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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 158 - Christian Prophecies of the End Times

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“For the second time I went back to see the ruined building, I was led into it, and I was shown the bewilderments that happen in the Church. What crimes are these, that cannot be understood. Knowing this I was horrified, and almost fearing that God was about to destroy the world, I trembled from head to foot…”

In our previous episode, we discovered that the serpent, also known as Satan or maya, is now bound and locked in hell. However, traces of his influence still remain inside the human system. How can these negative residues be removed, if we are to enter the Golden Age? As Supreme Master Ching Hai explained for us:

“Because the energies of the zealous demons and ghosts and evil are still in the world. (Yes, Master.) Like, even if maya is gone, the energy still lingers, because they infected the humans and the animals on this planet since long, long, long ages already. (Understand, Master. Yes.) So, even if they’re gone, it takes years for this energy to clean up.”

“Even it could charm the couple, the first children of God, whom God loved so much and created with love, and breathed His own life force into them. (Yes.) Imagine how powerful it is. And we, now humans, alone on the planet, not in Eden even. Adam and Eve lived next to God, with God, and still got seduced. So, us humans, the snake within us is difficult to get rid of, unless we really want to. Nothing we want cannot be done in the spiritual realm because we are the children of God, we have that power. But many people are so seduced, so lost in this physical domain, that they forget everything. They forget Heavens, they forget God. Even if they go to the church, they don’t really remember God, not in the real sense.”

“(When I was meditating, I saw in the realm that Master was fighting a big white snake all by Herself. If Master was the size of a human being, the big white viper would stand up as high as a 5-story building, about 2-3 meters thick in diameter, and sends its venom to Master. When I saw this, I took out the sword given by Master, and flew up to stab the big white viper, then cutting off the neck of it. But it will be restored and resurrected. The transformation body of Master said, ‘This is the snake that lives in the human heart. Because of the constant wickedness in the humans’ hearts, they have chosen to live a snake’s life and nourish the snake, so it cannot be destroyed, it will be resurrected.’ I called for Sister Ji-le to help, and the Sister came right away, ‘Slash, slash, slash, slash!’ She cut the snake into pieces, but it didn’t take long for it to come back to life. Because humans’ wickedness will give the snake vitality, we cannot cut it down to its root. Everyone must overcome his or her own inner snake to completely solve the problem.”

How deeply has the serpent infiltrated the human race? One recurring example mentioned by the Catholic visionaries, lies in the Church itself. Blessed Sister Elena Aiello, who lived in the early half of the 1900s, told us: “The world has plunged into unimaginable corruption... People no longer submit to the Church and despise priests because many of them are reasons for scandal.”

Pope Francis acknowledged that the scandals are driving people away from the church. “(They are upset by sexual and economic scandals that do not meet with clear condemnation. For worshippers, it is a traumatic time.)”


In this time of Final Judgment, Master has been speaking openly about the problems within the church, by exposing the injustices and warning of the consequences if there are no real, corrective changes.

“All these decades, the church still continues to exist and continues to fester this kind of evil within the house of the Lord. It’s unacceptable! (Yes, Master.) They abuse children because the children are easier to fall victim. Like predators, they’re molesting the weak, the meek, defenseless, and innocent. If children come home and maybe tell something, the parents might not even believe it and scold the kid, or keep quiet. Or they (the priests) threaten the kids to keep quiet or else, (Yes, Master.) and then even abuse the orphanage boys. Oh! How ugly can that be, my God! We call this the Church of God, and the Church of Christianity, the Church of Catholics, whatever, all these holy names. What kind of degraded-to-the-bottom-of-the-bottom!

If the symbol of God, the church, is rotten like that, then other people will be influenced to do the same, (Yes, Master.) or join inside to make it more evil, more permanent. And more bad people will come to become their workers, their priests, and make the church become Satan’s instrument.”

“(I joined the monastery as a very idealistic 20-year-old, and thought I was going to be a monk, a priest, and unfortunately it didn’t work out that way because so many sex abuse cases came forward, that I ended up actually being ordained early to go work on and follow sex abusers who were being withdrawn. And at that point, at the age of 32, I had to make a moral decision. Am I going to support this institution – am I part of this – or do I have to find a different path?)”

According to the Christian prophecies, God’s Wrath is to fall upon humans in the final days, if it becomes too corrupt. In a way, Master has been voicing God’s Anger, for all true enlightened Masters are representatives of God.

“I’m very angry. I’m a very angry vegan Master. When it comes to injustice and the suffering of children, and animals. Because they are helpless.” “My God! May God forgive us all, Ultimate Master, God Almighty, forgive all of us. Please.”

The Italian Catholic clairvoyant Blessed Elisabetta Canori Mora shared the following account of having witnessed the Divine Anger toward the Catholic Church, in particular: “For the second time I went back to see the ruined building, I was led into it, and I was shown the bewilderments that happen in the Church. I saw the oppression of the poor! I saw the sacrileges committed by so many ministers of God! I saw the greed of these, attachments they have to transitory goods, the forgetfulness of true worship of God! I saw the apparent good, done for hidden purposes! What crimes are these, that cannot be understood. Knowing this I was horrified, and almost fearing that God was about to destroy the world, I trembled from head to foot…”

“My God, what are they doing with Jesus’ teaching? Oh, my God! They make an empire out of it, for gain and fame, for respect, and privilege.” “And here, we have the church, the reverends of all the reverends, the holy of all the holy, walking tall, talking big, cashing in, living in comfort – and doing this kind of thing to the children! And the law does nothing! Just a little bit here and there, and then sweep it under the carpet.”

“(The bishop reportedly spent 31 million euros on a luxury home and office.)” “(The big donation baskets fill quickly. The belief is the more you give during and after church service, the more your wealth will increase.)” “(The pastors themselves. They live like rock stars, with huge mansions, private jets, and fancy cars.)” “(Cardinal Angelo Becciu, who is 73 of age, he is accused of embezzlement, abuse of office, extortion and fraud, including losing the Vatican almost 100 million euros in a London property investment that went sour.)”


Others also foresaw the trouble within the Catholic Church, such as the Venerable Mother Agnese Chiara Steiner, who was gifted with prophetic visions since childhood. “At night I had a vision: I saw the severe Judge judging two priests in a majestic throne: it seemed to me that they were to be damned, while with a nod he dismissed them. I was so afraid that he would come to me: I wept and trembled: I saw two other priests, to whom the same thing happened…”

Even much earlier in the 1100s AD, the famous German prophetess Saint Hildegard of Bingen also emphasized that the religious leaders would have to improve during the end times: “Toward the end of the world, mankind will be purified through sufferings. This will be true especially of the clergy, who will be robbed of all property. When the clergy has adopted a simple manner of living, conditions will improve…”

“The church has a big influence in world politics even. So can you see how harmful it is to the whole world, not just to the children, not just to the reputation of the church. If the church is not clean, clear and purified, then this evil will spread all over. And also the energy of it will affect the world, affect world peace, (Yes.) affect the world’s morals, virtues and the faith in God.”

After Master had lent Her heartfelt time and energy to speak out about problems in the church, we noticed that the situation began to show signs of change. Perhaps this is evidence that the Wrath of God contains within It a Power to bless and foster more enlightened actions...


“It’s a little bit more progressive now. So I read yesterday and the day before, that the head of the Church of England, (Yes, Master.) Reverend Welby, apologized to some of the victims of the abuse from the Church of England. (Oh, wow.) And then also, the head of the Catholic Church in Germany, wrote a letter, asked the Pope to let him resign (Yes.) because he says he’s too ashamed, like he feels guilty if he keeps being silent or doing nothing, meaning he condones that. And he realized that because of trying to protect the honor of the church, the reputation of the church, he ignored this problem, and he feels like a collective guilt or something like that. (Yes, Master.)”

“(For me, it is essentially about also taking co-responsibility for what has happened in the church, in the space of the church, which is supposed to be a space of healing, which is supposed to be hope, which is supposed to be confidence.)” ~ Original Language in German Cardinal Marx

“Actually our work does bear some fruit. It’s not as much as I want, but it does make some waves. It does stir up something.”

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