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Between Master and Disciples

Educate Your Children in a Logical & Truthful Way, Part 3 of 3, July 3, 1995

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This is the most beautiful quarter that you’re staying in. And I am still beautifying it. See? We don’t have a river like you have here. The only river in town is where you stay, and my beloved construction. I did it together with the monks for three days and nights, nonstop. So, this is the most beautiful place.

(The magazine every month is getting better and better, more well-organized.) Better every month? Sure. Everything is better with experience, like everything else. And better translators, perhaps. More on time. With me kicking behind their back. Pushing behind. Before, they used to take a longer time. Now I think we have maybe more fellow practitioners, and people who practice more, and they’re more mature. And their sacrifice spirit is becoming higher. They are more willing to do things, you see. With more loving and more willingness. So, things are better. Of course. We mature with time. That’s it? That’s all? Then nothing else you like? (Poetry.) Poetry. Anything else you like? (“How to Love Wholeheartedly.”) What is that? (“How to Love Wholeheartedly.”) Oh, but that’s an article. Oh, is it good? (Yes, Master.)

Anyone else? I want your feedback. What do you like most? Every month is different? At least just tell me this month. What else do you like? Forgot? (I don’t remember.) Huh? (I don’t remember.) Don’t remember? (I haven’t read it yet.) You didn’t read it yet. Other people who read it already. You can request from… Where did you request the magazine? You ask them, and they bring it down for you. Because they think you receive them at home anyhow. They didn’t think about that. But you may request how many. And so, organize with each other. You don’t tell me what else you like? If you don’t tell me, I don’t make it anymore. It’s an ultimatum.

I have less than any other masters at all. I don’t build powerful house, I don’t have powerful people behind me, I don’t know any politician, I don’t do anything. I don’t have even rich and famous disciples and all that. I don’t even know if I do have; myself, I don’t know. And we have nothing except sugar and candies here. But who knows that? If somebody wants to make trouble for you, anything could happen. (Yes).

In the olden time, people said that the life of the Master is as thin as a thread that you sew your clothes with. That’s how the life of a Master is: hanging there; anytime can mean trouble. And what happened to Jesus, to Buddha, you know They all had some problems. Even They had people who loved Them, but They had people who hated Them. If you are famous and rich, and many people love you, that’s enough to be guilty; no need for you to do any criminal things. If many people love you, if you’re too famous, then you just had better watch out. Don’t just sit there and enjoy, thinking you are God on Earth. No, no, no. I am not that stupid.

But there is no such thing as my own place. I sleep on a bed of thorns every night. It doesn’t matter how thick the bed mattress is. So, nothing good there to see. If you have wisdom eye, you’ll see how I sleep. You don’t need to see that. You’ll only see karma, bad things. You will cry only. There is nothing beautiful there for you to see, doesn’t matter how the appearance outside looks.

If you want to really see my place, you have to stay with me every day and see how I suffer, how I work day and night, how I take on a lot of trouble, and a lot of misunderstanding, and a lot of bad energies from the disciples, and from the those who don’t understand, from those who misunderstand, from those who meditate less. That’s what you really have to see.  

I go anywhere, any places. This is the most beautiful quarter that you’re staying in. And I am still beautifying it. See? We don’t have a river like you have here. The only river in town is where you stay, and my beloved construction. I did it together with the monks for three days and nights, nonstop. So, this is the most beautiful place. Before, we used to come here once in a while, maybe Saturday or something, me and the monks and the nuns, sat next to the river because we loved it and barbequed. But now you are here, you stay here. And also, it’s very hot so. If you come in the winter, maybe we’ll barbeque together next to the river, then you’ll know how I love this place, then you’ll know this is the most beautiful place. Of course, everywhere is a little different. But there is no need for you to be interested in the outside surroundings. Besides, sometimes I do take you near my kitchen and things like that. Don’t I? Did I not? (Yes.) Yes.

So now, everywhere I go, I dare not sleep except in a strange place. Funny. It’s unorthodox but when I sleep in a hotel, I sleep better. No bodyguards. You know. Nobody. Or when I’m in Monaco, oh, I go shopping every day. I go anywhere. People also stare at me, look at me too. They like it but they don’t know me. They don’t bother me. They don’t sneak into my place. The most they want is an autograph. I say, “I’m not a movie star. What shall I sign to you?” They still want it. So I say, “Even if I sign my name, you don’t know.” They say, “Never mind. Sign it!”

I went in to Cannes one day because it was the film festival and I had never been there before, and also I had nothing to do, and some of my disciples liked to go see what it is because we heard about it. So we went there one day because we had two invited tickets as well. Might as well, or waste it. I went there and all the photographers, all the video just directly at me. Oh, I was so embarrassed. I didn’t know where to hide. It was terrible. I said, “Never go there again. Never.” They’re supposed to be there to hunt for the actresses and actors. Why they hunt me? And then I ran away, and then they ran after me. Oh, terrible. It was terrible. And people said, “Master, You’ve never been so embarrassed before.” I said, “Yes. I don’t know. It’s different here.”

Because I think they’d mistaken me for a movie star. But I told them, “No, no. I’m not a movie star. I’ve come to watch movies. I came to watch the movie stars.” Still they didn’t believe. They chased after me and they begged me, “Please, I’ll just take one photo.” So sometimes I relent. I say, “OK, OK, quickly.” And then it’s “clack clack clack clack,” and then they’re gone. I say, “One only.” And then “clack clack clack clack.” As much as possible. Oh gosh. So, this is something. But at least they don’t know me. So I feel very assured. And I sleep anywhere. I sleep very well. But in a known place, I don’t always sleep well. The more I’m famous in one place, the less I can sleep very well. I don’t know why. It’s just natural like that.

There are two different distinct classes of people who commit sin or commit transgression of the precepts: two categories. The first one is involuntary, not from inside. For example, that person is too beautiful and he’s weak. Or, sometimes we have the weakness of human nature. That I allow. But with such a weak person, he always feels very guilty. He feels very remorseful. And he always tries to improve himself and tries to get away from the situation. And that doesn’t write on his face. The atmosphere doesn’t write in his eyes and his face. I don’t like that I have to see through sometimes, but in some cases I do. If I have to know, I know. If I don’t have to know, God protects. I said, “I don’t want to know too many bad things because it contaminates me.” I want to stay pure. I am very pure.

I dare not say I am very pure, but God gives me some gift. You know, inside gift. So when I have to tackle something for other people’s benefit, then I know. What I have to know, I always know. If it doesn’t concern me or I don’t have to take care, I don’t have to know. So I don’t necessarily know everything, because it’s not necessary to know everything. Everything is yours. Right? In your house, you have a treasure... like you have a garbage room, and you have a jewelry room and you have a dressing room. Everything’s yours. But you don’t have always to open the garbage door to dump the garbage in, or to take the garbage out. You always do that when necessary. And you don’t always enter your dressing room for an evening gown unless you go to a party, even though it belongs to you.

And sometimes you might forget one or two dresses that you have, because you have too many. Right? I do forget. And sometimes when I look at it, I say, “Wow, did I design that? Did I design that dress? It really looks good.” Sometimes I forget what I have designed, until I’ve seen all of them and I said, “Wow! That’s a lot. It’s really good.” I was thrilled when I saw the fashion show myself, because it looked so good. Didn’t they look good? (Yes.) Really? And some of them I forgot too. Forgot that I have them.

So, likewise, we might not always have to take out the Akashic record, which is on the second plane, in order to know everybody else’s past and present life. We will know if we need to know, then we take it out and look. You know what I mean? Otherwise, why would you always look at people’s garbage, good and bad? It doesn’t concern you. Just because if you are a teacher, sometimes you have to deal with some person. Then it’s written in their face, and in that their book. They cannot run away.

So, wash yourself every day. Don’t let me see your dirty face. I don’t want to, because it’s very unpleasant. Very very unpleasant. When I have to deal with you in that way, I don’t like it. I want to keep my impression of people as pure Buddhas all the time. But unfortunately for me, God has given me this position. And I have to know everything even though it’s no good.

Your personality. Not your inner Nature. Not your Buddha Nature. Your personality, your past records written in the cells, and things like that. The material records of your life, previous life and this present life. That is written there. Not your pure Nature. Your Nature is always pure. But I don’t like to look at your garbage. I really don’t. So, please, clean your house every day. Don’t think that I don’t know anything and then you do anything you want. I don’t know, but I do know. I can’t explain to you but that’s the way it is.

  1. Good night. (Good night, Master.) (Sleep well, Master.) Sleep well, you too.
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