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Between Master and Disciples

Being Vegan Brings Out Our Love and Benevolence, Part 13 of 13, Dec. 16, 2021

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Do they want to wait until most of the world’s people die before they listen? Before they go vegan? U-turn to the better direction, to the right direction, or not? What for they just cling on to that piece of meat? My God. Without meat you won’t die. (Yes, it’s true.) We are the example. (Yes.) And many of our disciples are the example. Millions of people who are vegan, they won’t die.

And if you kill your own child or your own baby, it’s paid for. What kind of hell is that? (Yes.) What kind of hell law is that? Tell me. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) (Yes, understand.) But it’s not only that…

I read it on the internet there’s some mother… Even today, some news that some mother killed her child because he was handicapped. (Oh, gosh.) So, she thought if she freed him, it’d be better because he could not walk by himself. (Oh.) He had some birth defect or something. Some sickness that he could not walk, so she killed him. She thought she freed him from misery. And she still had to go to court and be investigated. Maybe serve a jail term. It’s not decided yet. But still in custody. And another mother also killed her children because she believed that they are possessed or something like that. Still goes to jail. (Yes, Master.)

But if you kill an innocent baby, a healthy and good and already well-formed baby, you kill him/her, and the government pays for it. (Yes.) (Oh, gosh.) What kind of government is that? What kind of law is that? The jungle law or what? Even in the jungle, they don’t have this kind of law. The tiger-people, they don’t kill their own babies. (Yes, Master.) Tiger-, lion-people, they don’t do that. Even crocodile-people, they don’t. These are vicious so-called beasts. (Yes.) They act better than humans.

So, these can only be called devils. (Yes, Master.) Evil minded or from hell. Coming up to our world just to cause trouble, just to cause suffering, misery. So, they deserve to go back to hell. At least while they’re alive, keep them in jail, so keep other people from harm’s way. (Yes, Master.) It’s very logical, no? (Yes.) You don’t have to kill them but keep them away from humans. Don’t send them from one school to another, so that they can molest the batch of new children, rape the new children, gleefully. Or don’t send from one church to another. It’s the same stuff. (Yes.) Everywhere they have altar boys. They have girls to help. See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) The volunteers. And they will have a chance to just rape anew. That’s all.

What kind of … This is not idiocy, this is evil. (Yes, Master.) Whoever supports it, and condones it, and ignores it, like Francis, the present, so-called pope. He’s not worthy to be called anything, except devil, Satan (Yes, Master.) incarnate, or at least the right-hand or left-hand of Satan. Because humans are so wicked, that’s why they’re allowed to come up, these devils, or to possess people who are low-level and have low moral standards. You got what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Anyway, they are devils. They are devils’ subordinates, workers. They are not human. (Yes, Master.) They are not beasts even; they are not even worthy to be beasts. (Yes, Master.)

Now. All questions done, or anymore? (That’s it, Master.) OK. Good. How many hours have I talked already? (Almost three hours.) No wonder I cough. Oh, I didn’t break my own record yet. (No.) Last time somebody told me four hours something. (Yes, four hours.) Even the transcription team was feeling the weight of it, (Yes.) the length of it. If you don’t have any more questions, then we call it a day.

Originally, I wanted to read you something from the Hadith. But then you asked the questions first, and I know you had questions. So, (Thank You, Master.) maybe next time, (Yes, Master.) because if I read the Hadith now, even just a couple of sentences, it will be another three hours. (Then You’ll break the record.) Yeah, yeah. World record. No, no, not yet, not yet. (Not yet. Save some time.) Yogananda, He talked how long? Five hours or something? Or two hours, six hours, I can’t remember. He also talked a lot in front of the American government or something, when He first came? (OK.) Oh God. Never mind, I don’t go into the Guinness World Records yet. Maybe one day I will, and make you feel like some thorn’s on your seat. Sit too long, get tired also. (Yes.)

All right then, my love, take care of yourself in winter. If you need anything, you order it. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You.) You have everything you need anyway, right? (Yes, we do, Master.) Except a girlfriend, (We don’t need.) or a wife. Actually all the nuns, they say they’re married to Jesus. (Yes.) They don’t say they are bachelorettes. (It’s true.) And I don’t know who the priests are supposed to be married to. So, they just go rape children. Oh, this is beyond shame. I don’t start on that. Otherwise, I don’t know what else I would say.

OK, my love, we call it a day, (OK, Master.) and we go back to our work. (Yes, Master.) It’s not like a day yet actually. It’s only a beginning. What is that? What is this hour now? (12:41. Almost 1am. Past midnight.) In the morning? (12:41. Yes.) Oh. (A.M.) Early morning, you mean. (Early morning, very early morning.) I thought this is 4 o’clock, afternoon, because my clock doesn’t say a.m., p.m. (No.) Oh, man, I robbed you of your sleep. (No, Master.) What a cruel world. And I even told you, we go back to work. Oh, man! (Well, we do still prepare.) I will myself. (And so will we.) I am not sure about you. (We will.) Can you still bear this old woman? (Yes, Master.) (We love Master.) (It’s a privilege.) I guess you still can.

(Thank You for Your time and sharing Your secrets with us.) Oh, yeah, I thought maybe it’d help somebody, if they become vegan and benevolent. (Yes.) Then they will be spared of pain and anguish. Yes, because COVID, even if you recover, you’d have to be in the hospital for some time. (Yes.) And they put all kinds of tubes into your nose, your throat, and incubate you in a small, little, square plastic, (Yes.) see-through plastic. The square box. (Yes.) I think it’s a breathing box, or something like that. And all the tubes around you, and on your hand, IV (Yes.) on your fingers, or some other stuff. (Yes.) And maybe your chest, your body, your stomach, whatever. Whatever they have to do to save your life. It’s suffering to be in the hospital like that. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And even if you have mild COVID, they still treat you until you get better. And then you’re lying next to another patient who may have very heavy COVID, and maybe you’re also infected again, and in the hospital, and then you might not recover. (Yes. True.) It’s not fun. (No.)

This COVID, they are out to get people. They want to get all the people. Now you know. It’s not like you get COVID and you might get treatment and recover. Not necessarily. Many people die. In America alone, it’s 800-plus thousand already. (Yes, Master.) (That’s right, Master.) And many other countries we don’t count yet.

In China, thousands are infected, (Oh.) after they declared zero already. They were… Before, I remember Wuhan, the area that COVID was supposed to originate, they opened again already. Everybody went there to celebrate even, from other cities. They went there to show the world that it’s all clean, all clear. And then they made sure there is zero COVID, and then “boom” (Wow.) again, several times, and now several thousands are infected.

And 800,000, the people in America, the experts say is undercounted already. (Wow.) Because sometimes they just die quickly, and then they classify it as the flu. (Oh.) Or something like that. They don’t have time to check everybody, especially the dead. You see? (Yes, Master.) All hospitals, most hospitals are overwhelmed already. (Yes.)

And if another COVID variant comes out, I don’t know if the doctors and the nurses can survive to even heal you. See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) They work day and night. They are exhausted, (Yes.) and they are very depressed also. That doesn’t help them. Depressed because they see people dying like that every day and they feel powerless. Feel guilty also. (Yes.) And feel angry and frustrated at the same time. And sometimes they go crazy. (Yes.)

And then also the vaccine mandate. I think they stopped now. Too many people quit. And some people don’t want the vaccine mandate, because they worry about the consequences long term. So, they just quit their jobs. And the less doctors, less nurses, the more patients. (Yes.) Already a lot of patients and understaffed, and there are more patients now even. (Yes.) Because the Omicron is spreading too fast. (Yes.) Seventy times more than Delta, and Delta was already a terror. Even if they say Omicron affects mildly, (Yes.) but still need to be hospitalized and treated. (Yes.) Mildly because they saw some worse cases, but that doesn’t mean mildly. They could die anytime. And even if they are mild but hospitalized, people are short of staff everywhere. (Yes.) Doctors are exhausted. Nurses are in a low morale. You see what I’m saying? (Yes.) How long can they cope with it, even if Omicron is milder than Delta?

But just today I read something that the WHO warned people that it’s very serious. (Yes.) Something like that. You probably read in the news. (Yes, Master.) I probably captured the headline and sent it to you already, but I can’t remember the exact words now. But it’s not something that you could smile and hope for. (That’s right.)

I keep telling people, nobody listens to me. Too little, too little people listen to me. I don’t know. Do they want to wait until most of the world’s people die before they listen? Before they go vegan? U-turn to the better direction, to the right direction, or not? What for they just cling on to that piece of meat? My God. Without meat you won’t die. (Yes, it’s true.) We are the example. (Yes.) And many of our disciples are the example. Millions of people who are vegan, they won’t die. (That’s right.) So, what’s wrong? Even if you are not used to it, the taste but when you’re hungry you will like anything. Right? (Yes, Master.)

All right. My God. I talk too much, God. Forgive me if I say anything wrong. OK, loving. Ciao, ciao. (Goodnight, Master. Thank You, Master.) Oh, goodnight? (Good morning.) Good morning.

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