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Some trees are so huge. They’ve lived for thousands of years already. Their spirits are strong, strong, strong. Their energy is mighty! They are there to protect the planet, to protect all beings around them.

I’m sorry I cannot see you, but I tried my best. Even just a small thing like this, you should know I have poured my love into it. Because I have to organize from where I live, and then I have to organize with where you live, and pick out, some representatives, not the whole bunch of people, so that we can have a more peaceful environment and energy to enjoy each other. You, the ones who came from far away. It’s not like it’s simple. It took some work for me, despite my busy schedule and the dog problem. I do care about you. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master, for making time for us at this very difficult time for You.) I know, I know that. But I cannot be selfish because I know you came from far away and you really want to see me. (Yes, we do.) You didn’t come here for a holiday.

Tell me. (I just wish that this planet or any other physical planet in the universe had a little more human love. Why should maya run so wildly by himself? I mean, maybe You or God Almighty should place some rules.) Yeah, but the humans also are at fault. The humans. We did many wrong things. We don’t heed the Teachers, the Masters of old. We don’t heed the Bible’s Ten Commandments. We did not heed the Buddha’s Five Precepts. We did not heed Hinduism’s Five Regulations, or Jainism, or Sikhism. We did all wrong.

(Maya blinds us so much (Yeah, I know.) in so many ways.) I know that. I know that, too. But if we have tried at least, to heed the Masters’ words, then we would have not arrived where we are today. But I am not blaming. There is no blaming game anymore. I don’t want that. I know everything is maya as well, behind it. (Yes, Master.) But we did not help. You see we even crucified Masters. We even killed the Masters in such a horrendous way. Many Masters died in such unimaginable ways. And this karma burdens all of us. And that makes it very difficult for any Master to redeem it. One side is maya; one side is us who are not strong enough, who just listen to our egos and do things, sometimes just for the fun of it, without regard for any consequences. And killing each other, killing animals, killing unnecessarily many things, including trees and plants. They are precious beings who protect us only, who do nothing but protect us.

You cannot imagine anything else as sweet as a tree. It’s defenseless, just standing there radiating all kinds of good energy and blessing towards humans and animals. And we just chop it down like that, without considering. Some trees are so huge. They’ve lived for thousands of years already. Their spirits are strong, strong, strong. Their energy is mighty! They are there to protect the planet, to protect all beings around them. And furthermore, each area has some trees that protect that area, so every area is protected by different trees. And we just cut them down without mercy, without thanking, without being grateful, nothing, just nothing. And then eating animals and drinking alcohol and taking drugs and cigarettes and all that, blinds us even more. And it’s just like an evil circle. It will not end like that. So it takes some stronger thing, strong power to do this, but that costs something.

And I have to say my dogs also are big heroes for protecting me, so that I can continue my work. It’s not the first time. Last time, a long time ago, I told a few years ago, I told you one of the dogs died for me. His name was Hally, remember? (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) In our hotel in Austria, I still have his photo and I say, “Hally, the Hero.” But that is the only obvious case.

Actually, all my dogs are protecting me in one way or another, more powerful or less powerful, because each of them has a different degree of power, just like us. And they do all their best to protect me. And they come back again and again just for that. He even did not stay in Ihôs Kư, just to come down, just to protect me, to take the bullet like that, just like a bodyguard. I feel like I’m a president, that my bodyguard took the bullets for me. Silently, unpaid, unrequested, unthankful by humanity.

But I’m forever grateful to my dogs. And I’m telling you all this, even though it’s a sad story and event, but for some of you or many of you who have dogs, have cats, do not take them for granted. Truly, without them, you would probably have worse things happen to you, which you don’t know. You think, “OK, I’m fine, nothing happened.” No. Maybe your dogs, your cats, regulated it, shielded you in some way or another. If it’s not too much, then they’re just sick. If it’s too much, they will die. It depends on how much karma or negative force that hits you. They take it, full blow, then they die. If it’s just a small thing, then they avoid you from having an accident, avoid you from having a serious sickness. And if it’s a serious sickness, they minimize it, so that you continue to live. And they take on the sickness or shorten their life. Whatever they do, they do it. Whatever’s in their might, they do anything they can. Animals are like that. (That’s amazing.)

So, if you’re taking in a dog, or a cat, or birds, or ducks, or geese, be mindful of them. They are there to protect you, definitely like that. (Yes, Master.) There is no doubt. Appreciate them, love them, (Yes.) as long as they live. Take good care of them. That’s all you need to do. You might not know what they do for you, but at least you know what you do for them. So, if they leave you one day, you will not feel regretful or feel guilty, at least like that. Give them all the love you have, because they give you all their love. No one else in the world do they care. You are the only one in the whole world. On the whole planet, you are number one. You, only you. Even if any gods come to harm you, he would fight the god, like that. He doesn’t care who is more powerful or not.

Just now on TV, I just glanced, there is our Noteworthy News, there is a dog named Hurricane. Even he is injured, he still managed to stop an intruder from coming into the White House. Protecting the leader of America, with his own life. I was on retreat, so I did not give him a Shining World Hero Award, but I will. Sometimes I collect them, whatever I did not do during retreat. Because sometimes, during retreat, I also manage to do some, but not all the time, it depends on how busy I am inside. The inside work takes me a lot of time, more than the outside work. Sometimes I have to forego meals or even bear not going to the bathroom, so that I could finish my inside work. And then when I go out, there’s outside work waiting.

And these days, normally my dogs, they’re the younger dogs, whenever they come in the house, they jump, they shout, they jump on the table even. They jump on the sofa and bed, everywhere. They jump from one room to another, they run, run, run, run. Because of them, I have to live in the house that they built for me. They surprised me, I don’t know, 20, 30 years ago or something. I came back from a lecture and then here, I have a house. But I never lived in there. I did for a very short period of time, while I did not have the cave yet. And after I had the small cave, I moved in the cave and I never looked at that house again; unless sometimes there’s some big gathering with the inside staff and my cave is too small. If it’s only one or two persons, they have to come to my cave to talk business with me or bring me documents or anything to discuss in my cave. But if it’s more than two people, then my cave cannot tolerate it. So, only when I have much work, then I go to that big house to discuss things, business or whatever. But now I stay there because of my dogs, so that they have room to run like that.

You saw one of the dogs who speaks English, she runs like that from one room to another. But that wasn’t the most obvious, because she saw the camera and then she didn’t run that much. But if no camera, she runs from one room to another. She runs back out to the corridor, runs to wherever, then runs back again, jumps on the bed, jumps on the sofa, jumps on the table even this high. I don’t know how we can ever jump on it ourselves. And we are higher than them. You know, the working table, they jump on that and they jump everywhere. So, at least I have some room for them to jump. But this is not it yet. I’m telling you that, so coming to another episode.

So, because of that, I never had them on my retreat. How can you do a retreat like that? Six of them. And they have to come in six times a day or three times a day. Or they come out, one time, they come in, so altogether six times. Come out just as noisy as when they come in. They scratch my door, wanting to say, “Goodbye. We are going out for a walk, we’ll come back.” Things like that. And I say, “I know, just go, man, go!”

Sometimes I have to yell at them in order for them to go. Otherwise, they don’t go. They hide under the table; they hide under my bed and I blame my assistants for not taking them out. They say, “Master, we looked everywhere. We cannot see them. We thought they were out and then we go out and look. We don’t see them. We come back in, they’re not here. And we keep calling them.” One day, I really knew that, they were hiding under the table. They didn’t want to go out. They didn’t want to leave me, in the name of protection. Good excuse. All of them, the same. So, I had to get up from my meditation or whatever I do, and then yell at them, “Out! Now!” Then they ran with their tail under their legs. Otherwise, they don’t listen to the assistants. If they don’t want to go out, no one can make them.

Alright, but then this retreat, because two dogs are sick and one dog is heavily infected by the negative power, I have to dilute it, so she doesn’t hurt anymore and she doesn’t hurt others and she doesn’t go too deep into the negative penchants. So, three dogs I have to take care of, and then others of course, I feel sorry, so they take turns to come up. Like, every time, two dogs come, and the zealous one, only one dog. And normally, even just one dog, they come scratching, they jump, they yell, they cry until I open the door and pat, pat and say, “OK, what now?” And then they jump, run around me, licking my toes or whatever they do. Licking my hands, they jump on my shoulder, licking my face, then I have to go take a shower, etc.

But this time, no. I told them, “I’m in retreat, OK? I let you come up so that you might be in my environment, but I only come out when I’m ready. None of you scratch, scream, cry, make noise or hint or even whine quietly, nothing. Otherwise, you’re not allowed to come back. Got that, all of you? Got? Dig?” Dig. OK. Truly, they kept their promise. I don’t know how, because normally they come up, they cannot contain. They just have to jump and run, jump and run, back and forth, back and forth, like a yo-yo, faster than a UFO or something. They run fast and fast and fast and fast. Even if I give them a veggie bone, they would not stop to take it. Or they just zoom by, take it and then it drops on the floor, and then zoom back again and try to take it, but too fast to take it. So, they just zoom back and forth, back and forth, don’t care about the chew, nothing. And how can they, this time, just a few days apart when I said, “I’m on retreat,” they did nothing. Came up, so quietly that I didn’t even know they came, or they went. Of course, when I’m out of samadhi, I opened the door, then they all zoom in again. Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom. Then I know, “OK, I know you are here.” Sometimes I miss them. I don’t always come out on time for their session, because they take turns. But more or less, they have a chance to see me. And then if I sit there, meditate, they also sit there. They don’t make trouble at all. And when they come up and my door is open or not open, my room, they don’t come inside.

One time, just two days ago, I suddenly coughed. And because I coughed and the door was open, the one who normally was very zealous, she tip-toed quietly, slowly tip-toeing, going next to my bed, but didn’t say anything. And then I felt something. I opened my eyes and there she was, wagging tail slowly, slowly, “Sorry, can I, can I, can I?” I said, “OK. You already came in, and you said, ‘Can I?’ What for?” Then, of course, I hugged her and then they’re all like that. Normally she would jump, even on my bed and not to talk about tippy toeing, and the tail is like a fan like that. No! Normally they wag like crazy and they jump like crazy. And they run fast, past me, past anything, on the sofa, under the sofa, everywhere they run! Luckily, the room is big enough for them to run, but they run back and forth, U-turn, and back and forth, U-turn, back and forth. So, you see, they understand everything. And I was so surprised, because I thought… First, I took in only the sick ones, so that I had to take care and watch over them and heal them, whatever I can, with my energy. And then later, the one dog was already getting better and the other one I felt sorry. So, I said, “OK, maybe we can try.” But I worried that they’d come up and make trouble. So, I never thought I would be able to bear it.

But then they came up like that. Just stayed in their room, quietly, sat right in front of my room, quietly! I did not even know that they came in. Then I did not even know when they left. And I did not even know when they came in their room, just next to mine, just separated by a sliding door, that’s all, and the sliding door is not like completely shut, so that I hear nothing. No! They just didn’t make any noise. I wasn’t sure if they even breathe. That’s a completely 180-degree difference from how they are normally. And I thought, “OK, maybe they’re older now, so they’re quiet.” But it’s not true. Because when I am not in my room and the door is not shut, and they come in, they see me, then it’s the same theater again. Zooming, zooming everywhere, jumping everywhere and licking everywhere. Run until they drop dead. I say, “You’re done? You’re done?” And then they just give up and then I give them some veggies to chew and some snacks, and then they all quiet down. But whenever they first came in, they had to make like a train coming, a theater like that. Always, never fail and none of them fails to do the same theater. So, I was wrong. I thought maybe they are older now, that’s why they don’t make noise anymore. It’s not true. It’s just because I close the door and they know that I’m meditating, they don’t dare. Can you imagine that? (Yes.)

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