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Between Master and Disciples

Being Vegan Brings Out Our Love and Benevolence, Part 10 of 13, Dec. 16, 2021

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Every day I see maybe some insect-people die, some animal-people die because of winter or hunger. I wish I could feed the whole world; the hungry, the homeless, and give the sick medicine, give the bird-people all the food that they need, and the squirrel-people.

What was it before? Anybody should know something... (Just imagine we are those people.) Ah yes, imagine, they’re so helpless. (Yes.) So helpless. So, so weak. So, so small. You’re only three, four, five, six years old even. (Yes.) And even if you are 10, 15, you are still young; you’re little. (Yes.) You’re a teenager. (Yes, Master.) You know nothing about such wickedness, such evil. It’s never crossed your mind. (Yes, Master.) And suddenly they caught you by surprise, and you have learned to obey already. (Yes.) You have learned to fear God, to fear eternal damnation even.

In the Philippines, they say there is a new church priest who proclaimed that he’s Jesus, he’s a son of God. And makes people go out and do whatever it takes to get donations. (Wow.) You have to count how much per day. And if you don’t have enough, you cannot eat. (Wow.) They don’t give you food, even. And some people forgo food so that they can have enough quota to give to that church. (Wow.) Because if you don’t, or if you don’t have sex with him or his so-called priests, then you will have eternal damnation. That’s according to the news. And the courts are judging them, studying this case. And holding them in…. How do you say when the police or the court are checking on you? (Investigating.) Investigating you. And many people, many came forward. So I don’t think they can get away with it.

First of all, he proclaims himself that he’s the son of God. No such thing. No such thing that the son of God does such things. OK? (Yes.) Jesus walked barefoot. He did not ask for anything. Buddha, the same. People gave to them because they just are renunciates; they don’t have anything. So people gave. (Yes, Master.) Just enough for them to use. But nowadays, the priests or monks, they have flashy cars. They have women around or men around. I don’t know what. And eating big. Living well. Comfort. Not like those monks or priests under Jesus and Buddha. (Yes, Master.) They were the real ones. (Yes.) Real monks, real disciples, and real Saints and real successors of Jesus, of Buddha. Nowadays you don’t have any. They’re not enlightened at all. Completely ignorant, completely evil. Just some of them are somewhat enlightened. These are still morally not corrupted. Maybe they have learned secretly some method of enlightenment like ours. (Yes, Master.)

We had some priests also and some nuns, some monks from different faiths, (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) who came to get initiation. But unless they want to, we don’t reveal them. So you don’t know them. And even if they want to speak on our Supreme Master TV, we don’t say this monk is Master’s disciple or anything. (Yes.) Unless they want to. See what I’m saying? Unless they want to reveal themselves.

Anybody, not just monks and nuns. (Yes.) Unless they want to, we don’t put them outside, out there, anywhere, we don’t talk about them. (Yes, Master.) They come to group meditation like everybody else, if they do. But we don’t reveal them to anybody. (Yes.) Unless they want to, they do it themselves, or they ask to contribute to Supreme Master TV as a host, then we let them. (Yes, Master.) If they don’t want to, then we also don’t. If they don’t allow, we don’t do anything. Completely confidential. (Yes.)

Even some like government officials or something, you never know them, because we don’t tell. (Yes, Master.) We protect their privacy and their integrity in whatever their ideal or whatever they want to. Because sometimes in the society, if you are enlightened and you follow one or two Masters or different Masters, people will talk. (Yes.) Make trouble for them. So we protect everybody. (Yes, Master.)

Why I talk about that? I forgot already what I did say. Where was I before? (So, it’s again, it’s about imaging we are in the shoes of that child or something, being… and then they’re so vulnerable.)

The ancient monks and nuns are different. They are modest, they are ascetic. You don’t have to be an ascetic to be a monk or enlightened, but they are more modest, they don’t care much about the comfort or luxury of the world. They’re real. If you give them a good bed, maybe they lay on it, maybe not, but not that they desire to. They can lay down anywhere, live in any hut, or anything. They don’t need a big church, big temple, big palace for them. Nothing. And mostly they don’t like luxury. They don’t need. (Yes, Master.) They don’t abhor them. They just don’t need. They don’t feel the need for it. They don’t appreciate being in luxury or not.

Of course, if they visit and a disciple’s house is very big and expensive, and invites him to stay one day, two days, in their bed, made ready in luxury, then they lay on it. But that doesn’t mean they like or not like. They don’t enjoy it, it’s OK, the same. Same; living in the hut or in the palace. It’s the same to them. (Yes, Master.) But if they have a choice, they probably prefer the hut. Alone. (Yes.) Because number one, they don’t need; they feel they don’t need. Number two, they’re also in sympathy with the poorer humanity and animal-people. (Yes.) I don’t know about anybody else.

Every day I see maybe some insect-people die, some animal-people die because of winter or hunger. I wish I could feed the whole world; the hungry, the homeless, and give the sick medicine, give the bird-people all the food that they need, and the squirrel-people. In fact, I made a poem about it. (Yes, Master.) Like, I wish I have all the granaries somewhere. Give it all to the bird-people and to all that need, and to the cat-people, stray cat-people, and all that. I made that when I was younger. (Yes.) At that time, I was not yet in the Himalayas. I did not meet any Master, any Quan Yin method, nothing yet. I was just a vegetarian. (Yes, Master.) But almost vegan because I rarely drank any milk or such things. I did not like it. Since I was a child, I did not like it already.

But now, you live there and you did not know much, so when people make a vegetarian pizza and there’s cheese on it, you eat. (Yes.) But that doesn’t mean that you like to have milk and all that all day or all the time. (Yes, it’s true.) When you go out with friends and they eat what, and they give you what, you eat what. But just for a while. Later on, I didn’t like them. At that time, I didn’t know anything about vegan yet. I thought vegetarian, that’s the ultimate already. That included non-milk, non-egg, non-animal- or insect-people products. So later on, I learned the word “vegan.” That’s more clean-cut. No animal-people product or by-product whatsoever. (Yes, Master.) And then, it’s more clean. All right.

Because people tested that anyone who eats meat, they are more susceptible to COVID. More susceptible, more percentage of getting COVID. (Wow.) But the vegan, not. And like you guys, vegan and enlightened and meditate, then, OK. You know already. You know how lucky you are. (Yes, Master. Very lucky.) You’re going the right way. Even if you don’t become a saint or Buddha, or go to Heaven, you are a good, excellent human being.

You understand that? (Yes, Master.) And that is reward enough already. (Yes, Master.) Even if you don’t get to the level of Sainthood or become Buddha, you are good humans, and that is the pride, (Yeah.) the pride to take in. (Yes.) And you have the right to. But you are a saint already. Maybe a small saint, but a saint. Well, the clothes, they have different sizes. Size doesn’t always matter. I don’t know what you think about me, but I also work hard like you. (Harder.) I don’t eat anything better. (Yes, Master.) So, I don’t know if size makes any difference, inside or outside.

All we do is just serve others (Yes, Master.) with all the love – it’s not just for show. Because if you do anything for show, your heart will know it. Even if other people don’t know, you know, God knows, and that’s enough already to shame, (Yes.) to shame yourself. (Yes, Master.)

But every day I see sometimes insect-people and animal-people die, or if I see it on the screen – internet, when I search the news, oh, my heart just feels so, so terrible. I said to God, “This is hell! Why don’t You make a new one? What for the humans live like this? So very little dignity, little love, and little hope, and little comfort. The majority of people live from hand to mouth, working nine to five, selling half of the life, and half of the youth, or half of all the comfort and pleasure just to keep themselves, this physical body alive. (Yes.) And this is not the way the children of God should live.” I complain every day because my heart pains so much, seeing all these terrible things happening, even just a snail-person.

Yesterday, I picked up a snail-person in the garden. I didn’t know that he died. I saw he still had the flesh inside. I picked him up, because he was upside down. I put him on some stone, with water, a little bit under it, so that he doesn’t drown, but he can drink if he wants. But he was dead. (Oh.) And many insect-people came and bit him. He could not move any more. (Oh.) So, I asked… He said he’s dead. I said, “OK, bless you then. Bless you. May God bring you to a better place (Aww.) than this world. It’s cruel. So cruel, so cruel a world.” Because I love the animal-people so much, even insect-people, you have no idea. I owe it to them. I feel like I owe it to them, I have to defend them. I have to say something at least for them, in their defense. (Yes.)

Oh, I forgot to tell you something. You know all about the squirrel-people and all that. Right? (Yes.) Telling me stuff. And the bird-people also come, sometimes with urgency at midnight. All the bird-people are sleeping already. They flew from somewhere, (Oh, wow!) in winter, even, flew and quacked so loud, telling me, “Danger! Danger! Go inside.” (Oh, wow!) You see what I’m saying? (Yes.) They quacked so loud, all of a sudden to get my attention. I cannot tell all of you enough. (Yes, Master.) And even trees and all that, I treat them all with love and reverence. You have no idea how I feel. That’s why I have to continue working. I must do with my hope. (Yes, Master.)

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