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Between Master and Disciples

"The Ten Commandments" and "Moses and the Ants", Part 3 of 13, Apr 15, 2021

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My heart just doesn’t know how to express all this gratitude and love for them, for the animals. Thank you. Thank you, all of you, my dearest friends, the animals. I pray for all of you every day. May Heavens hear us, bless all of us, liberate all of us − liberate, free all of us from this trap of the illusionary maya drama. Thank you, all who help.

Sometimes you have to wait a long time, (Yes.) and also you have to look at the angle, which one will look good. Like you want to take (photos of) some branches of the tree, you don’t take the whole tree. It won’t look that good, even though outside it looks good. But in the photo, it doesn’t look as good. It’s funny. So you have to choose the angle, and choose some part. You cannot take the whole tree, for example like that. It takes a lot of time from me. I like it, it just takes time. And sometimes the mosquitoes, they don’t know anything about Artist Day or International Artist, nothing. They appreciate me, not my art talent! (Right.) And only two hands, and this one at the same time, “Go, go, go, go!” And then once I shooed the mosquitoes away, the flower was covered again. (Oh.)

I really love to take photographs. Sometimes I forsake my food and/or sleep, or rest or whatever. If I see something good, oh, that’s it, I forget everything else, I have to take the photos. Because sometimes if you don’t take the photo that day, or that moment, maybe the wind came and it’s blown away and the flower will be gone. (Yes, Master.) Or the rain comes and the flowers will be gone also, or the scenery won’t look the same. (Right.) Like that.

Everything takes time, and we have only so much time per day. (Yes, Master.) That’s the thing on this planet. It takes me many hours because you have to select the best one to photograph, and then when I come back, I still need to screen it again for the best of all the shots, and then I have to select again which one for what BMD (“Between Master and Disciples” program) on Supreme Master Television. But I really enjoy it.

Why do I talk so much? What did you ask? Oh, Tree of life. OK. Of course, the Tree of Life symbolizes life, and the deity wants to remind us that we do not destroy life, because if we destroy other life, then we destroy our own life also. If we destroy trees, which give us oxygen and shade, and hold the soil together so that it will not be washed away, and so many things that the tree can do, and if we keep cutting them, just to raise the animals, and then we kill the animals as well, then our lives will be at stake also. (Yes, Master.)

Most of the humans do not hear the trees, do not hear the deities around us who are always trying to tell us things, even animals. Like some of you are afraid of spiders, they came to tell you something. They won’t harm you. They know you are good, they respect you. (Wow.)

Like the other day, one of the spiders came in somewhere, and one of the people who stay here said she’s afraid of spiders. The spider wanted to tell her that, “You are very special.” (Oh.) That was a message. They just said, “We envy you, you are special,” something like that. Or just like the bee just stayed still right in front of me, not afraid of my big size and my super-size, super talent. Stayed there for many seconds until she delivered the whole message. I just had to stand there and listen because she stayed right in front of me, and the road is small, in front of the door. (Wow!) And the door is closed behind me, and both sides have things, so I cannot go anywhere, I just have to stand there and listen to her. I knew that when they behave like that, that means they want to deliver some message, and I’m always so grateful, grateful.

One day, the bee even came to my area in front of my door. Not one day but two days, in the night, in the dark night to warn me of the intrusion of someone that I knew, of course. And the bees, I don’t think they fly at night. I don’t think they fly anywhere at night. But they flew in and stayed in front of my face for quite a long while. Kept telling me, “Turn off the light and go inside.” Twice, the bee did that, and gosh, I gave them only a little water, in the basin outside in the garden, so that maybe they can take some water for themselves. Because I saw them taking water from the sink area before. And so the bees warned me three times. One time in the daytime, I told you, (Yes, Master.) and two other occasions at night. I can never love them enough.

I love the animals more than anything, any animal; so endearing. Like the skunk, last time I told you that he responded to what I told him and helped me to call my dogs even. (Wow!) I told you already, and then when I was worried about him, I said, “Are you OK?” he even responded to me, not just inside but outside. I know it, that is so endearing. (Yes, Master.)

And the squirrels, they keep warning me or comforting me, many times. And even brought me some mangoes. (Wow!) He’s too small, he cannot bring the whole mango. He brought me a piece of mango and dropped it in front of my door. Oh, my God! You see how lovely the animals are? Even the wild animals. (Yes, Master.) Not just mangoes, but other fruit also. I thought, how come the fruit fell in front of my door? I don’t see that kind of fruit in my surroundings where I was in retreat. And I didn’t see any mangoes at that time. I didn’t have any mango fruit around in my surroundings at all, and other kinds of fruit, nothing. It wasn’t in season. I don’t know how the squirrel got the mangoes. Big piece, like a three-finger piece of mango and other kinds of fruit. I was wondering where the fruit came from, until I saw it, that the squirrel dropped it in front of my door.

And the squirrel who kept flagging the banana peel in front of me, outside of my window, I was thinking he’s hungry. I said, “Oh my God, you are hungry. There are food and fruit outside under the tree for you, every day.” He said, “No. I don’t eat banana. I just want your attention.” My God, truly like that. He was such a chubby young squirrel, so lovely, lovely and beautiful. His eyes, so big, glaring at me in all attentiveness, in all… I don’t know how to explain it, so expressively urgent and so much love in it. I can never thank them enough for protecting me and loving me thus, beyond exception, beyond imagination.

I have prayed day and night for the sake of the animals’ dignity, comfort, peace and safety, since years already. But I never thought the wild animals, they are also so kind and so loving like that, and so protective. My heart just doesn’t know how to express all this gratitude and love for them, for the animals. Thank you. Thank you, all of you, my dearest friends, the animals. I pray for all of you every day. May Heavens hear us, bless all of us, liberate all of us − liberate, free all of us from this trap of the illusionary maya drama. Thank you, all who help.

I would do anything, every day I ask is there anything else I can do to make the World Vegan come quick. Not just these industrial animals, but also wild animals. They are so good, so good, so good. My God, they are saintly beings. If everyone knows what I know… I keep telling everybody, should believe me. What’s the reason I should tell lies for the animals? What reason should I tell lies? You understand me? (Yes, Master.) The wild animals and the spider and the bees and the birds and the squirrels and the skunk, what for I tell lies about them? (Right, Master.) They truly interact with me like that, and I’m sure they interact with many others who can understand their language, (Yes, Master.) and their benevolent intention, protecting humans despite all dangers.

I’m not sure if the bee would fly and freeze in front of anyone like that. I’m not sure. Any of you have this phenomenon? (Yes, Master.) You have it? Who? (Me.) Yeah, what did he do? What did the bee do? (Exactly that, froze like that in front of me, and didn’t move for a long time.) Not long, just some seconds. (For me it was a long time, because it never happened to me like that.) OK, what did she tell you? (I don’t know.) No idea, that’s the problem. We are the problem. We are truly the problem, we are deaf, dumb and blind.

There’s one scholar, a rabbi or some Jewish scholar, we also gave him an award, Shining World Hero Award, and also, he wrote a book called… We showed it on our TV, it says “In Front of the Blind.” (Yes.) You remember? (Yes, Master.) I think he should add more, “In front of the Blind, Deaf, Dumb.” No, or maybe adding more title like, “In Front of the Blind, Talking to the Deaf, Expecting Response from the Dumb.” Things like that.

That’s how I feel every day. Whenever I have time to sit down and think of humans, I think we are all deaf, blind and dumb. We don’t know anything and we look down upon the animals who are so intelligent, so inside, so connected with the Divine. Even trees have to ooze out whatever oil they have to teach humans to be better stewards of the planet, not to kill lives, not to destroy the environment or other animals because that means we are killing ourselves. It says, “Remind humans not to destroy themselves.” That’s why he drew the Tree of Life, so perfect! (Yes, Master.) More perfect and precise, more than what we do even with the pen. (Incredible.) So perfect like done by a computer. So detailed, so perfect in every little stroke. (It’s amazing.) So, it means exactly that: “Do not destroy life.” We cut trees, we kill animals, all these are destroying activities to ourselves. It’s so harmful that they don’t even see it. I don’t know what the future brings, but the way the humans are going, nothing good will come out of that.

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