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Liberation from a System of Rigid Interplanetary Control (P2/2)

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And nobody can stop this poison that's been fed to the souls after they leave the body. Nobody can do it yet, except by the way of the Buddha, by the way of Jesus, direct implementation, direct communication, direct awakening from inside. Outside, we cannot do much. Inside, we can, because we are souls.

Many people came from higher planets. Mostly, most of us come from higher planets. Higher technology doesn't mean higher spiritual. That's different, that's different. Therefore, a person who can invent high technology or super computer, doesn't mean he's spiritually enlightened. You know that for sure. So, same, same. This kind of power, it's just know-how, they just have high tech, but they use it for bad purposes, to control some of these inhabitants on the planet, as well as the ones that are being exiled here. This is a bad intention, bad manners, very rude, very undemocratic, and I don't like it. So, after seeing so much like this, I really don't like it, so I decided to give you initiation again. So, lucky you! Should thank God. I know very well that I might be going to suffer, one way or another, but I will do it. Doesn't matter. At the moment, I'm high enough. So even if I die, it's OK. But it's better I don't, because our planet's still not stable, not stable and my kids not grown up yet.

Not all of them have grown up. They still make trouble every day: "Mommy this, Mommy that …" "Master, Master … Itchy here, Master." "Oh, a little cut, Master, help! Bleeding, bleeding." "Master, my car is kaput." "Master, my alarm clock doesn't work. Wake me up tomorrow, OK?" Yeah, so that you can wake up on time, go to work, earn a few thousand dollars per month. Yeah, it's good. But your precious time, eight hours a day, ten hours a day, just for a few thousand dollars. You need it anyway, but still, imagine if you can use that to do meditation. It earns a lot more. But never mind, we're on this planet, we have to do something, and we also owe that to the society to pay back in some way or another. Even I am also working in a different way, different way. Even I also try to earn my own money. I don't spend a lot though. I look like I wear a lot of nice clothes, but this is all my creation, pretty cheap, homemade. Just costs some of the ... the material costs. Even design jewelry and all that. But we have to pay for workers. Pay for the tax for the company, etc., or related things. So, it costs more than it usually should cost. But for me, it's my stuff. Just, nowadays, I don't have a lot of time anymore, so you see me wearing less and less. No jewelry, no headgear, no hand gear, no nothing.

For example here in Hsihu, everybody comes and takes water from my land. This water did not come from the government. We dig some wells and store it in the water tank for you, to cook for you, to give you some water to eat. And the running system, the running stream here, I designed it so that it recycles the water. That's all. It's not forever running. It came from our well. Of course, the running water has more oxygen in it. It is nicer. And don't take it unless you really need it. What for? You come here every week. You are not sick. Even if you're sick, you think the water will heal you? Does it heal you? Anybody? Yes or no? Huh? (Yes.) Yes? Some of you, yeah? It's your faith. How can the water heal you? OK, maybe it's special water. But if you're not sick, don't take it. If you believe that the water heals you when you're sick, take it only when you need, OK?

Otherwise, at one time, we drank water with sand in it. I mean, we, me and the residents, long time, a few years ago. And then also we cannot have water to cook for ourselves after you left – to drink, to cook, we had no water at that time. And we had to dig more wells. But, I don't know how much the earth can supply. Because the water needs to also water the roots of all the plants around here, in the neighboring land. So, in summer, we also don't have a lot of water, that's for sure. So, take it easy on the water system here, OK? And then we also, our residents are taking care of the water systems. Make sure it's running, make sure it's clean, make sure it's not blocked and it's good enough to drink. But our residents are becoming older and older, like myself. Sometimes in the dark room, I look beautiful and young. I thought, "Wow, you still look good!" And then when it's in the real sunlight, I saw, "Oh dear! Who is this grandma? Grandmom! Gram-gram!" Sometimes I look young in different situations. So, I like to stay in the dark room so that when I look in the mirror, the wrinkles don't show too much.

Anyway, so after initiation, try to meditate as much as you can. If you want to get above the water, then two-and-a-half hours, because we have 24 hours a day. It's two-and-a-half hours is more or less like it. Should feel awake. Leave some ice water or something next to you. Sprinkle yourself. In old times, some people leave their hair long, so they can hang their hair on the beam. So, whenever … I cannot, you see? Maybe that's why I grow my hair long. I'm just too lazy to go to the hairdresser.

Actually, I'm a very cheap Master. I do my hair myself. All the styles you see on the TV, any time, any way, I did it all by myself. I dye my hair also myself. I wash it myself, of course. I style it myself. And the most lazy is like this. Or just put it up and zip with the crocodile teeth. Also do … It's OK. And then I do makeup by myself. Many people who go on TV to talk, even ordinary people on an interview, they have the special artist make up for them. I do everything by myself. Sometimes I have to wash my own clothes, iron my own clothes. Make me look good in front of you. So I'm very cheap.

And even if I go out to eat in the restaurant sometimes, because for some reason. I don't even like to go out to eat. I'm lazy. I like to stay at home all the time. Cave woman. But sometimes I go out to eat. Even when I go out to eat, it's so cheap, only vegetarian, very cheap. And I eat not too much. So, I can afford to give a lot of tip. And they all like me very, very much. Even if before they don't care much about me, after I eat, after I give the tip, the face changes, glitters with happiness and surprise. "Oh! How come! You're so generous." I say, "Why not? You give me a lot of food, so I give you a lot of money."

But if … I told you last week already, if I live the way other people live outside, then, I'd have no money at all. I'd have no money to send Quan Yin Messengers to your countries. I'd have no money to buy even this piece of land for you. I'd have no money for car. I'd have no money for giving charity, nothing left. I'd have no money for Supreme Master TV. Nothing! You think all that money came from some sisters and brothers? No! From me! From my business. But I just don't have it in my name. They are guarding my treasure. And then if we need, I tell them to send here, send there. I tell FG to tell this and that, to send here to help, send there to help. And sometimes I take money out and help myself. Help them, not help myself. Help them myself, anonymously. And because of … I am a cheap Master, you can say that. Low maintenance. All the clothes and jewelry I wear also because of advertisement – to sell. I'm also a model, even that! Not only I don't spend a lot, I earn a lot. Therefore, I can do many things. I can help.

But, after I invite some group and they eat … Because they don't eat vegetarian, and inside that hotel there's nothing, very little vegetarian. They said they … I invited them and I cannot tell them, "No! You cannot eat this. You cannot eat that." I can gently say, "I'm vegetarian. If you want, you can join me today, eat vegetarian." But they don't. They eat meat, they eat fish, they eat all kinds of things. Then they drink wine, expensive stuff. And it amounts to a lot! I'm thinking to myself, "If I lived like that every day, whoa, I would have nothing left!" Not even these clothes to wear. OK, at home if you're alone, you don't have to wear a lot of clothes; therefore you don't need to turn on air-con. You take a good cold shower and then you just discard all of this beautiful dirt on you, beautiful dust, pink dust or blue dust or ..., yeah. And then you just stay by yourself like the day you were born. Dance around, feeling free and happy.

There are many communities, they don't wear any clothes. I know one. I've been to one before. I didn't know before I went there. They took me in California to buy a piece of land, a new piece of land; they didn't like the land I offered. I bought it for them before when we didn't have a lot of disciples. And they have more and more and they wanted a new center so, I went with them to have a look. When I came in, "Oh, la la!" I came inside the gate, "Oh, la la," who greeted me but some Adams and Eves, so beautiful. Little Adams and little Eves. Old Adams and young Eves, they were all naturally dressed and happy. It's their community. They do what they want inside.

In Spain, I know one couple, because I was also looking for some place, before, when I didn't have so many so-called disciples like now. I also sometimes needed to go somewhere, didn’t have a meditation center, so I had to look for a place. I know that couple, they sold their place to me. A long time ago already. It's not in my name anymore. I mean most of the places after I bought it, after a while, the disciples took over and it became in their names also. They take care also. They manage my money, my house, my place, while I'm running around having to live in a hotel, cheap hotel, you know, "cockroach hotel." Because some high-class hotels do not always have room. Mostly people when they go to any country to live in a hotel, they are business people, important people or they are on holiday and they can afford a high-class hotel. They can pay; therefore high-class hotels are mostly always full, and even if you can get in a few days, you cannot stay long, you have to change. Either change room or change to another hotel. It's inconvenient. But I have to live a life like that often because I have nowhere to go, nowhere to stay. I do have disciples around there but they don't have room for me, that's for sure. Most people, they buy a house just for themselves. They buy two, three rooms according to how many children they have and then so, where do I go anyway? I can't stay there, take over their room.

So it's not so simple, my life. Not as simple as you think. Anyway, so if you see me living sometimes in one of the high-class hotels, please don't criticize. Don't tell the newspaper or anything. It's not that I want it, I don't care if I live in a cave or not, or in a high-class hotel. I just need somewhere to stay for that moment, for some reason, not always for myself.

All right then, what else did I want to say to you? What was it before that? Before the hotel, what was it? (Meditate more. [in Aulacese]) (Meditate more. [in Chinese]) (Meditate more.) Oh, natural, meditate. OK. Aye-yai-yai! You speak Aulacese (Vietnamese) like that? Grammatically not correct. Nowadays, they don't speak Aulacese (Vietnamese) anymore. When I read the Aulacese (Vietnamese) nowadays, I think, "What is that?" "What kind of language is it?" It's not the one that I'm used to. Never mind, they understand each other and there's no war and that is the best thing.

No matter what, how you speak as long as there's peace. Among you, any country, as long as there's peace, it doesn't matter what language you speak. In Switzerland, they speak like six languages. And they put six languages in their official documents, any document. Or is it in the United Nations? Or is it Europe? Anyway, whatever, in many organizations, or in many countries, they have many languages. They still have peace with each other. Switzerland, for example. They don't speak one language, at least three: Italian, French, German. They don't fight. They are the best. One of the best in the world. Peaceful, rich, harmonious, safe. So it doesn't matter really.

OK, what was that before? Meditate? No. I wasn't talking meditate, that was last year. Hmm, hmm. What? (You talked about not to criticize you …) What love? (If you spend a night in a hotel, then don't criticize you.) No, oh yeah, don't criticize me, OK. But that. What before that? Huh? Orange juice if you tell! (Don't wear too much.) OK. Economy for the world and for the water system. If you put too much detergent into our water system, then it will … then it will pollute our system. It cannot be washed away. Any poison, any chemical goes into the water, it cannot be gone. In the air, maybe it can dissipate but in the water, how? Just stays in there and recycles again, again and again. It's terrible, so take care of yourself by taking care of the planet. It's a little bit late now. We should have done it long ago but better than nothing. Better keep it as is and not worse.

Do the mosquitoes bite you here? The ones who stay long. (Yes.) Yes? A lot? A lot, a lot or a little? How many per day? How many mosquitoes bite you per person? Huh? One, two, three mosquitoes per day. More? Five? (No count!) What? (No count!) No. (No count!) No count! A lot? Aye-yai-yai! Sorry, you don't have some non-chemical thing, non-toxic thing to spray? OK, Hsihu … The supply team can buy some mosquito spray to keep mosquitoes away. But don't buy those toxic ones. Get non-toxic, natural type for initiates to use if needed.

Before, in the beginning, when I lived here before, before you came, before your invasion, there's also a lot of mosquitoes but I don't even, maybe there are a lot but I never saw them. They never bothered me. And I lived in another mountain, also lived in a tent actually. We only built the caves. I mean maybe 20 years ago, before that, less than 20 years maybe. I don't know, 12 years, 15 years. Before that, we lived in tents and we lived more in nature. We cooked outside in nature, simple. And we lived in tents only. And I hung a hammock every day, I didn't sleep in the tent even. Only when it's too windy or the rain comes, then fly inside. Then I go in the tent to zip it to be dry; otherwise, I just hang a hammock under any tree and I just sleep day or night. I never had one half of a soul of a mosquito visit my skin.

And now I don't know, you bring in all kinds of things, my body is full of flowers, also on face. It heals some and then a new one comes in again. I was still dreaming to become like a movie star or something, but now I give up. Not because I'm old, but because too many mosquitoes! Unless they want to hire me, to play a role of a gram-gram in some mosquito-infested region, then I'm a suitable candidate. Yeah, I don't remember if mosquitoes ever existed in my life. I lived in some swamp area, I don't know there is mosquito, and I don't know even there's small sand bugs, nothing! I only know it because they bit the life out of my assistants or my nearby people. Oh! The whole face was full of big, big pimples like this, the whole face, one of the men. He came from Costa Rica, he's still alive. So I'm not telling a science fiction story. Oh, his whole ... I don't know about the body because I don't see the body, I see the face, the neck, and the hands, everywhere! Pimples like this, not one millimeter didn't have. Oh terrible! And I said, "Oh my God! Then, we need to move away from here. You will die if we continue to stay here, we cannot stay here." My dogs, no problem. I even had birds at that time, I was so naive. What a life, and still have dogs and birds, rescued dogs and all that, bring them there, but they didn’t bite the dogs and the birds. I was worried, because I see the man and I thought, "Oh my God. The dogs and the birds might also die soon." But they don't bother them, and they don't bother me at all, but especially that guy. Wow, the whole body, whole face! Oh, I was worried he's going to die, or he's going to be bumpy like this forever. But luckily, we had medicine, and then it went down. But I never set foot to that island again.

I love to live on islands. I love to be away from it all. This is just a naive dream nowadays. How can you be away from it all? They have airplane. They have radar. They have research. They can pinpoint where you stay. But a few, ten years ago. I was still that naive. Live on the small island all by yourself. I bought an island so cheap, and then just lived one day only, and then run! Because I don't want my assistant or my group to be killed by the mosquito or the sand bugs over there. It was horrible. And nowadays, they're not polite to me anymore, the mosquitoes or the insects, they bite me anywhere. This is terrible. Also, we didn't have mosquitoes before.

And before, the animals, they didn't have to eat each other to stay alive or to reproduce. Afterwards, the one that created them wanted it that way, so that they don't have to take care of them. They just do it, take care by themselves. They don't have to make anything for them to eat anymore. They just eat each other. And then they survive, whoever the strongest, things like that. So, it's a horrible system. I hate this. I don't like that. And then they make humans crazy out of frustration. Because the humans, this race of humans, they came from a higher society. They were free-thinking people. There are some high-tech inventors, scientists, healers, engineers in their homeland. And then because they made some mistakes, they have been exiled here, and forget everything, forget all the talents they have, forget all the freedom they have, and forget what glory their being was, before they came down here. But somehow in some little remote corner of their mind, they feel something is not right about themselves in this environment, in their own situation. So they feel very frustrated. That's why nobody's happy on this planet. And then we bicker with each other, we backstab, we make war, we steal, we lie, we compete to the extent of killing each other or harming each other because of all these frustrations inside. No answer to their questions, "Where do I come from? Where did I come from? What am I doing here? Why am I here?" Etc., etc.

So whenever you are feeling frustrated, then you should know that your memory has a little wakening. Try to calm yourself. If you feel frustrated, lonely, troubled, just go meditate, take a shower if you need to, meditate, listen to some nice music that you like or listen to my talk, choose the one that is smooth talking and praising, not the one that's scolding and telling you do this, do that, not at that time. When you're depressed, you just listen to some of my romantic music. Or listen to the story like today like I said how good you are, how glorious you have been.

And you are just the victim of some wicked system. That's why I got very mad. I'm mad at them. The more I'm mad at them, the more I'm loving people, I mean all beings on this planet, so I decided that OK, regardless of a few, some of you are bad, bad eggs, I still continue to give new people initiation, in the hope that they really awaken themselves, and then free themselves forever, forever and ever and ever. Then they can go to any planet they want. They can reincarnate back into a human body if they want to. But they don't have to be forced to do that against their will and then be imprisoned in this horrible planet forever.

It looks beautiful from the outside. But our planet is full of fire underneath. Boiling, not just boiling, but extremely boiling, almost like the heat of the sun. It came from boiling gas. So the outside is cooler, maybe the inside some crust, and crust is still cooler. But a lot of burning fire is still inside there, so we have a lot of stuff like, earthquakes, volcanoes, and then therefore, influence the water, and the ocean and all that. And on top of that, some of the planetary humans awakened to their old habit of invention, of the knowledge of destruction and invented some bombs. And testing here, missiles there, H-bomb here, and whatever bomb next there, disturbing the atmosphere, killing the ozone layer, not completely, but injuring the protective layer of our planet, and changing the ecosystem, destroying many things slowly or quickly, some of them irreplaceable.

Many of the species are gone, beautiful ones gone. And no one can replace them again. Not even now, you cannot even order from the older company again. Not old company, no more. Just like some companies, they go bankrupt. Some companies they don't make enough profit, so they close, just like on our planet. So not like you're thinking, "OK, never mind. Maybe another day, maybe we have magical power, we can create that." You do have creation, creative power. Sometimes you can create one human or two. Or one bird or two birds, if you have a pattern, or if you remember what you did before. But it's not the whole species like that. We're going down on the scale of variety, which is many of them are very beneficial to our lives. It beautifies our planet in any case.

It was more beautiful before when the animals didn't eat each other, when we didn't fight with each other, but sometimes out of frustration and being whispered inside inaudibly by these negative wicked beings, then we do bad things. And we don't even know. So, many criminals, so-called criminals have been imprisoned unjustly. The ones who should be punished, or should be imprisoned are these baddies, rotten eggs, wicked, wicked beings from other planets. They've been controlling this planet for many hundreds of thousands of years. And before that, there were different systems at the time. And the last system is mostly gone. Just so much machinery is still around and nobody can destroy it yet to free our planet.

And nobody can stop this poison that's been fed to the souls after they leave the body. Nobody can do it yet, except by the way of the Buddha, by the way of Jesus, direct implementation, direct communication, direct awakening from inside. Outside, we cannot do much. Inside, we can, because we are souls. And souls, there is a passage to connect with each other just like even simple speaking television. You can look at television from thousands of miles away, from across the ocean, over the mountains. So how to talk about the soul cannot communicate, is a joke. It's a joke that a soul cannot communicate with another soul. But we've been blocked. There is a passage here. You can go Home from there. When it's opened, you're free. Once it's opened, you're free! That's it. But you have to continue walking to your Home. Drive, walk, fly, whatever. Go Home. That's it. You're free. After initiation, you're free, free, free! That's all I can do for you. That's all I can promise you. Behave yourself. Be good.

I have to go. I'm a little late already but I go. Thank you. Sorry, the Aulacese (Vietnamese) comrades. I can't speak many languages at one time. Sorry, I don't have time to speak in Formosan (Taiwanese) now. Bye-bye. (Bye.) Take care of one another, OK? (Yes.) Remember to do good. I'm leaving now. I have things to take care of. I have things to do. (Goodbye, Master.) Ciao, ciao, ciao. Ciao, comrades. Pardon me for my leaving. So long. Sorry. I'm sorry. It's very lucky that I can see you today really already. But I have things to do really, really. Not just inside, but outside. You know, right? Nobody is free from work one way or another. Protect me with your meditation. All right? Help me by helping yourself so I don't have to worry about you, I don't have to spend too much of my power and energy on you, and then I can take care of myself better. Capisce? Yeah. Bye bye! Good-bye. Pardon me for my leaving. Sorry. I'm leaving now. We'll see each other some other time. Sorry, guys. I love you. I love you. (Master, we love you.)

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