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I just hope some people will listen to this and know that dogs are a very noble race of beings. Even if by karma they have to come back, they still are noble beings. They’ve been trained, they’ve been taught, programmed to be noble and protective like that.

Oh, so small dogs and only three years and a half now, understood everything, in English. They are Thai dogs. They understood everything, day one already. Day one they understood me already when they were only one-month-plus old. And now they’re of course very, very, very obedient. And one dog is so smart. He is the most zealous of all, but he is so smart. He wants to be the leader of the whole group, but the other black girl did not let (him). So, she leads the black group, he leads the white group. So, we call them one black group, one white group, it’s like that. And he’s so smart, absolutely smart. I never taught him to shake hands with me. But whenever he comes in, he shakes my hand. Or whenever I take out the (vegan) bone, I say, “Shake hands first.” And immediately he shakes my hand. And if I tell him to sit down, he sits. I’ve never taught him. I mean normally, you have to train for a while until they can do that. No, he trained himself, all by himself. He lies down, he sissy-sassy’s all by himself. And I tell him, “Get up. Don’t make any more theater,” and then he gets up and goes in a corner somewhere. I say, “I have to work now. I don’t have time to rub your belly. Later, OK?” And then he’s just kind of embarrassed, and then leaves, goes in a corner, on his bed or whatever. Sometimes I feel sorry. I say, “OK, OK, come here. I just rub for two seconds, OK? No more. All right. You know I am very busy, right?” And then he doesn’t demand. He just licks my hand to tell me that he understood.

And then the smaller one, whenever I come, she kisses me all over, from the head to the toes. First, she licks my toes, and because she’s too small, she doesn’t jump that high. She licks the toes and then I have to sit down and hug her and carry her up. And then she licks me all over. That’s the opportunity to kiss all over my face. And I am all wet with drool all over. And then my hands. First my face and then my hands. And then, if I put her down, she licks my toes again. I say, “Not again! Don’t bribe me anymore! I am really busy.” And then I say, “Go up on the sofa.” And then she jumps up on the sofa.

Very obedient, these dogs. And I don’t even have time to train them. Day one, day two, they already obeyed me, absolutely! There’s no question asked that I am their pack alpha. It’s not because they understood English; because others also speak English, but they play deaf. You know, “What?” And then they turn around, go somewhere else, hide under somewhere or hide behind me, hide under my legs, whatever, until I have to scold them, “Get out, man! People don’t have all day to wait for you. Go out and then come back, OK?” But they know they’ll not always be able to come back right away. It takes two hours-something to feed, to go out again, get cleaned again and then come back up.

But also, because we take turns. Before the retreat, they take turns. Black group comes, and then white group comes after. Like, black group, morning. But normally, in the morning, even before, even if I closed my door, they make so much noise. So I don’t let them come in the morning. So they know they have to wait until noon, at least. And then, the other group takes a turn. So, I don’t see them until next day. After lunch and then after dinner, the two groups have to take turns. So they know that it’s not like they can stay all day like before.

They grow up and they become more territorial. They know that, but they just have to do this. It’s dog stuff. I had other dogs before, they were not like that. But these dogs are, because they are more wild. They were born in the wild and their mother had never been touched by humans even, until I came. One of the owners of the golf course house, she asked the doctor to come and to sedate her, so that they could spay her. He was very good. He used his mouth to blow the needle, the sedating needle to her. And it hit her all right. But she didn’t stay there. She went hiding somewhere and slept until she woke up. So, they never could get her. So then, the last time, the doctor wanted to do the same. I said, “No! No! I forbid you. Look at her, she’s only skin and bones. If you do that, she might never wake up. Can you guarantee me that she’ll wake up? I forbid you. Don’t do it!

And then later, I took in her babies and she just came knocking at the door. She wanted to go in my house. First, I caught her and then I gave her a chain to bind her to my door, so that I could give her food and clean her up, so that she could come in and stay with the babies, but she always escaped. Even with the chain, she used her magic to break it, to break one part of the chain. It’s not a big chain like for big dogs. It’s for medium size, but a chain is a chain. It was stainless steel. She broke it! (Wow!) She broke the part… because we put it next to her neck, so that she could not bite it. So, the only thing is she broke it by magic. And then she left, like that. I said, “OK, you are not coming in anymore. You went out, ate garbage, and then you would give the dogs, your babies, some sickness or problems. I won’t let you in anymore.” But then she came wagging her tail, begging, crying. I said, “Are you really ready to come in? Because if you come in, I will clean you and then we’ll inject you; and then you cannot go out anymore until you’re more used to the humans and then you don’t make trouble.” Then she did not.

And just a few days later, I could carry her everywhere already on my shoulders. And she stayed. And even if I left her in the garden, she came back. She didn’t run to the wild anymore because she knew. I said, “There is food in the house and the clean water. You have to take care, so that your babies won’t get sick by you infecting them. You are strong. You may have a good immune system, but your babies are young, and cannot.” So, she did listen. And she is now the “worst” of the pack. Every time she comes in, she cries the loudest, she jumps the highest. She even spoke English just to say sorry that she had not behaved or she thought she might misbehave or something. She said she’s sorry if she did something wrong. I said, “No, you did nothing wrong. Just that I need to be alone to be in retreat. I did not abandon you because you did something wrong. Even if you did, I would forgive you. I never abandoned you. If you did something wrong, you’re just a dog.” She was even desperate, so she spoke English. She never did before. No other dogs were so desperate like her.

Before, she didn’t even want to see me. If I came out on the balcony, she ran away. Later, I had her babies, so she came, ran around the house and later she had to come knocking by herself at my door. And now she is the most sticking-around dog from the whole group. She loves me the most. She’s more grateful and she’s one of the ones that fought for me, fought with the negative power and then she got wounded like that. And the negative used the other dog who is stronger and more zealous to attack her instead. That was how it happened. And the other dog told me that she’s terribly sorry. She wasn’t willing to, but she was pushed to do it. She’s not strong enough. She’s just a dog. And the other power was stronger, kind of sorcerer kind of power. Black magic, astral, hell-level kind of power. She’s just a dog. She’s the strongest one of all, but she’s just a dog. And her power is not as strong. I said, “OK, don’t worry, I forgive you. I forgive you.” And I still let her come back to see me, taking turns like all the dogs. “I have never scolded you.” I hugged her; I love her. I said, “We will dilute this, and you will get better. Don’t worry. I forgive you. It is not your fault.” And she licked me all over to thank me.

My God! There’s no end to the stories of my dogs. I’m telling you some, so that maybe you appreciate your dogs more, or the outside people, they won’t kill dogs anymore, or they’ll take in the dogs and take good care of them and love them. If I have more time or maybe later, if I can remember some other things, I will tell you the things that they do. They’re all very protective.

One dog, she’s so skinny because she worries a lot about me. She never wants to leave my side. She’s the most difficult to get out of my house to go do business, and eat and walk. She just hides everywhere, then it’s difficult to find her. Before, I did not understand. I thought the assistant did not try to take her out, did not try hard enough. Later, I knew that she was hiding. Until I really yelled, “Where are you? Come out, now!” And then she crawled out with her tail, crawling under table, with her tail under her stomach and crawling out. And I said, “Out!” and then she runs. And she is the most skinny because she doesn’t eat very well. When I am not there, she worries so much, but I cannot just have her alone. I have to take turns like that. I said to her, “I have many dogs. I would love to be alone with you.”

Her name is “Loyalty.” I said, “You are very loyal, and you care so much about me and I truly appreciate it. But please understand, my time is limited and I am only one and I love all of you. I cannot give any of you away. So, you just have to share it.” And she understands. Still, she likes to stick around. She understands is one thing, but her heart doesn’t want to understand. So, she always does some of this kind of hiding. And then until she cannot, then gets out. She cares so much about me that even if I cough, she immediately comes in, running, and asks, “What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Are You all right?” Even when she was younger, very young, and loved to play with toys and with mother, with sister. But if she heard me coughing, she immediately ran to my side and checked on me. That’s why she doesn’t eat a lot, very skinny, but she’s OK. She said she’s healthy. Only she looks like that. She jumps so high because she’s so thin. She jumps very high and very, very fast, so I reckon she’s healthy. What can I do?

Before, we used to feed her with a syringe, but I worried if it goes in the wrong pipe, that would be worse. So, I just let it be and I feed her as much as I can and they feed her as much as they can and she is OK. I mean there are also humans who are skinny but also healthy. (Yes.) But she’s too skinny compared to all of them. Even the mother, before, was skinnier than her, but now she’s plump. She eats well, she sleeps well, she feels secure and she regained. She’s so beautiful and round now, but that little one, never, never. One time, we kept feeding her with the syringe, so that she’d become a little rounder, and then I left for four months because of coming back to Taiwan (Formosa). I could not take them at that moment because of the law. I had to wait. And I came back four months [later] without seeing them and she got back to skinny again and never regained, because I don’t have enough time. And the assistants, I don’t trust them to give food like this and I am worried. So, I just let it be and she seems OK. Whenever she comes up, I try to feed her what I can, but she’s still not as good. She worries so much. She just wants to be next to me all the time, to take care of me, to check on me. That’s what it is. Too much love, and protective as well.

Even if she is small, but if she knows something, she always jumps out, fights, also fights with the negative. And sometimes the bigger dog kind of harasses the smaller dog, she always jumps between them and lies on top of the smaller dog, so that the other one doesn’t bite her. The smallest one always has trouble with other dogs, some of them. But this one, she always jumps on top of her and protects her all the time. When some of my, like maybe a guard or someone comes in, or a stranger, the one who doesn’t take care of them… They only trust me and the caretakers, if it’s a good one. If not a good one, they would tell me that it’s no good. Not because I discriminate but because if they continue to stay, they will make bad energy, and the dogs will fight. I saw that many times, so I had to let some of the people go. And if somebody comes in and the other zealous dog barks at them, kind of very strongly, zealously wants to threaten them or something, not biting but threatening, then she always runs around that person or in front of that person to protect, to tell the other ones, “Stop it, stop it!” like that. Not only does she protect me, she protects other dogs and other beings, other humans as well. The others are more zealous because they are leaders and they want to protect me; that’s all. They don’t care who comes. Even if gods come, they also bark and threaten them to be away from me, stay away, something like that.

There is no end to what dogs would do for you. I don’t know any human who cannot love dogs. Any humans who cannot love dogs, they have a problem. OK, never mind. I just hope some people will listen to this and know that dogs are a very noble race of beings. Even if by karma they have to come back, they still are noble beings. They’ve been trained, they’ve been taught, programmed to be noble and protective like that. Karma, because the dogs also need to pay for their karma. We feed them meat, we feed them fish; if they come back, they have to pay all that as well. Or if because they protected us and they hurt someone else, or hurt other animals, they have to pay for their karma too. They know all that. They know more than we do, they still do it. They do it, but for a good cause.

Not like most of us who do it just for selfish reasons, or gluttonous reasons, or fun, or whatever, like go out hunting for fun. Not because of being poor or having no money, that you have to go out to survive in the wild, but no, go out hunting for fun. Big strong men harassing and cornering the small little rabbits or whatever and then kill them like that, and say it’s fun. Or kill the ducks, wild ducks like that, and call that fun, game, whatever. Yeah, game. I call that a silly game, wicked game. Men, so big and strong, should not do this kind of thing. It’s not a gentlemanly way to live. (No, Master.) Especially if you are rich and you have enough food to eat, why go out and harass the little rabbit or the baby deer who is so innocent and so sweet and doing nothing wrong? (Yes.) OK. Never mind. I’ve made enough enemies already. I’m continuing to make more like this. No wonder your Master has to run sometimes, against all these big corporates, and then it continues. All right. Never mind. I don’t apologize. I’m not sorry for saying anything I have said. I can say more even, but they sometimes edit it, my talk. They don’t let all this come out. OK. Whatever, whatever.

  1. If you don’t have anything to tell me or questions (for) me, then I take leave from you until next time. (Thank You so much, Master.) (We love You, Master.) (You are number one to us also, Master.) Thank you, thank you. (We love You so much.) Thank you for loving me. (Thank You.) (Very much.) (Thank You for loving us.) Thank you for being good human beings. (We try, Master.) Thank you for practicing well, and thank you for supporting me mentally, or any otherwise, to help human beings and the planet, and the animals. I thank you all for every little thing you do to help Supreme Master Television, to help my mission, to help save the planet, to help save the world, to help save humans and animals. I deeply thank you. (Thank You, Master.) God bless you. See you next time. God bless. So long. (Thank You so much, Master.) Love you. (We love You.) (Love You.) Forever.
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