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Love is the Only Redemption: Selections from “The World’s Advance Thought” – a Periodical by Lucy A. Mallory (vegetarian), Part 1 of 2

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“The Spirited Monthly Newspaper – The World’s Advance Thought” was a monthly periodical founded by Lucy A. Mallory in 1886. The paper’s motto was “Love is the way, the truth, and the life.” Mrs. Lucy Mallory contributed her own spiritual writings as well as the inspired contributions of others. She served as writer, editor and publisher of the paper, which had an international readership that included renowned Russian author and vegetarian Leo Tolstoy. Through this uplifting publication, Lucy Mallory highlighted themes that emphasized the “inner light” of the human being. She also advocated vegetarianism for its loving kindness to other beings.

We now share with you selections from the periodical “The World’s Advance Thought”: THE UNCLEAN SÉANCE “If one would have satisfactory converse with those in Spirit Life, one must be clean in spirit, mind and body, and you must be in a peaceful, loving condition – then will one find the greatest joy in life: the certainty of being again united with the loved ones gone before. Every Good on Earth must have its foundation well built on Earth. You, who expect a Heaven by despising the Earth, are like the seed hanging in the sunshine – it always remains a seed, because it cannot grow where it is and produce a heavenly blossom. It must go down into the dirt and transform it and create its higher growth (Heaven) out of it.”

VOICE OF PROPHECY “We must be pure before we can enter in The Light of Lights, the Innermost of Peace; No scars can mar the exquisite outlines Of jewels that adorn the Crown of Life, Nor shadows dim their sun-lustrous splendor. Watch, then; the slightest thoughtless act May spoil your Gems that else had been perfect, And close to you the peerless Gates of Bliss That open to the touch of Perfect Love. The Lord will bless and prosper you! The Bridge between the two worlds will soon be completed! The Soul-Sun of Divine Light is going to burst upon a world of darkness! The love of Humanity is dependent on self-improvement. When one does not love himself – makes no effort to bring uppermost the best within him – he is very likely to dislike everybody else. There is no devil that torments people. The ill-will they themselves create in others by their inharmonious, dishonest and unjust conduct is the tormentor that will inevitably, nemesis-like, dodge their footsteps until they transform it all into harmony.”

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