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The Quan Yin Method Helps Me Through the Coronavirus Infection Crisis

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Beloved Master, During the time my area was locked down due to COVID-19, I faced a lot of difficulties: loss of a job, passing of my father, and my infection with the coronavirus. But I am so grateful to You for being with me all the time and guiding me through all those difficulties. Thanks to Your teachings about living frugally and independently, eating nutritiously to improve the immune system, and eating simply to save time, we adapted quickly to the situation of food scarcity during the lockdown time.

And thanks to the Quan Yin Method, my coronavirus infection was very minor and brought me many inner experiences. We always followed Your advice on treatment which was shown on Supreme Master Television, and we drank extra coconut juice with fresh ginger and rock sugar. We also shared these with our neighbors and the children, who luckily were just infected lightly and recovered completely. I would like to thank Master so much.

When I was sick with the coronavirus, I felt the existence of many viruses inside my body, and it seemed like I could talk to them. Probably in some previous lifetimes, due to ignorance, I harmed them, so when I meditated, I apologized to them that I didn’t mean to hurt them.

I told them I repented for my mistakes and follow Master to practice the Quan Yin Method to be liberated, so I hoped that they would not try to take revenge, and as a result, reincarnate to suffer in the karmic cycle.

I told them that if they are already inside my body, then they should practice the Quan Yin Method with me so that they don’t have to live a suffering virus’ life like this anymore. And they did listen to me. I felt that they love to meditate, especially on the (inner Heavenly) Sound. They always urged me to go meditate, and every time I finished the (inner Heavenly) Sound meditation, my body felt so light and comfortable.

And three times during my (inner Heavenly) Sound meditation, there was a current from below rising to the top of my head and flying away. During those times, I felt a large number of viruses leaving my body, and that they were elevated and liberated from the virus existence. I felt their happiness, and they even smiled at me to say goodbye. After experiencing this three times, I quickly and completely recovered.

Through this illness, I was not sad but rather very happy to know that some of the viruses were very knowledgeable. They really didn’t want to hurt people and sincerely wanted to practice spiritually to be liberated.

I also thank Master for always opening Your arms to welcome us and all beings to go back [Home]. I wish the world would turn vegan quickly, and peace to be with all beings. I wish Master a lot of good luck, an abundance of health, and that all Your wishes come true very soon. Love You so much, Your disciple Bích Thủy from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Inspired Bích Thủy, We really appreciate reading your uplifting insights into the consciousness of viral beings.

Master has this enlightening reply for you: “Attuned Bích Thủy, I am happy to hear you, your family, and neighbors are healthy again. Your spiritual understanding gained from experiencing unfavorable circumstances is an example of how undergoing hardships can truly be blessings in disguise. My loving thanks for sharing your experiences with others through this note. May you and the kindhearted people of Âu Lạc (Vietnam) forever be heartened by the Divine.” 

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