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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 217 - Prophecies on the Reappearance of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Great Saint of the Tao

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“The Taoist Priest will transform the ignorant and make them accept the Three Caverns so that they will escape from the nine calamities and avoid the disasters.”

In the Divine Incantations Scripture, Supreme Lord Tao reveals that at the time of Great Catastrophe, a Great Saint from Heaven will appear to save all beings from calamities. Hes will establish the doctrine of Three Caverns, namely the revelations from the Three Pure Heavenly Lords of Taoism to penetrate and realize the entire Truth. The Three Pure Heavenly Lords of Taoism are – the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure and the Heavenly Lord of Tao and Virtue, the Creators of the Universe, and all three of Them are the manifestations of Master Lao Tzu.

“At the time, there will be a Taoist Priest Who will establish the doctrine of Three Caverns. All celestial beings will come to protect and assist Hirm.”

The “Three Caverns,” also known as the first Taoist Canon, is the compilation of teachings of the Three Pure Heavenly Lords. Hence the Taoist Priest is the One who will spread these doctrines of Taoism of the Heavenly Lords.

“This Person comes from Heaven. Seeing that the world is filled with chaos and evils, He Himself seeks the Tao of immortals to save all people.”

The revelation also reveals that the Taoist Priest who descended from Heaven, will seek the Tao to save all people.

In Her youth, Supreme Master Ching Hai felt devastated as She learned of and witnessed the immense suffering that people had to go through in this world. While searching for an encompassing solution to this suffering, She journeyed to the Himalayas, and after 2 years of sincere seeking, finally attained enlightenment, the Ultimate Tao.

“The Taoist Priest will transform the ignorant and make them accept the Three Caverns so that they will escape from the nine calamities and avoid the disasters.”

Ever since sincere seekers came to Her door repeatedly to ask for enlightenment, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been teaching those who came to seek refuge from Her, accepting them as Her disciples, and transmitting the teaching that will lead them to attain the Tao. Anyone who accepts the teaching of this Great Master will be protected by celestial beings and able to escape from calamities.

“If you can appreciate and practice the teaching and doctrine of the Three Caverns, I [Supreme Lord Lao] will send celestial beings and mighty warriors to drive out these (epidemic) ghosts so they don’t harass you.”

As revealed by the COVID chief, all disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai, who practice sincerely and diligently, will be free from COVID infection.

“I said, ‘Then what would save people from COVID?’ So, he told me. I wrote here ‘CV chief.’ CV means COVID chief. ‘Disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai.’! (Wow.) I put an exclamation mark. (Wow.) I read to you the way it is, with commas, and periods and all. (Yes, Master. Wow.) I said, ‘Thanks for your respect. But some of them, my so-called disciples, also got COVID still. Why?’ So, the COVID chief said, ‘Because they are not worthy.’ (Wow!)

I continued to grill him. I was upset. So I said, ‘What categorized them as not worthy?’ So CV chief said, ‘Not seriously practicing.’ (Oh!) So, I asked him, ‘Like which way?’ CV chief said, ‘Not diligently meditate, not respect Your teaching, not peace with Your worthy disciples.’ (Wow!) Maybe they quarrel with some of the elder, senior disciples who are better, who know better and probably point out some of their shortcomings or tell them to be better than that, and they probably get mad at them. (Right.) (Wow.) It’s always the same. People are not grateful when you teach them anything because their ego hurts. (Yes.)

And I said, ‘Thanks, for your info. I will try to convey this to them. (Oh.) So sad anyway.’ (Oh. Yes, Master.)”

“(…During my meditation, I saw tens of thousands of white pearls and yellow pearls [precious beads] that Master gave to fellow initiates. The stacking of white and yellow pearls turned into long-legged soldiers with long spears in their hands. Tens of thousands of these pearl soldiers with mighty strength and tremendous fighting power gather in front of us to confront obstacles, resist the invasion of viruses, and protect us.

However, if our thoughts, speech, and behavior are not pure, or we are not doing well in spiritual practice, these soldiers will become short, plump, and short-legged, with just physical energy. Their combat power is weaker, so we can easily be invaded by a virus and karma, and thus they provide less protection for us. …)”

As described, those who follow Supreme Master Ching Hai, receive initiation from Her, and diligently adhere to their spiritual practice, are protected. At the time of initiation, the new disciples are given the “Five Precepts” to keep, which, when followed, helps to protect them from incurring undesirable karma that will confine them in the lower worlds. The precepts include following a vegan diet and lifestyle which helps spiritual practitioners to avoid the killing karma, one of the sins that carry the heaviest karma.

Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed that if someone keeps the precepts, there are at least 5 angels around each person to help and protect them.

“As you and I are sitting here, you are not aware of so much blessing you have from the deities of the Heaven, from the angels that surrounding the good people. For example, you don’t kill, you don’t steal, you don’t tell lie, you don’t have extramarital relationship, you don’t take intoxicants, like drug, alcohol, etc., you keep your life straight like this, you have five angels always around you to protect you. The more discipline you keep, the more angels you have.

The new disciples are also given the “Five Holy Names” and are advised to recite them silently during meditation and also throughout the day, as a direct protection from negative energy or lowly beings. All enlightened Masters and Prophets since time immemorial have taught the Five Holy Names that bears the spiritual Power of the Master to Their disciples as protection and support for inner concentration.

“(Once I accidentally ate a bag of vegetarian instant noodle, that doesn’t say ‘vegan’ on the bag. Then when I meditated, I dropped to a lower level. Then I realized that instant noodle, even though it says vegetarian, but it is not pure. So I fell down to the lower world which I didn’t like at all. So I recited the Five Names. And as I recited these Names, those beings knelt down and bowed to me. I was shocked and thought, ‘I only recited the Five Names, and everyone bows to me.’ So I recited the Five Names. I told myself that I don’t need to recite the Gift. I just recited the Five Names and I was out of that place. After that, I meditated two hours on the Sound. Then I went to a better world.)”

“(One night, when I fell asleep after meditation, suddenly, a huge circular hole began to open in the sky. And a huge devil was leaning out of the hole! It was like a movie or something! I desperately kept shouting the Five Holy Names. I really realized that the human world is infested with huge devils. On the other hand, we humans are very vulnerable and helpless. I truly could perceive the enormous karma of the human world. Holding the S.M. Celestial Jewelry ‘UNITED’ designed by Master over the devil, I kept screaming the Five Holy Names! Then the hole that opened widely in the sky gradually closed, and the devil was sealed in again.)”

“(In the autumn of 2019, I had a special dream. My whole neighborhood was full of demons in the form of monkeys. Over the terrace, I could see these black monkey demons clinging all over the apartment windows while thumping on them to get into the house. It looked so intimidating that I even felt staying in the house wasn't safe at all. All of my family instinctively fled to the room where my father usually meditates. My father recited the Five Holy Names he learned by heart, and the whole house was filled with light in a moment. And all the evil spirits disappeared in an instant as if they were not there at all. It was such a vivid dream which I thought had a spiritual message, so I kept remembering it. Last year when COVID-19 started to break out all over the world, I could finally understand the meaning of this dream.)”

I have told you that the Five (Holy) Names are very, very important, very powerful. Even if you are in hell, if you remember it, you will be released. Remember that? The names of the five Gods of the Five Worlds… Within the Five Worlds, They are kings. So anybody hears Their names, they really bow down. Then nobody can touch you. It’s a real protection, not just in physical life but in hell and in Heaven, anywhere, whatever universe you go. Please treasure it.

Keep your precepts. And practice, remembering Master, remember the Five (Holy) Names so that in the time of trouble, emergency, you will habitually remember that. Then you can be saved. You must save yourself then, in that situation. Because in some situations, the Master can come to save you. Some situations are so grave, you have to call on the Master for help. Or the Five Holy Names. Then you’re out, immediately.”

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