (Ah, yes.) I forgot to tell you. So, it’s black and blue. (Yes.) (Thank You, Master. Thank You so much, Master.) No, no, no. Don’t worry. I just wanted to tell you that. I said to you, “blue,” but it doesn’t look blue. The blue one came from England. This black one – it’s also blue. (Yes, Master.)

The blue one only came from England or France. (Yes, Master.) In America, it’s Black Lives Matter. So, it’s black and blue. (Yes, Master.) Black but blue. (Yes.) And did you like it? (We loved it. Thank You, Master.) It is small but can share. (Yes.) Alright, that’s it. (Thank You so much, Master.) That’s the most important thing. And you like the other cheese also, right? (Yes. Very much.) (We like all the cheese.) If you don’t like that black one, there’s the other one, also blue. Well, at least it looked blue, from the cover.

Right. We don’t lack anything. It’s just difficult to get them. (Yes, understand.) Even from America, they begged them to bring. (Oh.) And they can only bring very little. (Yes.) And even from Austria, they can bring only a couple. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s too famous, everybody bought them. Not like I’m stingy. Don’t ever think like that. (No, no, Master. We understand.) I know. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.)

I wish I could have one basket for each of you. You can eat until you don’t want to see it anymore. Because otherwise, you miss it. But never mind, don’t care. If you want to eat something and you don’t have it, just go eat something else. And when you’re full, you don’t feel like anything anymore. (Yes, Master.) That’s what I do all the time. I know how to deal with things. (We just eat a lot of watermelons.) It’s good for you. (Yes.)

Listen, also. When you are tired... This is my own personal experience. When I’m tired, sometimes it’s because I didn’t eat the whole day. (Oh.) And I didn’t know why I was so tired. This is a physical world, and we’re so used to having physical energy put in. (Yes.) So, you go and find something to eat, and then you’ll feel better. (Ah.) That’s what I do. I wasn’t even hungry, that’s why I didn’t think like that. (Ah.)

Sometimes, because of time pressure, I keep pushing it. (Understand. Yes, Master.) Sometimes I do feel hungry, but I keep pushing it, saying, “Oh later, later. Have to finish this first.” Because, otherwise, I cannot send it. I have to wait for the boys to wake up, or go meditate and come out. (Yes, Master.) From the Buddhahood, go back to the ordinary boy again. It’s all very difficult, so, sometimes, it’s also pressure with time. (Yes, Master.)

Also, I have to finish, otherwise, I couldn’t do other things that are waiting for me. And then, get tired. So, just go out and eat if you feel tired. (Yes, Master.) Even if you don’t feel hungry, maybe your body needs. (Yes, Master.) Just eat something and if you’re not hungry, then eat just a little, as much as you feel like. (Yes.) That’s my golden advice for you. (Thank You, Master.) It doesn’t sound like Buddha or a practitioner, nothing. The Buddha has it good.

I tell you what, if you don’t have much to do, you eat at noon. And then, you maybe go washing, shower or meditate and then go to bed early, like 8 o’clock. You never even want to have dinner again. (Oh. Yes, that’s right.) Truly, one meal is good enough. (Yes. Yes, Master.) You eat everything you want, and then in the afternoon you do some other things and then you go to bed early at 8 o’clock, and you get up at 4 o’clock. It’s just perfect like that. (Yes.) That’s the way a practitioner should be, should do.

Just bad luck for you, you follow this woman and She is kind of crazy. She wants World Vegan, World Peace. My God. Who could imagine that?

Oh, I wanted to talk to you because we had some good news today. It’s good enough. You know this abortion law in America? (Yes, Master.) That was allowed under Roe v. Wade. (Yes, Master.) And now they changed it. (Yes. Wonderful.)

“Media Report from NBC News – June 24, 2022, Reporter (m): In this historic decision, the Supreme Court has now overturned Roe v. Wade, and the follow-on case called Casey, in which the abortion right was made nationwide. Those two rulings stood for the proposition that states could not ban abortion before the age of viability. They could restrict it during that period up to about 23 weeks, but they couldn’t ban it. So, the immediate effect of this will be to uphold the Mississippi law that would ban abortion after 15 weeks. But this also now means that in roughly half the country, abortion is as of now, or soon will be illegal. Thirteen states have what are called ‘trigger laws’ that were intended to make abortion illegal in those states once the Supreme Court reached this decision. In a few of those states, the law takes effect immediately, in some, they have to wait for the state attorney general to certify that this is what the Supreme Court has done. That’s 13 states in which abortion will shortly be illegal. And in the rest of the, up to about half the states, they are expected soon to make it illegal.”

“Mendon, Illinois, United States– June 25, 2022, Donald Trump: Yesterday, the court handed down a victory for the constitution. A victory for the rule of law, and above all a victory for life. This breakthrough is the answer to the prayers of millions and millions of people, and these prayers have gone on for decades. For decades and decades, they’ve been praying, and now those prayers have been answered to the generations of Americans, in the pro-life movement as well as countless constitutional conservatives. Your boundless love, sacrifice and devotion has finally been rewarded in full. Congratulations. And thanks to the courage found within the United States Supreme Court, this long divisive issue will be decided by the states, and by the American people. That’s the way it should have been many, many years ago, and that’s the way it is now.”

Before, it was difficult for any state to… I read in the news. It was difficult for any state to forbid abortion. Like Texas, they did not let the abortion law apply to them, so they forbid abortion. And some people can sue them or protest back and forth. It’s a lot of trouble. Right now in this way, Texas can just give this anti-abortion law a very good, solid foundation. (Yes, that’s right. Yes, Master. That’s great.) It means, they can do it now, there’s no need to wait for the Supreme Court or no need to wait for somebody to sue them or not sue them, whatever. (Yes, Master.) But that still is not complete.

I was so happy. I was thinking, “Oh, like this, all the states in America, every state will have no more abortion.” (Yes.) But it’s not like that. The Supreme Court cannot even forbid the whole thing, but at least every state can do what they want now. Like, many states that wanted an anti-abortion law, now they can go ahead. (Yes, Master.) But maybe some states that don’t want an anti-abortion law, then they can also do that even. (Yes, Master.) It’s sad, but at least many states will have this anti-abortion law. (Yes, Master.) And who knows? Slowly other states will follow suit. (Oh, yes, hopefully. Hopefully soon.) Well, at least some. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from KHOU – June 25, 2022, Reporter (f): The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe Vs Wade now has roughly half of all states poised to ban or drastically restrict abortion, but it won’t happen all at once. Let’s start with a look at so-called ‘trigger laws.’ Thirteen states have them on the books. They are intended to automatically ban or severely weaken abortion access, as soon as Roe is overturned. As you can see on this map, we’ve got Texas, we’ve got Louisiana and Arkansas – just some of the states that have these trigger laws. Texas’ trigger law: House Bill 1280 was signed by Governor Abbot last year. It will automatically ban abortions and Texas doctors could face life in prison, or a $100,000 fine for performing them. Now in some states, these laws will activate as soon as a designated state official certifies the court’s decision. That can happen within minutes. In other states, the laws will go into effect within the next 30 days.”

“Media Report from NBC News – June 26, 2022, Reporter (f): Following the Supreme Court decision Friday, abortion is no longer legal in these nine states, and in at least three others, providers have stopped services for fear of prosecution, with the laws still uncertain.

Lady (f): It’s a win for unborn children.

Reporter (f): In Arkansas, doctors who perform the procedure could now face up to ten years in prison. In neighboring Louisiana, all three abortion clinics in the state have ceased operations. Angie Thomas had been working toward that moment for years.

Angie Thomas (f): We are so thankful for this day in history where we as a state get to protect our unborn children and help moms.

“Media Report from CNBC News – June 25, 2022, Nina (f): I’m excited. You can see the celebration, but we all know this is not where the work ends – this is where it begins, because, anyone you can ask, this is what we’ll be working for for the rest of our lives – to make abortion illegal, unthinkable and unnecessary.”

“Media Report from KOIN 6 – June 25, 2022, Lois Anderson (f): We deserve protection, we deserve the right to life. And the ability to preserve the right to life of children before they’re born has been returned to the people, and that is a right and just decision.”

At least some children will be saved. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Not 70 million every year like that. (Right.) It’s terrible. America’s population is already dwindling, like many of the well-to-do countries. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Nowadays people don’t feel like this cumbersome work, taking care of babies and children anymore. (Yes, Master.) It’s not just about enlarging the population, but it’s very good karma for America. So, it will balance out some of the disasters that might befall this country if people don’t continue killing innocent babies the way they did before. So, it’s a good news. (Yes, Master.)

Everywhere, Japan for example, truly, now they have mostly just elderly. (Yes.) Nowadays, people live long because of good medicine and good food. (Right.) The house condition is more healthy. (Yes.) For example, like that. And foods have plenty of vitamins, and you can have everything. So, Japan is an aging population, and the younger generation doesn’t want to have babies. (Yes.)

In other countries also, they have to pay them to have their baby, believe it or not. (Yes.) Like, if you have a baby, the state will give you how much. (Yes. Right.) That’s just an incentive, so that they will have babies. But still, in Japan, they earn a lot of money. They don’t need even government money. (Yes, Master.) They don’t feel like wanting a baby or taking care, because it’s a lot of work. Ten months in the womb and then, oh, 10 years, and another 10 years. (Yes.) So, this is a very sad thing, that people don’t even want to have babies anymore. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

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