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Between Master and Disciples

Lord Jesus Christ's Glorious Sacrifice for Humankind, Part 5 of 6, Dec. 24 & 25, 2021

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It’s so sad, so sad. Because this planet is beautiful and plentiful. (Yes. Exactly, yes.) If everyone just takes enough and considers others and be kind and loving, (Yes.) helps each other, then we can, and will be living on this Earth in paradise. (Yes, right.) (Yes, Master.)

Let’s go back to our practical lifestyle. Did you enjoy the cakes, the pies? (Yes, very much, Master. Everything’s so delicious. Thank You so much.) (Yes, Master. Everything was amazing and delicious! Thank You.) (Beautiful!) It’s awesome again. Huh? (Yes, awesome! Awesome!)

OK. Just something for us to remember Christ (Yes.) and to be thankful for His sacrifice, also for many other Masters who we don’t have the chance to celebrate Their greatness, Their precious birthday. Firstly, we don’t have all that time. (Yes.) Secondly, we don’t know exactly all of them, Their birthdays and Their lives and Their sacrifices mostly are in obscurity, because that’s the way the Masters are. Mostly, They don’t talk about it. (Yes.) Mostly, in the former times up to now, most Masters came unto our world quietly and also went quietly. (Understand. Yes.) It’s just that in the case of Buddha and Jesus and Guru Nanak, Lord Mahavira, Lord Baháʼu'lláh, Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, etc., somehow, we got to know about Them. (Yes. Right.)

But many countless other Masters, either having a big group of disciples or a medium sized group or a small group of disciples, or even no disciples, They all contributed to the evolved history of mankind, (Yes, Master. Yes.) to the elevation of the human spirit. That’s why we have a more comfortable life now (Yes.) than in the old time. Even then, humans did not appreciate it and did not live according to Their teachings. Thus, bring upon themselves so many disasters, so many misfortunes, so much suffering, pain and sorrow. (Right.) Not just this pandemic, but ever since we can’t remember when. Always war and pandemic, epidemic, dying, suffering. Even without the pandemic, every year mosquitoes kill millions, tobacco kills millions, (Yes.) alcohol kills millions. (Yes, Master.) Not just drunk driving or drunk and fell and died, or brawling and died, but related diseases as well. (Yes. Yes, right.) Countless, we cannot even keep the record correctly. (Yes.) And drugs and… oh man, all kinds of things. (Right.)

Anyway, we cannot count enough the human sorrow. The Buddha said that if you can measure it, then humans’ tears could fill all the seas in this world. Maybe that’s why we have seas. That’s why the sea water is salty. Perhaps. (Yes.) Who knows? Maybe that is the accumulation of humans’ tears.

It’s so sad, so sad. Because this planet is beautiful and plentiful. (Yes. Exactly, yes.) If everyone just takes enough and considers others and be kind and loving, (Yes.) helps each other, then we can, and will be living on this Earth in paradise. (Yes, right.) (Yes, Master.) Because we have so many things, such wonderful things. (Yes.) So many kinds of fruits, vegetables and cereals. They’re all nutritious. (Yes.) All beautiful, tasty and wonderful. We have enough land, enough sun, enough rain, enough manpower, enough everything to make this a paradise. (Yes. Right.) Everyone will have enough and plenty to spare. And animal-people don’t even have to suffer (No.) at all. And man and animal-people can live together in perfect harmony. And all humans and animal-people will enjoy abundance and blessing and happiness. (Yes, Master, exactly.) And no Master ever has to sacrifice, even if They have to come down and remind humans or help them to open their own connection with Heavens again, They won’t ever have to suffer like Jesus, (Yes.) or Buddha, or Prophet Muhammed, Peace be upon Him, or other countless Masters.

Because we have enough. We have more than enough of everything to sustain our physical lives and live a longer life and healthier life and in abundance. (Yes, Master.) Even without enlightenment, even to become human again and again, we’d still live in happiness, health, prosperity, abundance, love and blessing from God. (Yes. Right.) Because God wants Hiers children to be happy and satisfied in every way. (Yes.)

The humans are the ones who destroy the planet, destroy their happiness. (Yes.) Make enlightenment far-fetched, very far-fetched for themselves, because they don’t understand any Master who tells them, “You can get enlightenment now, and your life can be better.” (Right. Yes.) They won’t understand. They won’t want to listen. They just live a crazy life. Crazy life from hand to mouth and don’t even know when disaster strikes, or the pandemic even destroys them. (Oh.)

"Media Report from Good Morning America Dec. 15, 2021 Reporter (m): Health officials around the world are really concerned that situations just like this could now be happening often and everywhere. The Omicron variant is already taking hold in the US and around the globe, prompting this stark warning from the World Health Organization:

Dr. Tedros: Omicron is spreading at a rate we have not seen with any previous variant.

Reporter (m): The WHO cautioning, even if this variant is more mild than Delta or other previous strains, the sheer volume of cases could overwhelm healthcare systems."

This Omicron is not the way it looks, (Wow.) it’s not the way it seems. Oh man. I really wish that the Omicron is just the way it is, but it’s not. (Oh.) I can’t tell more. I can’t tell details, but it’s not the way it is. (Understand, Master.) Oh, it’s going to destroy humans. (Oh, man.) (Oh, my God.)

Oh, my God. My God, I’m working so hard, still cannot catch up. Oh, man. What a Christmas wish from me to you. Sorry, my heart is just full of all this sorrow and pain.

Oh, originally, I wanted to tell you that I’ll give you a couple more minutes to make yourself beautiful looking, like change into nicer clothes or whatever for Christmas, but then I couldn’t get you because of the phone problem. I called again and it didn’t work. After a while it worked, I kept trying, then it worked in the end. (Oh, I see, Master.)

Where I am, sometimes the internet doesn’t work, sometimes the phone doesn’t work. (Oh.) So, we’re lucky whenever I can talk to any of you guys (Understand, Master.) and continue to do my work with you. If I cannot finish it on time, I mean earlier, then I have to work the whole night, that’s all. But it’s not too bad. (Yes, Master.) It can work, it can work. I cannot call people to come and keep fixing all the time because I’m in a retreat. I don’t want anybody around, (Yes.) especially men, because it’s men who can fix it, not women. (Right.) Most technicians or electricians, they are men. (Yes.)

Before I trained, I let some of the women train, some of the nuns train to be also electricians, technicians, but they are just amateurs. They can’t do a lot, and then they’re not where I am anyway. So never mind, I try to fumble sometimes, fix the phone or whatever and check out the cable, and it’s still working, it’s fine. So whenever we have time, we have to talk right away, or else. (Understand, Master.) That’s why I don’t put on anti-shine powder or anything anymore. (But just to hear your voice, Master, is already great, it’s good enough. Thank You.) Thank you. You are kind. That’s good. As long as you’re happy like that, it’s good. (Yes, we are very happy, Master.) We can’t just have everything all the time. (Yes, Master.) My work is heavily ladened with the karma of the world. (Understand.) So whatever is given to me, whatever is allowed, whatever befalls, I just accept them all. (Yes, Master.) That’s what it is right now, nowadays.

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