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Inner Experience: How can such a devil be revered as the pope?

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To the Noble and Revered Master: During meditation, I went to the place where pope Francis was and saw that he was in the horrible form of a devil!

When the pope noticed my presence, his eyes, with no eyeballs, shot out vicious green light, he bared his fangs, brandished his claws, and growled like a wild beast!

At that time, the king of Hades appeared. Furious with the pope’s most evil deeds, he came to this world to punish the pope. To stop the pope, in a human body, from using more demonic power, the king of Hades burned and cut the pope’s astral body on Earth, threaded his collarbones with iron chains, and sealed his chest with magic needles.

However, protected by this physical body, the pope’s vicious power is still very strong, and the protective layers of scales are solid. His body emitted weird and wicked green and black light. He could transform into different forms, and expand his body to fight back. It took a lot of power for the king of Hades to punish the pope.

How can such a devil be revered as the pope?

After that, I went to hell to look for the Asura body of the pope and found that, since the pope and his priests made use of the name of God to abuse and sexually assault the believers of God, causing evil and wicked influences to the world, their Asura bodies had long been captured and sent to hell. The hell even had an exclusive area for the pope and those evil cardinals.

Their Asura bodies are in hell suffering from all kinds of punishment, including being burned in fire, deep fried in hot oil, and ground into minced meat. Some were hung up, cut into half, and their flesh was pierced through with steel thread. Besides all of this, they still have to bear a thousand times more of the pain of the innocent children and believers who have been sexually assaulted by them. It’s impossible to count the ways of punishment in hell.

The minds of these evil priests are not aware their Asura bodies have gone to hell and they still behave recklessly on Earth. The king of Hades is furious but can’t destroy their physical bodies as their predestined lifespan has not ended yet.

When the devil’s world sent these demonic priests to execute their plan of destroying humankind, they gave pope Francis a long lifespan to accomplish their evil plan completely.

“Do you feel repentant for your evil deeds which are against Jesus’ commandments?” I asked pope Francis in hell.

His eyes emitted vicious green light, he showed no signs of regret, and still spoke loudly of his evil views. Apparently, even hell’s fire is unable to cleanse his devilish quality.

I hope that the governments in the world will impose legal punishment on these devils in human skins, who use God’s name to sexually assault innocent people and kill God’s believers, and will not tolerate their outrageously evil deeds, to protect their own people.

Lastly, I sincerely pray that the Divine, Pure and Courageous Supreme Master Ching Hai be blessed and protected by all Heavens and be in peace, safety, joyfulness, and happiness. Respectfully, Jo-Yun in Asia

Bold Jo-Yun, We thank you for sharing your inner meditation experience and pray that your clear-sighted vision helps others to see this truth. May all the Divine powers protect our precious Master as She shines Light on the darkness that pervades our planet. May you, your loved ones, and those in your community always enjoy Heaven’s favor.

Master replies to you: “Noble Jo-Yun, I deeply appreciate your courage and devotion, and thank you for sharing what you have learned. I send you my angelic knights and a warm hug, as together we stand strongly united in Love, peace, and truth. May the Buddha always safeguard you and those around you.” 

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