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The True Jihad, Part 7 of 14, Oct. 4, 2021

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You never know whom you kill (Yes, that’s right.) in the womb. They might be an excellent doctor. They may be another Tesla. (Yes.) They may be another Armstrong for space. (A new Einstein.) Or Einstein. Or might be another Buddha, or maybe another Saint. Another good monk, another good doctor. (Yes.) The best inventors for new technology.

How are you going to have all these young people if you kill all these babies? Nowadays already many couples don’t want babies. (Yes.) Because they are working; they are enjoying their lives. They don’t want to have babies, like in Japan for example. Many couples don’t want it. (Yes.) So the government has to support them, give them incentives, give them financial support and all that, (Yes.) to have more babies. And here we have babies already in the womb, by accident or not, just have to use them, raise them up. (Yes.)

The government, the Americans, have enough money. Even if we don’t have adoption, we can raise all those babies until they grow up and be independent and get work. (Yes.) We can raise them up as orphans. (Yes. That’s a good idea.) If the mothers don’t want them, just make an orphanage. Train them from childhood already to be loyal to the country, and to grow up, protect the country, contribute to make the country stronger. (Yes.)

The best thing is to educate children when they were young already, (Yes.) so these children will be born as orphans. They will be more receptive and more motivated to make themselves independent, to be somebody. (Yes.) Because they’re orphans, they’re even more motivated. (Yes.) From childhood already, they will learn more, they will be more strong, they will be more resilient, they will be more motivated to be someone.

The proof is that many orphanage children grow up being this and that, a doctor, nurse, computer engineer, and all kinds of good, good, educated people, helpful to their country. And they even come back to the orphanage to help others, or open their own orphanage to help other children. (Yes.)

Even governments don’t have to take care, just give it to some NGO organization, and they’d be happy to take care of the orphanage. (Yes, that’s a good idea.) And give them an education. You Americans can afford it. Moreover, if you don’t go to war, you’d save hundreds of billions of dollars, every year. Then you can even raise the whole country without work even. But of course, we need workers, not because of salary, but because we have to work to contribute to the country, to make the country strong and independent and able. (Yes, that’s right.) That’s all. And these children, they will contribute.

You never know whom you kill (Yes, that’s right.) in the womb. They might be an excellent doctor. They may be another Tesla. (Yes.) They may be another Armstrong for space. (A new Einstein.) Or Einstein. Or might be another Buddha, or maybe another Saint. Another good monk, another good doctor. (Yes.) The best inventors for new technology.

Kristin Chenoweth (Tony and Emmy Award-winning US actress and singer) was interviewed by Katie Couric (Emmy Award-winning US television journalist) Dec.7 2019:

Katie Couric: Did you ever find or look for your birth mother?

Kristin Chenoweth: Yes. I did. She’s incredible, incredible person. And when I met her, she said, ‘Can you forgive me?’ And I said, ‘Forgive you? You gave me… You gave me life. And my (adoptive) parents, Jeannie and Jerry, gave me a life, the chance at a life.’ And I’m so grateful for her.”

Suppose all the mothers kill the children up to now when they’re not convenient. Whom are we living with now? What kind of dark age are we still in, (Yes.) without new generations with new ideas, new brainpower? (Yes, understand.) So this is really wicked, evil, and he (Biden) is not for your country, he is really killing your country. (Gosh!) You can see that or not see that? (Yes, I see that.) I’m sorry, I’m not American, but I have to tell you, because it’s kind of burning in my heart to see people killing your innocent co-citizens like that, when they could not even open their mouths to defend.

Even criminals in your country… just talk about your country, not anywhere else, (Yes.) since you’re American. Even a criminal, they’re entitled to a government lawyer, that’s the law, (Yes, yes, that’s right.) if they don’t have money to pay. (Public defender.) The government gives them a public lawyer to defend him. Well, I am not sure if they are a good defender or not, but that’s the law. (Yes.) Even criminals, with all the evidence and all that, they still don’t kill them yet, they have to take a long, long time to investigate, (Yes.) to argue in court, because you have the right to defend. (Yes.) These unborn children, they have the right to defend. (That’s right.) They are not there for you to just murder like that.

How can you spend so much money and time to defend a criminal, and waste so much tax money and have to build facilities to house them ‒ and then kill a baby! (Yes, doesn’t make sense.) It doesn’t make sense to anybody, (No.) so it’s only driven by devils. You hear me or not? (Understand, understand.)

You hear why I’m angry? (Yes, definitely.) I told you I’m an angry Master, but only (You have a right to be.) with cause. (Yes.) I’m not angry because people molest me mentally, (Yes.) or abusing me or anything. I have never complained. (Yes.) Even though I could write books. But this is not about me, is it? (No. No, it’s not.) I’m angry only when it comes to someone else or other innocent beings like animals. (Understand.)

I’m not just angry, I’m anguished, I’m pained inside. I can’t understand this world anymore. I cannot understand anybody would vote for a President or a group that governs like this. (Yes.) And spends billions in money for these elections. (Yes, a lot of money goes to these elections.) And every four years, you spend a lot, a lot, a lot out of the taxpayers. And then after they’re elected, you still have to pay them a lot. (Yes.) Well, except Trump, he did it for free. (Yes, that’s right.) That’s why they hate him. Because he is too good. (Yes, very.) Too good compared to them.

Not only do they take the salary from people over decades, for example like Biden, the public treat him well. (Yes.) Give him a lot of money, so he earned millions, more than multi-millions, (Yes.) became a multimillionaire. He was poor. (Yes, that’s right.) I mean, maybe at least average. And then he has become a multimillionaire now. And the son even earned more for him (Yes.) and for his family. He even said that. It’s on the news. I know nothing about them. I just tell you what’s in the news. (Yes.) The son complained to his daughter that he had to finance half of the family’s expenses. (Yes.) Maybe that’s why he has to do many unethical businesses (Ah, OK.) and unethical art selling. (Yes.) So, cannot just blame the son. (That’s right.) (Yes, understand.) And the son asked for commission for his father even.

And nobody said anything. I don’t know where are all (The media.) the CNN (Yes.) and Washington Post and the… Where are they? (Yes.) They don’t even want to publish it. They don’t say anything. They don’t mention anything, not to talk about investigating and reporting. (Yes.)

And Trump, they’re digging him out for things, anything! He didn’t do anything! They’re just cooking it all up. (They’re very biased. Yes.) But this is terrible because you’re killing people’s reputations, and mental peace, and psychological unwellness. (Understand.) And he does nothing. He did all the good things. That is the thing. (Yes.) If he did something bad, maybe then you can even punish him, fine, why not? But the bad person, bad government, they do nothing. (They don’t do anything. Yes.) They even praise or keep quiet about their bad stuff, corruption stuff. (Yes.) And then digging Trump out and wrongly accusing him or blaming him for nothing. (Yes.) I don’t know why Trump wants to run, really. Well, he must have been very enthusiastic and very concerned about his people. Otherwise, I don’t think anybody even wants to run again. (Yes, yes. He must love the country.) It seems like you’re all against all odds. My God.

But I experience all this myself and I’m still doing it, so I don’t know why I talk about Trump. (Yes, You understand.) I understand it, but sometimes I just feel humans at large are very ungrateful and very blindfolded, that’s all. (Yes.) But it doesn’t mean I am not sad. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t upset. (Yes, yes.) I feel sad also, for myself and for them, because they’ll create more karma and it’s more difficult for me to help, more difficult for Heaven to pardon. (Yes, yes. And out of Your love… You keep doing it, regardless of what You feel and how things are against You.) Yeah, for decades already. (Yes.) So Trump had it for four years. Well, he has better… So I cannot ask why he runs again. I’m just thinking like that. I’m just thinking if it were me, I couldn’t care less.

But I do care. I care for the whole world, that’s why I just continue. (Yes.) Sometimes with all the stress and everything now even, I still continue because I know it’s the right thing to do. (Yes, yes.) It’s the only thing that is worth doing. (Yes. Maybe Heaven is still mandating him to continue.) Yeah, maybe so. He really cares (Yes.) about his people, about his country. He was trying hard to protect the Americans, that’s why his motto is “America First,” (Yes.) and he does everything for that. Really. He promised.

In contrary to Biden, he said many things, he did the opposite. (That’s right.) He hasn’t even talked about his promise, he’s killing Americans, Americans’ babies, (Yes.) American future citizens. I mean, already citizens. In the womb, they are already citizens because they are in America. (Yes, yes.) Their mothers are Americans, so the children already are American (That’s right, that’s right.) by birth, by right, by citizen’s right, in the womb already. (Yes.) So he’s killing his own citizens. Do you hear me? (I hear You.) Biden and this administration is killing their own citizens, and nobody does anything about it. I don’t know why. And they still want to vote for him? They must be all working for the devil or something. (Yes.) Just for that, he should be gone already.

Everybody who kills anybody in America has to do time, or be executed. I am not for execution though, (Yes.) because many times they’re wrongly accused. (That’s right.) And many people get freed after many decades, because the DNA proved differently, (Yes.) and because at that time, they did not investigate well. So, everyone who kills anyone in America must be brought to justice, (Yes.) and judged or condemned accordingly. (Yes.) So here, legally, Biden and his hench group, evil group, are killing outright American citizens, under everybody’s watch. What kind of country? (Yes.) What kind of policy is that? (Doesn’t make sense.) Tell me. So, if he’s not working for the demons, then whom do you think he’s working for? (He must be working for the demons only.) Yes. There’s no other explanation, no? You guys?

All of you. Is it clear or not? (Yes, very clear, Master.) I’m not accusing him for nothing. (No, Master.) I’m not talking behind his back even. All this will be in the open air through our television.

I hope somebody wakes up someday and saves all these innocent souls in the wombs of the mothers. (Yes, Master.) Not like this, my God, then Americans will be depleted of new younger generations. (That’s right, Master. Yes.) Oh, my God! And you can afford to have them. You can. Your country is rich, powerful. Every month you collect taxes, about US$300 billion at least, (Yes, yes.) and you spend only US$40 something billion for paying the debt. Only 44 billion. And then, they pay maybe some poor people or something, elderly a little bit, or some odds-and-ends payments, for social services.

The rest is a lot of money left over, (Yes.) if you don’t ever have war. Even if you have war, you still have a lot of money there. (That’s right.) You can raise all these unborn or unwanted children, to be useful to your country’s system. (Yes.) They will learn, they will be this and that. They will be talented. They will be good artists, they will be good doctors, they will be… Who knows who they will be, a saint even. (Yes.) Maybe a saint will be born among those children. You don’t give them any chance. You just kill life like that. It’s worse. Kill animals already, and now kill children. My God! They’re heartless people. They’re not people. They are demons. (Yes, Master.)

I’m not afraid to say anything like that, because it’s the truth. It’s logical speaking. (Yes, Master.) You don’t even have to believe me that they’re under demons’ control or anything, all of them; you don’t have to. If they support abortion, and want to pay for the abortion, then you know where they are already. (Yes, Master.) You know whom they’re working for and why. (Yes.)

Long ago, long before we talked about all this system in America, I already told you that the zealous demons, they eat dead bodies, the essence of the energy of the anguished people who die anguishedly. (Understand. Yes.) Like in war or under oppression, or wrongly killed, especially babies like this. (Yes.) Oh, they’d be happy! (Oh dear!) And the more they eat, the stronger they become. (Wow.) And then they will use this human energy mixed with the anguish to influence others, to bear more devils. (Wow!) They can spread out, they can multiply, with all this energy feeding them. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And then America will have just demons, running around. Sorry. (Oh my God.) Yes, yes. (Terrible!) That’s the future. (Oh no.) If you don’t stop all this, that’s in your future.

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