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Being Vegan Brings Out Our Love and Benevolence, Part 6 of 13, Dec. 16, 2021

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Because in our Quan Yin meditation practice, I never forbid anybody, I never ask them to change their religion or change their way of worship. (Right, Master.) I only ask them to be vegan and meditate two and a half hours a day. That’s just to donate some time for yourself and to connect with God.

They will ask you when you go to the employment (office), “What religion?” (Yes.) And if you write “Catholic,” then they will cash it from your salary automatically. They will send it to the church. (Yes, Master.) You will have nothing to say, you like it or not. I am told like that, in some countries. (Yes.) Is that true or not? (I think in Germany.) In Germany, (Yes.) but do you know about it? (Yes, I did some looking up in the articles.) Then it’s true. What my ex-husband told me is true. I never thought about it too much. I said, “OK, why not? If you donate to the church, it’s also a good thing.” (Yes.)

Because in our Quan Yin meditation practice, I never forbid anybody, I never ask them to change their religion or change their way of worship. (Right, Master.) I only ask them to be vegan and meditate two and a half hours a day. That’s just to donate some time for yourself and to connect with God. (Yes, Master.) At least to sit and thank God, remember God and meditate and see the (Heavenly) Light inside you, knowing that you are the Light. Knowing that you are the Word of God. Born from the Word of God.

Otherwise, I don’t ask them to change from Catholic to Buddhist or from Buddhist to Muslim, or from Muslim to Sikh, or whatever is my favorite. I don’t have any favorite. (Yes, Master.) I preach all kinds of doctrines. You know that. All these years. (Yes, Master.) We’ve done many Buddhist stories and sutras, and we’ve done other sutras like Jainism. (Yes, Master.) And then I also talk about Rumi, and also Hinduism. (Yes, Master.) All these years, all different religions. It comes out spontaneously or systematically. It depends on my inspiration. Depends on what God wants me to talk about that day. And Christianity also. You know that, right? (Yes, Master.)

I always mention the Bible because people know about it. So, it’s not like I tell people they have to believe in what. (Yes, Master.) They still go to the church if they want to. I say, “Go ahead. You should go to the church.” Your life is the same except you give two and a half hours to God, to elevate yourself, to know God, to know yourself, that you are from God. That’s all. There’s no more requirements. Oh, except vegan, of course.

And if you have a lot of money, you want to give to me, don’t. Give it to the poor people. Remember that? (Yes, Master.) I always say that. I don’t accept money from people. Gifts, I don’t accept. Maybe some small thing, like a cup or something, souvenir or something, (Yes.) sometimes. And then I return with some other gift. (Yes, Master.) Just to make that person happy. But I don’t take the money donation. Because if you take money, today, 100, tomorrow you take 1000, and then 10,000 and it will never stop.

I don’t want to rely on anybody. (Yes, Master) My practice of faith or my meditation is my personal thing. (Yes.) As a citizen of the world, I need to contribute. I need to work like other people, in whatever way, whatever means I can. Not now, I’m still wanting to paint or something, to earn some extra money, but I’m too busy. Before I used to do that, or do some knitting. Something just to earn enough. (Yes, Master.) Because I don’t feel like I’m better than anybody having this physical body. (Yes, Master.) Why make somebody else work for my physical needs? So, that is the thing.

For example, if I keep relying on donations to make Supreme Master Television, and nowadays, the pandemic, nobody has money. So, what would we do then? (Yes, Master. Understand.) Just close shop like that? And tell all of you, “You’re unemployed. Sorry. Go get unemployment benefits,” or whatever, Or “Go home and get a job.”

Nowadays it’s difficult. (Yes.) Many people are fired because they don’t get the vaccine. (Yes. That’s right, Master.) They don’t want the vaccine. Not that they don’t want, they just don’t trust, because so many stories and many side effects that’s printed all over, talked about all over everywhere. (Yes, Master.) And also, the most worry for them is the long-term effects. (Yes.) I don’t know what will affect them in the long run. You know? (Yes.)

I told you already before, the news said he became impotent. (Oh, yes.) And now they say the Omicron evades the vaccine and all that. (Yes, Master.) And also the evidence was… of course not like the majority, but the evidence was that many people who have been fully vaccinated, even with booster also, still die, (Yes.) still get COVID and die, and also continue to transmit if they have the disease. (Yes. Woah.) After all these vaccines, (Yes, Master.) they still can transmit to other people, and other people who are fully vaccinated and with booster, still die, still got the COVID and died. (Yes, Master.) They call it breakthrough cases, meaning they are already all vaccinated and had the booster, and still die, or still got sick. (Wow.) Some recover, some don’t.

So that’s why many people, the common folks, they’re scared. They have only one life, they think. (Yes.) What if they lost it, and how about their children, their wives, (Yes, Master.) their kids, or even their pets, their dog-, their cat-, their bird-people? What to do if they die? They are worried like that.

Or, what else? Like, what is the side effect for the long run, because many people got COVID and still have long-term effects. They are not the same anymore, like before. (Yes.) Different effects, incurable even, or it takes a long time to cure. And then they have to rely heavily more on antibiotics or whatever. This is no life for them anymore.

"Media Report from CNBC – Oct. 26, 2021 Reporter (m): The study found nearly two-thirds of long-term COVID patients report that brain fog she mentioned. That includes memory loss. How concerning is that aspect to you?

Dr. Putrino (m): I think it’s very concerning in that this is a condition that is affecting people’s daily ability to function. Our work and the work of others has shown that this affects people’s abilities to make plans, synthesize information and do their daily activities of work. They suffer from a lot of memory loss and inability to form new memories as well as difficulty with speaking. This is a very debilitating condition with serious cognitive conditions."

"Media Report from BBC – Aug. 16, 2020 Woman 1: I became ill with COVID in mid-March. Mid-July, I had a severe relapse.

Woman 2: I thought I was getting better. And now, 17 weeks on, I’m left with fatigue like I’ve never known.

Woman 1: All of the initial symptoms of COVID returned suddenly and violently.

Woman 2: Heart racing, temperature still, on and off. Chest pain, like someone’s sitting on my chest.

Woman 3: I’m five months on now. I still can’t grasp things with my hand. I forget what I’m saying, can’t concentrate, don’t sleep very well.

Woman 4: Probably my most frightening symptom for me is debilitating fatigue I’ve got. I’m pretty much housebound at the moment, I’m completely dependent on my partner.

Woman 5: Scary, because we don’t know how permanent this is. It’s certainly, there are times where I feel like life won’t never be normal again, my body will never be normal again."

What was it that lead to that? Oh, this pandemic, they say more worse variants will come, (Wow.) and maybe the vaccine or these pills, (Yes.) antiviral pills, maybe rendered useless. (Oh, wow.) You can see they develop all the time now. (Yes.) First, just COVID-19, and it put people on their knees already. And then after that, this variant, that variant, all kinds of variants. (Yes.) And Delta variant’s the worst, and then now this one, they classify as worse than Delta, (Yes.) the way it spreads. (Yes, exactly.) And some say mild, some say no, no, very dangerous.

So, people are confused, very confused. So, they don’t know whom to trust, whom to believe. They have only one life, as far as they know, (Yes.) and they have kids, they have wives, they have parents to take care of. Nobody wants to die just like that. (Yes, Master. Right.) So even then, a lot of people are vaccinated and seem to be well, or seem to recover and all that, but the majority of people they’re still very skeptic… skeptical. Right? (Yes, Master.)

When we talk in the heat of it, I can’t always remember. I’m grandma-age already. I’m “gram-gram.” No, at my age, people are grandmas. (Yes, Master.) They will call you grandma. (Yes.) If you go on the bus and people don’t know whether or not you have children or grandchildren, they still call you “gram.” (Yes.) Gram-gram. “Gram, please take my seat.” Two women complained to each other. One said to the other, “Oh, I feel so old nowadays.” The other one said, “Why? What’s wrong?” She said “Well, whenever I go on the bus, people always give me the seat.” You see? Because she’s senior. Respect. (Respect for your elders.) But that made her so sad, because she realized she’s old now. Normally, we would say “Thank you,” or be grateful when somebody offers the seat, but not for the “gram.” (Yes.) Gram-Gram feeling too gray already.

Any more questions, my love? (Yes, Master.) By the way, we were talking about the book. Right? (Yes, Master.) It’s just another nonsense, (Yes.) theatre cover up and damage control. (Trying to look good, right? Yes.) The priests, the male priests, they’re raping, killing, torturing children, over and over, again, again, not just a one-time weakness. (Yes, Master.) You can forgive a one-time weakness and if truly repentant. You see that? (Yes.) Even then, it’s still risky. But these priests, they do it again, again and again. The same children or other children. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s unforgivable. (That’s right. Master.)

To forgive these means condoning them to continue, because it’s too easy for them. They get out scot-free. (Yes.) Nobody says anything, so of course, nothing wrong with it. Why not continue? (Yes.) Like Jesus would save them or go confess to another priest and then he’s clean. How can? Even the most stupid people would not believe that. (Yes, Master.) But they pretend to be stupid, so they believe that. It’s easier. (Yes, Master.) So they can make the excuse to do anything, any sinful thing, harmful to others, hurting others, ruining others’ lives. That’s not the way to live, even for normal people. (No, Master.) Even for an atheist. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about a priest. (Yes.) Sitting on top of the society, (Yes, gosh!) having influence on the whole society and world and doing this kind of stuff. Being fed, and clothed, and pampered, and respected and doing nothing good. (Yes.) Instead, doing evil.

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