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Between Master and Disciples

Lord Jesus Christ's Glorious Sacrifice for Humankind, Part 4 of 6, Dec. 24 & 25, 2021

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I hope in the future, everyone will know God, believe in God, believe in the righteousness and moral standards of at least the human world. And furthermore, if they want to be enlightened and be Home forever, then they should get enlightenment, true enlightenment.

So, all the world is pagan anyway. If they don’t know God directly, contact with God daily, then, they’re all pagans. (Yes, Master.) Even the saints who came down to the world, before they knew God, they were also pagans. (Yes, Master.) Paganism is like that, because you don’t know God. That’s why they say, “All the saints have a past, all the sinners have a future.” (Yes, Master.) So, the future is what we’re looking forward to.

I hope in the future, everyone will know God, believe in God, believe in the righteousness and moral standards of at least the human world. And furthermore, if they want to be enlightened and be Home forever, then they should get enlightenment, true enlightenment. Enlighten-ment. Enlighten. Meaning, you see the (inner Heavenly) Light or even now and then, better than never. But if you know how to, where to look for, you will see the (inner Heavenly) Light. So that’s what’s called “enlightenment,” “en-lighten.” (Yes, Master.)

All the Masters must teach you “en-lighten-ment,” must enlighten you, otherwise he’s not a real Master. (Yes, Master.) At the time of initiation, at least you see something of the (inner Heavenly) Light. If not, then, that master is not enlightened himself or herself. But after that, if you forget, you don’t meditate well, you sleep in meditation, that’s not the Master’s fault. He did enlighten you. Understand? (Yes, Master.) So, that is the criteria for an enlightened Master. (Yes, Master.) Must show you the (inner Heavenly) Light, must awaken the (inner Heavenly) Sound, connect you with the (inner Heavenly) Sound, the Word of God inside, so that you are connected with the power of God. You are in the universal network of brotherhood of enlightened beings. Otherwise, no matter how many hundred years he talks, he’s just an ordinary teacher. (Yes, Master.) Just repeating the words of others or maybe he has a little bit of eloquence. But that is not enlightenment.

Many politicians, they all have eloquence. That’s why they can win votes. They know how to talk; they know how to promise. But he keeps his promise or not, that’s different; they all come out and promise a lot so that people vote for them, and they talk very well. (Yes, Master.) Making people believe in him or her, so, vote for him or her. And then, that’s it. Afterwards, he does what he wants. Mostly, don’t keep their promise. Except President Trump. He kept all his promises at his own expense.

The world is blind. So, it doesn’t matter. We do what we can only. Only the ones who have eyes can see. We cannot force the blind to see. (Yes, Master.) We cannot force the deaf to hear. That’s the thing.

Alright, my love. I’m sorry to talk about too many sad things, but it just comes out, whatever I have inside. (Yes, Master.) I work with it all day long, and every day and every night. So, how can I say something else? (Right, Master. Yes.) It’s in my blood, in my being, in my dreams, in my sleep, in my meditation ̶ all the time. I don’t forget. I don’t forget the suffering of all beings on this planet. I cannot.

And Christmastime, I am reminded all the time how the Lord had to suffer for the ignorant and undeserving world. So many centuries passed, they still don’t understand anything about how the Lord sacrificed the greatest Love that they could ever know. Even parents and siblings will not always sacrifice for each other like that. (Yes, Master.) Not sacrifice your life for somebody else, for even your family members. (Yes, Master.) Alright. So that’s why I cannot always feel happy at Christmas or New Year but when I’m with the public, of course I celebrate with them just to make everyone happy. On such an occasion, I don’t have the right to make people sad. The whole year long, they work hard and Christmas is their joyous occasion, so I never make it so sad. I’m sorry I did it today but recently too many things happened that are not happy. (Yes Master. Understand. We understand.) Not like the usual unhappiness of the world, but extra, extra pain and sorrow. (Yes, Master.)

Originally, it even flashed in my mind to want to tell you, “Don’t celebrate Christmas.” But I thought that’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not good of me, so please enjoy. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Please forget your job for a while, forget your worries and troubles, your mind or whatever. Just think positive and enjoy the moment that you can, because we don’t always have this kind of moment. You don’t have, (Yes, Master.) and many people don’t have.

I wish you all the best and may God bless you more. (Thank You, Master. God bless Master. We wish You peace, Master.) Thank you, I need it too. I humbly need it so that I can be more powerful, more able to help as much as I can. Love, love, be blessed. (We love You, Master. God bless, Master.) Be blessed, be loved by the Most High, (Thank You, Master.) and all in Heaven and all in the human world and all the animal kingdom.

OK, ciao for now. Enjoy! (Bye, Master. Good bye, Master.) Love you! (Love You, Master.) (Wish Master, mission accomplished.) This is also for all the people, remote workers as well. And all the disciples. (Yes, Master.) Only disciples would hear me anyway, I don’t know if outside people even understand who I am or what I do. But it doesn’t matter, I still work for them, disciples or not. OK, my love? (Yes, Master. Master, Thank You so much, Master. Thank You, Master.) Same to you, same to you. Ciao, ciao. (Thank You for the loving gifts.) Ah, no problem. Love, love.

Hey, hi! Merry Christmas. (Hi, Master. Merry Christmas. Thank You.) And Happy New Year in case you can’t talk. Yeah, because sometimes the phone doesn’t work. (Oh.) You see, that’s why I often call the boys. (Yes.) I mean, the men. (Right.)

They have gray hair already, I still call them boys. Because for me, you are still children. (Yes.) My children. My gray-haired, big, big children. I often call them because they’re boys, they’re men. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know why I like to call them “boys.” So that if they did something wrong, I can forgive them easier than if they’re men. Boys, young, (Yes.) can make mistakes. (Right.) You too. That’s why I call the boys because they’re always ready. (Yes.) Always eager, always ready, and many of them are high-tech. They can fix things easily. (Yes, right.) We women are not so high-tech. (True.) Especially me, your Master, very low-tech. High level, low-tech. Yeah, yeah.

It’s also not convenient for me to call everybody everywhere. (Understand, Master.) We are connected inside with the spirit. (Right. Yes, Master.) So, it doesn’t matter if I talk to one group, it’s the same as if I talk to every group. (Right. Yes, Master.) Even though they also like me to talk to them, of course, but nowadays, we have to economize everything. (Yes, Master.) Because of my time. (Right.) See, I just have some time, then I call you. But later, maybe work keeps piling up, then I cannot. (Yes, Master.) Even if I try, it’s more or less like, not so natural anymore. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Yeah, it’s OK that we spread in different places. It’s like family. When children grow up, they go different places, they work different places, right? (Yes.) They don’t cling to the parents all the time. No? (Yes, right. True.) Yeah, yeah. Only some, young and helpless, like you guys. You have to stay together in one place. No, you’re not. You’re OK, you’re working well. You’re good, you’re good. I am proud of you. (Thank You, Master.) I talked to the boys yesterday. So, I thought I’d say, “Hallo.” But if I cannot, then forgive me. (Yes, Master. It’s OK, Master, we understand.)

Actually, in a retreat, you should not talk to anybody. (Yes.) I should not. (Right. Yes.) But what can I do? I can’t just forsake the whole world. (Oh.) Even though I’m in retreat, it’s for the world as well. (Yes, Master.) But Supreme Master TV is also for the world. And most people only understand the physical language. (Right. Yes, right.) So, I still need to work for it with you. (Yes. Thank You, Master. Thank You for calling, Master.) Ah, you’re welcome. And thank God. (Yes, thanks God. Thank God.) Thank God. And we thank Jesus Christ (Yes.) for His glorious sacrifice. Even though it’s so sad, so sad. But many Masters also suffer, differently. (Yes.) It’s never good.

It’s never easy for any Master to work in this world. But in Jesus’ case, people recorded somehow and then, at least humans glorify Him, still. At least. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Otherwise, many Masters also die in silence. (Oh.) In darkness, in obscurity and also gruesome, (Oh, wow.) not so obviously demonstrated the way Jesus died. (Understand. Yes, Master.) Not that Jesus wanted it that way. Just He had to sacrifice. And for that, the world still is celebrating His birthday every year. (Yes.) That’s the least they can do. (Right.) But the best would be that they follow His teaching. (Right, Master.) The better would be that they follow His teaching, the Commandments of God. (Yes, Master.) And best is to get enlightened. (Yes.) The way Jesus has imparted to His disciples. Enlightenment, that’s what we need, not just outward rituals and worship and respect and celebration. (Yes, Master.) Just sadly, our world is still not up to that standard. Maybe they will.

I don’t want to lose hope but it just feels like they’re so brainwashed, so poisoned. Life after life and they can’t remember what’s good, what’s the best for them. (Yes.) Thus, different Masters have to come and go, and keep patiently teaching humankind. One day, maybe all humans will wake up. (Yes, we pray and hope. We pray that day to come soon.) Maybe not that soon but it has to come one day, somehow. (Yes, Master. Yes, we hope we have the time to wake up also.)

We thank Jesus and all the Saints and the Sages who have sacrificed their precious lives to help humankind evolve, all beings evolve, not just humankind but all kinds of beings on this planet. (Yes.) Even though some don’t seem to have sentience, but they all do. (Right. Yes.) Like trees and stones, they all have sentience. Just more dormant than in the animal-people or in the humans. We just have to pray so that they will evolve further and further until they’re completely free. (Yes, Master.) Free from the shackles of material existence (Yes.) or even if they are still in the physical domain, they are awakened and remember their origin and go Home afterward. (Yes, Master.)

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