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"The Ten Commandments" and "Moses and the Ants", Part 2 of 13, Apr 15, 2021

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“The tea tree’s deity draws in the water the Tree of Life to remind humans not to destroy ourselves.” And I said here, “Genius idea.” (Yes.) I praised the tree deity for the genius idea. (Wow.) Not to destroy ourselves. That’s what he wants to remind humans.

(Master, in recent news, there is a report about a natural phenomenon in Australia where there is a lake that sometimes creates an image of the Tree of Life. It happens when nearby tea trees release their oil into the water, making it dark, and the lake’s drainage channels create a shape that resembles a huge Tree of Life. There are some really beautiful photos taken and shared on social media. Master, do You know what the meaning of this natural phenomenon is?)

You see, most of the trees have some deities that live with the tree, become the spirit of the tree or the tree spirit. (Yes, Master.) In many of the Buddhist stories I told you, I don’t know if I told you about the spirit of the tree? One time maybe, at least. So, this tea tree, it has a deity, and this deity is very benevolent.

He is using his power, as much power as he has, to draw this tree on the lake (Wow!) using the oil of the tea tree. (Oh, wow! Wow!) To draw it like that. You can see it’s a phenomenon, it’s not like a natural thing that the tea tree just oozes out the tree oil and then it becomes so perfectly drawn like a painting, in explicit detail. (Yes, Master.) So this is to keep warning us. Oh yeah, I have here.

“The tea tree’s deity draws in the water the Tree of Life to remind humans not to destroy ourselves.” And I said here, “Genius idea.” (Yes.) I praised the tree deity for the genius idea. (Wow.) Not to destroy ourselves. That’s what he wants to remind humans. Because we are cutting trees, we are killing animals.

The animals are so amazing, so incredibly loving, and kind, and protective. Almost every day, they all come visiting me, one after another, or together, every day telling me this and that, and protecting me no end. (Wow.) Telling me to move now because, because, because. Like move to another area now. When I’m too busy to look into the matter, they all come and tell me, “Move now.” Sometimes they keep telling me; I do not listen. And then at the end, the Universal Godses tell me, “You have half an hour to leave - or else.” (Oh wow!) And then, I remember the birds, and the squirrels, and other animals, even bees, they come and tell me.

They tell me when it’s safe; they tell me when it’s unsafe for me. Every day, I thank them no end. The bees, they came toward me, and they just stand still. Have you ever seen a helicopter? They stand still in mid-air? (Yes, Master.) They do exactly like that. (Wow!) They just stand still right in front of me, with the wings balancing, and look straight at me and tell me this and that. (Wow!) That is when it gets serious, not when they just run around me. When it’s too serious, they just come right in front of me, about ten centimeters in front of me. Not afraid of me, not moving, just stay right in front of me until they deliver the message. (Wow.) Done, then they fly away. (It’s amazing.) The bee even. You understand that? (Yes, Master.) And of course, the spiders and the birds, big and small, and whatnot – they all come and protect me a lot, all these days.

These days, a lot of karma, and I have to keep moving, four or five times already in not even one month. (Whoa.) And with all these phenomena in front of me – wires and microphone and whatnot. And big monitors like a television, and many computers, and keyboards, and whatever not, you know it. (Wow.) My whole table is full of wires and instruments, equipment. It’s all but a few centimeters… You understand now? (Yes, Master.)

Animals, they are our friends. (Yes.) They truly are so kind. I don’t know if any human ever worries about me that much and keeps taking care of me that much. I don’t do much for the bees, not like, “OK, I help them a lot, so they help me.” It’s not. Sometimes the squirrel comes so near, not afraid of me. And one of them, recently, he picked up a banana peel that I threw out in the garden, in the bush to recycle. (Yes.) He came right in front of me, picked up that banana peel, and flagged it around like this so that I had to look at him. (Wow!) Because before, he kept running up and down the tree, and I just ignored him. I’m busy, man. I’m busy. Busy with my work on the desk, and then he picked up the banana peel that I threw yesterday somewhere. And he came and flew, like zoop! – flew up the tree and then wagging the banana peel.

And then I thought, “You are very funny.” I even took a picture of it. (Wow.) I sent it to one of your brothers, who took care of the photographs. Maybe we can show that. But please, cover his eyes, like we want to protect privacy. (Yes, Master.) You know, when you don’t want people to recognize somebody, you put a black band in front of their eyes? (Yes, Master.) And put the mask on his nose. Maybe we have to protect him. Who knows? I have many photos of birds that I don’t dare to show you because I don’t want people to trap them. Using the way that I fed them. (Yes, Master.)

I told you I feed the birds and all that, but I don’t show you the photos. I have the photos but I don’t show you. I ask them if they give permission for me to show their photos on our TV. They say, please not. Because it might endanger them, I understand that, so we did not have that. The squirrel, I think, nobody hunts them anyway, so you can do it. But put the mask in front for them. Or put the black band on their eyes, like people do when they want to protect people’s privacy.

He used the banana peel to flag around like this forever and then I said, “What are you doing? So funny.” And he said he wants to tell me things. And they also came to comfort me, not only telling me to leave or there’s a dangerous situation because somebody is stalking me around or some just curious people, even my own people. My life is very, very strange. Even my own people do strange things. Sometimes, they have power in the government and they use it for their own end, and very scary sometimes. It’s OK when I’m in the public, but I’m in retreat and alone and I don’t feel peaceful if somebody keeps peeping around like that. Lucky I have some animals, they tell me in advance and I leave. Because I don’t know what else would happen if I stay. I don’t want people to look at me either. And I don’t know if they just want to look or there may be other things, complicated stuff. So, I had to keep moving. (Yes, Master.)

It’s not easy to do this, it’s the first time we try it and, it works and it’s good. Every time, you should pray for it to be successful, so that my telephone doesn’t kaput in the middle of nothing or instruments don’t work or internet doesn’t function like last time, remember? (Yes, Master.) I cannot always run to another place where I prepare another set of computers ready in case this place doesn’t work, I have to go to another place, etc. But not every place I can afford like that. (Yes, Master.) Not every place has a double place for me. So, it’s very lucky we can do it today. And it’s not that, I had to hang the curtain and all that (Yes, Master.) I have to climb the ladder and nail the hook or stuff like that, all by myself, (Wow.) to hang the curtain.

So, I don’t always have to protect myself from outsiders, but from insiders. From insiders is the worst because they know more than outsiders. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes their level is so low or they’re the bad, bad former enemies who came just to cause trouble just like Devadatta or Judas. You got that? (Wow, yes, Master.)

When you are famous and working with the public, you will be always encountering your former enemies. They come to make trouble for you, or to ruin you, destroy you. So some presidents, because of that, are having trouble, some prime ministers are also having trouble because of that. (Yes, Master.) If you are alone, then of course the enemies from former lives will leave you alone. They also don’t know where you are because you are nobody. But if you are in the public eye, then always have to prepare for something that is not favorable to your work and to your life. Understand now? (Yes, Master.) Because you are known, you’re well-known, you’re famous. Then everybody would know you, and the former enemies would also know you. And then, they will find a way to find you, to be next to you, near you to make trouble. (Yes, Master.)

Like Buddha with His cousin, like Jesus with His disciple Judas, for example. At that time, Jesus didn’t have that many disciples, and He has to work in secret even. All the Masters, once They became known, the more They are known, the more trouble They will have, from different forces, from different sources of enemies or the negative power or… You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) We can avoid sometimes, but sometimes, maybe not.

Lucky I heard that They said in half an hour, You have to leave. What if I was busy and I did not even hear that? Because you have to calm down in order to hear the message from inside. (Right.) (Yes, Master.) It’s just like if you want your email, then you have to be at the computer, (Yes.) or Skype or Line, whatever, you have to be there. If you’re busy elsewhere, and your phone is not working, or you forget it is not in your pocket, then you will not see the email or the Line or Skype, whatever message. (Yes, Master.)

I’m not always there. (Yes.) I’m sometimes up somewhere else. Or even in this physical world, I am somewhere else, doing something else. Like taking photographs of the scenery. That took me many hours every time. I have to wait sometimes for the Sun, or the wind to calm down, or the wind to blow this way so that branch which obstructs my object, or the flower, is blown on the other side, and then I have to click it quickly. (Wow.)

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