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The Hour is upon us; with sincere repentance for the anguish inflicted on animal-people, Light may replace retribution.

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Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai and devoted Supreme Master TV team, I would like to share a very vivid dream I had many years ago after I received initiation from Master. In my dream, I saw the Apocalypse, the end of times. Earth was shaken by a multitude of natural disasters simultaneously, by wars, fires, hunger and unseen darkness. The Sun disappeared, and the scariest earthquakes tore Earth open. I could hear people’s terror-filled screams while running in anguish and fear. I was running very fast and was very determined to reach a place; I knew a secret path. There was a group of people I was leading, and I told them to run along with me no matter what. We climbed many mountains and finally we reached the bottom of a small, secluded mountain. It was the only place preserved untouched. There was a long line of light beings, waiting for their turn. At the end of the line was Master, radiating the brightest white Light. There was also a portal to Heaven in the sky, and only through Master’s Blessings could the souls climb a golden ladder that led them free into Heaven. Only through Master can all souls on Earth be saved in this final judgment hour! I pray all humans awaken and follow Master’s bright path and Divine guidance to secure not only a beautiful future for this planet, but most importantly, a safe place in Heaven for themselves. May World Vegan be now! Krasimira from Bulgaria

Passionate Krasimira, Our appreciation for your heartline. We hope your dream may help viewers to recognize their inner Divinity and the urgency of our times. Indeed, we must change now to create World Vegan. Thank you for telling your story. May God forever bless you and united Bulgaria. In Universal peace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master replies to you: “Shining Krasimira, thank you for sharing your inner vision. The people you saw in the inner vision are your relatives and friends. Through your diligent spiritual practice, they will also be liberated. Humanity needs to ensure the people of the animal kingdom are honored and treated like family to elevate themselves and experience Paradise in a vegan world. With sincere repentance for the anguish inflicted on animal-people, Light may replace retribution. Much Love and may you and your fine Bulgarian co-citizens know Heavens’ infinite Blessings.” 

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