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Between Master and Disciples

Educate Your Children in a Logical & Truthful Way, Part 2 of 3, July 3, 1995

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So that’s why the children must have the parents together who meditate, and who guide them and who watch them all the time. Because it is very difficult for children to survive in such a violent world without guidance. Even the teacher cannot always control it.

Any complaints about food? (No.) I mean, I don’t mind if you tell me, so I can arrange something. No? We have a few foreigners here. Three or four. They can cook some salad. You know, very easy. Put in the machine, chop it, and then, “Everybody, OK, come. Feeding time.” We are all vegan. It’s easy to do. It’s really OK? Because I know not everybody likes Chinese food, even though it is very famous.

But if you’re happy, you will eat anything. That’s the secret. When I was running around, having no business like this, I’d eat anything and it was always good. So good that I can’t believe it now that I cannot eat. It is a different taste now. I always feel a lingering nostalgia for the food. In the olden times when I had no business, when I was not taking charge of this job, I ate better. Now we have a lot of food. Food before was a little bit less, but it tasted better. Now, more food, tastes no good. Every day I eat maybe once, or twice or one and a half. And still I have to force myself. That’s it. End of food business. You have any questions? New ones? That you want to ask me? Otherwise… (No.) No? Really? Good. That’s good. I don’t like questions.

The other day, I invited all the children. I do like questions sometimes. I must tell you. Intelligent questions, you know? It’s very good. Give me some kind of material so that I know what you need. Give me some clues as to what you need, then I can tell you. Because I don’t need anything, so I don’t know your needs. It’s very difficult for me to know your needs. I mean material-wise. I do know sometimes, but I can’t always put it into words. Whatever you say inside, then it will manifest itself without me doing anything. So you cannot say that I know anything. And then, but again you’ve seen me doing it inside, so I cannot always say that I don’t do anything. But truly, do without doing. I do but I don’t know anything.

So if you need something, you don’t understand, you must tell me. I like intelligent questions. It helps you. It helps me to tell you, to talk to you. Otherwise, it’s very difficult for me to find the subject to talk. That’s why sometimes I have to read books, and to read sometimes newspapers, something like that, to see what the world people are really swimming in, then I can explain somehow. But I’m fed up with newspapers and books sometimes. You can’t just read all day long. It’s tiring. But I don’t like questions when it’s nonsense.

The other day I invited all the children up, you remember? (Yeah.) Yesterday. And I said, “You meditate well?” “Yes.” “Do you have any questions?” “Yes.” Some of them asked me. First one: “Master, did You make the vegan cake Yourself?” I said, “No.” And later: “Master, do You make the jewelry Yourself?” I said, “No, not this one.” I can’t tell lies. I made some down there but not this one. These are fake. So, they asked later, another very important question: “Master, the clothes You wear, did You make it Yourself?” Oh! Very good for me. One question I can say, “Yes, I did it, I did it.” So both of us are very happy because I can’t sit there and say no, no, and disappoint them. Because they think I am omnipresent, omnipotent, and I can do anything and everything I do. Because the parents keep telling them, “Master can do anything.” Even make cakes for you in a dream, something like that. So, they keep asking me all these kinds of questions.

And sometimes it is not good to tell the children like this. Right? You have to specify something, like Master can do everything when necessary. When it’s really necessary for you. Otherwise, they come and ask everything. “Do You make the cloth?” “Do You make the cups?” You know, that kind of things. And also, some people when you tell your children, make sure you tell them in a logical and truthful way. Don’t exaggerate things, just for your own sake.

Like some people threaten their children like, “If you don’t do this and that, Master will come and spank you right now.” And of course Master doesn’t come and doesn’t spank him. So next time he would not believe. I mean not believe in the parents, or perhaps he will not believe in the Master. Both are no good. Or sometimes they make a promise like, look here, if you are very brave, if you’re good, if you’re quiet, then Master will come and take you to such and such paradise. You go to sleep now, Master will take you. The child is very excited, expecting, and goes to sleep. And the next morning he says, “Master didn’t take me anywhere.” And again, again. So when they come here on Sunday, they say, “Master, why didn’t You take me to such and such a place?”

I say, “I didn’t say I would take you.” They say, “Mama said that You would take me if I go to sleep.” I say, “What mama says is different. I didn’t say anything.” So I have to say... I have to change it a little bit. I say, “What your mama means is if you go to sleep early and if you’re good, behaving well, maybe one day Master will take you.” You have to say maybe, because maybe not. You never know how big her wisdom eye is. Maybe it’s still closed.

When they are children, it doesn’t mean they are completely innocent and clean of karma. So that’s why you’ve seen a lot of what you call “Les Enfants Terribles,” “terrible children” around. That happens. Especially nowadays when television, newspapers and books, bookstores are full of criminal violence records and pictures and news. And they’re always available to children without even any cost, at the library and all that. You can go and read newspapers. You can read the discarded ones. And then television, the children can turn on themselves and then know everything. That’s why nowadays we have teenage gangs, which is a big headache in America, and also in some other places. Children sometimes point guns at parents and all that kind of things, just because they learned bad things from the society. Oh, that’s terrible.

And sometimes our children, after initiation, they go outside and they swap, even sometimes meat, with other children. They don’t even know what’s wrong from right sometimes. So that’s why the children must have the parents together who meditate, and who guide them and who watch them all the time. Because it is very difficult for children to survive in such a violent world without guidance. Even the teacher cannot always control it. Because they come to school for a few hours, just teach, teach, teach, and then they go. After that they’re free. And their parents are busy. What a world! What a world! It’s even difficult for children to survive.

And then, therefore, the children today are not the children of yesterday. And also, some children brought with them a lot of bad impressions from the previous life that have not yet completely shut off or cleared away. So many children, they’re bad from birth. You know that? Even some of the newspapers have printed bad news of a three-year-old boy who killed his sister of six-months. He picked her up and just banged her until she’s dead. And then when the police asked him what he had done. He picked the doll and did the same thing and said, “Dead, that’s it, dead.” He hated the child. Three years old only, already had hatred for the sister. He did it again to demonstrate how he did it. And he said, “Dead, that’s it.” No remorse. Nothing. With such expressions of violence.

And we can’t just always say children don’t know anything. You have seen many children are very, very intelligent, right? Some are geniuses, four years old, like Mozart or other scientific geniuses of this world. Lately one Indian boy, I can’t remember the name; he’s 17 years old. And he was the youngest ever person who entered college. You know that news? (A kind of doctor.) Yes, for medical… (Medicine.) 17 years only. Very bright. And I think the youngest one for medical this year or for a long time. I can’t remember clearly, but I just remember he’s very young, and a genius. Yes. Admitted genius. He’s an Indian boy.

So, you can’t say that people get older and they get affected by the society all the time. In many cases, yes. But not all cases are like that. Is that not so? So actually, children are not always as innocent as we want them to be. That’s why many parents have headaches and teachers have problems too. And they are very quiet in front of the parents. but behind that they play hell. Something like that. So, parents sometimes don’t know. I know one or two like that. Sometimes in front of me… I know a girl, very small, six or seven. In front of me, I never knew that she’s bad. But behind she made all kinds of trouble for anybody. And so much, she played so well that I didn’t believe all these people until I found out myself. It took a long time. Nearly a year. She could even fool me. Six years old only. She fooled me from six years until nearly seven. That’s a long time for me. But of course, I am busy. I don’t always check up and I don’t see her often so I don’t know that much.

Children are not always innocent. Therefore, what I mean is that even the children might not always see the Master. We thought the children are very pure. Most of them are pure, yes. But not all. Not all of them descended directly from Heaven. Some of them ascended from a lower place, from a lower plane of existence. In that case, their memories, their reactions, their karma are entirely different from the ordinary children or from the higher dimensional children. That’s why not all the children can see the Master that easily. Even though many children do. So, if you promise that child that the Master will come after he/she sleeps, I can’t guarantee it. Make sure whatever you say is logical, and then it will happen to the children. Otherwise you say, “Perhaps.” “I think so, but I don’t know.” “I am not sure.” Otherwise, children will lose trust in you and then lose trust in the Master as well. It’s not good for the children.

All right. That’s it. I think you’ve seen me enough. I’ll see you tomorrow. I make sure I come every day. At least. All right? Before, I used to come and see the newcomers every time they come. But I think I will just come here and see them. And then like that the old also can see me. That is more convenient, since I came once anyhow, so... But the trouble is when I come to see you, you expect me to say something. I cannot always say something. (No.) No, huh? I just sit here and look like this. So, I will see you around. I don’t really want you to go. But we’re just like this, I’m very shy. I can’t just sit here forever. What can I do?

What else can I do? You suggest. (Stay there for a while, Master.) Stay there for a while? Oh, my God. I’m very shy, you don’t know. Well, then tell me something. (Sing a song.) Sing a song? You heard all of my songs already. (Can You meditate with us?) Meditate with you. No, not today. Well, another day. You’ve already finished. Sometimes I’ll come and meditate with you. Not every day. All right? You’ve done your job and you deserve to go to sleep. Not always every day is the same. It will be too boring, too routine …for me. Yes, of course. I am not an imitation bird. I can’t just sing when you turn on the clock. I can’t do that. I must survive. I must survive in order to serve you. If I force myself too much, I will have no more inspiration, and I drop dead. You understand? (Yes.) Because of you, I have to be flexible. Not because of myself only. Because of you. You understand that? Understand? (Yes.) All right. Anyhow, maybe I will think of something else to amuse you, but I think you are amused enough here, no? No need to sing songs and all that. We’re not a night club here.

You see, it’s always different. You find yourself something to do or to read. But you, I don’t think you want to read here. Do you? You can read at home. No? You want to read something? (We have magazines.) You want to read Chinese, for example? We have a lot of Chinese books here. We have English books, too. You want to read something? (No.) Should I buy some magazines? (No. No magazines.) Or do you need news magazines? You have some news now? What do you like most now, at the moment? (Your picture.) What picture? Oh, my picture. That you have anywhere. I mean the inside. What is the most popular topic? (“Master Says.”) “Master Says.” What else? (Stories.) Stories. This time, what do they have the best there? What is the best? You haven’t read it yet? (We don’t have it yet.) You don’t have it yet? (It just came out.) Anybody read it already?

(Yes. It’s about You telling the secrets of the pyramids.) Pyramids, you like that best? (Yes.) Anyone else like something else? (“You May Not Know.”) “You May Not Know?” (Yes.) What is it this time? (You drove to Monte Carlo.) (Yea, yeah, Monte Carlo.) Monte Carlo? That’s supposed to be a secret that you may not know? Sure if you were not there, you may not know. So, anything else that you like in there? Something that you really like... (Aphorisms.) Aphorisms? (Yes, a small...) A small sentence. If they translate it well, then it’s good. What else? No? That’s it?

(The magazine every month is getting better and better, and well-organized.) Better every month? Sure. Everything is better with experience, like everything else. And better translators, perhaps. More on time. With me kicking behind their back. Pushing behind. Before, they used to take a longer time. Now I think we have maybe more fellow practitioners, and people who practice more, and they’re more mature. And their sacrifice spirit is becoming higher. They are more willing to do things, you see. With more loving and more willingness. So, things are better. Of course. We mature with time.  

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