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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 227 - Prophecies on the Reappearance of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Great Saint of the Tao

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“The name of the Great Lord of Great Peace is LI. Who will appear to the world on MARCH 6 IN REN-CHEN YEAR.”

In ancient Taoist texts such as “Scripture of Lord Lao on Reciting the Precepts” or the “Scripture of Great Peace,” ‘Li Hong’ is depicted as one of the incarnations of Master Lao Tzu (vegan). In Taoism, Li Hong is foretold to appear at the end of the world cycle in order to rescue specific people. It is said that he would reappear during times of chaos and upheaval.

“When Lord Lao shall reign, Li Hong will manifest and appear.” “The name of the Great Lord of Great Peace is LI. Who will appear to the world on MARCH 6 IN REN-CHEN YEAR.”

Master referred to Her maiden name a couple of times, in comparison to the famed Chinese actress Li Li Hua, (Lí Lệ Hoa.) As we discovered in previous episodes, Supreme Master Ching Hai came down to the Earth in Ren Chen year – in the year of 1952, when Her prepared body was 2 years old. And the date of Her arrival was March 6th, as it is repeatedly foretold in Taoist scriptures. (Master said: that was the date to connect with the world, also to empower the child’s presence, not the birth date.)

Various Taoist scriptures tell us more about Lord Li Hong and the role that this great Master will play in being a Savior to the world. It is prophesied that when the Perfect Lord appears, His Heavenly Light will shine upon the universe. All the evil will be annihilated, while all the good will be saved, become the “seed people” and practice to attain immortality. “[…] His Heavenly Light will always be shining, and His wise discernment will examine clearly and thoroughly the sun, moon and stars. He will thus annihilate the evil, and save the compassionate and benevolent from floods and fires. They will be the ‘seed people.’ Those who start to learn (the Tao) will be immortal envoys, and those who attain the Tao will become immortal officials.”

(What inspired Master to honor the Sun through Her recent photography in the current Between Master and Disciples series?) Because He is honorable. (Yes, definitely.) He’s a lifesaver for this planet. He’s saved billions, trillions of us since forever. (Yes.) And continues. Maybe one day He will dim out, then what do you think? (We will cease to exist.) We are finished. So the Sun is great for what we can see from the planet. He’s great for us.”

“And the Moon itself is a spiritual great being – same with the Sun. The Sun is a great, great, great, great spiritual being, who manifests himself to help our planet, to nourish all beings on our Earth. The beings in the Sun also help the great being of the Sun to protect our planet, to help all things to grow, and to send us happiness. All they do is just send us bliss and happiness and love. They exist just for that. And the Moon beings, they are also beautiful. They also love us very much. I have seen the Moon smile at me many, many times, and I even have a witness, and he is still alive.

We always have to be thankful to the Sun and the Moon and the stars. They are all great beings, all great beings. They are there to make us happy, happy. (Thank You.) And remind us of the glories of Heaven. Glorious Heaven, shining, beautiful Heaven. (Thank You, Master.) Welcome, love.”

A more detailed prophecy recorded in the Annals of the Superior Purity Future Saint Lord Tao foretells that the calamities of End Times will wipe out all evildoers. The good will be saved and planted as “seed people” who will prosper in the new world. “Both before and after the Chia-Shen year, the good will be planted as seed people and the remaining mortals will be wiped out. Pandemics and floods will wash over them; weapons and fire will circle below them. All evil will be eradicated at once; all the violent will be destroyed. […] In the following Ren-Chen year, on March 6, the Holy Lord will descend, and the light will shine upon hundreds of billions of beings.” “He will elevate the virtuous as seed people, and those who learn with Him as immortal officials.”

In Taoist tradition, it is widely known that the good beings will be distinguished, saved and elevated as “seed people” who will practice and later become immortals. Eventually they will ascend to the “Heaven of Seed People,” also known as “Heaven of the Saints’ Disciples,” which is located between the ephemeral Three Worlds and the highest Three Heavens where the Three Pure Ones reside.

Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) promises liberation in one lifetime to those who come to be Her disciple and practice diligently. This means to go above the transient three realms, thus not coming back to the cycle of life and death, and away from the world of suffering. And some of those who practiced with Her, witnessed in their inner visions that they were working with Her to help sentient beings. Could this be the meaning of ‘learn as immortal officials’?

“(Among Master’s disciples, many are ancient Masters who came down to help Her. For example, an initiated brother from Taiwan [Formosa] was Master Hongren, the fifth Patriarch of Zen Buddhism in his past life. I was Sengcan, the third Patriarch. This initiated brother and I both came down from the third star of the Big Dipper – Phecda. We are soul brothers. As for Sister Chichi, she told me that there are 12 Heavenly Generals in the seventh star of the Big Dipper, and a total of 7 of those Heavenly Generals reincarnated on Earth to help Master. Most of Them are abroad currently. The Big Dipper is the first constellation created in the Universe, and each Leader of each Star has high commanding Power in the Universe.)”

But more recently Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) revealed that She created a New Realm called “New Land” far above the Fifth Heaven, which was believed to be the highest Heaven any mortal would be able to reach until then.

“I have created a special area, a special spiritual land for all of you and whoever, under the wings, under my wings. (Thank You, Master!) The Fifth Level is only a station that you go to, and then you’ll be whisked to a very special area beyond, better than the Fifth Level. (Wow!) […] But that plane of existence, even though beyond and better than the Fifth Level, is only for the worthy ones. The ones who really have faith in the Master.

This newly created Heavenly Realm is on the 11th realm, between the Shadow Universe and Ihôs Kih, the Home of Tim Qo Tu. Tim Qo Tu is the True Identity of Supreme Master Ching Hai, the Most High of the whole Cosmos. Could this “New Land” be the “Heaven of Seed People” or “Heaven of the Saints’ Disciples” mentioned in the Taoist scriptures?

“(Master, about this place that You created, where is it, exactly?) It is between the 11th Level and the Ihôs Kih, in that buffer zone. And because the created soul, even though my so-called disciples, cannot go and stay in the Original Universe, because they have nothing to do there anyway, but they could visit. Short periods, like a week or so. Because if they stay long, they cannot bear the energy over there, it’s too strong. (Yes, Master. Understand.) But the Godses come up and down and visit all the time, and I am there. (Wow! Thank You, Master.)”

We deeply thank Master Lao Tzu, the Lord Lao and other Taoist Masters for leaving such prophecies and warnings to guide us to Him again through these difficult times. Our deepest gratitude for Supreme Master Ching Hai for Her tireless efforts and sacrifices that She is making for sentient beings.

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