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Adopting the vegan diet willingly with repentance and playing the Buddha Chanting from a Living Master day and night helps a family member survive a life-threatening disease

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My Most Respected and Beloved Master, First, please accept my three bows. I’d like to report to Master a piece of good news: Despite being seriously ill and hospitalized twice, my nephew was able to miraculously survive a life-threatening disease.

At the beginning of 2021, my nephew was hospitalized and diagnosed with liver cancer, with cancer cells already breaking away and affecting other parts of his body, which was quite critical. His son was very worried and anxious, wishing that his father could live longer for another two months to allow him to carry out his filial piety. I suggested treating the patient with Chinese medicine, advised them to vow to be vegan, and sent them a solar audio player with Master’s Buddha Chanting to play for Blessings. My nephew’s condition later improved and was stable for three months, somehow fulfilling the wish of his son.

After that, he was again hospitalized and diagnosed with advanced liver cancer, with symptoms like serious ascites, brain infarction, alalia, and incontinence of feces, etc. He was in imminent danger. I all along emphasized that they should persist on the vegan diet so that even if the patient had to depart, Master could lift his soul up to Heaven. I sent them another audio player with Master’s Chinese lectures, which had particularly strong Blessing Power. Thus, the two machines took turns to play day and night.

To the surprise of everyone, miracles took place. The patient’s condition improved day by day, with symptoms disappearing one by one: there was no more ascites, and he was able to speak clearly and even get off the bed and walk. In just less than 20 days, he recovered miraculously and rapidly, which surprised everyone and put a smile on their faces. The son of my nephew happily said that it must be Master’s Blessings helping his father. The doctors and nurses all felt it was just unimaginable and miraculous.

Thank You, Almighty and Compassionate Master, with boundless Loving Power to care for, bless, and save sentient beings from suffering and illness. This story testifies to the infinite merits of the vegan diet, as well as the great Blessing Power of playing Master’s “Buddha’s Chanting” and lectures. I pray that the whole of humankind will quickly wake up and turn to the vegan diet! I pray that “World Vegan, World Peace” will be realized soon! Respectfully wishing our Almighty and Compassionate Master good health, accomplishing everything She wishes, eternal youth and beauty, and staying long in the world to save the world and bless sentient beings! Kneeling in gratitude, Your disciple, Tian-Ning from China

Determined Tian-Ning, Bravo for your sustained actions to help your nephew.

Master has this reply for you: “Knowing Tian-Ning, it’s nice to hear about the U-turning of your family members, which made miracles. Heavens do hear our sincere prayers and respond to true repentance. May all humanity embrace the healing power of a repentant heart and adopt the benevolent vegan diet. Much Love to you and your loved ones. May the Godses protect and guide you and the smart people of China to help create Paradise on Earth.” 

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