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Viewer’s Heartline: Heavenly Energies of Supreme Master Television & Invisible Beings Saved by Master’s Great Power

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Most Beloved Master, One day, while watching Supreme Master TV at home, I saw many beings suddenly appear, wearing khaki uniforms and green neckties sitting in orderly rows. They were watching Master’s lecture on Supreme Master TV.

Another time, I saw a large number of radiant, tidily dressed beings appeared, and sitting outside my house, listening to Master and enjoying Supreme Master TV.

In a third incident, some monks and nuns had also appeared, and entered my house to watch Supreme Master TV. They even meditated with crossed legs. The street in front of my house was lit up, and Heavenly staircases and beautiful palaces appeared in the sky. The blessing power of Supreme Master TV is so strong and simply out of this world.

And I have another vivid experience. A stray cat was trapped inside a deserted house near where I lived. She was crying and crying for help. My entire family went to her rescue, and with Master’s power and Love freed her from the house. The deserted house had been uninhabited for more than 20 years and was heavily haunted. Master brought down a Heavenly tornado and lifted all the ghosts up to the sky. They kowtowed endlessly in gratitude.

Thank You, Master, for using Your great power to better the world and the Universe. I pray that World Vegan, World Peace will soon be. Hsin-Yu from Taiwan (Formosa)

Visionary Hsin-Yu, We were delighted by your stories telling of how Master’s great power helps so many beings.

Master also enjoyed reading about your visions and replies: “Perceptive Hsin-Yu, I am very pleased that you are aware of the Heavenly energies of Supreme Master Television that radiate throughout your home and beyond. Keep up your spiritual practice, and may the Divine Beings of the Cosmos watch over you, your family, and the gifted Taiwanese (Formosan) people, keeping you safe and secure in Heaven’s Love.” 

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