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Between Master and Disciples

The True Jihad, Part 14 of 14, Oct. 4, 2021

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All the wars, all the pandemics, all the disasters are caused by all that. All this bad energy, all the vengeful lament of these innocent souls. And all these abortions as well. (Right.) If you kill a person, you have to pay with your life. And you kill innocent babies, that would be much more than just that.

So, what you sow, so shall you reap. That’s all. You plant the apple, you will have apple fruit. (Yes.) You plant a thorn bush, it will grow to be a thorny bush. (Yes.)

Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) You happy with that? (Yes, very happy. Thank You always for Your answers and Your truth.) Oh, I have to, I am your teacher. (Yes, Master.) I have to continue to teach you guys, and by the way, we teach the world also. Otherwise, what for I’m a Master? (Yes, Master.) I cannot eat all this knowledge for myself. I know it already. (Yes.) Just like I have more money, I have to share. (Yes, thank You.) I want to share. I have knowledge, I have to share. So that you become wiser, wiser, wiser. (Yes.) And you clear yourself of all doubts, and liberate yourself from all the entanglement and quagmire of ignorance. (Yes, yes.) And thank you for believing in me and trusting me and giving yourself a chance (Yes, Master, thank You.) to understand more about all these things. How it works in the world and the next. (Yes, Master.) Thank you for being good men.

(It’s amazing that we even have the opportunity to listen to such wisdom from You, or else no one would ever receive any of this kind of knowledge and wisdom.) Because they don’t have them. (Yes.) Also, in this time of turbulence, you need them more than other times, perhaps. (Yes, Master.) Maybe that’s why God allowed me to have more wisdom, more knowledge, in order to share and to help people. (Yes, Master. Thank God.) Just like when there is a disaster, a lot of people are hungry, then we have to give more food. Normally, you eat only your meals, but now you have to bring more food to other people. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s needed. (Yes.) This time, humans need more than in normal times. (Yes, understand.) It’s a final time. Final battle between Heavens and hell. So everything is intensified. (Yes, yes.) Everything is magnified, everything is so overwhelming.

Today we covered a lot. (Yes, Master.) I like it, because Muslims, and rules and all that, but there are much more in the Muslim books, holy books, like the Koran and the Hadith. (Yes.) So, we covered quite substantial topics. (Yes, we did.) And it’s very good for the people to know. (Yes, Master.) I hope it helps. I think it will help somehow (Hopefully. We pray so.) some people. They’re just poor people, ignorant, nobody tells them the truth and the real meaning of many things. People are so pitiful, Muslims or not. (Yes, Master.) They really have faith, they’re really faithful and really sincere, they’ve just gone the wrong way, and misunderstand a lot, that’s all. (Yes, Master.) I just hope my talk will help them to wake up. (Thank You, Master.)

(There are other team questions if You would like to…) Tell, tell, tell. (Yes.) (So, the one here is: The animal souls seem to be fiercely seeking revenge now for humans’ cruelty, unlike before. For example, their souls inhabit the COVID-19 virus, and one of our fellow Association members saw their resentment like a black cloud circling our Earth. Did the animals only recently become vengeful like this?)

No, no, no. It’s been a long time, but it’s just building up more now. (Right.) You have only one fire, then the smoke is less. But if you continue to make more fires, then it will be more smoke. (Yes, Master.) More heat. Over centuries, over decades, over epochs. There’s always some sickness. Can see some pandemic or epidemics. But maybe it’s sometimes a very big scale also.

Now we have only like five million officially dead from the pandemic. From the COVID-19. But long time ago, there was also a pandemic. What was that? The Spanish flu they call it. (The Spanish flu. Yes.) More, more millions people died. Maybe 50 million people died. (Wow, yes.) And then it erased the hatred maybe. And then it comes again, we continue to sin. (That’s true.) Continue to do against God’s law. “Thou shall not kill.” Continue eating or warring with each other, then, there will be war again. (Yes, Master.)

All the wars, all the pandemics, all the disasters are caused by all that. All this bad energy, all the vengeful lament of these innocent souls. And all these abortions as well. (Right.) If you kill a person, you have to pay with your life. And you kill innocent babies, that would be much more than just that.

And we continue killing animals, humans for whatever reason. Or even Jihad. Whatever. (Yeah.) Then, we cannot expect peace and freedom. Because the guilt also will kill us inside. The souls know everything. Heaven sees everything. And that guilt also builds up and make us sick as well. (Yes, Master.) And that makes us also vulnerable to this attack, from this revenge. (Yes.) Even if they don’t revenge, just say even all the souls of the animals forgive, and even if some Master or Heavens take them up to Heaven, the bad energy of killing, mourning, lamenting and anguish from all these animals are still inside our atmosphere. (Yes. Right.) It won’t disperse like that. Nothing will be lost. (Yes, Master.) Like that. And these energies are enough to kill the whole planet (Wow.) if there had not been interference of some sort by spiritual people, (Thanks God for all that.) Spiritual Saints praying, (Yes.) sharing energy, sharing merit, then, the whole world would’ve been gone long time ago. Long, long time ago. (Yes.)

You see there were the black plague and bubonic disease. And then many other diseases overall, all the time. And there’re some other things new nowadays. I just read something, some other kind of virus. New disease and all that. Or some old disease comes back. Everywhere. So, (Yeah.) it is us who create benevolent energy or vicious energy. (Yes, Master.) And then the vicious energy will affect people and people become also agitated and vicious and war-like. And that’s why murders and all kinds of other things are happening (Yes.) to the neighbors or anybody on the street. (Yes, Master.) Even in the supermarket or the workplace. Because this energy is gnawing at people. (Yes, Master.) And even if you escape this time, maybe because your merit is big enough to cover your debt, so you don’t have a pandemic. Next time, you come back, you will have it. (Oh, yes.) Because your merit will run out just like your money runs out. (Yes.)

All right. Any question, any comment? (No, Master, thank You so much for Your input, comments and feelings because it’s all truth, and You risk Your reputation. You risk everything just to share Your truth, to help the world, and to help all beings awaken. And let’s hope they do.) That’s the least I can do. (Thank You, Master.) I don’t have any other power in this physical world. I’m not even a policewoman. (You’re somebody to us, Master.) Yeah, sure. Because inside you know, and outside you know. (Yes, Master.) But, what I mean is, I wish I could do more, but I don’t know how and what. I think that’s the best I do and I’m so busy every day already. I don’t know what else I can do, even if I want to. (Yes, Master.) Taking care of my job and, Supreme Master Television is already a lot. (Yes, Master.) Takes up a lot of time, and I have to do my inside job as well. I have to meditate also. (Yes, Master.) So that I can recover. It’s just like the car, you cannot keep running it. You have to fill it with petrol sometimes. (That’s right, Master.) Depends on how much mileage you have run already.

My love, all of you. Handsome. (Thank You, Master, for all Your love.) Angels, handsome angels. All the best to you. And if you need anything more, you tell me, because I also don’t know what more to do for you. I thought I do what I can already. But if you need something more, you tell me. (Thank You, Master. You’ve done everything that we already need, Master.) I guess physically, we’re OK. (Yes.) Unless you want to go out and have a girlfriend or something. That I cannot help. (No, thank You.) But for food, clothing, you can order anything you want. (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

It’s my duty to take care of you. (You do.) Because you work together with me. You’re “under my roof.” So-called, “under my roof.” (Yes, Master.) I just worry you’re not comfortable enough. That’s all. (We are. Thank You very much.) Yeah. (You’re doing Your best already. Always.) It’s good. It’s good. I’m still thinking, “What else?” I’m still thinking now and then when I have a little minute, I wonder what else I can do for you. But we live simple, it’s good. (Yes, Master.) Also less burden to our karma and to society. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

Suppose if I live like everybody else, using my money, my business money to build big houses and big buildings for all of you, then I think we don’t have enough for many other things. (That’s right, Master.) So, in a way, I’m also grateful that you live simple also. The way I provide it. It was there already. Whatever you are using, living in is already there. So, you just accept it like that and it’s good. (Yes, Master.) No matter what, we’re better off than other billions of people. (That’s right. Exactly, Master. We are lucky.) Exactly like that. Just look down, don’t look up. (Yes, Master.) Look up to Heaven, but look down on Earth so that we know and be grateful that we are really much better off. (Yes. Very grateful.)

And we do this voluntarily, so it feels good, not like we are mandated to do it. (Yes. That’s right, Master.) And that is even better because we know our quality is good, like the inside quality is good. If somebody mandates you to do that, then it’s not the same. (Yes.) Then you would not know what kind of quality you’re made of. (Yes, Master.) Your heart, your nobility, your quality of character and strength in the face of challenges, stuff like that. (Yes, Master.)

OK. That’s it now. If nothing else, then I thank you (Thank You, Master.) for your questions and your attention. (Thank You very much, Master. Please be safe.) If you find any other news or something and you want to ask me, then let me know. (Yes, Master.) Let me know again, (OK, Master.) and then we will sit down and gossip. No actually, this is good for the world, what we’re talking about. (Yes.) What we have been talking about; it’s not gossip, it’s all truth and all fact (Yes, Master.) as far as every reported concern. We didn’t make it up. (Yes, Master.) We didn’t concoct it. (Yes.) We didn’t make any concoction of falsehood or anything for any bad intention. (No, that’s right. No, we didn’t.) Our intention is pure. (Yes, Master.)

All right, my love. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome and I thank you also for working hard. (Thank You, Master.) Ciao, for now. (Good bye. Master. Bye for now, Master.) Bye. (Take care.) God bless. (God protect Master.) God protect you. God bless you more. (Thank You, Master.) Ciao, babies, (Bye, bye, Master.) ciao, honey pie. American.

Americans they say, “honey pie.” (Yes, honey pie.) Apple pie. (Yes.) Even American pie. I don’t know what it means by American pie. Do the Americans look like a pie? No, it’s just a sweet talk. (Yes.) I love the English speaking, they talk very sweet. In England also. In England, they call you “sweetheart” (Yes.) or “my love.” In America, they call you “apple pie.” (Yes.) Honey. (Pumpkin.) Pumpkin. Pumpkin pie. And how you say… (My sugar lump.) Sugar lump? (Yes.) Oh. (Like a block of sugar.) I didn’t hear that (Yes. My sugar.) but I heard sugar candy, there’s even a song, “Sugar baby love, sugar baby love.”

OK, I don’t want to put you to sleep, we must go to work now. (Oh, it’s lovely.) Go sleep. Go to work. (Your voice is so lovely.) Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you. Ciao. (Bye-bye, Master.)

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