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Vegan and Peace Offer Us Paradise, Meat-eating and War Destroy Everything, Part 1 of 9

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The world is getting smaller and smaller, and even all this war and threatening, and nukes here, nukes there, nukes everywhere. Terrible, terrible. Oh, God. What for do they want war? Don’t we have enough war already? (Yes, Master. True, that’s right.) Don’t they feel scared enough that even those little, tiny, that you can’t even see, things can just kill you? (Yes. Right.) You can’t see this virus unless you put it under a microscope. (Yes.) And isn’t that scary already? (Yes, very scary, Master.)

(Hallo, Master. Hi, Master.) Very loud, very lively. I like that. How are you guys? Good huh? (We are great, Master. Very good.) Sounds good. Why are you so happy today? Is there something? (Long time didn’t hear Master.) Long time no hear. You are joking.

How long already? I feel like it was just yesterday. I feel the time, it goes rushing after me all the time. How can you say long time no see? Oh, alright, alright. Long time, no see. Just because last time I talked to the girls only. (Yes.) Just some quick things. I didn’t know it would take so long. I thought it would be just quick stuff, just to tell them to take care of their eyes. And then, we had some other questions. So, it took a little bit longer time but not that long. A few days, no? Or few months already?

The world is too sad, too sad. Everywhere is trouble. But I’m very happy today. You know why? (Why, Master? Why is Master happy today?) I just fixed my bathroom. (Oh, wow.) Some water was dripping in the shower area. (Oh.) And I fixed it. (Great!)

I was thinking, how to call the brother or sister to come to fix. But then, I continued to look, look, look, and there was just some loose screw. I don’t have the real stuff, so I used some kind of flattened iron and I screwed it. (Oh.) Not even a real screwdriver. No, don’t have. (Wow. Oh, cool.) Even if I have, I won’t tell you because I will lose it. Every time I tell you something, it’s lost. No, it’s not a real screwdriver. Some flat iron stick. (Yes.) Then you can screw it. You can also use a knife. It depends. It depends on what kind of knife you have, a small one, otherwise, it won’t go in there. (Yes.) I’m very proud of myself, believe it or not. (Yes. Yes, Master.) (We are happy for You, Master.) Thank you. Good.

Because I feel so bad recently. (Oh.) So many things. So many things, you don’t know. Because I bought some of the ashrams before, a long time ago, and I never went there again. (Oh.) And I forgot that it’s even mine. (Oh.) So many documents. The world is such a headache. Oh, God. Why did I even have to buy those things. Before, I didn’t have a lot of disciples, but they wanted to have some place. They said they didn’t have one. So, I scraped all the money and bought it, and now we have problems. (Oh. I see.) And so many other areas also. (Yes, Master.)

At least I can fix my bathroom. And I’m very proud. (Well done, Master.) And now the water runs the way I want, not the way it wants. Imagine, you go there, and do something, and then it “tick, tick, tick, tick” next to your ears. (Yes.) Like saying, “What are you going to do about it?” You can’t, you are not an electrician. You’re not a plumber. What are you going to do about it? I can’t even have people keep coming into my place. (Right. Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) I avoid. (Yes.)

I was thinking that the world is so sad everywhere. Even now, monkeypox is spreading quickly. (Yes, Master.) It’s in many countries already. (Yes.) Before, it was in Africa only, or a couple more places. Now, it’s everywhere, even in the United States, and it spreads so fast. (Right.) And the World Health Organization is already kind of concerned. They even had a meeting, to discuss it, whether or not they should declare it an emergency. (Oh, wow.)

“Media Report from ABC News – July 24, 2022 Reporter (m): Powerful words from the head of the World Health Organization amid rising cases of monkeypox.

Dr. Ghebreyesus (m): The global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern.

Reporter (m): The declaration of a public health emergency, the first time the head of the UN health agency has taken such action. One month ago, there were more than 3,000 cases in 74 countries. Since then, the disease has spread, and now there are more than 16,000 cases in 75 countries and five deaths. Monkeypox is considered a mild illness. Symptoms, which start within three weeks of exposure include fever, headache, fatigue and muscle ache, a rash or lesions occur on the face and then spreads throughout the body. Doctors say it spreads through close contact, mostly through skin-to-skin touching, but can also spread through clothing or respiratory droplets in close range.”

Oh, man. Oh, God. (Oh, no.) Oh, God, God. And I just happen to know that even Hong Kong people cannot go to Taiwan (Formosa), for example. (Wow.) Before they could. These two countries were just like two different supermarkets. (Yes.) You could go from one supermarket to another, now cannot. I mean, not just go like that, if you have to go, first: vaccine, that’s a thing already, but then you have to also have a real reason, like business or something, and you have to prove it. Or you have to go together in a big group, like a tourist group. (Yes, right.) So, they can know where you’re going, what you’re doing, in case they have to track down the infection, the contacts. (Yes.)

Oh, man. The world is getting smaller and smaller, and even all this war and threatening, and nukes here, nukes there, nukes everywhere. Terrible, terrible. Oh, God. What for do they want war? Don’t we have enough war already? (Yes, Master. True, that’s right.) Don’t they feel scared enough that even those little, tiny, that you can’t even see, things can just kill you? (Yes. Right.) You can’t see this virus unless you put it under a microscope. (Yes.) And isn’t that scary already? (Yes, very scary, Master.)

And this thing even shrinks your manhood (Yes.) I read somewhere, it could shrink your manhood. Isn’t that more scary than death for men? It shrinks it one and a half inches. Believe it or not? Oh, and that will kill the men. Any man who gets that shrinkage, would shrink him already. That’s worse than death to him. And isn’t that scary enough already? (Yes, Master.)

And even they could not control this COVID-19. Original or sub-variants, they’re getting worse and worse now. There is another one coming. Somehow it seems to be spreading even more than those before. (Oh.)

And Shanghai just finished lockdown and celebrated. Now Beijing is up. (Oh, God.) It flared up again. (Yes, Master.) And Beijing has millions of people. (Yes.) And Shanghai also, just opened some days ago. (Yes, Master. Right.) And people were so happy, celebrating and all that. And now it’s Beijing. And also Europe. In the UK, for example, it’s flaring up again. (Oh.)

And recently, even Korea. (Yes, Master.) The first day, they said just a couple hundred people, and then the next few days, two million people. (Oh, gosh.) Oh, man, I hope they’re all OK. I’m not sure anymore. I don’t want to live here anymore.

The world is getting smaller and smaller. (Yes, Master.) And every day you just hear all this stuff. War or threaten war, or want to invade, or already invaded and continue invading or all kinds of strange diseases.

And they even admit that in some secret, leaked document, they know that the vaccine doesn’t work. (Wow.) Well, I was told that already, and I told you also. (Yes, Master.) But I mean physically. Worldly. Not just the inside information. Worldly, they say the vaccine doesn’t work and even does harm. (Oh, wow.)

One of your brothers had to take care of his father. Because his father, after the vaccine, he got more or less like terminally ill now. (Oh, wow.) Before, he had some little problem. And after the vaccine, it became worse and worse and worse, and now the doctor said he has only a few months to live. (Wow.) Oh, dear God. If he didn’t have the vaccination, it wouldn’t have worsened his condition. (Yes, Master.)

Some people cannot take vaccines, because they are sensitive. (Yes, Master.) Besides, it’s useless. Many people took the vaccine and booster, up to three or four times, they still got sick again, and again, not just one time. (Right. It’s true. Yes.) Got COVID again and then again and again.

And this Mr. Osbourne, he has COVID. Before he was very loudly pronouncing that because he worships the devil so he never had COVID. Only his wife and kids had it, and now he has it. I just read it a couple of days ago. And he has to go to the hospital, some serious problem as well.

I keep warning you guys, don’t talk loud, and don’t look down upon COVID. (Yes, Master.) They’ll find you. (Right.) If they have forgotten because they’re busy elsewhere, if you’re loud they’ll know, then they’ll come find you. (Yes.) They won’t forgive. (Yes, Master.) This COVID doesn’t forgive anybody.

And I look in the news – always a lot, a lot of people… of course, outside people, ordinary people also, but all the people who are famous, rich and royal family, like royal successors, they all have COVID. (Yes.) Oh, man. So, the COVID has no respect for anybody.

From Mediaite news, it says that Dr. Fauci has COVID. (Gosh.) “Head of the US pandemic response Dr. Anthony Fauci has tested positive for COVID-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms announced the National Institutes of Health on Wednesday.”

I’m not sure how mild it is. But, I told you already, the news said before that even mild symptoms cause a lot of damage in many people. (Yes, Master.) And some they don’t know, they still cause damage.

And this guy is a chief in your country’s health department. He is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, (Yes.) and now he has COVID. Believe that or not?

I told you. All the famous people, the ones who think they know everything and who are so arrogant, or look down upon COVID, they get it. It’s not the outside talk even. It’s also the inside heart, inside thinking or being arrogant or doing bad things. (Understand.)

And he’s fully vaccinated and has been boosted twice. (Wow.) And then he will isolate at home. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, my God, I can’t believe that. (Like You said, the vaccines don’t work.) All this time, I keep saying that. And then doing this policy from the top to force people to vaccinate, otherwise, they lose their job. (Yes.) So, tens of thousands of people lost their jobs. And getting sick because of the vaccine as well. So now you know. (Yes, Master.) Heaven will not lose sight of anyone. They know who is who. (Yes, Master.)

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