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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 210 - Prophecies on the Reappearance of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Great Saint of the Tao

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“In the Chinese Ren-Chen year, the Perfect Lord will appear to the world. Thirty million people, only one is the Lord.”

Today, we will explore more clues from the Taoist scriptures, describing how to find Lao Tzu in His reincarnated form. Several Taoist scriptures describe revelations in which Master Lao Tzu is prophesied to reappear as the Perfect Lord at a time of upheaval and chaos. His role is to restore the balance of Heaven and Earth, bringing forth an era of great joy and peace.

One particular script is the “Cavernous Abyss Divine Incantations Scripture of the Supreme,” or “Divine Incantations Scripture.” According to the Taoist priest Du Guangting, who lived during the end of the Tang Dynasty, the scripture was received by Wang Zuan, a Taoist Master living at the end of the Western Jin Dynasty. At that time, China was beset by famine and plague, and people suffered miserably. One day, Wang Zuan was in the contemplating room, praying to Heaven on behalf of the people, when Supreme Lord Tao appeared to him. Supreme Lord Tao revealed the “Divine Incantations Scripture” to him and ordered Him to act according to it to save the people.

In the “Divine Incantations Scripture,” Supreme Lord Tao speaks about the period of the End and the New Era to come. Hes reveals that, in the year of Ren-Chen, following the calamity of Chia-Shen, the Perfect Lord will appear to rid the world of turmoil and renew Heaven and Earth. Hes will rule the world as King, and the world will be in great joy.

The Tao says: “[...] The calamity of the Chia-Shen will arise, and the world will be in great chaos. The world will be rid of turmoil, and Heaven and Earth will be renewed. Therefore, the Perfect Lord will appear. [...]”

The timing of the Chia-Shen corresponds to the traditional Chinese Lunar calendar, which has a 60-year cycle. Each year has its corresponding element, zodiac sign, Celestial Stem, and Earthly Branch. Chia-Shen is the 21st year within the 60-year cycle, which corresponds to the year 1944 in the Gregorian calendar. We believe this is the prophesied year of calamity.

In 1944, World War II was at its peak. This conflict, which involved many countries, cost the world 70 to 85 million fatalities, including grievous deaths during the Holocaust and the loss of life due to advanced weaponry, including atomic bombs. The Second Sino-Japanese war had also already begun. This war involved China and is considered the beginning of World War II in Asia. Eventually, World War II officially concluded in 1945.

The prophecy goes on to say that the world is about to become free from turmoil and that the time will come when ‘Heaven and Earth will be renewed.’ For this, the Perfect Lord will appear. The Perfect Lord was foretold to appear in the year of Ren-Chen.

“In the Chinese Ren-Chen year, the Perfect Lord will appear to the world. Thirty million people, only one is the Lord.”

The only Ren-Chen year that occurred in the 20th century was the year 1952. Most notably, Supreme Master Ching Hai descended to the world from Above in 1952. Although Her body was born in 1950, a Fifth-Level saint was in stewardship of the body for a short time to raise the vibration until the soul of Supreme Master Ching Hai entered it in the prophesied Ren-Chen year.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has shared the fascinating story of Her present incarnation: “I have borrowed the body when it’s already incapable, to come. First, the Fifth Level person came and took up the body, cleaned up the body, and then at two years old, he left. Then I took over. But before that, of course, I came at the birth day, at the birth also, to have a look. But I had no contact with the physical body of the mother. Only after. Before that, came and looked, together, with the Fifth Level saint. But after the soul left the body already, then this soul of the Master took over that body.”

“Thirty million people” could be referring to the whole population of the Western Qin Dynasty, which was known to be around 35 million. Hence, it could have been used as a metaphor that the Perfect Lord will be the one and only in the entire world. We believe that Supreme Master Ching Hai is the prophesied reincarnation of Lao Tzu, the Perfect Lord who has sacrificed to come to our world and fulfill the noble mission of ushering in the New Era, or the renewal of Heaven and Earth.

During His noble life, Master Lao Tzu was a beacon of light to His followers. Indeed, He gave them the following assurance: “If you focus your mind on Me night and day, I will not ignore you; If you think of Me even in eating or dreams, I will see your faith.”

This promise could be rephrased as the following: “Think of Me day and night, or recite My name. Remember My teachings, and I shall never neglect you. Keep Me in your heart at all time, even in your dreams, then I shall know and feel your strong faith.”

During the present tumultuous times, Supreme Master Ching Hai has conveyed a similar message to Her disciples: “Many humans, or the majority of humans will not survive. The end will come, sooner, even. How soon also depends on humans’ behavior, repentance, and U-turn or not. But you, my so-called initiates, disciples, please, take good care of yourself. Please make sure all your food is pure vegan. If it’s not, if you are not sure, if in doubt, better don’t eat it. … Pray in your heart, meditate with all diligence. Please. This is all I can tell you. Not much more I can. The Hour, the end, might come sooner than you expect, than anyone expects. Even if you are my disciples, you must be diligent, practice well, and if you can, tell all your relatives and friends to be vegan and to pray for their survival, if they even listen. This is for you only because the world out there doesn’t listen to me much.”

“When you see the future that you feel a little anxious about, then you meditate more, and you pray to the Master power to make it smooth. And if it’s something bad, you pray that it goes away or it becomes minimized. And if it’s something good, then we wait to see it. All right? Remember me! (Yes.) I can do anything for you, free of charge.

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