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Between Master and Disciples

Lord Jesus Christ's Glorious Sacrifice for Humankind, Part 6 of 6, Dec. 24 & 25, 2021

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I have tried my best, I am still trying my best, but if it doesn’t work as the way I want, then, like Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” Because if we don’t know God, if we are not connected with our original God power, then, we are dead. (Right. Yes.) Just physically still there only.

Before I had many people and we lived together around and they always can fix it quickly. (Yes.) Nowadays, not. Especially I’m on retreat, I have to conserve my power (Understand, Master.) to help all as much as I can to this falling world. (Yes.) Even if I have 10,000 arms like the Quan Yin Bodhisattva, physically I could not do more. (Oh.) But this is just talking. Quan Yin Bodhisattva doesn’t have 10,000 physical arms, (Yes.) or 1000 arms. It’s just physically not possible. (Right. Yes.) Where do all the arms grow? Imagine, I’m so small, so tiny. (Yes.) If I come out in the public and don’t wear high heels, I think you can’t find me. You can’t see me anymore. “Where is the Master? We hear Her, but where is She?” So, these spiritual weapons, like high heels, do help. They help you to see me. (Yes. Very helpful.) Very helpful. And colorful clothes so you can spot me easily. (Yes.) If I wear just gray and brown; brownish earth color, then probably I will just blend into the cement floor or whatever. Or in the wood. Then you won’t see me at all.

Alright. I like those clothes, simple and colorless. (Yes.) I don’t even like white. It’s too bright. (Yes.) I just like gray color or earthy light brown or dark brown, something like that. (Yes.) I don’t like black also. Nothing extreme. (Right. Yes.) I like those very modest and very subtle tones of colors. (Yes.) You almost blend in with the trees around you. (Yes.) I like that. It feels more relaxed for me. (Understand. Yes, Master.) And because I have to wash my clothes myself, so, even if some stains in there, then not very visible. (Yes.) Very convenient. (Yes.) But who cares anyway? Nobody looks at me. Maybe some squirrel-, or skunk-people.

It’s nice to hear you laughing a little bit. Because the world is so miserable. (Yes, Master.) So miserable. They don’t even tell me when this pandemic will end. (Oh.) Even if it will end, we don’t even know. (Oh, wow.) Or even it won’t help. (I see, Master.) Because Omicron, the symptoms on the outside, in most cases, look like just the normal flu. (Oh.) Yeah. So, many people got it. The doctors or the scientists have done research and say many people have it, but they don’t show any symptoms. (Oh.) A lot of asymptomatic patients, so they can spread around more, even. (Oh, no. Wow.) It’s already spread very fast. Faster than Delta, and Delta was scary already. This one spreads even further, faster. Just people don’t see the danger of it yet. (Understand. Wow. That’s dangerous.) You can fight the enemy when he’s in front of you. But if he is obscured, or hidden where you don’t see, it’s more difficult. (Right. Yes.)

OK, never mind. I am not allowed to say more. (Understand.) Whatever, whatever. I have tried my best, I am still trying my best, but if it doesn’t work as the way I want, then, like Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” Because if we don’t know God, if we are not connected with our original God power, then, we are dead. (Right. Yes.) Just physically still there only. (Understand, Master.)

So, at least you are connected. And congratulations, be happy. (Thank You, Master.) You and all of your brothers and sisters, except some who came in just for fun or to test, or just curiosity. (Yes, understand.) And then because of that, they don’t get anything. (I see.) And then they come out and slander the Master and say the Master doesn’t work and all that. (Understand.) Because they came in not with the intention to listen and to do what we instructed them so that they can get contact. (Right. Yes, Master.)

If we give you a plug, like a telephone plug, but you hold a phone and you hold the plug separately and you don’t plug in the electricity, then, it won’t work. (Exactly. Right. Yes.) Even though it looks like you have the same instrument. You are in the same room, but everybody else is plugged in, you did not. (Yes.) Then, you are just at square one. (Yes, Master.) And then the level is low and then, of course, not good mind, not good heart. Then the Maya can use them to attack the good ones, and attack the Master, even. (Understand.)

That’s why Jesus had to die. Because of all this. (Yes.) Because of Judas, for example. (Yes, Master.) Low level, either intentionally want to hurt Jesus, or just too stupid, (I see.) too naïve and not practicing enough to understand that these Roman soldiers just wanted to discover who Jesus is and where He is, to kill Him. (Understand, Master.) Without Judas, Jesus wouldn’t have died. (Oh.)

And then, some people, like, as I told the boys yesterday, like, Francis in the Vatican, even criticized Jesus, like He’s a failure. Failure on the cross and all that. This is evil talk. (Right.)

To slander Jesus like a failure like that, it’s absolutely beyond stupidity and beyond spiritually ignorant. It’s just like a doctor trying very hard to cure your infectious, dangerous disease but because the disease is so heavy, so dangerous that the doctor also got infected and died (Yes.) while rescuing you, while saving you. And then, you get well, and you turn around and you say the doctor is a failure. That’s very ungrateful. That’s absolutely stupid and evil as well.

Or if somebody tried to jump into the very turbulent sea to rescue someone and that someone pushed him near to the shore so he can swim back inside himself and then the rescuer was exhausted with the turbulent sea and the waves are so strong, then he drowns in the sea, rescuing that person. And that person turns around and says, “Oh, that swimmer,” the one who rescued him, “is a failure.” (Yes, Master.) Even the most stupid person on the planet wouldn’t see that as intelligent. (Right.) I think it’s the most stupid comment ever. (Yes, Master.) And the most ungrateful, the most degrading comment. (True.)

And Jesus died for humankind. (Yes, Master.) Even if He could not lift all of them up to Heaven, after He died, He lifted His disciples (Yes.) and those who believed in Him at that time. (Yes, Master.) He also blessed this planet to some degree. (Yes.) And stopped many of the crimes and the rotten society behavior, because of His teachings that were left behind even though it’s already chopped or broken. (Right.) But people still know. Many people still know what’s right from wrong. (Yes.) So, the murderer, the crime is lessened than if He had not left behind these, at least the physical moral standard teaching. See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.)

And of course, the inner teaching, the holy teaching, only can be transmitted when the Master is there, on the planet. That you know already, by now. (Yes, Master.) Every scripture mentioned that. (Yes.) Otherwise, there’s no need for so many Masters to come. No need for even Jesus to come down. (Yes, Master. Right.) If everybody just can study the scriptures and become enlightened and become Buddha, become a saint, then, there’s no need for further Masters to come down after Buddha, at least. (Right, Master, yes.) Or after any other Master. Or after Jesus. (Yes, Master.)

God loves us so much, Hes keeps sending Hiers Sons, Hiers Daughters, to come down to help us, but the humans are just so deep in slumber still. It will get better after all the cleaning, but still, it’s very painful to watch. (Yes.) Very painful for me. Very painful. I tried to shut it down. I don’t want to think about it, otherwise, I can’t survive. (Oh.) With too much sorrow from humans and animal-people, I cannot survive. (Understand, Master.) Too much sorrow, too much pain, too much stress, I would just collapse. (Oh, no.)

I can’t collapse now, I have to continue to work. Because you guys still cannot do the job well for Supreme Master TV. (Yes.) I’m not criticizing. It’s a fact and you know that. (Yes, Master.) You know that. Every time. (Yes.) If you happen to work with me in certain shows, you know. (Yes.) Right, OK? (Yes, Master.) Some of you don’t directly work with me, but some do. (Yes.) You know how I have to correct. Mostly the important ones, especially. (Right. Yes, Master.) Some side shows are not all that bad, even if you make some mistake, but important shows have to be really thoroughly checked and proofed. (Yes, Master.)

Anyway. What were we saying, before? What was it before this? You don’t remember or you didn’t listen? (That it’s hard for Master to know about all the suffering.) Ah, yeah. To shut it down, to think about it. (Yes.) Sometimes, such terrible scenes on our Supreme Master TV, for the animal-people who suffer so much; so gruesome, so cruel, so absolutely evil! In the slaughterhouse and all that, the hunting and all that. Oh, I cannot look. (Yes, Master.) I have to. But if I can avoid it, I just cover myself. I cannot look because I faint sometimes if I do look. I can only stand so much. (Understand, Master.) Just too sensitive and my heart is too weak. Never mind.

We have to continue praying and working. (Yes, Master.) (Right Master, we continue.) Because just to sit there and cry doesn’t help anybody. (Yes, Master.) It does help, though, for me, yes. I use all kinds of means to clean the beings on this planet. (Oh. Yes, Master.) What I can. But still. I still need to work, right? (Yes, Master.) Physically also, (Right.) for our Supreme Master TV. (Yes.)

OK, my love, if we have a chance, we talk again. (Yes, Master. Thank You very much.) OK. (Thank You for taking Your time to call us and talk a little bit. And we pray for God to protect You.) OK. Thank you, thank you. Wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, all the best. (Thank You, Master.)

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