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Sincere Repentance Together with Becoming Vegan Can Heal the Wrongdoings of the Past and Master Manifested as the Quan Yin Bodhisattva to Dissolve my Karma

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Dear Most Revered and Greatest Master and beloved Supreme Master TV team, I would like to share my inner experience in which Master dissolved all my karma, so that I wouldn’t have to reincarnate as an animal-person or a human in the next life.

One evening, after meditating, I lay down to sleep. I saw that Master came and used a white light pen to draw along my wisdom eye and my left eyebrow. At that moment, I heard a voice from an animal-person’s soul, “This person has to be reincarnated as an animal or a human to pay her karma.” Hearing that, I cried and repented for my mistakes. I prayed for forgiveness from that soul, and I also prayed to Master for help.

I saw that Master manifested as the Quan Yin Bodhisattva high above. Her Dharma body radiated myriad white Light which shone upon me. At that time, I felt very light, and my body also emitted white Light. From my inner feeling, I knew that Master had elevated all the animal-people’s souls. I am infinitely grateful to the Most Revered Master. I thank You, Master. I promise to be diligent in my spiritual practice and follow Your teachings. Please, Master, take me to the liberated world.

Through this inner experience, I would like to remind everyone not to kill other beings. Even if it’s not from your compassion, still do not kill other beings. Because there is always the law of cause and effect, and we have to pay dearly with our physical body and our soul, that is, to reincarnate as animal-people to pay for what we have done to them.

I pray to God Almighty, the Buddhas, the Bodhisattvas in the ten directions to bless Master’s physical body to be healthy, and Master’s work in this physical world to be completely accomplished. May Supreme Master TV spread Master’s Love to all beings in the whole Universe. Yours respectfully, Minh Nguyệt from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Grateful Minh Nguyệt, We are pleased to receive your letter and appreciate the serious message to all that you express. Truly, we must treat all animal-people as we would ourselves or even better! They are so innocent, loving, and loyal, and we are blessed to have their glorious company on Earth. Thank you for writing and relating your experience. May the Heavens always protect you, all animal-persons, and the delightful Aulacese (Vietnamese) people. In Celestial Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has these caring words for you: “Compassionate Minh Nguyệt, sincere repentance, and becoming vegan has such great power to heal the wrongdoings of the past. We come to Earth to know our Divine Selves and sometimes we must learn through making mistakes. Forgive yourself and continue to remind others of the dire consequences of the killing karma. Much Love to you, and may you and happy Âu Lạc (Vietnam) prosper and evolve ever higher in Universal wisdom.” 

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