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Liberation from a System of Rigid Interplanetary Control (P1/2)

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And then out of frustration, many people do wrong things. Otherwise, originally all of you, any of you, all came from very high levels of existence. Some of you have had some other bodies, physical bodies; some of you haven’t. It depends on which planet you come from. But all of the planets that you have come from are much, much, much more sophisticated than this one, much more comfortable.

It's just my fortune that I have to do everything by myself. I cook for myself, clean the house by myself. I also feed myself, wash my own clothes, and even dress myself. It’s really tiring. And I have to drive my own golf cart. It's so tiring. (Master jokes.) How are you? (Master, how are you?) Don't complain about working too hard. It's I who should be complaining. I'm old now, and I still have to put on makeup and dress up. If I don't put on makeup, my face looks too shiny on camera. Everyone has to put on makeup for the camera. It’s not just me. Even presidents have to do the same, you know? OK, where are the would-be initiates? (Over here.) Oh, OK. Originally, I wanted to give you initiation myself, but something urgent came up, so I asked a resident to do it for me. You don't understand? I originally wanted to do it personally today, the initiation. But something came up. Something came up urgently. I mean really, really urgent. Sorry. But the resident will give you initiation. Just think of me. It's the same. At least you can see me here; how many people at initiation time can see me? You're lucky people. Good luck, good luck! That's why I told them to bring you to sit in the front. You want to come sit around here? Come quickly, quickly and quietly. Don't make a lot of noise and dust.

Hi, how are you? (Master, how are you?) Only the new ones, OK? Because they probably won’t have a chance to see me again. Who knows? You've seen me a lot of times. How are you? (Master, how are you?) How are you? [in Aulacese (Vietnamese)] How are you? How are you? [in French] How are you? All is well? [in German] OK, that's all I can. Oh, also Spanish, but there's no Spanish today. Yeah, some Spanish there? How are you? [in Spanish] Fine? Good.

Yeah, I told you last week that recently I met a group of people. They're from France. I met a group of people and one of them liked me very much. I told you already. Because he asked me if I'm married, I said, "No." And if I have a boyfriend, I said, "No." And he said, "Why?" I said, "I'm old. Nobody wants me." So he said, "No, no, it's not true! I want you, I want you." The westerners, when they look at an Asian, they don't know how old, because they look much older than their age. And we're always younger than our age. So they think I'm still very young. And they don't know that I have so many children. I didn't tell anything, of course. I told him that I'm a cave woman, a cave person. It's true. You understand? I live in a cave, right? He doesn't believe that. He was just laughing. The truth is sometimes difficult to believe. It's true. Because I don't look very sophisticated, I'm not high-tech.

OK, OK, let's talk about something in Heaven because this Earth sometimes really, really makes me fed up, frustrated, frustrated. And then out of frustration, many people do wrong things. Otherwise, originally all of you, any of you, all came from very high levels of existence. Some of you have had some other bodies, physical bodies; some of you haven’t. It depends on which planet you come from. But all of the planets that you have come from are much, much, much more sophisticated than this one, much more comfortable. Life is more high standard and very, very well-organized. But unfortunately, any planet is just a planet. There will be a ruler somewhere. And there will be a ruler and there will be a government, and there will be rules and governed society. And then if you are a little bit more smart than the ruler, smarter than the government, smarter than the powers that be there, I mean these planets are not … I'm not talking about a liberated planet. I'm not talking about where you are going, where you're going to be, that I'm going to take you to. That is not a planet. That is spiritual planes of existence and there you don't have to wear a physical body anymore, no matter what shape.

You'll be surprised if you visit some of these planets. They might be very highly sophisticated in technology, superior. Everything we have here, even the best now, is still garbage from other planets. The reason, the proof that you came from a highly, more highly sophisticated planet, and a better quality of life is that you are here. Because if it's not for that, you would never be able to come here. You're sent here, you're exiled here by high technology and by some soup that you drank before you came, they forced you to do it. Every country knows this kind of soup. It's famous. They all drink it, and some people remember. Some people maybe drink the last one and there's only very little left, so they still have a little memory. Anyway, these planets, they are mostly very rigid in nature, very orderly. They don't like any revolutionaries, they don't like new ideas, they don't like genius, not too much. If you don't work with the government, and are not devoted to that god, that ruler god, then you are in trouble. Maybe they warn you at the time, or maybe they just send you down somewhere else, somewhere else that's not in their planet. They don't like anything that gives rise to ideas of changing the system, or usurps the throne, or something like that. Just almost like in our planet, except they have more technology to control, and there's nothing the ordinary citizen there can do, except to accept that situation or to be gone somewhere else.

Many people on this planet, sometimes they are awakened or sometimes they remember in their dreams or their vision what they have done before. They remember the technology. But even if they remember, the technologies here can never compare to the original planet where they came from. The planet where they came from, they have also invisible beings and visible beings. The invisible beings have more power than the visible beings and more prestige. And therefore they control, like first-class citizens. And the ones with the physical bodies, normally are doing mundane work, and kind of nothing very important in the society. And woe to this lowly class in those planets if they try something different that upsets the government there or the ruler. Then they will be exiled to, for example, our planet.

Before, we were even more controlled by some of the other planet systems. They have higher technology. They have higher power of hypnotism, so they make us forget everything and we cannot get out of this planet at all except by any Master who comes down and takes you by the inner road, not outside. But any Master who comes down here suffers a lot, a lot or dies early like Lord Jesus. Even Buddha, at that time he suffered a lot, a lot. Slander or injury, and sometimes starvation and all kinds of trouble, just to name a few. Because these people, these Masters, they're trying hard to help those who are really desperate to go Home, because they don't know where they came from.

Just tell me where you came from. Do you know where you came from? Are you sure? Mr. Darwin, he said we came from monkeys. It's not true. We don't look anything like monkeys, do we? Maybe some, but … one or two or three. But not truly like that. Even those people, there are some people who look like maybe, I don't know, orangutans, or monkeys a little bit, primates, look like. Not because they came from the monkeys, or they evolved from the monkeys. It's just because they are made, in this image.

In our planet, we have many companies. We make computers, computer companies, software companies. And nowadays, they even try to make a sheep-cloning company. Soon they might be cloning humans. I don't know what kind of Frankenstein they are going to make, but they are trying to be God. They are trying to feel like a god. So anyway, because they remember on some other planets before, they used to make something that works, that runs, that talks like us, or like the animals that we see. These companies, when we still had this inter-galaxy system connecting, before the Galaxy War, we had an inter-planetary system that people can order stuff, just like you order a computer from Microsoft or Apple. You can order online or go there and look at the goods and then OK or not OK to buy.

So in the old times, many planets, similar to ours, which were empty, when the planet began to cool, when any galaxy’s comet, or any so-called clump of gasses gathered together and then began to cool down and then solidified, became a planet like this. Then, it was empty. There may be some microbes or small things, I don't know what. But it was too hot and gassy. Nobody can … No solid ground to walk on or to do anything. And then many planet people began to control that planet, the new one. Anybody can go first and get it, just like we have a new land or something like that, we claim for us. Even people nowadays claim the moon and sell it, sell one piece at a time. Yeah, Americans. Don't you know? You can buy the moon. Not the whole thing, it’s too expensive. But you can buy a piece of it. Depends on where and then how much it costs. Really! There're some movie stars, they even bought them. I was thinking to buy some in case I'm fed up with you, I'd run over there and hide. No, but what for? I don't mind. I like this planet. It's OK.

Wherever I go, I just like it there. Truly, it’s like that. And this is a problem with me that if I go somewhere, I don't like to move anywhere else. Unless I have trouble, or unless I have to go for some reason, I don't want to go anywhere, be it a cave, a natural cave with just very sparing water, or be it just a beautiful building or be it on the sea or on the mountain, somewhere that people don't even want to stay, even in a desert. I lived in a desert once. I never wanted to move anywhere, because it just felt comfortable right there. I lived in a cave and then some of the residents told me, "Why don't you live in the other house? It's more comfortable. It was built for you." I said, "I'm just so used to it." So lazy to keep moving things. Caves don't have a lot of things but still have to move. Moving house is one of the four major stresses. You know that, right? I'm not moving from my cave.

So I told that man I'm a cave person and he just laughed. Anyways, it's true. OK, never mind about that. I just wanted to scare him off. But he didn’t understand. I didn’t want to tell him who I am and what I do, so I stopped right there. If he knew, maybe he’d be scared off. But I don't want to just tell anybody where I'm going. I prefer to be anonymous. It's more comfortable. People treat you normally. They aren’t over-acting or under-acting. They don't tell you a lot of stuff that you don't want to listen to.

OK, now. OK, we go back to the apes, King Kong. If somebody happens to look like, one of our primate friends, that doesn't mean that his parents evolved from there, or have anything to do with King Kong. You look at the movie. It's not like that. It's not like he loves Jane and he took care of her. Then maybe some little King Kongs will come out of it. It's not like that. No. We cannot evolve from animals because they're different, different makeup. The soul is the same. Just maybe the different shapes. OK, fine. We don't have to evolve from the animals because we already are human. We are made in human shape, so our DNA stays human. And if we pass on to the next generation, it is the same DNA. It's human's. Capisco? Capisce? Capisco? Understand? OK, so the reason why that guy or that girl looks like one of our primates is because he or she came from the same company that made humans and apes, these King Kongs at the same time -- same company, same artist, same artist. Therefore, he likes it that way. So he made apes and humans, sometimes look similar. So sometimes we look at the monkey and we look at ourselves and thought, "Ah, look the same." It's not like I came from there.

And many of the… mostly, 99% of you and people out there and animals are space-shipped from somewhere else. Came to the planet, when the planet was still in the virginity of the creative pattern. And then, first they have dinosaurs and all that, OK. And they feel that it's not very good and then they make a flood or troubles so that the dinosaurs die out. And then the planet rulers, or inhabitants, invisible at that time, can fly, can have magic, can do many things, but feel lonely. They need something else. They don't need dinosaurs anymore. So they order some other things. So it's up to the artists to create something and then they go and look whether they like it or not. So they like, many planets like us, like this kind of look, it's very fashionable. You'd be surprised because many planets don't have people like us. They have physical beings. Just maybe they can walk and talk or do things like us.

Many also like us, but before humans were created, they were not like that. They looked different. Maybe … I don't know how to explain to you. Maybe you can look at Lucas, planet war of, how do you say, I forgot. "Star Wars" something like that. Looks similar! OK, truly. So we, the humans, are the most beautiful creation. Truly, like that. Oh, I've seen them, they are not as pretty. I mean, my opinion. Of course, the beauty is in the eyes of the admirers, surely, surely. But I think in my opinion, still humans are the most beautiful of all the physical beings. The most complete, with delicate nerve system, with intelligence, with creative power, even with magical power.

So you know, some people still have magical power. It's true like that. Because they came from other planets which have magic, who use magic all the time for anything. So some of them are here and somehow they are awakened to their ability. It's just awakened in them by some of the extraordinary circumstances or they go to learn with some elderly who already know the magic and the lineage, and then they already have it in them, awakened in them. All of you really also, some more or less have some magical power. But you are already locked in. You're already erased. All the memory of who you are and where you came from, and what you can do, it's all finished.

So that's why at the time of initiation, I told you if you have magic power, don't use it. If you're awakened to it, don't use it. Because then you might be attracted back to your planet, which is not an enlightened planet. Enlightened planets, they don't need to use magic. Everything is natural. Like Jesus. Somebody touched his clothes, and then they're healed from a very grave disease. And they praised him and thanked him. He said, "Your faith healed you," or "God healed you through me." He doesn't use it. So anything that you derive from me before or after initiation, or during initiation, it's because it all came out naturally. They don't even need to recite any mantra or do any mudra or do anything on purpose to heal that or this person or to help this and that person.

This is too troublesome if you have to use magic. It's too limited, limited. You can only use it for some people, maximum maybe ten people. But you cannot use it for anybody anytime, in any situation and automatically, you know, doesn't take even a nanosecond to happen. Magic power, it takes longer and you have to practice a very long time to memorize this mantra to do this posture, all kinds of things, for many, many, many years in order to master that, except some people who have a natural, magical ability, because they were awakened to their own nature before; before they came to this planet. Maybe they're just new arrivals from other planets, being exiled, sent down, and cannot return.

Anyone who is sent to this planet is doomed forever. Stay here, do whatever you do, try not to make trouble, because if you make trouble, you'll have more trouble. You never can return to your own planet because they rejected you already. That is the problem. That's why you cannot go back, except a Master who comes down from a higher level, knows the way, and knows the secret, and has enough power to do it. Because this planet is locked in with this … all kind of high-tech power that it seems like magic, but it's not. This planet, this we so-called … the one we so-called Maya or devil power, they are not really devil powers. They just have technique. They just have mind power, control power.

They learned it. You can learn also. Many people can teach you: hypnosis or walk on the hot coals without burning. You know all that, right? Many people can also teach you how to make rain when it's not raining, and can make wind or can make trouble, or something like that. Sometimes earthquake or typhoon out of season or out of nowhere, because some people are playing havoc, making havoc on the planet, just for fun or for some reason or maybe competition, or just to harm somebody. And other bystanders also get trouble and get harmed by it. Anyway, I don't recommend you to learn any of this kind of magic, even white magic. White magic, meaning, if you have it, you cannot not use it. Very difficult to control. And even white magic is interfering with nature, with the natural flow, and then it will backfire.

At the moment, sometimes the other planets, they send bad vibes to our Earth or to other planets just to cause trouble for some reason. Or sometimes they want to take some human body to live inside there. That's why some people, they look like they're possessed or something. There is something like that. And they control the minds of the people, sometimes they make them do some terrible things. When they wake up or they're awakened, they don't even remember what they did at all. Truly like that. Anyway, why I'm talking so much about something that you don't want to hear, right? Do you want to continue listening? (Yes.) OK, now, even if you want to go back Home, even if you remember something and you want to go back Home, you can't. As soon as you get out of the body, some high-tech personnel will catch you, catch the essence of you, the soul, and then put you back in another body again, and make you forget again. The magical power of this kind of mind control only lasts around a hundred-something years. Therefore, they don't let you live long even. If you live long, something will happen also, make you die quick. There are some extraordinary people who can live longer. It's true also. But that doesn't mean they're liberated from this physical planet.

Oh! By the way, in our planet we also have invisible beings. You know that? Right? We call "ghosts" or "spirits." A lot of people see them. The same like other planets also, there are some invisible and visible beings. But not all of the planets look like us. And when they come down here, maybe they can use magic for a while to make them look like you or like a beautiful girl for a while, but they cannot keep that forever, because it's illusion. Or they can push the soul of somebody away and then they take over that body and then cause trouble or do something. Sometimes not trouble, sometimes trouble. I mean, take the body of a live person, not a dead person.

If the person is dead already, it doesn't matter. Nobody owns that body, the body becomes useless. Then, maybe if you want to use it, OK, for some good purpose. But sometimes they just push people away because they have power, and that's what I don't like. They harassed our planet's people. That's what I don't like. That's why we have war and we have suffering and we have a lot of trouble. That's what I don't like. That's why we have bad government, control-freak governments, for example. And that's what I don't like, because people suffer. People suffer enough already that they have to inhabit this body and never can get rid of it. I mean, if they die, they get another one, and they don't even remember the life they just passed, not to talk about the life hundreds or thousands or millions of light years away from here, because they've been poisoned. They've been mind-controlled to forget. Because if they remember, they will come back and revenge. I doubt it if they will be successful because the government-control system is so tight, tighter than any of the systems on this planet.

If you think any of the governments on this planet are very fanatic or very controlling, it's nothing compared to what they control in some of the planets. They cannot tolerate even one inch of difference, of rebellious style, or of some creativity that they deem unfit. And then they will exile that person or that group forever here or another similar planet. But here is more easy. Here is more easy. Many other planets, they have high-tech already. They control their border. They don't let anybody come in. Just same like this one, same like this one.

Before, before … a long time ago, maybe thousands of years ago, they put up this kind of … just say radar system. Because I don't know how to explain this; some kind of borders all around the planet. And only the people they want to be here can be here, even the ones, the agents who work for them, and all that. Otherwise, no one can come and go. But now that kind of system, that kind of, we call "Maya" or "devil system," "devil controllers," is being almost kicked out by some other planets with more high-tech. But then, still, their system, the control system, the radar that they put, the invisible radar, the superior quality, superior high tech that none of the planets, other planets, have been able to break through. Therefore, we're all imprisoned here: me, you. Except we can go in and out sometimes in our soul, and that is important.

After today, after initiation, your soul is free. You are a free man, free woman, free being, absolute. But make sure you adhere to the guidance. The guidelines, so that you don't give excuses to these bad, troublemaker beings who can control you again. Because they have rules everywhere. And once they control you again, it's difficult to meet a Master or somebody who can guide you back. The Master doesn't guide you back to where you came from. It would be gruesome. They will execute you. They will persecute you. They will make trouble for you. So, we bring you to a better one. The enlightened, free, and compassionate, merciful. I mean, in that world, there's no … not even the vocabulary of compassion or merciful, because there's no need! It's just normal like that.

Yeah, when I was in the Himalayas, sometimes I wanted to listen to this Master talk and that Master talk, and always some other kids – not my kids even! – next to me and they want to play with me. All the kids, they come and sit next to me and want to pluck my things and play with me and want to kiss and that ... I cannot do anything! Because if you scold them, they will say you're harassing the kids. They don't know they are harassing me. I cannot hear anything! Yeah, one time even I was with the Dalai Lama and I wanted to listen to what he was talking about. At that time, I roamed around the Ganges River and the Himalayas. I went from one ashram to another, listening. And many kids always come around me. They want to play with me. And I'm supposed to be a good Bodhisattva, Truth seeker, I can't do anything. I have to bear it all. And I'm angry inside, so boiling, but I can't do anything in front of all the monks and the Dalai Lama, and many other practitioners, holy people from around the world. I was just like a victim, a very, very suppressed victim.

Where was I? Where was I? What was I talking about? What? Ah, OK, keep the rules. Keep the rules on this planet. Do not harm others. Not harm, including killing, of course. Not just killing, but harming also no good. Not harming people, not stealing, not tell lie, not … Not doing bad bodily contact. Not doing any bad, woman or man anatomy, body anatomy study too closely. And what else? Don't take intoxicants. If you do at the moment, try to do it slowly, slowly, slowly, quickly avoid. Anyhow, keep the rules so that the Maya, the devil force doesn't notice you too much. Because they're already so used to with punishing people who don't keep the rules, even ridiculous rules on their planets. So don't provoke their attention.

That's why a lot of Masters when they come down on the planet, they normally don't openly teach disciples. Unless they want to die quick and die young. Most of them die young, die quick, or die horrible death. Even in India, some Sikh Masters have been harassed to death, and losing everything they have, and their life also, in such a horrible way; many Masters are like that. They know they have to be quiet, because even the greatest, the most powerful Master comes here – he's alone, cannot take too many people down here to help him.

Besides, take whoever come down here, they will forget. They'll forget what they're supposed to do, including the Master himself, herself, in the beginning. And then it's very hard for that Master to wake up even. So, you see, most Masters don't wake up until in their 20s or 30s. They're not born and then immediately sit there and teaching everybody. Did you see any? Well, even if they do that, the government probably will take that Master away, put into some laboratory to poke and probe them to see what happened to this kid. What happened? What kind of kid? Must be a devil incarnate. And that kid cannot live long, I assure you that. You know that, right? So, mostly the Masters teach very quietly, to small numbers of disciples. Even at the Buddha's time, he already taught openly enough, but his disciples amounted to maybe thousands, ten thousand, the max. Maybe at that time, the transportation, the communication systems were not as good as now also, which play a big role. But, nowadays, even many Masters, they don't go very far, they don't open too much.

And if anyone is open, if he's a real Master, if he teaches the real liberation, if he really saves souls, then he has a hell of a life. Any real Master has a hell of a life. Even not die, but die and live again, die and live again. Sometimes sick or something, like 90 percent almost dead already and then come back again. It's not easy because this planet has been controlled by this kind of force, controlling force, extreme force, dictatorship kind of system. And we have been shifted down here, by them. More or less, we still belong to them, still under their control. And at the moment, some planetary meetings are going on, often, to think of a way to do something, to invent, trying their best to invent something to break this spell. Because we don't know technology, so we think it is a kind of spell, it's a curse, or it's a kind of magic. It's not. Really, just high tech.

So, I'm not scared of them. Whatever they do, it's just high tech. What's the big deal? I also don't know computers. I couldn't even move a mouse, but I'm not scared of computer technology, all right? They have theirs, I have mine. I don't need computers. I have people who can work on computer for me if I need. I rarely need anything. I don't contact anybody. I have hardly the time. And now I don't have a telephone as well. Wow! Freedom of technology. I don't have anybody around me, really like that. If anybody's around me at all, they're making more trouble than help. So I have to work alone. Sometimes I wish I have one person, at least, around me just for some convenience, drive car quickly, and … So I don't have to call a taxi, I don't have to wait in the rain for the car or for the taxi. But I just can't. Up to now I don't find anybody who I can get on with well. Yeah, because they take too much of this mental derangement system from other controlling powers and they feel confused around here.

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