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Stewart Mitchell (vegan) - Love For All Sentient Beings, Part 2 of 2



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"I'm a creative person, so I like to express myself creatively. I like to write books. I like to write poetry. I just recently started an organization called, 'V.O.I.C.E4Change,' which you can see on the t-shirt. And 'V.O.I.C.E4Change' is an idea and a concept that I came up with about a year ago, and I decided to actually act on it. And what 'V.O.I.C.E4Change' does is, we advocate for animals, but we do it through spoken word poetry, song, and dance." Mr. Mitchell recites his poem, “Sandwich and Shoes.”

Mr. Mitchell also advocates for human rights and animal rights on his social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Let’s enjoy another poem he read in 2019 while attending the National Animal Rights Day in New York City, USA, entitled, “It does a body good.” "My plans for the future are to become more active, to be a better advocate, to learn more, to grow as an activist, and to spread the message of veganism, to spread the message of compassion so that more people will go vegan. More people will get involved in fighting for the rights of animals and more people will want to learn to love, appreciate, and respect animals, and do everything in their power to protect them as opposed to using them as commodities, as opposed to eating them, wearing them, using them for lab testing and things of that nature."

"A very compassionate place where people aren't judged by the color of their skin, their ethnicity, their nationality that we treat animals with respect and protect them and just overall love and compassion. I think that we would have a better world if more people had compassion for what other people are going through and dealing with and try to get a better understanding of who we are and appreciate our uniqueness. We're all different. And I think that's the beautiful thing about life, is that we're not all the same, and that we're very unique. And we can learn from each other and learn to respect each other's beliefs without harming other beings, and not judge each other based on where we're from or who we are, but actually embrace each other because of that, and learn from each other and defend each other. That's the world I want to see."

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