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Between Master and Disciples

"The Ten Commandments" and "Moses and the Ants", Part 12 of 13, Apr 15, 2021

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Karma is a scary thing; I don’t wish for anybody to come back to this life ever, ever again. I wish my best in the heart, the best-in-my-heart wish is that everybody is liberated from this shadow world. That’s what I want, nothing else I want. Nothing else I wish for.

I read some news before, when I was still searching news for you. Somewhere, a grandfather was very proud to announce on the news that his granddaughter, not even a teen, I think nine years old or 11 maximum, that she harvested a bear with a gun, first time, and he was very proud of it. You know, the bear? (Yes, Master.) The wild bear, and they went into the forest to kill them. At first, I did not understand the word “harvest.” Why harvest a bear? Because “harvest,” I thought was only for cereals. (Yes, Master.) Like we harvest the rice, and corn, and vegetables, fruits. (Yes, Master.) I didn’t know they use that for bears. So, they treat them just like an insentient being, like no feeling, no pain, nothing. And to teach a little girl like that, at her tender, pure, innocent age, to kill a bear and feel proud of it, this is utmost cruelty.

You see that? One person fell, drags the other to go with him. I’m telling you, sometimes I sit down after busy work, I’m tired, but I cannot forget all this. I thought, what kind of world is this? How am I even living in here? How anybody lives in this kind of almost hellish world?

“Harvest” a bear! And it’s official language. I read in some other news, some of the governors let the harvest of the animals go further, extended! For example, like that. To “harvest” the deer or the others, bear or whatever they “harvest.” My God. Just to use that word makes people feel numb, feel like, “OK, it’s just like harvesting fruits, or rice, or corn, or vegetables.” Just to dim their feeling already of compassion and connectedness inside with other living beings. (Yes, Master.) To say “hunting” is already something. But to “harvest!” You only harvest what you sow, no? (Yes, Master.) Harvest means reaping what you sow. Like, you sow rice, you sow corn, you sow vegetables, you plant fruit trees and you harvest them. (Yes.)

The bears, they’re doing nothing, they’re eating inside their jungle, they don’t bother you. You go into their home and kill them like that, mercilessly, and call that “harvest!” Like it’s your right to go and just kill at random anytime and feeling proud of it. And teaching a young, tender innocent little girl to do that also. It’s just like taking the children, teaching them to fish.

I saw that one time with my own eyes. I said, “How can you do that?” I was crying. And they were so proud, getting a little fish up into the air. I said, “My God! She’s gasping for air. Just let her free! Let her free!” But they were so proud of it! Told the boy, “Oh, good boy, good boy! You did a good job!” and all that stuff, while I was crying inside and outside, feeling the suffocation and pain in the throat like the fish. Imagine if it’s you. You understand what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) If somebody hooks into your mouth and hooks in your throat like that, imagine how you’d feel. And at the same time blocks your nose, blocks your mouth, so you cannot breathe even. The same feeling with the fish outside of water. They suffocate. Oh! God.

OK, my love. I think… You have any more questions? Good questions that you asked today. It’s very good reaction. I like that. I like that we have reaction between us, and not just sit there, listen to me lecturing. It’s boring, snoring. Tell me. Any more questions?

(Master, I have one more question.) Please tell me. (Why did the Israelites have to suffer so much? Why did they have to go through slavery, 40 years in the desert? Did they incur some kind of karma from past lives for them to go through this?)

Sure did. No? Sure. Sure. Nothing happens without anything to cause it. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Well, at least suffering bodily discomfort is not as bad as the suffering of the soul, not as bad as you suffering in hell.

Well, at least they had Moses. It’s just that the people who turn away from God mostly go the wrong way, or maybe they have the wrong god, the lower god. Thus, their life is not as good, not as liberated as the people who worship the real God, and who have a real Master to cleanse their karma. This is the problem. That’s why I told you, Christian or not, don’t come back to this life. Don’t come back. You never know when your blessing runs out, and your bad karma pounds back, flies back to you. Nothing is lost in the universe. It’s just being stored away, maybe waiting for your next lifetime.

I just told you the story about the guy who listened to the Master preaching only one time, and then he got to be liberated. He goes to Heaven and then listens again there, because he will meet that Master again. Because of the affinity he sowed on Earth, so he’ll meet that Master again. And then He lectures him, teaches him, and then he goes up, up, up, up. See that? (Yes, Master.) So, he’s out of the karma zone. It’s like that. Just like you’re out of the war zone, you are safe. You don’t have to hear cannons at night. You don’t have to see people’s dead bodies everywhere. You don’t have to see the children crying because their parents are gone. You don’t have to see the people who lost their arms, their legs, lost their livelihood, lost their wife, husband, children, etc. (Yes, Master.) You are out. Even if you are a refugee, you live in the refugee camp for a while until you go somewhere else, but you’re out of the war zone. Just like the refugees, they left the war zone. They don’t worry about being killed by bullets at night, or when they sleep, or in the daytime, or anywhere. They just stay in the refugee camp, wait to be resettled somewhere else. Like that.

Karma is a scary thing; I don’t wish for anybody to come back to this life ever, ever again. I wish my best in the heart, the best-in-my-heart wish is that everybody is liberated from this shadow world. That’s what I want, nothing else I want. Nothing else I wish for. I told Heaven, even if I have to be punished and stay all alone here or in hell somewhere, but everyone else, including all the animals, are liberated, I’m more than infinite times willing to do it. And Heavens know that. And you are my witness. I talk openly, so you know this is my heart’s wish.

Because even if you come back as a king, as a president, prime minister, you’ll suffer. You never know what’s the next step that you take. You might fall in the ditch, in the pit. I mean karmic-wise. You can see many kings are killed, assassinated. Many powerful people, in recent years. Like in the Arab Spring, for example. Powerful personage, leader of the country, killed like a criminal like that, in front of everybody. Just like that. Whether or not he did anything wrong or more wrong than anybody else, that remains to be proved. Just a normal soldier or somebody just put a bullet in his head and he died in front of the camera, in front of everybody like that. You know already, what I’m saying, right? (Yes, Master.) And today you are President, and tomorrow, you are a criminal. Yes, you’re in jail.

And even while you are President, it’s not like people leave you alone to do your job. (Yes, Master.) They slander you, they belittle you, they call you names, they drag you down, do anything possible in the human’s way to belittle you, to trample upon you, to degrade you, to make you lose all your dignity or reputation or chance to be elected again, etc., even. You know all that. (Yes, Master.) So to be anybody in this world is nothing. It’s really nothing, worse than nothing. It’s better we get out of this world. That’s the best you can do. (Yes, Master.)

We don’t live that long, even if you are still young. You never know. So we just do what we can to help others to awaken. That’s the best we can do. For ourselves, also, for our other 5, 6, 9, 10 generations. That’s the best you are doing. The best of all the jobs that you get. And I thank you for knowing that. I thank you for being wise enough to know that. And I thank you for being wise enough to hold onto your faith, and even with my blessing, that you don’t fall, like the angels, like our forefathers. You got that? (Yes, Master.) I’m proud of you. (Thank You, Master.) One day, you still stay, one day, I’m proud of you. Thank you. God bless you. God bless all of you, (Thank You, Master.) and whomever connected with you, and whomever you love.

Do you have other questions?

(I have one question, Master. About Moses and the ants,) Yes. (I think previously Master mentioned that ants came from like the negative force? Does that mean then that when Moses…, it’s not really killing, because they’re just from the negative force?)

Negative force, it depends on where. Of course, ants, they are not like high beings. They are not on the high level of the creation, that is for sure. (Yes, Master.) And anything, mostly anything in this world is from a low level. Even humans, you can see the things they do are lower than low, wicked, cruel, merciless. You got that? (Yes, Master.) So if it’s not from negative, then from what? Some people are possessed or influenced by demons, doing bad things. Or because they eat too much meat and sometimes the meat has poison in it. They become insane, lose their mind. So they do bad things, they don’t even know it. They don’t even think that it’s bad things. They kill people for nothing. They do all kinds of things, they rob, they molest people. They don’t think it’s bad things, because they’re badly influenced by the negative power. So we can say that they’re from the negative. (Yes, Master.)

And sometimes it’s due to a curse that some insects bite you. Disciples’ karma, for example. Before, I slept outside most of the time, on the hammock, all day or night. Only when it rained, I went into my tent. I did not know mosquitoes. And now, I understand mosquitoes. Not just know, but understand. I understand what they want. When I am doing some of my good job, noble job to make people happy, like taking photographs in my sometimes very precarious position… Because sometimes I have to climb the rocks and climb the trees in order to have a good angle. And it’s very, very adventurous already, and it’s a very vulnerable position already, they came to visit me. So in my precarious situation, the mosquitoes called their friends and family and say, “Oh this is a good opportunity for a free lunch,” and they did enjoy. So I understood that they really need their meal. They care nothing about art or anything when they’re hungry. For them, International Artist Day is like Greek language. So they visit me often. I understand them now.

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