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Between Master and Disciples

The True Jihad, Part 8 of 14, Oct. 4, 2021

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In every society, there are rich and poor. The rich people can donate some, but they must stay rich, and opulent, because they earned it. (Yes.) And then that is also an example for others to strive, to work harder. (Yes.) To tax their intelligence IQ, so that they can earn, so they can be like him, (Ah, yes.) can be rich like his neighbor.

They can spread out, they can multiply, with all this energy feeding them. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And then America will have just demons, running around. Sorry. (Oh my God.) Yes, yes. (Terrible!) That’s the future. (Oh no.) If you don’t stop all this, that’s in your future. (Whoa, oh my.) It’s not like OK, they kill one person here and there. There is no justifiable cause, not even war or anything. (Yes.) Just kill the baby like that. (Yes. So wrong.)

And spend a lot of money to defend for a criminal. Maybe still innocent. After, if he’s jailed, you still need to feed them. (Yes.) Even if the criminals go to jail, they have their own cell, they have food every day. And they can do some little work in there, to earn money even. (Yes.) How can a little baby not have a chance? (That’s right.)

And then open the border, let anybody come in, even criminals. You don’t even know who they are anyway. (Yes, exactly.) And from some not very clear country. Some with the reputation for drugs and murdering and crime and all that, smuggling, and children traffickers. Some countries are reputed for that. And you just let anybody in without checking anything. (Yes.) Just maybe write down the name, “You go to the court later.” Will they go? (No.) And even if they go, how do you prove who they are? (Yes. That’s right.) And you will give them citizenship. I read it in the news that they wanted to sneak some of the money from these 3.5 trillion just to pay for these immigrating people to be citizens. (Oh, wow.) Not so fast. Not so fast. (Yes.)

And now he (Biden) wants to tax all the rich, just so that he can spend on whatever he thinks is more socially “moral,” whatever. (Yes.) But I don’t think you should tax the rich so much. Because even if they tax the rich, the people say it affects the poor also. The less rich are also being taxed more. (Ah.) It’s not like free from the rich only. Because even if they tax all the rich, it will not be enough to cover what he asks. (That’s right.) For social, whatever, services.

“Media Report from Fox News Joe Concha(m): Again, this is trillions of dollars, guys. (Yeah.) This isn’t billions – trillions. It’s a number that people can’t quite get their [head] around. How do you pay for it? ‘Oh well, we tax the rich.’ You could tax the rich all you want, you can’t pay for 3.5 – 5 trillion dollars just by taxing the rich alone. Everybody pays for this in one way or another.”

But they just do it with agenda, just to make some people happy so that they can vote for them. And the poor people or the needy people will see little of it. (Yes. That’s right.) Or nothing. Because for example, I read in the news, like, later they will plan to give it to their own supporters or something like that. If you’re poor but a Democrat, then maybe you get something. But if you are not for Democrats, then you won’t get it. (Oh, wow.) Just given to some specific area or something. I read it on the news. (Wow.) It’s openly talked about on the internet. (That’s not right.)

It’s not like talking behind his back, or the government’s back, nothing. (Yes.) Because if they didn’t report the real thing, they’d be in jail, man. (Yes, that’s right.) Even if they say the right thing, they could be in jail also. So they risk their neck. Like the Marine who criticized that they should not have given away the Bagram airport before evacuating everybody. That’s why they could not evacuate everybody and left some behind. (Yes.) And he said the truth. He said if it were him, he would never give up the big army airport before evacuating whomever he should evacuate.

“Video shared on social media - Aug. 26, 2021 Former Marine(m): Did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, ‘Hey, it’s a bad idea to evacuate Bagram Airfield, a strategic airbase, before we evacuate everyone?’ Did anyone do that? And when you didn’t think to do that, did anyone raise their hand and say, ‘We completely messed this up?’”

He only said that, and I would say the same. Because that’s stupid! (Yes.) And then later Biden has to beg the Taliban to help to evacuate his people. (Yes.) What a stupid move. (Really stupid.) Yeah. That’s degrading, embarrassing, and harmful to your citizens abroad, especially in the so-called enemy zone.

My God. American people are working hard, paying so much tax, and now they want to tax the rich. Taxing all the rich will never be enough to pay for anything that they want to, (That’s right.) for the ridiculous things and illogical things that we could avoid. (Yes, yes.) And even if it’s enough, it’s not fair. The rich people, they also have to work darn hard (Yes.) in order to be where they are. (Yes. That’s right.) Let them enjoy a little luxury life if they want. They earned it. (Yes.) They deserve it. Also, their merit, God gives it to them. They don’t do anything illegal to earn it. (Yes.) It’s not fair to rob them of their privilege and richness and comfort. (Understand.)

They also need comfort in order to continue to do their work. It is stressful to be the boss of a big company or big corporation. (Yes.) They earned it, and they need their luxury sometimes to relax, to feel proud, to feel good, (Yes.) to feel successful, so they can continue to contribute to work. You cannot just see some rich people and envy their wealth and want to rob them. Then it becomes like communists. (Yes.) But the communists nowadays, they don’t even do that. I see many rich people in China, and in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). (Oh, yes. That’s right.)

If you rob the rich, give it to the poor, it won’t last long anyway. (No, definitely not.) And it has a bad effect, like nobody will be motivated to work hard to earn a higher standard of living, anymore. What for do you work so hard? You tax your brain, and you work day and night, or endure all kind of challenges, and then the government will take it away from you anyway. (Yes, Master.) So they don’t want to study, they don’t want to do investment, nothing. It feels it’s dropping the enthusiasm. (That’s right.) (The motivation.) So don’t tax the rich. Maybe tax a little bit. But then it’s not the place to rely on for rescuing the inflation and the economy of the country.

And while paying more for killing the future citizens who will contribute, (Yes.) or who will be billionaires also to contribute. (Yes.) You cannot tax forever. How many rich people are in the country? Maybe 1%, so 99% are average or poor. (Yes.) So, how can 1% pay for the 99%? All of you can understand, right? (Yes, Master.) I talk in plain English, no? (Yes, You do, Master.) (Really clear.) (Logical.) How come anybody not understand all this?

I am not against taxing the rich, but not robbing them of everything, almost everything, just to give it to the poor. That is not the way to spend their hard-earned money. (Yes.) Because if the rich are getting poor just like the other poor, then who is going to give jobs to other poor people? (Yes, exactly.) The rich have to be rich so that they can invest more in other businesses, and then more people can work, can have jobs. (Yes.) If nobody has money, nobody risks their capital and works hard, going through challenges and stress and all that, and even sometimes family discord because they work too hard, they neglect their family, neglect their wife, their kids, or their husband and their children, just to earn this money…

And they’re entitled to spend it the way they want, because it’s their money, they didn’t rob anybody. (Right.) They didn’t do anything illegal to earn it. (Yes, Master. Understand.) They have the right to enjoy. And if they want to contribute, then they do it themselves. (Yes.)

Many of the rich people in America or anywhere, they contribute. (Yes. Yes, they do.) I’m not all that rich, but I contribute to the world (You do, Master, yes.) for charity, wherever needed. So, many richer people, they contribute all the time. You see? (Yes.) So that is their will.

You cannot force people to donate what they don’t want to. That will defeat the purpose. (Yes, Master.) To donate something, that means you have a good heart, you have to feel it. (Yes.) You want to donate it, then you feel good. But if you rob them of their money just because they’re rich, that is just like a robber. It’s robbery. (Yes, Master.) You use your position; you change the law to rob people of their own hard-earned money. That is not lawful. (That’s right.) That’s not ethical either.

In every society, there are rich and poor. The rich people can donate some, but they must stay rich, and opulent, because they earned it. (Yes.) And then that is also an example for others to strive, to work harder. (Yes.) To tax their intelligence IQ, so that they can earn, so they can be like him, (Ah, yes.) can be rich like his neighbor. If everybody is motivated like this, the country will be richer and richer. (That’s right. Yes.)

And if they want to donate to the government or support some good cause, like every country, they do. (Yes.) Then they will do it by their own will. (Yes.) Not robbing them blind with the law or whatever. That’s not correct. That’s robbery. (Yes, Master.) That’s outright robbery.

“Reason TV Interview Former judge(m): I’ll say this plainly, I’ve said it before: Taxation is theft. It presumes that the government has a higher claim on our property than we do.”

OK, giving some money to some groups, some poor people, but how long will it last? And everybody in the country will become all poor. (Yes, understand.) Instead of lifting the poor people up, they pull the rich people down. That’s what I didn’t like about the communists, before. (Ah, yes.) But it’s the modern communists nowadays, maybe better already. (Yes.) People are more free now, they can earn money and keep their money. (Yes.) That’s not a real communism anymore. Except in some countries they’re still controlling in some way.

But even non-communists, there are also some countries controlling citizens. You can’t say anything against the government. (That’s right.) Like in America, the Marine soldier just criticized Biden’s administration for withdrawing, for giving all the strength, through equipment, through the army airport, before evacuating people. And he just said that. And then he’s jailed now. (Ah, yes.) What a “free” country you are! Is that a free country? (No, Master.) He didn’t say anything wrong, he said the truth only. He’s still doing his job but he said, “This is not right.” And that’s the right of his citizenship to say that. (Yes.) He has the right of an American.

They say America is a free country. Land of the free, land of the brave. This guy is the only one who’s brave enough to dare to say that, and then he’s in jail right away. “Oh, shut up. I am powerful. I’m stronger than you, I’ll put you in jail.” Of course, they can put them in jail – because of all the henchmen behind him (Biden), and there’s nobody else to oppose. (Yes.) Because they’re already “killing” many enemies already, put them in jail already, for whatever “insurgency.” They’re just all these excuses to terminate, to weaken the opposite party. (Yes.) All kinds of things. And all lies, all attacks on Trump, the opposition, and his supporters. They made a list of Trump supporters, (Yes.) secretly or openly, so that they can punish them. They openly said that, “Make the list now.” (Ah, wow.) During the election, and after, they were going hunting.

So that’s a very “free” country indeed. Worse than communism! (That’s like the Taliban.) Yeah, worse than the Taliban! And they’re criticizing China or Taliban for not being free. (Yes.) Who are the Taliban disciples now? No wonder he kowtowed to them (Yes.) during the evacuation of his people, and left a lot behind. We call it in French, “à la merci.” Means you leave them to the mercy of the so-called enemy. (Yes. That’s right.) Even a former enemy, but you don’t know what they’ll do with them. You don’t know yet. (Yes.) It’s just the beginning.

And if you don’t trust the Taliban, or these so-called terrorist groups in some country, then why do you throw your people in their hands? (Yes.) Give them their names and then left them behind like that. (Yes.) What for fighting for 20 years and then suddenly trust them? (Yes.) And then after they kill, then they go kill civilians. Children – seven. The whole family as well. (Yes.) And then want to do more!

I told you in the beginning already, when he said, “I will hunt you down,” I said it’s more likely they will hunt him down. How do they hunt them down? They don’t have anything there anymore. (Yes.) I told you in the beginning already, (Yes, You did.) a long time ago, when we had the first conference or something, (Yes.) I said that will cause just more bloodshed, more revenge, and it’s useless. (Yes, Master.) They don’t have any base in Afghanistan. They don’t have any informants there anymore. They don’t have any intelligence service over there anymore. How are they going to hunt them? (They can’t.) Looks like all the so-called terrorists, they have the addresses, openly in a phone book or something. They do that? Or telephone numbers or all their emails, everything? And their house address is listed in the phone book, or on the internet, Instagram or something? How are they going to check them out? (They can’t.) And even hunt them. How?

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