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Nothing Escapes Justice, Part 6 of 6, Sep. 26, 2021

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So the government’s duty is to protect lives, to protect its citizens. The fetus, the yet unborn baby, are also Americans. They are born in America, they are citizens of America. Do you understand me? (Yes, I understand.) They have the right of a citizen of America to live. And anybody who kills, murders, not just to talk about murdering innocents, should go to jail – because that’s the law.

All the women who say it’s their body, they do what they want, ask themselves if they would have loved their mother to kill them when they were in the womb. Then they would know what to do. (Yes, yes.)

So the government’s duty is to protect lives, to protect its citizens. The fetus, the yet unborn baby, are also Americans. They are born in America, they are citizens of America. Do you understand me? (Yes, I understand.) They have the right of a citizen of America to live. And anybody who kills, murders, not just to talk about murdering innocents, should go to jail – because that’s the law. (Yes, it is.)

An adult kills an adult, they put them in jail. How about an adult killing an innocent, helpless, hapless baby? What kind of law is contradicting the law that they have? Tell me. (Yes, it’s just very contradicting for what they’re trying to do. They’re hypocrites.) Yeah. Hypocrites and cruel and devilish and evil. (Yes.) I cannot find any worse word to talk about it. (Yes.) Our worldly vocabulary is limited when it comes to many things, not to talk about coming to God, that we cannot describe. (Yes.) Only the people who experience, contact with God or God’s Grace and God’s Mercy directly, they would know about it. The rest are blind. Even if God stands in front of them, maybe they would kill Hirm too, like Jesus. (Yes.) Or Buddha, or the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. (Yes, yes.)

Oh, my God! My God. We have to defend the defenseless. (Yes.) You cannot kill your own citizens in the womb already. My God! What kind of government is that? Then that means they should go. (Right.) Should be kicked out of the White House or whatever. They make it a “Black House” now. (Yes.) A “Butcher House” – killing all these innocents, supporting it, encouraging it. (Yes.)

And even harassing police, and wanting to defund the police. They’re doing their job, man. They protect you with their lives. And they earn a very meager income. Risking their lives daily on the streets, or anywhere when they’re on duty. And you turn your back on them, betray them, want to defund them. Only a handful of police are doing wrong things. (Yes.) Even if they did wrong, but in circumstances, anybody would probably have done the same thing. (Understand.) And then turn their back on them, and accuse them, and want to fire them, for nothing! They’re doing their job. (Yes.)

And even if they did something wrong, it’s only a handful of them. (Yes, yes.) And the rest of them are risking their lives to help people, to help deliver babies on the street, even. (Yes.) And to go into the house on fire, to rescue people and animals. (Yes, I saw that.) And risk their heads to protect the White House, (Yes.) and the government in there. And to protect the Air Force One, Air Force Two, whatever you name. (Yes, yes.)

And turn their back on them, just like that. And whenever need, just call them in. Treating them like a doormat. Worse than a doormat. (Yes.) The doormats –people also treasure and wash them, and use them again. Not treasure, but don’t treat them like that. Don’t treat them like they treat the police. (Yes.) No wonder they blame the Border Patrol. Now you’re not surprised.

I’m not surprised at anything that Biden and his henchmen or henchwomen do. They’re with the devil. They’re not with your co-citizens. They’re not with your country. (Understand.) They did everything absolutely opposite to protecting, to helping, to revering the people in your country. And your country’s people are their employers – they pay tax to keep them, (That’s right.) all these years and decades. (Yes, understand.) And they did nothing good! Just did all the bad things, like warring, and killing, and even killing babies now. They should be gone, fired, yesterday already. (Yes, yes.) Before they even went into the White House, they should be fired. That’s my opinion.

(There’re some Republican Congressmen who filed articles of impeachment against Biden now.) Yeah, of course. He even colluded with the enemies to harm Americans by giving them names. (Yes.) And then left many Americans behind the so-called enemy line. Maybe the Taliban has changed now, but they didn’t know that. (Yes, that’s right.) They were still enemies. (Yes.) And leaving them behind like that is inviting head-chopping and all that stuff, it’s like before. (Yes.) So for this alone, it’s treason. Should be impeached. That is true.

I support this bill, these letters, whatever you call it, for impeachment for Biden and his henchmen, henchwomen as well. (Yes.) Whoever supports him strongly, these also should be impeached or fired, out of the government. (Yes.) Otherwise Americans will die more and be harmed more. They did all these harmful things already ‒ so obvious evidence, what more do they want to wait for?

They brought Delta (COVID-19 variant) into the country through the immigration open border. (Yes, that’s right.) Before, America didn’t have that. (Yes.) The proof is that other countries didn’t have that, Europe didn’t have it. They even closed doors to Americans because of that. (Yes. Understand.) It’s not just affecting your country inside but affects the diplomatic (relations) outside as well, with the international community. (Yes.) And they killed the Americans’ ally by drone attack, and they left many Americans there (in Afghanistan) to die or to be fearful, to fear for their lives and hiding. (Yes.) What kind of hell life is that? And then now, they kill babies as well, my God.

So, if you don’t believe that Biden and his henchpeople are working for evil, then I can’t help you. And if nobody believes me, what I said, then God help them. (Yes, they all must go now.) They should go yesterday, they should go even before they come in. (Yes.) People should believe what I say, because it is so obvious. (Yes.) If they want to survive, if America wants to get up again and be great again, they should get rid of these evil people. (Yes.)

And the media should wake up to their noble work, (Yes.) meaning reporting the truth, and only the truth. Nothing else. (The journalistic duty is to report only the truth.) Yeah. Not picking on a poor, honest, and loving-his-countrymen President. He (President Trump) really loves America. That’s why he endures all this and tries to ignore his own personal attacks by the media and others. (Yes, yes.)

I feel really sorry for Trump. I don’t know if I were him, would I still want to run for President again. But he loves his country so much. Who can blame him? Because he feels it’s so urgent now, more urgent than before. Before he kind of dillydallied, “don’t know…” (Yes.) (He recognized the urgency of doing that now.) Yeah. He did not even kind of plan to run again. (Yes.) And now he says he will definitely run, truly because he feels so bad for what the American people have to go through under Biden and his henchpeople.

We talked enough, right? (Yes, Master.) OK. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) It’s good that you ask many good questions. I like that very much. It’s a good use of my time, even though my time is very valuable. (Very precious.) Very precious, truly like that.

I treasure every second, so that I can meditate more. (Yes.) But this is, I guess we can sneak it in as a part of my job. To protect people, no? (Yes, it is.) That’s what I want, no? (Yes. This protects the world.) And peace for everyone. (Yes.) And protect the animals also. I protect humans and animals, and the forests and all that.

Because you know what? If the methane in the whole world, under our feet, is one day released, then we’re all gone. (Yes, that’s right.) Because it’s heating up now, and all this permafrost and whatever that protected the methane, hiding the methane gas before, could be all melted, and sooner maybe than we think. And then that’s it. That will be sudden.

It’s already releasing some. (Yes, and the global temperature will go up very high with that methane gas as a…) Yeah, there will be very few who survive, or none. (Ah. Wow.) No matter how much we pray, how much I try to ask for blessing for the planet, if that happens, geographically or physically, then I will be also helpless. (Wow.) I will be also gone. We don’t need to wait too long if that happens. (Yes, we pray that the world will be vegan so that we can avert that.) Yes. That’s why we’re praying every day one hour.

One hour, it costs me a lot. (Oh, yes.) Every TV presenter or operator would tell you that. (Yes, yes.) TV, every second costs a lot. (Yes, it does.) For advertisement and all that stuff, it’s very precious. (Yes, it is.) TV time is also my time, very precious, and we spend a lot of money for that hour also, for nothing. I mean, for not gaining anything. (Yes, that’s right.) Not even talking anything, and we don’t even earn any advertisement money or anything. Oh, we advertise a little bit sometimes, but very little. (Yes.) We don’t earn a lot from that, (Yes.) because like jewelry and all that, they have them outside. (Yes, that’s right.) And ordinary people, they don’t have the same spiritual taste, and they don’t see the value of spiritual blessing from my jewelry design. And also now, I stopped that. I told them to stop advertising for that, because I learned that most of the gold that they sell on the market, is harmful to the environment, so I stopped that. (Ah, yes.)

But there is some gold that is recycled, already used, (Yes.) and it does no more harm. Maybe I will consider that. (Yes, Master.) But still, right now, I told them to stop. And the food we advertise or everything else we advertise, is for World Vegan. We did not earn any penny out of any of that. (Yes, that’s right.) Just for the world, for people, for the planet to survive. (Yes.) We don’t earn from that, they are not advertisements. They’re just volunteered for social service. (Yes, that’s right.) All on my cost. (Thank You, Master.) We have paid but we don’t earn any. We pay out but we don’t earn in for the Supreme Master Television, like any other charity work. (Yes, understand.) Just so that you guys know, in case you think I earn a lot of money and I keep it all to myself. No, no. (No, we don’t.)

I live in a box, remember? (Yes.) I still do. This is even a smaller box, or similar box. Similar, just a different place. I had to keep moving, as Heaven dictated. Whenever Heaven dictates me to go, I got to go. (Understand.) Just for my safety, so that I can continue to protect other people’s safety. I protect my safety for the world’s safety. You understand me now? (Yes, understand. We thank You, Master. We pray for Your safety.) Thank you, thank you. I live as long as I can, and do as much as I can for the world. You know that. You all know that. (Yes, Master. Yes, we all know.)

OK, my love and the other love. (Thank You, Master.) Two of my loves, ciao for now. (Yes. Good-bye.) (Bye-bye, Master.) Be easy with the mooncakes and all the chocolates and the goodies. (Too late.) Too late? Oh, sorry, sorry. It’s all my fault. I spoiled you guys, and the girls of course also.

I warned them also. I warned them also to take it easy. You can eat them, but take it easy. Not all in one or too many in one go. (Yes.) Oh, never mind, it’s once a while. Even then, you drink a lot of water to dilute, OK? (Yes, OK, Master.) Drink a lot afterwards, otherwise you might get a headache from sugar. (Yes, yes.) Even if they don’t use sugar, even other sweeteners, also even natural ones like agave syrup and all that, they still also will give you problems if it’s in a high dose and bad combination. (Yes, understand.)

All right. Tell everybody, take care, OK? (We will. Thank You, Master.) And eat vegan cakes slowly. Drink non-alcoholic beer, I mean sparingly. All right, my love, ciao! (Ciao. Thank You, Master.) Ciao, both of you! (Bye-bye, Master, thank You for Your Love.) God bless us, God bless the world. (Yes, God bless.) (God protect Master.)

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