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The Blessing of Initiation: Joyful Kitchen Gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 3 of 3, Dec. 16, 2018

Lecture Language:English,Korean(한국어)
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Animals. (Yes.) Animals. (Yes.) They give you messages, but sometimes you don’t get it. (No.) Sometimes like if… there may be some certain places that you stay at suddenly are infested with insects or something. They just want you to get out of there, (Wow.) then you’d need to go somewhere else better, something like that. So every being helps you in some way; they help some.

So, he (Dr. Santokh Singh) did bless you. (Yes. And I was thinking and thinking [of him] and I wanted to thank him and I tried to call a number because I didn’t know he was in Canada. And I tried to call, but no one replied. Then I wrote a beautiful letter to him to thank him, that this is what happened, and that I thank you, thank you, thank you.) It was good for you.

(And then I managed to… after eight months, I gave up already. I thought it was my mind playing up, I thought. Then I rang that number again, and I managed to speak to someone and then finally got to speak to him. And just spontaneously, I said, “Can I see you? Can I meet you?” And he said, “I’ll be in Pune,” he said, “I’ll be back in India and I’ll call you.” And I thought, “He is not going to call me!” I didn’t believe. But he did leave a message on my answering machine. And I bought a ticket. I’ve never ever gone alone, solo anywhere.) Yeah.

(And I went there. And I stayed one week at his private home.) Yeah. (And he tested me and did…cutting the ego, I guess. And then one day, he just said, “You know, in my lifetime …” He was talking about his lifetime, deliberately to get me to wake up, right? And he said, “You know, I was so fortunate, from young, my father,” he said, “was very spiritual. I met five enlightened beings in my lifetime.”) Oh!

(And he met Baba Sawan Singh.) Wow! (And he said…. He must have been in his mid-twenties, and he said when he went to see Baba Sawan Singh, and Baba Sawan Singh spoke to him for one hour and put His arm around him and took him to the door, when he was leaving and He told him, “You don’t need to worry, ever. You don’t need to worry. You are fine.” But of course, I didn’t know any of this. And then, when I was leaving on the last day, he gave me some almonds to eat, obviously blessed. I didn’t know anything. We get parshaad, which we call “parshaad” blessing in the temple. But this thing about blessed food and blessing, I didn’t know. I was born in Malaysia. I didn’t know anything, zero.

So, he gave me that and he also said to me, “You will get...” It’s called knowledge, is it? Spiritual knowledge. He said. It’s called in Indian “jnan.” Jnana or jnan. And he said, “You will get that.” And he said, “You will live for 100 years.” And I just said, “No, I don’t want to live for 100 years!” Because we have heard our parents say, they don’t want to live for 100 years. He just kept quiet. And he then also… Another third thing he told me...)

He blessed you, like wishing you well. (Yes, yes.)

(And then when I came back and I thought, “Now what? What am I going to do? Where? What?” And so, I went to a bookshop in Melbourne, where I come from.) Don’t have to be so clear, so near to her. She will get nervous. (There is a Theosophical Society that Madame Blavatsky and all those books and all spiritual books are in that bookshop. And I went there and I thought, “Look, I’m just going to keep continue reading.” I spent about an hour looking for books, which one I’m going to read, and I picked three books.

And all three books, Master, said “living Master.” The words, “living Master” were in there. And one of them was from the Sant Mat, from Baba Sawan Singh, one of the books, Baba Sawan Singh’s books. And the other one, I think it’s written by someone called Mikhail. And I picked that book up; that one is spiritual stories, a really good story about meeting an enlightened being. And another third one,) Sounds interesting. (so all three had “living Master” in it, so it was a message coming through.

And then about six months after I had met Dr. Santokh Singh, I met someone in a nut shop who was wearing Master’s…) That shop, are they nuts? (They are crazy. He was buying, it was wholesale nuts. And he was wearing a photo of Yours, Master’s photo, and the owner of the shop asked him, “Who is that woman?” And I was so cheeky, from the back in the queue and I said, “It must be his wife.” And he turned around and said, “No, that’s my Master, [inner Heavenly] Light and Sound Master.”)

(And I started asking him,) Light and Sound. (I said, “What is Light and Sound, can you tell me?” And then he could see that I was interested, he said, “Come to our center.” And he went to his car.) He’s a taxi driver? (Yes. He was a CP [contact person] too at the Melbourne Center. So, I must have an affinity and he was from Malaysia too, you know, so it’s funny how affinities...

Anyway, he went and got me “The Key to Enlightenment book.” I went home and I straight away read it, you know, like from front to back. And I called him, “I want to meet this Master!” “Where is She? Where can I meet Her?” And he just went quiet. He said, “You just come to our center.” I think You were in a retreat at that time, but he thought I wouldn’t understand any of that. “Just come to the center.”)

(And I am so full of gratitude to that man as well…) Taxi driver, yes. (To him as well and everyone. But to that elevated being that I went and saw, I am so thankful, so thankful.) Dr. Santokh Singh. (Yes, Dr. Santokh Singh. And because I felt gratitude when I was reading the scriptures, I felt so much gratitude. It was unbelievable. And so much, “Thank You, thank You!” You know, I could fill the sky and it wouldn’t be enough; that sort of thing. So, thank You, Master. Thank You so much.)

Why didn’t you ask him for more teachings? (Because I think I didn’t know anything.) Yeah. (And so, I think he also knew he could only help me to a certain [point] and then) And then you have to go further by yourself. (Yes. Yes. I think he blessed me to meet You Master! 100%) Wonderful. Wonderful Master! (100%, 200%, 500%!) (84,000. 84,000%.) (Yes, 84,000.) Well, 500 is OK, because this is one of the numbers in India, very famous. 500, 2,000, (Yes.) 8,400.

OK. Yeah, for your story, good storytelling. (Yes.) Yeah, very, very interesting. That’s the light. Thank you. (Because it’s so special.) I give you this, but it’s not ripe. (Oh. Thank You so much, Master. Thank You.) Thanks for your story. (Oh. Thank You.)

Every being… (Gratitude to You.) every being helps you one step further. (Yes, every single person.) Even animals. (Yes.) Animals. (Yes.) They give you messages, but sometimes you don’t get it. (No.) Sometimes like if… there may be some certain places that you stay at suddenly are infested with insects or something. They just want you to get out of there, (Wow.) then you’d need to go somewhere else better, something like that. So every being helps you in some way; they help some. Even mosquitos and all that, they do give you messages. (“Ouch!”) Their messages are very strong. The messages from mosquitos are very strong.

(And after I got initiated, Master, I can’t keep my mouth shut. Anybody I meet, I’m talking about Master, Master, this and that. And you know, some people, they just think that I’m crazy.) Yeah, yeah. I know that. The beginner is always like that; especially beginner. You can’t stop it. You just can’t keep it. (It’s just too much. You’re so happy, so happy. So, I see that in you too.) You want the whole world to know it. (I’m so happy, Master.) But the whole world just say, “What? Hang on, man, hang on!”

(I’m so happy, Master. Like, I’m having a party inside right now. But I’m just like, relaxing, you know, trying to chill so You can eat, Master. Eat in peace.) You be normal. (Just relax.) (We look at him and we can see, we can see he is just oozing with all this energy.) He’s sizzling there and knows it. (Yes, yes, yes. So happy.) The happiness and the bliss. Stay calm, man, It’s not a rapping time. Be calm.

It is like that for everybody. We’re happy because our soul’s free. At the time after initiation, your soul is free. So, all your body understands that message. All your cells and everything just got that and say, “Oh! Hoorah I’m free now! Yeah, yeah, I’m free now!” Yeah? (Yes.) So you just cannot control it. You feel just so, so full, so overflowing inside. (Yes.) You don’t know what is what. It’s good like that. It’s good. That means your soul got it.

OK, guys, I have…work to do. (We’ve taken up so much of Your time, Your precious time.) I’m happy, I’m happy. (Master, thank You for retreat.) No, I’m happy to spend time with good people, and with enlightened souls. I’m also happy.

I feel sorry for myself that I have to leave, not sorry that I have to stay here. And just like I love my dogs so much, I keep apologizing to them every day, every night, or every time I cannot hug them, I say, “Sorry. I don’t have a lot of time for you, but I love you forever, and you’re always in my heart, you know,” and things like that. And at night they sleep, they just want to hang around more, but I have to carry them; some, some are too big. Carry into their bed and they look at me like, “Why?” The eyes, “Why? I want to be there with You.” I say, “Sorry, really, I am really sorry.”

And in fact, I’m sorry for myself that I don’t have time to spend more with such loving energy, loving beings. Of course, loving energy is fine, but with them also. You just feel love from them, and you feel so comfortable with them. And the way they love you, they make you feel like you don’t want anything else. Of course, you don’t like it when you leave that kind of feeling. You have to go and bury yourself in some other things, which doesn’t give you that much good energy.

So, I actually tell them, “I’m sorry,” but I’m more sorry for myself. That’s why I told them that, I say, “I would really like to spend more time with you, you know, or we sleep together, or eat together, play together. That would be very, very, very comfortable for me. But I can’t, so I just have to go.”

I say, “I have to work for all the beings.” You know, all the humans, all the animals, who need help, OK. That’s why I have to go to work, but I’m so sorry for myself also, that I don’t have the fortune to be more with you and your cuddling, enjoying your love, and your adoration, your pure heart, and stuff like that. (Thank You so much.) So, if I leave, I’m sorry, OK? (No.) also for me. (Thank You, Master. You’ve given us a lot.) All right, we’ll see each other some other time. (Thank You, Master. Thank You so much, Master.) (Thank You.)

Very sorry indeed. Yeah, I don’t like this world because of that, because every party has to end and I don’t like it. In Heaven, we don’t have to end, (Yes.) and we can be together all the time. (Yes.) OK, all of you. (Thank You, Master.) See you, see you around. See you around, buddy buddy. (Thank You, Master.)

Come here. Old and new, young and old. Hey, you sing so good. You could be a band, Igy Band, like Supreme Master TV Igy Band. They changed the song “Guantanamera” to “I love You, Master!”

Bye-bye, guys! Thank you. (Thank You, Master. I love You, Master.) Take care of each other, OK? (OK.) I need to go to work. (OK. Thank You, Master.) Has everyone eaten the blessed food? (Yes, yes. Thank You, Master. Thank You, Master. Bye-bye. Thank You.) From that small bag, everyone takes a bite. OK? (OK. Thank You, Master. Thank You, Master. Goodbye. Goodbye.)

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