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Heaven Is Aiding Ukraine in the War Between Good and Evil, Part 5 of 6, Mar. 12, 2022

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So, Russia is the one that needs to be fixed. (Yes.) Because the Russians violate the Chapter of the United Nations, which is for peace, harmony, (Yes, Master.) and security for everyone. (Right.) It does not advocate war and violence. And even have no excuse. And even unprovoked. (Yes, Master.) And they all turned a blind eye like that. It’s disgusting.

How about the UN? Normally they send peacekeeping troops to any conflict nation. (Yes, Master.) Why are they not doing anything? Because Ukraine is also a member of the UN, and Russia is a violator of that. You don’t attack your own member, (Right.) (Right, Master.) and even unprovoked. (Yes.) Just because you have muscle, you just go attacking one of your relatives in your house? (Right.) Just because they’re smaller? It’s not right, is it? (No, it’s not.)

And Russia is in the UN Security Council and they did not ask the UN to agree, whether or not they should attack Ukraine. Even if they have a good excuse to do so, which they don’t. (Yes, Master.) They have no respect, no regard for the UN Security Council or the UN body as a whole, and then the Hague wanted to question them about killing women and children like that. And they disregarded it. If I remember well, they did not even attend. (Yes, Master.)

This is an evil bully. No law, no respect for anything. And the whole world just watches on. This is what ticks me off. Before there were also wars in other countries, but then the world got involved. (Right.) To help and all that, so we never said much. Because it’s their business if they’re doing it, they’re doing their job, then it’s OK. (Yes.)

But this one, nobody did anything. Nobody wanted to do anything. And they even stopped other people who wanted to help Ukraine. (Yes.) Like Poland wanted to give them some fighter jets or something and America stopped them. (Yes.) You can see the evil Biden and his gang? (Yes, very clear.) (Yes, Master.) That’s what ticks me off. All this. All this injustice, all this cowardice.

And I feel so sorry for Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) You are in trouble, you’re in pain, you call for help, and everybody pretends to be deaf and blind. That, they will be in their future life, if they even can be born as a human again. Because they have eyes – they don’t want to see. (Right, Master.) They have ears – they plugged them. Don’t want to hear when people in trouble are calling for help. So disgusting! These so-called leaders are so disgusting. (Yes, Master.) I want to say it in their face.

So, Russia is the one that needs to be fixed. (Yes.) Because the Russians violate the Chapter of the United Nations, which is for peace, harmony, (Yes, Master.) and security for everyone. (Right.) It does not advocate war and violence. And even have no excuse. And even unprovoked. (Yes, Master.) And they all turned a blind eye like that. It’s disgusting. Don’t you think? (Yes. Yes, it is, Master.) I think so. I don’t care if anybody agrees with me or not. This is disgusting. Despicable. I don’t know any other words to use. I don’t know any worse words to label them with.

Any other questions? (That’s all we have, Master). Alright, that’s it. You’re done already? (Yes, we’re done.) Today’s so quick. (Yes, Master.) Alright. You know my opinion now. (Yes, Master.) You know what I think. If you have any doubt, anything, you tell me. If not, then we’re done.

I wanted to ask you whether or not… That’s also what I wanted to call for, whether or not your anti-(EMF) radiation (earthing mats) has helped you in any way? You feel any difference, any improvement in your health, wellness? (Yes.) It does help? (Yes. Definitely. For me physically, I had some kind of a swelling on my feet. And then when I started to earth myself putting my feet on the ground or even using the earthing socks, I noticed the swelling went down almost immediately.) It’s good. (And switching off all the equipment in the room and resting is much better. The sleep is more …) OK. Maybe you should rest in another villa, or something? (Could do.) Or at night. Did you plug it all out? (Yes. Plugged it all out. Switched everything off and plugged it all out. And then the sleep is much more peaceful.) With the earthing stuff, yeah. (Yes. And even attach the earthing to the sock) Yeah. OK. (while sleeping.) Yeah. It’s good. (Then it’s deep sleep.)

Hey, guys, you can buy each one a mat, you sit to meditate on, but maybe you prefer the soft cushion. I don’t know. I don’t know if we can put this on top of the soft cushion, but it’s not the same. It’s just flat and hard, it’s not like a cushion or mattress. It’s different. But if you want, each one can buy one. (OK, Master. Thank You, Master.) It’s OK. I lay on it and I meditate on it. It’s not too hard for me. (OK.) And if it’s tiring, you can sit next to the wall. Just put the mat next to the wall, and rest on the wall sometimes. (Yes, Master.) Especially when doing Quan Yin, it’s easier to do that. Or just a small stool somewhere. (Yes, Master.)

I think it helps a lot because it eased many of my pains. (Oh. Wonderful.) But anyway, the karma beats me up. (Oh, my gosh.) It’s different. It’s a different pain. But the physical pain is easing off. (So good to hear.) (That’s good to hear, Master.) Almost gone. But whenever there’s karma punishment, that’s a different thing. (Oh, right.) It’s a different thing. That one cannot have any earthing to help. (Unfortunately.) Cannot be helped, but it’s OK. It’s not like all day long. (Yes, Master.) They have a timer. Alright, then. If nothing else…

Russia, they should bring them to the Hague already. They cannot just be bombing people; or children, women like that, in the middle of the evacuation road. (Yes, Master.) They are unarmed. (Yes.) These people, they’re despicable. (Absolutely.) Even the criminals, the police don’t shoot people, don’t kill people when they’re unarmed. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) You know, the criminals, even. (Yes, Master.) It’s not allowed.

And here, Russia’s breaking all the laws – international law and criminal law. And people just do nothing, just let them continue, let Putin continue to kill women and children like that. (Yes. Right.) It’s despicable. (Truly.) We continue praying.

(Even when he promised them safety, he still kills them.) Yeah! That’s the thing. They agreed, promised, signed and sealed, “I will open the corridor for them to go.” But still bombs them when they are together like that. (Yes.) When they’re in the middle of the road, there’s no shelter, no protection, nothing; and it’s visible, so easy to kill people like that. It’s despicable. It’s beyond cowardice. (Yes, Master.) So they must be from hell. (Very evil. Yes.)

So therefore, I told you it’s between the good force and the evil force. It’s not just a normal fight. (Yes, Master.) Any other war, they don’t do this. They don’t bomb civilians. Maybe some, but by mistake or something. (Yes, Master.) But normally people don’t do that. Even during a war. They don’t bomb prisoners of war, they don’t kill them. Not to talk about civilians. Not even prisoners of war. (Yes, Master.) Oh, despicable, evil, and hellish.

And you believe that 58% of Russians support him? (No. It’s all lies.) What a B.S. PR (public relations). (Yes, exactly, Master.) They sing their own song. (Yes.) All the CNN and BBC or whatever news have already packed and left. They say what they want. (Right, Master.) Who is there to count the percentage? (Exactly.)

But I’m surprised they don’t say 90%. Like in Belarus, the president always gets like 90% of the votes. Or at least 80-something percent. (Yes, Master.) I mean, beyond 90-some or 80-something percent. Always. Every time, every election is the same, similar. He always wins. Why bother voting? Wasting time and money. (Right.) Why don’t they just sign a contract like a lifer, (Yes.) “I’m here for good. Till death do us part.”

All these disgusting, so-called leaders of the world, they have no shame, no morals. And the world just tolerates it like that. This is similar. (Yes, Master.) Then people will see it as a similar mentality. If you support somebody who is bad, that means you have the same level of mentality, of thinking. (Yes, Master.) So, isn’t that appalling that the whole world thinks like that? (Yes, it is.) Tolerating him, supporting him, by a different means only, a different way. Like supporting the killer, the murderer, (Yes.) the robber, the aggressor. And then don’t care whether or not the children and women die.

Oh, man. All this karma will be on them, so that they will experience somehow, in this life or next life, that their family will be like that. (Wow!) Because they have the means and they don’t use it to protect innocent people.

Actually, NATO, they have enough excuses, they just don’t want to use it, somehow. There’s no need to wait until Russia bombs one of their nations in order to countermeasure the war. Because, in Ukraine, now millions of refugees are going to their next-door neighbors, which are NATO countries. That will disturb their peace, disturb their economy, disturb their business – many things, and infrastructure may be not enough to house them.

For example, Poland’s two largest cities are already warning that they can no longer absorb Ukrainian refugees. (Oh.) That’s a good enough excuse. (Yes.) Even if you don’t need any excuse, but that is one of the excuses already. That’s already attacking Poland’s economy, infrastructures’ capability, peace, and stability. Everything will be affected by the refugees coming en masse like that. (That’s true, Master.) All of a sudden. (Yes, Master.) There was not enough time for Poland or other countries next to Ukraine to prepare infrastructure and settlement for them. (Yes, Master.) Even two larger cities already, in Poland, they say they can no longer take care of the refugees from Ukraine. (Wow.)

Oh, no country can. (Yes, Master.) Even the richest country in the world, they’re not prepared. So, this is like a spillover of the war already, that’s disturbing Poland’s peace. That’s enough. (Yes, Master.) Even if they need any excuse. So, there are many more excuses because the war in Ukraine will affect all their neighbors’ peace of mind, (That’s right.) mental tranquility, and focus on their job, on their work. People will feel scared and nervous, living next to a warring zone, and don’t even know when it will spill over to your country, or when it will explode next to your area. (Yes, for sure.) So that’s enough already.

My God. What kind of bunch of… I am lost for words. They must be idiots, or lazy or just pure supporters of evil. (Yes, Master.)

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