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Real Compassion and Awakening Is the Solution, Dec. 21, 2021

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Host: On Tuesday, December 21, 2021, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously called some of the Supreme Master Television team members to read stories from the Hadith and “Collection of Vietnamese Fairy Tales (Hợp Tuyển Truyện Cổ Tích Việt Nam),” compiled by Lữ Huy Nguyên and Đặng Văn Lung. During the conference, Master also generously took time to answer various questions from the team.

(Master, the pope says now domestic violence is almost satanic. So, is that a good sign that he’s maybe turning around? Or why is he saying this?)

It’s another cover-up story. He walks around, around. First, he scolds the women nuns, (Yes.) and now he talks about the domestic violence. (Yes, against women.) He just walks around, scratching outside the sock. He definitely has something to hide. (Oh.) Because he, himself, I don’t have proof but must have done the same thing or is doing it. That’s why he doesn’t dare say anything.

“Interview by Sarah Westall Published Feb. 23, 2019: His own history in Argentina, where in three years he went from becoming a priest to the head of the Jesuits in Argentina, the superior general, conveniently, a year before the military coup happened, and he then became an adviser to the military junta. They murdered 30,000 Argentine people and he helped traffic the children of their political prisoners. He was in like a dirty sock there helping the junta. So, he's got all that dirty laundry background. He's faced lawsuits from his priests in Argentina who accused him of colluding with the military.”

“Media Report from Feb. 27, 2017: In 2009, 67 disabled people reported sexual abuse by a group of priests. They were children, students of the Provolo Institute of Verona, a religious institute for deaf-mute people.

Abuse victim 1 (m): When I entered the Provolo I was 3 and a half years old. I saw everything, a terrible torture.

Abuse victim 2 (m): The first time I experienced sexual abuse I was 6-7 years old.

Reporter (m): Among the priests who are still alive, who abused you? (Don Piccoli. That priest, Don Piccoli, is terrible.)

VO: Don Piccoli lives as a guest in a Vatican accommodation in Negrar, near Verona.

Reporter (m): Anyway, was what happened in that room sinful? (No, it depends… Because males with males was a joke, those are jokes.)

So, was it done by almost all priests? (Most of them, yeah, yeah.)

Even sex? (Yes, yes.) Sex? (Yes, yes.)

And what about the priests, when it came up? Were they removed? (Yes, removed.) When the abuses were discovered? (There was Don Turati, for example, he also did those things, and then off to America.)

Were they sent away when it was discovered that they had abused children? (Yes, to Argentina, to Argentina.)

VO: The victims asked for a meeting with Jose Bergoglio (Francis), the Bishop of Buenos Aires at the time.

Abuse victim 3 (f): We in Argentina, we have tried to reach Pope Francis. All the victims. And (he) never received us. Not even when he was a cardinal. I’m sure he knows.

Reporter (m): Had the Vatican been informed of these pedophile priests? (Yes, it had been informed because the victims had written several letters to the Vatican in 2013 and 2014. We decided to go to Rome and personally deliver a letter to the pope. Because we hadn’t received any reply in all those years. He asked us to forgive him for what happened and told us to pray for him… Nothing else.)

VO: Giuseppe Consiglio also attended the meeting with the pope.

Abuse victim 4 (m): He blushed, and said, ‘Forgive me’ and made a prayer. But I don’t need prayers. Because now my life is destroyed.

VO: The Vatican commission, in 2010, didn’t excommunicate any of the involved priests. All evidence has been sealed by the Vatican. Today, none of the victims have been indemnified for the abuses.”

Because they know each other. (Yes, Master.) If the two thieves are working together all the time, how would one go out and say, “Oh, you are bad. You are bad.” (Yes, Master.) Because they know each other too well. […]

Heaven told me things about him, but I don’t want to dig it out. I don’t want to tell you. It’s too ugly, filthy. (Right, Master.) (Yes, can understand.) […]

He’s hiding something, (Understand, Master.) personal. That’s why he tries many things just to distract people’s attention. (Ah, right.) And he cannot open his mouth to accuse or to judge those who are raping children, molesting babies and all that. Babies of three or four years old, even. (Yes, Master.) Any normal person would know it is the greatest evil possible. (Yes, Master.) But he accuses anybody else except that. He just protect all of these. […]

This guy, he’s hiding a lot of things. He’s not all that good and honey, the way it looks. Anyway, the humans who don’t have eyes to see, will see him as a human. He is not a human. I told you already. (Yes, Master.) I looked one time, he’s like a devil. (Wow.) And in some photo it can show also. But they hide it too well. They camouflage very well. These are bigger devils than just normal demons. (Wow.) So they have very good makeup; you won’t see it well. (Wow.) […] Not everyone can detect. But you can see the way they do things (Yes.) or say things, then you know they are devils. (Right, Master.) He even admitted it, even though as a joke. […] My God, how much more devil, how much more evil can he be until people see it? I don’t have to prove that he’s a devil. (Yes, Master.) He proved it himself.

So don’t believe anything he says anymore. This is just another cover-up, another side-track, distraction, so people forget about him, and his, pedo-priests who are harming children and still do. […]

Oh, what did he say? Domestic violence…? (It’s almost satanic.) Almost satanic. (Yeah.) There’s nothing satanic compared to what he and his henchmen did or do. (Yes, exactly.) And supporting these fetus and unborn baby killers. […]

Nothing is more satanic than the torturing, raping of the innocent babies and children or even adults by the so-called holy priests. They are pedo-priests. Even if he said that family domestic violence is almost satanic.

Any violence is no good, of course, but at least these people, you know, in the family they live together, they might get on each other’s nerves, they might have bad karma with each other, they might have a dispute or family problems or financial problem and they’re stressed out because of work from outside and come back with another stressing situation at home, children sick or wife not well, etc., financially short so they might snap. They also maybe have a drinking problem or drugs. All that on top of it. And they live with each other, so they get on each other’s nerves.

But these children that the priests rape or torture or even murder mercilessly, they have nothing to do with the priests, they don’t live with them, they don’t bother them in anyway, they just come and rape them, just because they have power. Children are vulnerable, so there is nothing to compare to that, so the pope should not try to run around in circles blaming everybody instead of his own and his pedo-priests. This evil gang should be gone back to hell, locked forever again. Hell is where they belong, not on this planet. […]

In order to protect Christianity and the church’s reputation, they should get rid of this kind of evil. (Yes, Master.) All of them from the pope down to all of these pedo-priests. Whomever they find out, get rid of them immediately. […]

God! I just pray to God that all the children will be safe, at least something, or ask Heaven to do something, otherwise this is not the society that we should live in. (No, Master.) […] Any other questions? […]

“Media Report from Sky News Dec. 17, 2021: Government scientists say Omicron infections are now moving at a phenomenal pace.

Lisa King (f): You breathe. You breathe. It’s just a normal thing. From when you’re born you breathe. And then when you get to that stage where you can’t breathe, you panic. And you think, ‘Well, what can I do?’ I've never experienced anything like this in my life and it’s nothing I’d want anyone else to …”

“Media Report from NBC 7 Dec. 23, 2021: It's really scary. It’s scary not being able to breathe. (Shannon was fully vaccinated and had recently received her booster shot.) I could not catch my breath. Even now, it's a little struggle talking, but I couldn't catch my breath. I felt all this pain in my chest. It felt like bricks were on my chest.”

“Media Report from Sky News Dec. 17, 2021: Now I go out to the gym three or four times a week. Mountain bike. Never off sick. And it's just knocked me off my feet. You just say you don't think it's going to happen. Felt like I was being strangled five times a day. Really bad. Worst month of my life. I've been double jabbed as well. May and July, I was jabbed.”

(Omicron is now reported to be as severe as the Delta variant.) At least. (At least. So, Master this is very concerning. Is there any solution? And will there be a vaccine for this, because it is said that the Omicron variant spreads 70 times faster than Delta?)

And it even evaded vaccines now, that’s what they say. (Yes, Master.) I read that even with Delta, the risk of reinfection by it, is less. (Right.) Four or five times less than reinfection with the Omicron. (Yes, Master.) Besides, if you’re infected with other COVIDS, just like Delta even, and if you have already been infected and then you are protected for six months at least. But with the Omicron it’s much less. (Oh.) You’re less protected, or 19% something like that. (Yes, Master.)

So, the Omicron is very scary. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have a solution. I told everybody to eat vegan. (Yes, Master.) That’s the best solution, but I’m afraid it’s even too late now. (Oh, God.) I’m afraid it’s too late now. (Oh. Wow.) It could still be some help if you’re vegan, and if you pray, and you are sincere and you have less sinful deeds before that, maybe you can be saved. (Yes.) But otherwise it might be too late now. The COVID chief, army chief, told me that. (Oh.) And it’s not just that. It looks like Heaven wants to destroy humanity, not just now, but the future as well. (Wow.)

I cannot tell you details. (Yes, Master.) I am not allowed to. It’s very scary. (Oh, Master.) And the long-term effect and the secret effect, nobody can find out. (Oh!) That’s the thing. (Yes, Master.) They just found out the surface only, and they said already many things, even lower sperm count, stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) Many other things, I’m not allowed to tell you. But it looks like humans are not going to be pardoned. I wrote it in my diary, some of the details, but I cannot tell you. (Yes, Master.)

Suffice is to tell you that it looks like humanity is going to be depleted. (Oh, God.) […] It is very terrible. In the beginning, they said “Oh, don’t panic. It’s just a mild infection.” No, no, it’s just the surface. (Yes, Master.) But I have told you also, under the table or openly, that it’s not the way it looks. (Yes, Master.)

The virus did not mutate just for fun. […] (Yes, Master.) They did it on purpose, with the directive to inflict the most harm (Oh, wow!) on humanity. (Wow!) Not just now, but in the future as well. People just don’t repent. My God, I hope they do repent some, so they can save themselves, and save humanity’s lineage (Yes, Master.) and gene pool. Because if the genes are damaged or depleted, then humanity’s doomed. (Yes, Master.) People just don’t listen. What to do? I’m trying my best every day, but I don’t think Heaven is having any leniency. I’m trying my best. (Thank You, Master for what You’re doing to help.) [...] You know there are some slow and long-term effects. The scientists don’t know yet. And maybe they won’t know even. [...]

The hidden long-term effect of Omicron, for the scientists, it’s very likely hard to find. And even if found, it’s not sure that we can cure it. […] They will never discover the whole thing. (Wow.) They will see only the result, but they might not even know this is from the Omicron. They will just probably say humans become more degraded or whatever. I don’t want to say further. […]

I lost sleep over everything, but what am I to do? Humans, they just don’t change, and things seem to get worse. If they keep relying only on science and chasing the vaccines, one after another, that’s not it. That’s not the real solution. The real solution is the human moral standards and loving kindness and compassion. Real compassion, not just astral emotion. […] We need real compassion, real awakening in order to avoid all this disaster, and one variant of pandemic after another. (Yes.) […]

If humans have lost this love within themselves, they lose everything already. They have no more humane quality. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) Not worthy to be humans anymore. And that’s why Heavens want to destroy them, because they’re not up to the standard even to be a human. Even if you want to be a human again and not go to hell, or not go into a different other species like animal-people or lower animal-people, or vicious animal-people, something like that, then you have to adhere to the principles, the Five Precepts or the Ten Commandments. (Yes, Master.) […]

Alright, any other questions? (I have a question about the secret You gave last time, last conference, Master, that a person won’t get infected if they are vegan and they have benevolence. Does it depend on how much benevolence one has, that maybe you still get sick but just a little or not at all?)

Yeah, it’s true. It depends on a couple of things. First of all, as you say, maybe more or less benevolence. Benevolence has two kinds, the outward performance and truly inward also, or both. (Yes.) Some people seem to be benevolent, but they are not. They just do it because they can. Because they have money or because they want to be looked upon as a benevolent person, but they don’t have true sympathy in their hearts. (Yes, Master.) And the real benevolent one is the one who really has love, compassion for others. Truly like that, in their heart. They feel the pain of other people. Of course, it’s not like physical pain but it truly feels as if they are in that situation. (Yes.)

The real benevolence many people have, it’s just they just don’t cultivate it. (Yes, Master.) If we are God’s children of course we have all that, but if we live running with the world and doing all kinds of worldly things and then we will forget that dormant true love within us. Just like we forget the Light that we inherit, that we are part of it, that we’re part of God’s Light. (Yes, Master.)

So, benevolence, of course depends on how much, and true or not. It’s not the outside charity. It’s not the outside reaction, or even encouraging or praising those who do charity or benevolent acts. No, it’s not only that. It must be from inside your heart. (Yes, Master.) […]

But whether or not they have love in their heart, that God knows. (Yes, Master.) And the COVID virus, invisible as they are, they know everything! (Woah.) […] They look in your heart, in your soul, in your mind, they don’t look at your outward performance. Of course, if you perform charitable or good deeds outside WITH the true love, FROM your true love, then of course they know it too. (Yes, Master.) And if you have even tried to be benevolent, even though you’re not sure whether or not you’re sincere, but you try, you try your best, they also know. And in that case, you will have, but mild, (Yes.) and you will recover.

And vegan of course, vegan is already a benevolent act, (It is, Master.) if you do it for compassion purpose. And even if you do it for health purpose, you will benefit from the vegan good energy, and then you slowly also will develop more love, more compassion, (Yes, Master.) and more benevolence. It’s just a side effect. […]

If you do things good, and you try with all your sincerity, then it will have good side effects. If you be vegan because of compassion or protection for the planet, then you’ll get more benefit from that. So even if you are sick, like with COVID, it will brush you by only. (Yes, understand, Master.)

And another factor is that, whether or not you have enough merit also, (Yes.) to cover that, then you recover quickly.

And another factor is that, it is your fate, your destiny to die by that. (Oh.) It’s just an excuse to die, to die whatever the time you have to die. (Yes, Master.) So by the way, you die by COVID. So, there are many factors, it depends on many things. […]

Many meat eaters did not get the COVID yet, or don’t get, because maybe they have very big merit in a former life, number one, or number two, they are from devil’s force incarnate. (Oh, wow.) They are there to harm humans, just like the COVID themselves. So, they are like allies, (Yes.) so they won’t harm each other. (Wow.) The COVID will not harm those people, those beings. So, it looks like these people, how come they don’t get anything, even though they did so many bad things? They’re together. (Right.) (Oh, wow.) […]

So I asked also the COVID-19 chief. I said, “Why, for example, like those pedo-priests and the pope, they did bad things, they said bad things, even against Jesus, how come they don’t get COVID or die?” They said to me, “Because the soldiers recognize them as the negative level.” They said to me, “They are ‘leveled’ as negative.” “leveled”. They don’t say they’re classified or categorized. Maybe they didn’t know how to choose the word. They’re “leveled” as the negative side. So, they won’t touch them. (Wow.) It’s a bad thing, but I tell you the truth. (Yes, Master.) I wish I could tell you that these people will die fast, die quick by COVID, but it’s not like that. They’re together. They’re working to harm humans. Do you understand? (Yes, Master.) Even before they were born already. They want to kill them already, so that they can eat them in their spirit. They don’t just eat the chicken-people, big chicken-people, big beef, they also eat the essence of those babies who die agonizingly by abortion. (Yes, Master.) They’re all there for blood. They work together. They are friends, they don’t touch the negative people.

They’re from hell. The ones who came up just to harm humans. […] So anyone else who harms humans is their ally. […]

It’s not all the people who don’t die of COVID are negative, they’re just some people who have a lot of merit from a former life. (Yes, Master.) So, in this lifetime their destiny doesn’t cast them into that category. But it will be a lot more, it’s not just that. Remember before, I asked, “How long you want to continue punishing humans with the COVID?” They told me a lot more will die. […]

Just like about Omicron, the chief of the COVID told me some days ago, long before the news broke out, like the experts say it’s not mild, it’s as bad as the Delta, for example like that. (Yes.) And the lower sperm count, (Yes.) etc., etc.

I knew all that long before already. Many things I know long before, before the news comes out. […] But it doesn’t mean that I’m allowed to tell. He (COVID chief) has to do what he has to do. (Yes, Master.) […]

Host: Our immense appreciation for Benevolent Master’s precious Wisdom, that is leading humanity onto the path of salvation. May we all succeed in remembering our inherent love and light as we choose a total vegan lifestyle and duly protect the most pure from harm, and thus redeem the future of our planet. Wishing Loving Master vigorous health and a peaceful heart, safeguarded by all Heavenly Protectors.

To learn which are the seven kinds of people who will be protected by Allah, in the day of the Final Judgement according to the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, and where the COVID chief comes from, plus what is the root cause of domestic violence, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Tuesday, February 1, 2022, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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